2.5. The True Bible Baptism

Is there a Special Divine Blessing attached to Baptism? What is correct?  How should we be baptised?  Into which Name?

Believers are divided and there rages a controversy as to whether the Baptismal ceremony should be performed at all; or if so, then, about the mode or means by which it should be administered. It is surprising to note how many different methods there are in use throughout the various practicing denominations.

Most of the methods used for Baptism today, are based purely on tradition. Others are based on part Scripture and part tradition, while yet some others are based on Scripture wrongly interpreted.  This state of affairs is mainly due to the fact that people bind themselves to religious organisations, which in their turn are bound to their registered constitutions and doctrinal statements from which they cannot and may not deviate. The honest seeker after Truth will only find the Truth in this matter by severing him- or herself from all stated organisational doctrines and relying on the Bible and the Bible only.  A true and sincere believer should honestly believe in the Bible as the only Foundation and accept the fact that the clear Guidelines given therein have Divine  Authority, not to be taken lightly. Then and then alone will the true believer realise the enormity of the frightening Words that Messiah Himself  spoke to all those who profess to be followers of Him, yet practice customs and ceremonies contrary to His Instructions,  when He said:

Mark 7:6-8 “. . . Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites,  as it is written, ‘This people honour Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me.  In vain do they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the Precepts of men’.   You leave the Commandment of the Almighty and hold fast the Traditions of men!”

The Bible emphatically states that there is “One Master – One Faith – ONE “BAPTISM”  (Ephesians  4:5).  This should leave no doubts that the believer has but ONE WAY that Baptism can be administered.  Only this ONE Baptism could be truly acceptable to the Most High. All other ways are merely traditions of man and Messiah Himself said that such were  ‘in vain.’  Baptism based on tradition and not on the Bible,  is therefore administered -‘In vain’.

This study is addressed to all lovers of Truth,  those who are prepared to place Messiah above mother,  father, brother or sister, church or tradition,  If you love Him with your whole heart, and accept His Word as the only means by which you will serve Him, then you will find this study a blessing and light in a world of darkness.