3.7. “The Greater and Lesser YHWH”

Following below, is a reprint of an article published by YATI International Ministries.  The publishers of BIBLE REVELATIONS totally and utterly reject the following heading and its published interpretation.  We apologise to the Almighty YHVH for  reprinting it here,  fully trusting in His acknowledgment of our attempt to hereby refute this great heresy and to proclaim the Truth of His Divine Supremacy.

“The Greater and Lesser YHWH”

Special New Teaching For YATI Members
By Rabbi Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky
President YATI Intl Ministries
Founder Union Of Two House Messianic Congregations
Former Co Founder Messianic Israel Alliance


Speaking of His own existence both before and after Bethlehem, the Messiah Yahshua teaches us in John 13:16 that the Servant, in this case the Suffering Servant of YHWH, is not greater than the One who sent Him. That is plain and simple. There should be no argument and no dissenting opinion. In the literal Greek this verse reads “Neither is the apostle or YHWH’s messenger (Malach in Hebrew) greater or the elder of Him who sent Him.” He said in John 13:17, “blessed are you if you know these teachings!” What teachings must we know? We must grasp that the Father is always greater then Yahshua. That is where the truth and the blessings of comprehension reside!

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Here Yahshua states that as the “Messenger of His Presence” known in times past as Metatron, He was not, is not and will never be the elder over the Father or equal unto the Father [colour codes imply the emphasis of the original author].   Unlike Christianity, Scripture does not teach of a “plurality of equal elders” but of the Father above all, in all and through all including his Son.[4] The Father is said to be Greater or larger or stronger, and the Elder of ALL, which includes the “Lesser YHWH” Yahshua. Many times in Scripture, Paul teaches us this ancient Jewish understanding, by beginning his epistles with a greeting in Elohim the Father the Elohim and Father of Yahshua the Messiah. He is not only Yahshua’s Father, but also His Elder Elohim. This is not to say or even hint at the denial of Yahshua’s deity.

That in Scripture is a foregone conclusion. Yahshua is fully and equally YHWH in that He is and has all that the Father is and has, by first receiving all things from the Father. This bestowing upon Yahshua of all things from the Father establishes Him forever as “YHWH the Lesser”, or the “Lesser YHWH”, eternally under the Elder or Greater YHWH. This understanding may not initially sit well with the reader. It may make the reader very uncomfortable, but it is pure Scripture, reiterated many times by the Messiah Himself. When properly grasped it is a most liberating truth from the shackles of religion and man’s puny attempts to explain His Creator, as the clear references to the duality of divinity sets us free to worship in truth. This understanding is that “two powers abide eternally as one”, in the heavens.

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Yahshua Himself Declared

In John 14:28 Yahshua declares that “pater meizon mou” or “the Father is greater than me.” There are those who teach that Yahshua was limited in His days as a man, and that the Father was greater than Yahshua ONLY for those days when Yahshua was on earth. This cannot be so. Malachi 3:6 tells us that YHWH does not change. Since YHWH is a plurality of divinity, then Yahshua, as the brought forth YHWH, or YHWH the Lesser is always under the authority of YHWH the Greater. Hebrews 13:8 declares that Yahshua’s status had to be the same for eternity, past, present, and future.

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Throughout the Old Testament, it is YHWH the Greater always sending YHWH the Lesser as YHWH the Lesser, Yahshua, is known as many things from the Messenger of YHWH to the Captain of YHWH’s Hosts, to YHWH’s Face to the young man Metatron, to the Word/Memra of YHWH. In order to protect the heretical views of the trinity, Christians of all persuasions have tampered with the Word of YHWH by applying dispensational reasoning and human logic, into what is seen as a protection of Yahshua’s deity against heretics. In so doing, they have refused Messiah’s own teachings in both testaments, that He always was, always is, and always will be YHWH, but YHWH the Lesser, who reflects, images, and perfectly magnifies YHWH the Greater.

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If these terms are puzzling, new or challenging to you, it is because religion has hid them well from you. That has brought s.a.tan much joy. These references we site do not even hint at the fact that Yahshua’s submissive role to YHWH the Father was in anyway limited to just 33.5 years on earth, nor does He make any reference to His Lesser YHWH designation as being merely a “role within divine government”, or a “limiting human condition” or a “lesser role player” in the so-called “pecking order” of heavenly government. These understandings are isogesis or insertions of man’s views into the texts. Yahshua does not speak of a subservient position, or of a limited role as a Lesser YHWH for just 33.5 years. No, not at all. He speaks plainly of an eternal state of being, YHWH that is eternally a submitted Lesser Power, which is exactly what Scripture tells us, yet being fully YHWH.

Early Nazerenes

The early Nazarenes who actually wrote the Scriptures believed the truth of the Greater and Lesser YHWH, since Yahshua taught them personally, before the “leaven of religion” crept in unawares. Yahshua warned us about the false trinity (from Rome) and absolute unity (from Rambam’s “13 Principles of Faith”) heresies in Matthew 13:33, where the leaven as a type of sin, leavens the truth of the one pure Bread of Life (Messiah). Satan introduced leaven into 3 measures of meal or the 3 primary faces/pillars or manifestations of YHWH, the Father, Son, and Spirit by turning them into persons at one extreme, and into one single face of YHWH at the other extreme. Both extremes are to be avoided! The John 14:28 pronouncement is fully understandable in combination with Hebrews 13:8, where Yahshua declares that He was, is and will yet be YHWH the Lesser or “YHWH Ha Katan” forever. Both He and His Father never change and continue throughout eternity as YHWH the Lesser submitted to YHWH the Elder. Apparently, much of organized religion chooses not to remember the Words of Yahshua Himself as reiterated again in John 15:20, where Yahshua commands His disciples to never forget this understanding. “Remember the [this] word that I said to you.”

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The Ancients Understood

The ancients of Israel understood full well this concept of two literal powers in heaven, both being part of the echad of Israel. We see this understanding in such places as Exodus 24:1-2, Psalm 110:1-5 (where one YHWH converses with another YHWH), Ezekiel 10:1-2, Ezekiel 1:19-28, Daniel 7:9,13,14 and many other places. In Genesis 19:23, for example, we see the “Sent YHWH” or “YHWH Katan” calling up to His Elohim or YHWH the Greater who SENT Him to destroy the cities of the plains. The ancient sages of Israel referred to the Lesser and Greater YHWH with the Lesser YHWH appearing to prophets such as Ezekiel in Ezekiel 1:28, or as He did later on earth to his disciples.[5] In Jewish literature the understanding was that the Word of YHWH, who we know to be Yahshua, was known as the Lesser YHWH or YHWH Ha Qatan.[6]

See below for BIBLE REVELATIONS’ Comment and refutation no 6

Yahshua did not come to earth with a new revelation. He was reiterating what had happened in the Old Testament, as well as confirming the ancient understanding[7] of the Greater YHWH sending the Lesser YHWH, with the Sent One being the One who carries the Divine Name. Yahshua reiterates that He is eternally the Sent One or “Angel/Messenger of His Presence” and has come to be known as Messiah YHWH, to carry the Divine Name to Israel through His disciples.[8] The Lesser YHWH was known as the “Guardian of Israel”, as Yahshua refers to Himself in John 17:12, where He “is carrying” the divine name of YHWH, to deliver it to the disciples, all the while claiming to be guarding them. In Aramaic He was known as Metatron.[9] The Lesser YHWH received His Name from His role as guardian of YHWH’s people. Whether or not the concept of the Lesser and Greater YHWH may be new to the reader is not the issue here. Yahshua taught it and we as His true Torah honoring disciples must perceive Him as He is revealed, not as we might like to recreate Him in our image after our likeness.

Jewish understanding does not only coincide with Messiah’s revelation of Himself as YHWH Ha Qatan. We are fortunate in that historical ecclesiastical records of the early Israelite Nazarenes have been preserved for us to examine whether this truth was familiar and was embraced by them, or rather if this doctrine would have seemed strange to them.  Epiphaneus states that the early Believers were “just like the Torah keeping Jews” and differed in no way from their accepted practices.[10] The Israelite disciples then were no different than their non-believing Jewish counterparts in all ways. Because of these Messianic Torah beliefs, the Nazarenes were considered heretics along with another similar group by the name of the Cerinthians, named after Cerinthus, a Born Again Believer who followed Torah. And what did his group believe?

According to Epiphaneus, they believed the same thing the early Nazarenes believed. What was that? They believed in Messiah Yahshua, Torah and a view of Elohim that held that the world was not created by the Supreme Deity but by a certain power emanating from Him. Epiphaneus 2:29:1 affirms that the Nazarenes and Cerinthians held common views on the true Creator emanating from the Supreme One. According to this historian, he couldn’t say who came first the Nazarenes or Cerinthians, but they held similar beliefs.[11] Irenaeus, another anti-Nazarene, kirch historian and father who lived in 130-200 CE states that the Cerinthians/Nazarenes taught that “the world was not made by the primary God [sic] but by a certain power from Him, and at a distance from the Principality who is Supreme over the Universe and ignorant of Him who is above all.”[12] Furthermore he also stated that, “But a certain Cerinthus himself being discipled in the teachings of the Egyptians, asserted that the world was not made by the Primal Deity, but by some virtue which was an offshoot [Branch/Tzemach/Messiah] Power, which is above all things.”[13] The idea of a Lesser YHWH, still YHWH but above all powers, thrones, dominions, principalities, having preceded forth from YHWH the Greater was so common among Yahshua’s disciples in the Nazarene, Ebonite and Cerinthians Torah Messianic communities, that all these Messianic groups were labeled as heretics by the “church fathers.” Of course, as the reader can see not much has changed.

Nevertheless Yahshua and the Old Testament teach the same thing, and as we return to the faith once for all delivered to the saints, we can do no less. We can expect the same treatment from both sides of the issue.

We are left with the overwhelming evidence of Scripture, history and Messiah’s very own Words. No matter how unsettling or new this understanding may be, it nonetheless stands solely on His Word in both covenants. We have merely touched the tip of the iceberg on this subject of the Greater and Lesser YHWH, as we could literally pen a separate work with hundreds of pages of documentation further substantiating the concept.

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For Now

For now however, let the reader understand that the anti-missionary’s teachings flies in the face of all testimony concerning the eternal identity of Messiah as YHWH. We have brought this concept to the reader in order for the reader to understand that the concept of the Messiah being divine as YHWH emanating from the Father YHWH, and yet not being the Father, but One of two ruling powers in heaven in one echad, is the most Jewish of concepts. Moreover, it remains the most Messianic of concepts, and most importantly the truest understanding of YHWH-Elohim-Echad, explaining all the “duality of divinity” references in the Old Testament. This understanding preserves Abba-YHWH as the Greatest of all powers in this age, and in all the worlds without end.

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May this most Hebraic, Messianic, and biblical understanding of the nature and role of Messiah, assist the reader, as the reader remains or returns to the faith. Fight the good fight of first century Messianic faith, as you hold fast against the darts and demonic confusing agenda of the modern day anti-missionaries, who stand for little else than dislodging the reader from eternal life in Israel’s Messiah.

Le Chaim… To life!

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Refutation no 1

The author lays his foundation of reasoning here, based on Messiah’s reprimand in John 13:16 “I tell you most solemnly (this is Messiah speaking), No servant is greater than his master; no messenger is greater than the man who sent him.”

The author then refers to Messiah as the  ‘suffering Servant of YHVH’  “Who is not greater than the One who sent Him.”  In this way the author tries to ‘prove’ that Messiah YAHU’SHUAH is a ‘lesser’ Being than YHVH God.

The alert reader should realize though,  that the argument is not about whether Messiah is “greater than” YHVH (Who claims to be the Supreme Deity) – but whether He is equal, or lesser.  Nowhere did YAHU’SHUAH ever claim to be “greater” than God – but He certainly claimed to be God Himself,  as our several studies prove from the Bible (refer Library of Oneness studies ) and to be equal with God, as we read in:

Philippians 2:6  (Speaking of YAHU’SHUAH)

Jerusalem Bible
“Though He was in the form of God, He did not regard equality with God something to be possessed by force.
New International
“Who, being in very nature God,  did not consider equality with God something to be grasped,
American Std
“Who, existing in the form of God, counted not the being on an equality with God a thing to be grasped,

Just a few verses further, this testimony to His Deity in the book of Philippians, confirms a further staggering Revelation of Truth, which contradicts this blasphemous accreditation of YAHU’SHUAH as a “lesser YHVH” by this author and popular leader of a large Messianic following:

Philippians 2 : 9-11  “Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the Name that is above every name,  that at the Name of YAHU’SHUAH,  every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,  and every tongue confess that YAHU’SHUAH Messiah is YHVH, to the glory of God the Father.

This is a verbatim quotation from

Isaiah 45:21  “… Am I not YHVH?  There is no other god besides Me; a God of integrity and a Saviour; there is none apart from Me!  (Is He denying YAHU’SHUAH as Saviour here? … or is He revealing something great to the alert reader?)  Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth for I am God unrivalled!  (Now follows the Revelation – the Key of Eternal Life to those souls who are outside of His Covenant and who are seeking salvation).  By My Own Self,  I swear it; what comes from My Mouth is Truth – a Word irrevocable – To Me every knee shall bend; by Me, every tongue shall swear, saying ‘From YHVH Alone come victory and strength’.  To Him (?) shall come, ashamed, all who raged against Him (those who denied and defamed Him) victorious and glorious through YHVH shall be all the descendants of Israel.” (all 12 Tribes – those who turned to Him in acknowledgement and repentance).

This is why the letter to the Philippians confirms that  “God exalted Him to the highest place…”  Yet, some of His followers are not prepared to credit Him with the ‘highest’ position and limit Him to a ‘lesser’ position only.

The controversy regarding the true Identity of Messiah has raged throughout the centuries, since the days that this question was thrown at Him directly:  “Who are You?”  “Who do you claim to be?”  Never has there ever been an attempt though, by the defenders of His Deity, to exalt Messiah above the Almighty YHVH. Indeed, most interpretations (as also this particular study), attempt to destine Him a subservient ‘lesser’ position – ‘below YHVH, the One True God.’

Progressive revelation into Scripture throughout the ages, have today come to acknowledge Messiah’s pre-existencei.e. before His Birth at Bethlehem – as also this author acknowledges in his very opening words: “Speaking of His own existence both before and after Bethlehem”.

If we can therefore establish Who, What and Where Messiah was ‘before Bethlehem’, then we should be able to establish His relationship to YHVH, whether He was above, equal to – identical with, or below YHVH.

If YHVH undoubtedly is proclaimed as ‘the Most High’, then logically, Messiah cannot be ‘above’ Him – a claim which only Lucifer is attempting to achieve.

As regards YAHU’SHUAH’s true Identity, we are therefore left with two alternatives only:  Him beingequal/identical to YHVH or,  inferior/subservient to Him.

The recognition of Messiah’s pre-existence ‘before Bethlehem’ (as this author also does),  presents a real dilemma to those interpreters who reject the full Supremacy of Messiah.  This is not the place to review this advanced subject of Messiah’s pre-existence.  Suffice it here to build forth on the author’s recognition of this revelationary Truth – hence his confession of  ‘two’ YHVH’s – one ‘lesser’ and one ‘greater.’  Those readers who wish to acquaint themselves with the Scriptural facts on the issue,  may refer to the BIBLE REVELATIONS studies at:

This acknowledgment of Messiah’s pre-existence is also more intensely defined when one comes to the realisation of the Sacred Name YHVH – as it appears  some 7000 times in the Tanach (OT).  All interpreters who are enlightened regarding the Sacred Name (as it still appears in the Jewish Scrolls to this day), therefore unwittingly confirm that Messiah existed as YHVH in the Tanach (OT) times.

The Sublime Reality at this point should be evident – if Messiah is YHVH, then He is the One Only True God, the Creator.  But this is where man’s ingenuity, spurned on by opposing spiritual forces rejecting His Supremacy, sets in – when they start creating academically inspired wisdom theories to oppose the revelationary Key to Eternal Life:  In their attempt to deny His true Supremacy, they come up with theories of “a compound unity”,  “trinity”, dualism and this latest under discussion here: “a lesser and a greater YHVH” – all of these being basically contradictions in terms.

John 17:3  “And this is Eternal Life – that they might know Thee, the Only True God and YAHU’SHUAH the Messiah Whom Thou has sent.

What is the risk factor for misinterpretation?  If YAHU’SHUAH and YHVH are both the One self-same identical Being, then, by their ‘multiplicity’ theories, these deniers of full Supremacy of Messiah,  deny their God and their salvation by proclaiming ‘one of them’ a ‘lesser YHVH’ – therefore not God and Saviour – for Only YHVH has the Claim to being that ONE True God and Saviour!

Scripture overflows with such Divine Statements of His Sole Supremacy:

Deuteronomy 6:4, referred to by Messiah as the ‘Greatest Command’. “Hear O Israel,  YHVH our God, YHVH is ONE!

Deut 32:39  YHVH speaking  “See now, that I, I am He, and beside Me there is no other God.

Isa 43:10  ” … I, I am YHVH, No God was formed before Me, nor will be after Me.  There is no other Saviour but Me.

Isa. 44:24  “…, I Myself, YHVH made all things. I alone spread out the Heavens.  When I gave the earth shape, did anyone help me?

Isa. 45:5  “I am YHVH unrivalled.  there is no other God beside Me.

Eph. 4:4 “There is One body, One Spirit, … One Hope … There is One Lord, One faith, One Baptism and ONE God Who is Father of all, over all, through all and within all.

Refutation no 2

The last 2 paragraphs are full of contradictions. While admitting the blaring Truths, the author, in an attempt to substantiate his denials of the Truth and the Supremacy of Messiah,  ends up in contradictory statements.

After spending a paragraph of statements denying Messiah’s deity, he concludes: “He (YHVH) is not only Yahshua’s Father, but also His Elder Elohim. This is not to say or even hint at the denial of Yahshua’s deity.”

With this he attempts to lead the reader to conclude that there are ‘two’ YHVH’s.  The author “doesn’t even hint” that Messiah is not God – only that He has ‘an elder God’!  This clearly establishes the non-Scriptural and pagan concept of multiple ‘gods’.

While the author defines in distinctive blue print that “Yahshua is fully and equally YHWH“, he then emphasises in distinctive red print, that “This … establishes Him forever as “YHWH the Lesser”, or the “Lesser YHWH”, eternally under the Elder or Greater YHWH.”

Where, may we ask, is the Scriptural confirmation for this audacious and arrogant denial of Messiah’s Supreme designation of being  “fully and equally YHWH“?

Scripture, by the mouth of YHVH recognizes and proclaims One True God YHVH only, Who recognizes no other god.  What now, may we ask, has demoted this Eternal YHVH to “a lesser position eternally under a ‘greater’ YHVH?”  If He eternally existed before Bethlehem (as YHVH – not next to YHVH), then surely He shall exist eternally afterwards and future as YHVH the Most High?

Why should His temporal Manifestation as a human Messiah destine Him to a ‘lesser’ position?  And indeed, if He did become ‘lesser to YHVH’, then He would no longer be YHVH – for YHVH can not become lesser than Himself!

Ephesians 4:10  “The One Who rose higher than all the Heavens to fill all things, is none other than the One Who descended.

Colossians 1:15  “He is the Image of the unseen God (YHVH) … all things were created for Him and through Him.  Before anything was created, He existed (as YHVH) and He holds all things in unity … as He is the Beginning (Genesis 1:1 John 1:1), He was first to be born from the dead.

Refutation no 3

The book of John contains great dissertations and statements from Messiah Himself, regarding the much contested question of His association with God.  The author picks on one or a very few statements that seem to convey  Messiah’s subjection to ‘His Father’.  He overlooks and fails to comment on the far greater amount of statements which clearly and distinctly convey the opposite, namely, that He is the Father Himself:

John 10:30  “The Father and I are One“, after His detailed affirmation leading up to this clear identification, in which he stated

John 10:28  “I give (My sheep) Eternal Life; they will never be lost and no one will ever steal them from Me.  The Father Who gave them to Me is greater than anyone, and no one can steal from the Father – The Father and I are One.

Does this sound like He regards Himself as subservient to the Father?  This after we have read in Philippians 2:6 that His equality with YHVH did not make Him boastful.  His statement of being “One with the Father” was well understood by the Jews who confronted Him, as being a claim to being YHVH God.  He responded to them (Jo 10:34), referring them to Torah which even terms them as ‘god’!  Psalm 58; Deut 1:17; 19:17.

John 10:38, almost desperately, He calls out,  “…if you refuse to believe Me, at least believe in the Work I do – then you will know for sure that the Father is in Me and I am in the Father.

At another time, they asked Him:

John 8:19  “Where is your Father?

To which He replied:  “You do not know Me, neither do you know My Father.  If you did know Me, you would know My Father as well.

John 8:27  “They failed to understand that He was talking to them about the Father. So He said: ‘When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am He!

Messiah made another statement which truly aroused them, claiming that their forefather Avraham had seen Him – thus confirming His pre-incarnation existence.

John 8:37  “The Jews then said: ‘You are not fifty yet, and you say that you have seen Avraham?’.  To which He replied: ‘I tell you most solemnly: before Avraham ever was, I am!”  Whereupon they tried to stone Him.

It is at this time that He also made that awesome statement:

John 8:24  “I have told you already: ‘If you do not believe that I am He (YHVH) you will die in your sins!’

John 14:8  “Philip said: ‘Lord, let us see the Father and then we shall be satisfied’, to which Messiah replied: ‘Philip, have I been with you all this time and you still do not know Me? To have seen Me is to have seen the Father – so how can you say, let us see the Father.  Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me?

Truly, His statements were somewhat ambiguous.  Did He try to deceive them?  Was He making careful audacious claims on Deity, knowing that He was not God?  Was He an impostor?

Scripture holds the clear answer to this ambiguity:

1 Cor. 2:8  “It is a wisdom which none of the masters of this age have ever known, or they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory!

Messiah could have proven to all, that He was the Eternal True God YHVH – by miracles, etc – notwithstanding that He did in fact do many things which only YHVH can do, i.e. raise the dead. forgiving sins.  This is the reason why He ‘spoke in parables’ – for had he given them proof that He was indeed YHVH their God, they would have worshipped Him and never crucified Him – which would have negated His Sacrificial Reconciliatory Purpose – and millions would have forfeited reconciliation with YHVH and His Eternal Covenant!

Returning to and responding to the author’s statement that Messiah did not hold a temporal subservient position to YHVH, but an eternal subservient position:  If Messiah is taken by His Word (as quoted above) that He is indeed the Father, then indeed this subservience was temporal – for the duration of His human manifestation as ‘the Lamb of God’.  If this subservience is eternal, as the author claims, then it makes YAHU’SHUAH an impostor for the statements He made, many for which they wanted to stone Him.

The author’s statement: “Since YHWH is a plurality of divinity, then Yahshua, as the brought forth YHWH, or YHWH the Lesser is always under the authority of YHWH the Greater”,  is a totally unscriptural humanly devised interpretation. So is the author’s statement: “YHWH is a plurality of divinity” – devoid of Scriptural foundation!  Confronting the most foundational Truth of YHVH that “He is One and knows of no other!”

The author discards the concept of Messiah’s temporal subservience (in His humanity) on basis of Hebrews 13:8, “YAHU’SHUAH  is the same yesterday and today and forever.” His claim that this declares that YAHU’SHUAH’s status as ‘lesser than YHVH’,  had to remain for eternity – past, present, and future.  The resolve is, that the Human Manifestation of Messiah,  was both temporal and eternal,  as ‘the suffering Servant’,  temporal and subservient to YHVH;   and as the Eternal YHVH Himself, without Beginning or End,

Further, the entire Mandate of Messiah – the Reason for His Appearance;  His Designation, was to accomplish a Divine Act of Restoration or Reconciliation through His Sacrificial Atonement.   Just as this Sacrifice is not an ongoing Act,  similarly YAHU’SHUAH did not have to retain this Sacrificial status ongoing and never ending.

The following NT Scriptures confirm this temporal nature of this Act of Reconciliation, by defining it as  “once for all …”

Hebrews 7:27  “Unlike the other high priests, He does not need to offer sacrifices day after day, first for His own sins, and then for the sins of the people. He sacrificed for their sins once for all when He offered Himself.”

Hebrews 9:12  “He did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves; but He entered the Most Holy Place once for all by His own blood, having obtained eternal redemption.”

Hebrews 9:26  “Then Messiah would have had to suffer many times since the creation of the world. But now He has appeared once for all at the end of the ages to do away with sin by the Sacrifice of Himself.”

1 Peter 3:18  “For Messiah died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit.”

Also Romans 6:10;  Hebrews 10:2;  Hebrews 10:10

Only God has Omnipresence and the ability to manifest Himself in various forms at the same time – without discontinuing to be YHVH Eternal Himself.  It is these Manifestations which are all temporal.  Refer to the BIBLE REVELATIONS short Bible Course of 4 lessons only, for Scriptural proof of these revealing Manifestations of YHVH to man.

It is this omnipresence that many interpreters cannot digest or interpret, while giving their opposition of His Deity and Supremacy free reign.

Refutation no 4

The terms ‘lesser’ and ‘greater’ which this author applies to the Most High YHVH, is not found in Scripture and is of his own imaginative creation.  The lack of Scriptural quotations in support of his imaginative interpretations is total.  He does not and cannot offer one Scripture in support of his wild statements of an ‘eternal lesser state’ which he has so audaciously designated to YAHU’SHUAH.

When the instances of YHVH’s ‘appearance as YAHU’SHUAH’ which the author refers to, is analysed from the Scriptures (as we do in our Bible Course), it is clear that these appearances are referred to in the Bible as ‘YHVH’ and never as ‘a lesser YHVH’. The individuals to whom YHVH did appear in ancient times (as recorded in the Bible), never doubted for one moment that “they had seen God Almighty,  the Most High”,  and they therefore expected to die in the process.

In the crowning statement of this paragraph, the author refers to (and we copy directly) “Messiah’s own teachings in both testaments, that He always was, always is, and always will be YHWH, but YHWH the Lesser“.  Again, no Scriptural support whatsoever!

Refutation no 5

Once again, the author supports his own imagination and interpretation with seemingly ‘powerful Scriptural terminology’ – this time even in Hebrew, referring to Messiah as “YHWH Ha Katan”, lit. ‘the little YHVH’.  What libellous defamation of the One Whom Prophecy proclaims in:

Isaiah 9:6  “For unto us a Child is born, a Son given to us,
and Dominion is laid on His shoulders;
And this is the Name given to Him:
‘Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God,
Eternal Father,  Minister of Peace.
Wide is His Dominion …,
for His Royal Power which He establishes and makes secure,
in Justice and Integrity.
From this time onwards and forever.”

Does this sound to you as referring to “the small or lesser YHVH”?  When Prophecy claims Him to be ‘The Eternal Father’ forever?

But deniers of His Supremacy have also found ways around this Prophetic Declaration – inserting a word of their own making, so that it reads:

‘Wonderful Counsellor of the Mighty God, of  the Eternal Father …”

This word ‘of’ does not appear in the original Hebrew.  Furthermore – the title ‘Wonderful’ (Hebrew Feleh), is the same Title or Name by which Almighty YHVH identified Himself to Manoah and his wife, after He had appeared to them in Judges 13:18 and they then realised that “they had seen God!”

Scriptural evidence screams out from all over in the Tanach and the NT, that Messiah was/is YHVH before His Incarnation at Bethlehem – and nowhere is there the slightest indication of Him being a ‘lesser’ YHVH – for there is only One YHVH – the Almighty – an omnipresent Spirit Being – the Most High!  (Genesis 1:2, John 4:24).

Refutation no 6

Though this paragraph contains several Scriptural references, not one of them, and nowhere else in the Bible, is there any terminology referring to a ‘lesser YHVH’ or “YHWH Katan” as the author infers.

The occasion at Sodom (In Genesis 19:23), is rendered by the author as:

“The Sent YHWH” or “YHWH Katan” calling up to His Elohim or YHWH the Greater who SENT Him to destroy the cities of the plains”.

This text in fact reads as follows:

Genesis 19:23  “YHVH rained on Sodom and Gemorrah brimstone and fire from YHVH in Heaven.”  How audacious of the author to add non-existing terms into the Scripture, like:  ‘The Sent YHWH’, ‘YHWH Katan’, ‘His Elohim’, ‘YHWH the Greater’!

Correctly interpreted, this revelationary section of Scripture in Genesis 18 & 19 simply confirms the omnipresent manifestability of YHVH.  In this instance He appeared to Avraham, manifested as three Angelic Beings.  This is most probably the instance referred to by Messiah, when He declared to the enquiring Jews (as we have read here above) that Avraham their forefather had in fact seen and met Him.  At the time of this event, one Angelic Being (YHVH) remained with Avraham (Gen. 18:22) while the other two Angelic manifestations of YHVH continued to Sodom, where they met with Lot.  After the men of Sodom tried to commit Sodomy with Lot’s two visitors (YHVH) that evening, God decided to destroy the city.  The next morning Lot and his family were forcibly led out of the city by the Angelic Beings (YHVH).  Then it happened that YHVH (with Lot) rained fire from YHVH in Heaven, on Sodom. Ample and clear proof of the omnipresence of YHVH – and the pre-manifestation designation of Messiah YAHU’SHUAH.

We have another clear example of His omnipresent manifestability at the Baptism of Messiah in the river Jordan (Mathew 3:16) when the Spirit of YHVH descends like a dove.  A Voice from YHVH in Heaven became audible, while YHVH manifested in flesh was being baptised in the river.  Three manifestations all at once.  For understanding this concept of omnipresent manifestability, visualise that YHVH could also have been present as one or more spectators at the Baptism – even as a female.  While He could have been active in another part of the Land or the world, or the universe – manifested in another form or shape.  Is anything impossible for the Almighty?

Refutation no 7

If this subject is so all-encompassing as the author claims, why is it that there is not even one reference to a ‘lesser’ YHVH in Scripture?  Neither has the author presented one text from Scripture to explicitly support this ‘new-old’ concept which he claims to present.  It is all personal conjecture, with supporting claims from the anti-Nicean Church fathers Epiphaneus, Irenaeus, Cerinthus – and the early Messianic Nazarene, Ebonite and Cerinthians.  Even Messiah’s direct apostles were not perfectly clear as to His True Identity – how then could these later congregations be upheld as carriers of Truth, especially when their interpretations were not Scriptural?

The author claims to have “hundreds of pages of documentation further substantiating the concept.”  These are certainly not from Scripture, for apart from conjecture, the author has failed to present one explicit quote from Scripture referring to a “lesser” YHVH or “YHVH katan” as he has coined the blasphemous reference to Messiah.

Refutation no 8

The author is concerned with the Jewish anti-Missionaries who attack the concept of a Messiah Who has already come (2000 years ago).  They are very successful in getting former Messianics to deny ‘Jesus’ or ‘Y’shuah’ as a false Messiah.  Little does he realise, that it is the very concepts of denial of Messiah’s Supremacy as being YHVH the Almighty (as also this teaching of his which is our topic), which provides fruitful breeding ground for this denial.  It is the lack of proper insight and understanding of His Supremacy which makes these Messianics easy prey for these learned Jewish Rabbis.

There is only one formidable protective gearing against the onslaughts of these Rabbis, who thrive on the miss-information which unenlightened Messianic teachers proclaim, and that is the Truth – the Truth that:

  • Messiah in His pre-incarnation was YHVH the Most High;
  • in His human Messianic Incarnation He was YHVH in the flesh (while simultaneously filling the Heavens of Heavens as the Eternal Spirit Being YHVH),
  • and in His Divinity, He shall rule forever as YHVH the Most High.

This Truth will be impenetrable for the anti-Messianics.

Ephesians 6:14  “So stand your ground with Truth buckled round your waste and integrity for a breastplate … always carrying the Shield of Faith, so that you can use it to put out the burning arrows of the evil one … and receive the Word of YHVH from the Spirit to use as a sword.

The author of this ‘lesser YHVH’ heresy,  is in fact assisting the anti-Messianics by defaming the Supremacy of YAHU’SHUAH.  Only the protective armour of Truth regarding Messiah’s Supreme Deity will guarantee survival against the increasing onslaughts on Messiah’s True Identity.