4.13. World Chaos in the aftermath of Y2K Hoax…!

A Review of:

  • the aftermath to the Y2K Scare
  • the remaining threat of a financial Meltdown in the world’s Stock Markets and Financial Institutions,  brought about by the massive dumping of Cash liquidity by governments to prevent a Y2K run on the Banks in Dec 1999.  This liquidity provided the cash for a totally irrational speculative spree in a ‘New Economy’ which defied every rule of the text books.  This new economy has now proven to be just a massive ‘bubble economy’, the puncturing of which could be even more disastrous than what the Y2K threat has posed to be.
  • how to survive

Y2K fears have proven to be the biggest Financial Hoax of all time.  But —-
The successful Y2K achievement for mankind, may yet prove to be the very opium to lull the masses into a lethargic state of non-preparation when the real Time of Trouble comes upon the world as prophesied in the Bible. This is referred to as the “Great Tribulation” or “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” to precede the establishment of new Universal Rule by the Creator God of Israel.

The Message of BIBLE REVELATIONS is applicable not only for Crisis Times, but also for Good Times. That the world is currently experiencing critical and abnormal events is very evident – except to those who do not want to know.

The publishers of BIBLE REVELATIONS have no hesitation in running the risk of misreading the historically potent ‘signs of the times’.  We are commended by Scripture to “watch for our Redemption”;   “to look up” in expectation;  to  prepare to meet our Redeemer and to forewarn our fellow worldlings.  Never ever in history was there a time like the present,  which could absorb and realistically fulfill the ominous prophecies of the events which are to precede the overthrowing of the forces of Darkness through the physical establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.  The stage is now set;  the season is ripe;  and the prospect of universal catastrophe is very real – as this and other reviews on this Web Site will clearly outline for you (Links to these Web pages are provided further down and also at the bottom of this Page).  If we misread it this time – we shall diligently continue our ‘Watch’.


The Reality of the Y2K Hoax dawned at Midnight on 31 December 1999!

Y2K fears have proven to be the biggest Financial Hoax of all time. Several dates were set by computer experts in expectation of world stalling problems. One of these was 9 Sept. 1999, or 09.09.99.  It was expected that some systems could construe this as a shut down code.  The main one, of course, 1 January 2000.  Another date was 29 Feb.2000,  a 4th leap year date which was not provided for at all in many computer programs.  These days have all come and gone, seemingly with hardly any problems.

As the countdown to Y2K drew to a close towards the end of 1999, a spirit of optimism dominated throughout the world.  The uneventful Rollover into 1.1.2000  served to make fools,  not only of Doom Prophets, but more so,  of the most brilliant minds in the world,  which endulged in a preventive spending spree of billions around the world, in order to update their computer systems against the risks of the Y2K date change.

Government printing presses around the world worked around the clock to print new bank notes.  This new money was sent to Banks in the event they would experience a Bank run by the public.  Easy loans were the order of the day.  Most of this money found its way via investors into the Stock Markets in a speculative spree which was unique in history.  The technological age brought the Stock Markets into the homes and offices of investors who could share in history’s greatest ever Boom Period with the push of a button on their computers!

An instant ‘New Economy’ was born which defied every rule of the text books and made nonsense of traditional investment sobriety and acumen.  Millions of dollars were poured into new-born ‘dot.com’ companies in the technological ‘miracle age’ which had so successfully defied and conquered Y2K.  Some of these companies were not much more than the brain child of a lone yuppy, run on a high powered computer in a basic office set-up, and backed by the confidence of the local Bank!

This new economy turned out to be just a massive ‘bubble economy’, the puncturing of which could be even more disastrous than what the Y2K threat has ever threatened to be!

The technological revolution of the 90’s and the successful computer date Rollover into the new millennium, have also boosted man’s ego to limitless heights.  The invincibility of mankind’s ingenuity seems to have been proven beyond any doubts.  for once and all,  and has managed to eradicate man’s need for a Creator God almost entirely.  This superiority complex and the letdown experienced by those who did take ‘unnecessary’ precautions to survive Y2K, may well now serve to tranquilize mankind against the Biblically prophesied  “Time of Great Distress” for which they should really have prepared!

No one can deny that the world after its entry into the new millennium has been a topsy turvy world on every thinkable level.  With Y2K filed away as a Hoax, it is not too evident to most people, that Y2K could have a delayed sting in its tail which could yet bring down the entire world economy. One of the most visible fields of havoc ever since the turn of the millennium, is the financial world. The prospects of the effects of a financial meltdown in this turbulent and trigger-happy world,  are too fearful to contemplate!

In addition, the New Millennium seems to have brought with it yet a few other awesome events, unique in history, with the potential power to create chaos and stop the world in its tracks.

Please meet:  “The Time of Distress”, also referred to in the Bible as the time of “Jacob’s Trouble”.

Y2K was but one of several major crises which all seem to have merged
at this pinnacle of History, at the entry into the 7th Millennium
– the ‘Sabbatical Millennium’.
For details of these other Sources of Chaos, please refer to
4.1. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble
by clicking on the above Link

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Be Prepared!  There is a Solution!!
“We are part of the fortunate Generation to be living at The Climax of the Ages”

BIBLE REVELATIONS offer you a Solution –

  • for your Protection
  • for your Preparednss
  • How to survive the looming World Chaos facing humanity at this time –

A Solution with no ties or obligations – and all just for your own well being!  This is one of the few Web Sites which has no ulterior motives for profit or gain of any kind!
So how can one protect oneself?

In many parts of the world where natural disasters continually occur (like hurricanes in the USA and the impact of heavy winters in Canada), residents are normally prepared to meet such onslaught.  Over and above stocking up with reserves of food and emergency items,  special precautions would be taken in the face of looming disasters, for the protection of properties and lives,  and cities would even be evacuated.  The real damage would only be known after the storm.

The international financial world today, is approaching an abyss.  The US Stock Market, trend setter for the world, is highly volatile and has become “a den of speculators” who ignore the absurd status of the underlying fundamentals.  Conservative analysts (who are normally not featured in the regular media),  predict a looming Financial Meltdown on the scale of the 1929 Depression and worse.

Why do people prepare for natural disasters, yet refuse to heed the black clouds of threatening financial hurricanes?  One would be wise to take the same precautions against this,  exactly as for natural disasters!

The potential damage could be caused by a universal domino wipe out, in part or
in total, of personal assets and the system of life as we have known it to date.

Entering a new millennium,  so it seems from history, is always a traumatic exercise!  The following quotation describes the situation,  1000 years ago, before the entry into the current millennium,  an almost identical pattern of that which we are witnessing today!

What  Makes The Millennial Entry into 2000 Different from the previous into the 1000 Millennium?

“A strange idea had taken possession of the popular mind at the end of the tenth century. It was universally believed that the end of the world was at hand.  A panic terror seized upon the weak, the credulous,  and the guilty, who in those days formed more than 19/20ths of the population. To increase the panic, stars were observed to fall from heaven, and violent hurricanes to blow down the forests.”

From “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”
by Charles Mackay.

So, history simply repeats itself?

We believe that, this time, there is more than meets the eye of the unaware. The most significant difference between the year 1000 and today,  is contained in finely detailed predictions, written 3000 years ago, which exactly specified one of the most threatening crises in the world today.  The daily news casts of the world can leave one in no doubts as to the incontestability of what these Predictions term:  “A Signal to the Nations”, of impeding cataclysmic nature.  These amazing foresighted Prophecies are about the ancient City of Jerusalem in Israel – that it would become the target, or center,  of a nuclear or bio-chemical holocaust at a Time referred to as ‘The End Time’!

An indisputable Sign yes, because never before in history could this prediction even vaguely have been fulfilled.  Today, the stage is set:  The re-erection of Jerusalem as the Capital of a Jewish State on Biblical Promised Land, is fiercely contested by the entire world.  Both sides of the major players in this dispute, the Arabs and the Jews, have nuclear weapons at their disposal.  Jerusalem is under Jewish control despite the mind-boggling adverse circumstances the Jewish nation had to endure during their universal exile of 2000 years, away from their Homeland, spread amongst every nation in every corner of the world where they were haunted and discriminated against.  It took this invincible little nation less than 50 years, back in their ancient Homeland, to rebuild it against great odds, from its derelict state of swamps and deserts,  to be reckoned amongst the upper military and scientific powers of the world!  Only to become entangled in probably the world’s most explosive political issues concerning this contested peace of country, the size of a province, or less,  in most other countries!

Although daily newscasts today scream out the imminent fulfillment of these ancient predictions,  the majority of humanity is either ignorant of the real threatening implications of this nuclear build-up, or, with ‘ignorant hostility’,  they are in fact supporting and furthering this threatening holocaust!

The main reason for this ignorance, is that, because these Prophecies were written in the Bible 3000 years ago and the subject thus takes on a ‘religious’ connotation,  most readers prefer to, at this stage, push the ‘delete’ button, not only on their Web browsers, but also in their minds.  To those who wish to find the ideal solution to proper personal preparation for such a sordid future scenario,  this Web Site of BIBLE REVELATIONS  truly hold fascinating and revelationary insights as well as solutions!

For starters – let us consider some of the multitude of far-sighted predictions from these  ancient Biblical Predictions.

3000 Year old Bible Prophecies correctly predicted the turbulent Times that we are experiencing today!

An Israelite Prophet,  Zechariah,  some 2 500 years ago, stated :  “The Word of YHVH  about Israel … ‘Look, I am going to make Jerusalem an intoxicating cup to all surrounding peoples … When that Day comes, I mean to make Jerusalem a stone to be lifted by all the peoples; all who try to lift it will hurt themselves severely. And all the nations of the earth will mass against her’ … (These words have been preserved to this day, in the Bible,  in the book of Zechariah chapter 12).  (And continuing in chapter 14)  “See a Day is coming … YHVH will gather all the nations to Jerusalem for battle … And this is the plague with which YHVH will strike all the nations who have fought against Jerusalem: their flesh will moulder while they are still standing on their feet; their eyes will rot in their sockets; their tongues will rot in their mouths.”  (Only an atomic age could fulfill this prophecy!)

THINK!  for a moment – what astonishing foresight! – what ‘far-fetched’ prediction to make!

  • How did this author know that Jerusalem would  ‘outlive’  far greater cities of his time – like Babylon,  the walls of which were rated as one of the wonders of the world?
  • How did he know that ‘all‘ the nations of the world would oppose Jerusalem,  as several recent UN votes have proven?
  • How did he know that at this time,  Jerusalem would be threatened by a war of nuclear or bio-chemical potential,  unknown in his time?

Jerusalem, over the last few decades, has been the only area with the potential to ignite an international nuclear war – referred to by militarists and the media as the War of Armageddon – intriguingly,  yet another Bible concept! For a full review of this fascinating subject, bookmark the following site and be sure to read the 140 page book by the author of this Web Site 4.4. Book Review: “Jerusalem – Final Countdown to Armageddon”. It is available Free of charge in full format.

Another prophetic colleague of Zechariah,  named Isaiah,  foresaw another most miraculous event in the annals of history:  the return after a 2 millennia-long dispersal of a universally persecuted nation,  the ancient rulers of Jerusalem – the Jews – to their ‘homeland’!  This was the ‘Sign’, referred to above:

God will certainly raise up a Signal for the nations and gather the dispersed ones of Israel, and the scattered ones of Judah He will collect together from the four extremities of the earth.” (Isaiah chapter 11:12).

The year 1948 certainly was that turning point in the history of that ancient “Nation of the Book”, the Israelites.  After almost 2000 years of exile from their ancient Homeland, dating from the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70,  the modern State of Israel was proclaimed in May 1948,  by the returning Jews from the slaughterhouses of Hitler, during World War 2

In order for the ancient Prophet’s forecasts to come true,  Jerusalem had to first be re-established again under the rule of its ancient inhabitants, the Jews – a miraculous event that would be the very cause of enough friction to draw the entire world into a nuclear conflict!

This amazing confluence of the history of nations, happens to have now brought us to the time when Jerusalem is posing to be such an “intoxicating cup” to its surrounding nations. This was not possible in the year 1000 – Jerusalem was then in a ruinous state of decline – as had been equally forecasted by the ancient Prophets,  while its inhabitants, the Jews, were serving their Divinely mandated period of exile, dispersed throughout the four corners of the earth,  and subjected to blood curling persecution, wherever they turned!

What is the Link with todays looming World Chaos?

These same ancient Prophets, whose writings have been carefully preserved in the Bible, to this modern day,  have also forecasted a “Time of Trouble” to come upon the world at the culmination of these events – described as “The End of the Age”, after which a New World Order would be established by the Creator God Who will rule from Jerusalem.  These events were so staggering, that the Prophet Daniel fell unconscious on observing the vision, after his companions fled in fear and trembling, to hide (Daniel 10:7-10).  It is described as “a time of great distress such as never has been since the world began,  nor ever will be again.  And if that time had not been shortened (by the Return of God to earth to set up His Kingdom from Jerusalem), no one would have survived!”  (Matthew 24:21;  Daniel 12:1).

A total breakdown in world systems as we know it (and as predicted by modern ‘prophets of doom’),  would be the only means of bringing this affluent and advanced world to its knees, physically and spiritually,  thereby fulfilling the ancient Biblical Prophecies!

The current (Jan. 2002) international financial world is in a state of convulsion and changing wildly daily.  The economic outlook by financial forecasters are extreme opposites – many proclaiming the current raging Bull indestructable,  while the opposing conservative camp sees the signs of the “Golden Twenties” (the raging prosperity before the 1929 World Depression)  being repeated!

Let us therefore sit down, and with some sober thinking,  take the best precautions humanly possible.  The following suggestions are offered in this spirit:


There is a Solution!!!

1.  Soul Protection

Most importantly!  Our greatest asset in life is and should be our souls.  It is in times of catastrophe, that people, who have shunned religion all their lives,  will call upon God!  There should be a lesson in this.

Why not call upon Him while we still have time?

When we depart from life, we leave all our assets behind – they should therefore not be our most important accomplishment in life!

Why bring a religious Call into the picture?

Because the same Scriptures which predict such great doom,  in the very next breath also offer the escape route:
“When that Time comes, … all those will be spared who’s names are written in the Book of Life” (Dan. 12:1 b;  Ex 32:32; Ps. 69:28; Rev. 20:12).

How do you get your name inscribed in the Book of Life?

Comprehensive Guidelines, quoted from Scripture,  are contained in the Revelationery studies on this Web Site.  Be sure to read:


Guidelines to your Eternal Security

BIBLE REVELATIONS offer you the safest,  most tested,  and Scripturally most accurate Guidelines and references to information regarding your Soul Protection which you could wish to find in the world or on the Internet.  There are no strings attached, no obligations or commitments to any organisation, no fees or charges – Simply sharing, caring Advice – FREE!

John  7:17  “If anyone is prepared to do God’s Will, he will know whether my teaching is from God or whether my doctrine is my own.  When a man’s doctrine is his own, he is hoping to get honour for himself …


2.  Other Protective Measures

– Read – Be alert!

There are several other major disturbing signs.  Read about it by clicking here:

Warning Signs of impending World Chaos?  – Several world shaking events threaten to culminate round the time of the change into the year 2000.  Could this fulfill the ancient Biblical Prophecies of   “A Time of Great Distress”  to come over the world,  just before the establishment of The Kingdom of God from Jerusalem in Israel? –

  • looming Stock Market melt down,
  • abnormal devastating storms,
  • earthquakes,
  • volcanic activity,
  • abnormally high sun flare activities

and most significantly of all –

– The final stages of the ‘Battle for Jerusalem’ which will culminate in the War of Armageddon (Gog and Magog)