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Jerusalem and the Holy Temple Mount is the flint that will ignite the Middle East into the much feared and Biblically prophesied Doomsday War of Gog and Magog, or Armageddon, as it is referred to by military strategists of the world

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The News Updates on this page never age.  They are selected because they establish or confirm Biblical Prophetic Trends for Israel and Jerusalem. Once these trends are grasped, readers will be able to recognize further Prophetic developments from daily reports in the Media.

July 16, 2006

Israel’s Disengagement blunders drag it into War

Could this lead the world into Armageddon?

Snippets from various sources

Hatzofeh (Israel Daily) asserts that Israel’s unilateral withdrawals from southern Lebanon and from the Gaza Strip are the twin causes of the current fighting in both the North and the South.

Ehud Barak’s hasty withdrawal from Lebanon and the abandonment of our South Lebanese allies six years ago, Sharon’s disengagement from Gaza last year, and Olmert’s planned continuation of that strategy in Judea and Samaria has made our enemies perceive us as weak and vulnerable, and in retreat.

If unilateralists made a mistake, it was in believing our political leaders — including Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert — when they promised a policy of zero tolerance against any attacks emanating from Gaza after Israel’s withdrawal. That policy was not implemented — until two weeks ago. Now, belatedly, the Olmert government is trying to regain something of its lost credibility, and that is the real meaning of this initial phase of the war, both in Gaza and in Lebanon.

Still, many in Israel believe that, even now, the government is acting with excessive restraint. One centrist friend of mine, an Olmert voter, said to me, “If we had assassinated [Hamas leader] Haniyeh after the first kidnapping, [Hezbollah leader] Nasrallah would have thought twice about ordering another kidnapping.” Israel, then, isn’t paying for the failure of unilateral withdrawal, but for the failure to fulfill its promise to seriously respond to provocations after withdrawal.

Jewish World Review July 13, 2006 By Yossi Klein Halevi

The ultimate threat, though, isn’t Hezbollah or Hamas but Iran. And as Iran draws closer to nuclear capability — which the Israeli intelligence community believes could happen this year — an Israeli-Iranian showdown becomes increasingly likely.

Jewish World Review July 13, 2006 By Yossi Klein Halevi

(Perhaps) at long last Israel would awake from its long hallucinatory pipedream of “peace process”. (But chances are that the majority of the deluded leftists may insist) that Israel had not gone far enough in appeasing, self-abasement, self-humiliation, and capitulation.
Prof. Steven Plaut
Hizbullah’s encampment along the border since Israel’s ill-conceived evacuation of Lebanon in 2000 was clearly a time-bomb waiting to go off. In particular, Hizbullah’s positioning of twelve thousand Iranian-supplied rockets along the border led to demands by IDF commanders for preemptive action. But, again, the Sharon and Olmert governments preferred to wait and see. On Thursday it was too late for scores of residents of northern Israeli communities, from Haifa to tiny villages, as the rockets rained down on them sowing death and injury.

Israel also can hardly count on world support, and is helped little by being attacked on its sovereign territory from places where it removed all vestiges of “occuaption.”  After less than a day of fighting in Lebanon,  France’s foreign minister condemned Israel’s “disproportionate act of war.” The EU as a whole said it was “greatly concerned about the disproportionate use of force by Israel in Lebanon [and] deplores the loss of civilian lives and the destruction of civilian infrastructure.” Predictably the Europeans could not wait to verify reports or to consider Israel’s rationale for hitting Lebanon, which is hosting the Jihadist movement that attacked it, a member of which is a minister in its cabinet. And this is only a foretaste.

Israel’s advantages include not only its superior operational capacity but also a growing realization among its leaders and populace that it has done all it could to reach accommodation with foes who do not want accommodation and is now fighting with its back to the wall. It has not taken long for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, whose sights were set on yet further withdrawals from the West Bank while hoping the Qassams wouldn’t do too much harm, and Defense Minister Amir Peretz, a longtime extreme dove who still talks of himself as a man of peace and dialogue, to get harshly initiated into Middle Eastern reality.

It is critical for Israel’s future that they now leave behind their delusions about a Middle East that can either be made peace with or kept at bay with fences. At least in adamantly refusing to negotiate another lopsided prisoner exchange, Olmert is showing greater resolve than some previous Israeli governments. He needs to revive an older Israel that knew what the stakes were and knew how to win. That means—at least—hitting Hamas so hard that it will be left reeling and unable to pose a further threat; uprooting southern Lebanon’s kingdom of terror; and then not meekly retreating to let the enemy recuperate and rebuild. It also means not letting sensitivity to world reactions loom so large that one is helpless. Israel has no place left to turn and no choice, at this late hour, but to fight.

By P. David Hornik
July 14, 2006
Former Israel Defense Forces officer and military expert Moshe Marzuk expressed Israeli unease when he said, “The purpose of the [Hezbollah] rockets is not to decorate south Lebanon.” Hezbollah is both a creation and client of Iran and, more specifically, of its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Its ideology mimics the twin pillars of religious rule and export of revolution that is the basis of the Iranian theocracy. The Iranian government may consider the Hezbollah arsenal as a forward deployment of its own capability, just as the Soviet Union once stationed its missiles in Cuba.

BIBLE REVELATIONS COMMENTARY – A summarised review of sober political commentaries and Bible Prophecy, sketches the following possible scenario for the outcome of this latest War in the Middle East which came upon Israel unexpectedly and within days:  As the majority Israelis wake up to the futile strategies of the current weak-kneed government whom they voted for, under the leadership of Olmert (who is still to this moment even, hell bent on giving vast territories of the Promised Land to the usurping Palestinians),  Israel will have no choice but to deal a decisive blow to Hamas and Hisbullah.  This will rouse the condemnation of the world.  Israel’s defense for survival could well include a blow against Syria, which could draw Iran into the War – the rest may be recorded for those who may be fortunate to survive an Armageddon nuclear holocaust.  As the various reviews and studies on this Web Site concurs:  Jerusalem will become the “intoxicating cup” which the enemies of Israel and of the Jews, will empty to their own destruction.

Refer: World Chaos predicted by Rabbis as “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble” and various news items on this page, dating back months and even years.


March 15, 2003

Tony Blair and Bush push for a Palestinian State to prove their ‘even-handedness’ to Arabs

As the countdown to the Iraq War proceeded, Bush and Blair repeatedly aired their reassurances to the Arab nations about their intentions to create a Palestinian State to share the disputed Land with Israel.  Asked at a last minute press conference why the Palestinian/Israel conflict issue was raised so close to the intended War with Iraq,  Blair commented that they were continually blamed by Arab nations that they were not even handed in their treatment of Saddam Hussein and the Palestinian suppression by the Israelis.  Now was indeed the time to raise the issue and to confirm their intentions of ‘even-handedness’ in assuring that Palestine would become a State next to Israel in the disputed territory.  He referred to the pending appointment of a new Palestinian Prime minister at this time as the trigger to the issue. This, he was sure, would provide the necessary democratic structure to re-open the Middle ce negotiations which this time, would be guided by Mr Bush’s “Road Map” for Middle East Peace.

BIBLE REVELATIONS COMMENTARY – This Web Site posted several articles 1 to 2 years ago,  referring to an ‘agreement’ Mr Bush had reached  with the Arabs for allowing him to settle with Saddam Hussein.  Though forgotten and hidden,  these articles are now more relevant than ever!
READ! – US promises a Palestinian State to Arabs in Iraq War plot for Arab compliance.

THEN! – Be sure to follow-up with reading the article on the Columbia Shuttle disaster –

“Is there a Divine Message speaking to us from the Columbia inferno?”

A MUST READ ALSO  – “Declaring War on God”


October 7,  2002

Arafat signs Law proclaiming entire Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital

PLO-Leader Yasser Arafat signed a resolution into law yesterday,  proclaiming the entire city of Jerusalem the capital of a future Palestinian State. According to PA parliament chief Abu-Ala, the move comes in response to a US Congress-approved resolution calling on the US State Department to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. During Israeli-Arab negotiations over the past several years, Palestinian Authority officials have called for the establishment of a Palestinian state with “East Jerusalem” as a capital. Analysts say that yesterday’s move reveals Arafat’s true intentions.

BIBLE REVELATIONS Commentary – The publisher of this Web Site has maintained all along, that while the world presented the Palestinian claims as referring to East Jerusalem only, Arafat always linked his claims to ‘Jerusalem’.  He has now embalmed it in Palestinian Law.

If the Bible is true, then Arafat has no claims whatsoever to any part of Jerusalem or the Holy Land.  If God meant what He said through ancient Bible Prophets regarding the future of Jerusalem, then Arafat’s claims on Jerusalem and the Covenant Land of Israel (called Palestine by Arafat and the world), amounts to nothing less than “a Declaration of War on God.”  This is no small issue.  According to Biblical Prophecies written 3000 years ago, this Declaration of God will be challenged by opposing powers and will culminate in the Greatest War that this world has ever seen – Armageddon, the War of Gog and Magog.  We are currently seeing how just such a War is in the making in the Middle East.


February 17, 2002

Hamas and the PLO’s true intent

An extract from DEBKAfile’s Exclusive Analysis

While the Israeli government dithers, the Palestinians could not be clearer about their objectives. They have brought together the terrorist groups sponsored by Iraq, Iran, al Qaeda and the Palestinians for a do-or-die confrontation against Israel

Arafat is not fighting Israel to improve his bargaining position or win a place of honor in world history.  Even if the Oslo faction on Israel’s political left forces the government to sign the most generous peace accord imaginable meeting every last Palestinian condition, Arafat will fight on. He makes no secret of his fidelity to the Prophet Mohammed’s precepts.

Source:  DEBKAfile

BIBLE REVELATIONS Commentary (updated 5/2006) – Since Arafat’s death, the Hamas Terror organisation has been officially voted  in, in a ‘democratic’ election in Palestine, as the ruling government.  Hamas is even more outspoken in their rejection of Jewish Israel.  This news item simply confirms the views expressed in this Web Site, which are firmly based on the Prophetic Scriptures of the Bible, that the stage is set for a nuclear and/or bio-chemical holocaust to take place in the Middle East, of which Israel and Jerusalem will be the target of attack.  Never before in history was this possible – but today it wont take much to ignite such a holocaust.  Iran, which is in  the process of completing its nuclear plants, make no secrets of their intent to annihilate Israel off the Map of the Middle East.  It needs no speculation or intensive research, to contrive from the above and other news items on this Web Site,  a scenario in which Israel, driven beyond its limits of acceptance,  retaliates with nuclear defense,  thereby drawing the retribution of the other nations of the world upon itself – as specified in Bible Prophecy that “all” the nations of the world will draw up against Jerusalem  Zechariah 14:1,2   Ezekiel 38


February 15, 2002

HAMAS warns all-out War against Israel!

A Hamas spokesman vowed all-out war against Israel until its “1967 and 1948 occupations are ended”.  Incoming military intelligence chief, Maj. Gen. Aharon Zeevi (Farkas) warned the Israeli Knesset foreign affairs and defence committee that the most dangerous wave of terror attacks was just ahead. In his opinion, nothing would avail to halt this headlong terrorist offensive – even if Israel offered to withdraw to its 1967 borders, gave up all the holy places and consented to the return of 1948 refugees.

This is first public confirmation by an Israeli intelligence officer that Hamas (now the official government of the Palestinian territory – 2006)  is bent on nothing less than Israel’s defeat and destruction.


February 5, 2002


BIBLE REVELATIONS Comment – 5/2006.  This article, placed 4 yrs ago, prove that Israel was well aware of the developing situation in Iran which has now reached near completion.  What has changed in the 4 yrs, is Iran’s blatant announcements of its intention to wipe out Israel.

Israeli army chief of staff said Tuesday (Feb5) that Iranian-Palestinian ties were a danger to Israel, though he and other army offficers said they did not believe that Iran would attempt any attack on Israel soon.

The comments by Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz made it clear that Israeli intelligence and a broad spectrum of its political establishment now consider Iran to be a serious and growing military threat to the Jewish state.

“After the interception of the ‘Karinne A’ it is clear that there is real connection between the Palestinians and Iran,” asserted General Mofaz.  “This is a very real danger for Israel,” said Mofaz, speaking at a briefing in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon phoned Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin Tuesday evening and cautioned him to prevent technology transfers from Russia to its neighbor, Iran, at a time when Iran is heavily involved in terrorist activity.  Intelligence officials in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem say that there has been a marked increase in weapons shipments from Iran via Syria to the pro-Iranian terror organization known as “Hizballah” (Party of God) in Lebanon.

Part of the Israeli reaction seems to have followed two days of provocative statements from Iran’s Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani, speaking on Al-Jazeera Arab satellite tv on Sunday and again on Iranian state television on Monday.  “If the Israelis try to attack our nuclear reactor, they will get a response that no Israeli politician ever dreamed of,” said the bearded Iranian defense minister, wearing a full blue admiral’s uniform and smiling broadly for the cameras of Al-Jazeera.  Shakhmani, part of Iran’s ethnic Arab minority, spoke in Arabic for Al-Jazeera, but he repeated the tone and content of his remarks in Farsi dialect for Iranian television.

Most Israeli intelligence officials believe that it will be at least two or three years before Iran has deliverable nuclear weapons, but they are more concerned about “three rings” of Iranian threats:

*–The development of the Shehab III missile-the Iranian version of North Korea’s Nu Dong missile– with a range of 1300 kilometers sufficient to reach Israel;
*–Massive armament of the pro-Iranian Hizballah with rockets, mortars and trained cadres of infiltrating terrorists along the Israeli-Lebanese border and within striking range of Israel’s petrochemicadustry in Haifa;
*–Acts of Iranian terror and sabotage against Israeli and Jewish targets abroad, such as the blowing up of Israel’s embassy in Argentina several years ago.

The level of Iranian boldness and sophistication was suggested by an attempt out of Teheran University two years ago to penetrate the main-frame computers of the Israeli National Electric Company. The attempt failed, but it set off warning lights in Israel’s security community.

© 2002 Michael Widlanski
Michael Widlanski is senior analyst at The Media Line. For fuller versions of his articles, see www.themedialine.orgl in


January 24, 2002

Al Qaeda moving into Gaza, may join fight against Israel


ANKARA – Western diplomatic sources said Al Qaida insurgents have infiltrated the West Bank and Gaza Strip in an effort to determine whether the movement should make the Palestinian areas its new home. The sources said Al Qaida appears to prefer the Gaza Strip over more distant locations such as Somalia. Israeli military sources said Al Qaida agents have been steadily flowing into PA areas, Middle East Newsline reported. The sources said they have formed close links with senior PA officials, including Mohammed Dahlan, the head of the Preventive Security Apparatus in the Gaza Strip.

Saudi fugitive Osama Bin Laden is said to be considering the Palestinian Authority as the new base for his Al Qaida movement, a senior official said. “The organization [Al Qaida] has not yet been completely defeated,” the official told the Ankara-based Turkish Daily News on Wednesday. “It will continue to cause more headaches for the international community.”

The official, regarded as an expert on Afghanistan, said the Palestinian Authority could be the next address of Al Qaida. The official said the movement would then join the Palestinian war against Israel.

Such a war, the diplomatic sources said, would escalate as Al Qaida insurgents introduce nonconventional weapons. The sources said Al Qaida agents might have already transferred weapons of mass destruction technology to such Islamic insurgency groups as Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

BIBLE REVELATIONS COMMENT – 11 Sept. 2001 initially seemed to have taken the spotlight of Prophecy away from Jerusalem, casting it on New York.  Gradually however, it is becoming clear that the stage is being set for Armageddon in Israel, having given the world a preview in New York of the forces of destruction to face the Covenant Land.  Bible Prophecy is clear that “On that Day, the world will learn that YHVH the God of Israel is Supreme, when He displays His Righteousness for all to see!” – (extracted from Ezekiel ch. 20).

Update, 5 2006 – Notwithstanding these early confirmations (1/2002), Israel still went ahead withdrawing its own citizens from the Gaza, Gush Katif buffer area in Aug. 2005.  After all the Jewish homes were bulldozed, the territory was given to the Palestinians and quickly converted to Palestinian military training bases from where rocket bombardments were conducted on Israeli neighbouring areas.  For obscure reasons, and at the insistence of pres. Bush and Europe rulers, Israel refused to retaliate.


28 November 2001

Chinese Government totally supports the Palestinians
Wafa  (Official Palestine News Agency)

Ramallah  – President Yasser Arafat received yesterday, a letter from the Chinese leadership, delivered by the Chinese representative to the PNA Mr. Waw Jeo Hong.

Mr. Nabil Abu Redeneh President Arafat’s media Adviser said that the Chinese Ambassador Mr. Hong delivered a very important message from the Chinese Leadership related to the latest developments in the Middle East, and included the Chinese position that totally supports the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom and independence.

Source:   http://www.wafa.pna.net/EngText/28-11-2001/page006.htm

BIBLE REVELATIONS COMMENTARY – Prophetic Scripture is very clear that “all the nations” of the world will draw up against Israel at Jerusalem for the ‘Great and Terrible Battle”  which will bring about “The End of the World” – and which will result in the Interceding of God Himself to protect Israel from total annihilation and to set up His Kingdom to rule the world from Jerusalem.  Various pages on this Web Site present News Items and Commntaries to confirm the ongoing build-up to this scenario. 


20 August 2001

by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

The nations of the world are gathering for a final assault on the Jewish nation.  Each readies itself in its own way. The Palestinians have increased their assaults through terrorism. They have also increased their propaganda efforts with what seems a bottomless wallet. Funds come from most of the Arab nations but, America via President George Bush continues to deliver hundreds of millions to the Palestinian Authority.

In Gaza, one can find Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezb’Allah terrorists training with Arafat’s PLO.  Also present are Egyptian advisors in mufti (civilian clothes). There is a continued flow of the best weapons available from Europe and the general lucrative arms’ market. Egypt facilitates by turning a blind eye to these shipments that arrive at its ports and are transferred to the tunnels dug from the Egyptian side of the border into Israel.

In the North, Hezb’Allah with Syrian advisors have loaded the Lebanon area with missiles which can reach most of northern Israel. This was a gift of Ehud Barak to the people of Israel – courtesy of his ordering the IDF to flee precipitously from Lebanon where the IDF protected the Israeli citizens in Israel’s North.

Iraq has been mobilizing its troops tasking commando teams to penetrate Jordan. Although King Abdullah of Jordan has successfully closed its borders so far, nevertheless the Palestinians in Jordan connected to Arafat are arranging a re-play of its capture of Kuwait in 1990.

The European Union will play its role in “The Gathering”. Their function is multi-faceted. They will provide political cover in the United Nations and assist the thrust to vote condemnation for any defense which Israel may mount. Providing quasi-law to legalize the Arab assault and whatever the U.N. and E.U. will do to assist “The Gathering”. At some point do not be surprised when the Europeans insist on sending in first, observers, followed by Armed Forces, using a U.N. mandate for cover.


President George Bush, Jr. – using his father and former Secretary of State and Treasury James Baker, Brent Scowcroft, Colin Powell as his foreign policy advisors – has already begun to play out his designated role.

When the Prime Minister of Israel Ariel (Arik) Sharon came to visit his former friend and admirer, Bush, Jr., he requested a fulfillment of the $800 million dollar aid commitment made by Clinton to Barak for abandoning the Lebanon defence zone. Bush, on advise of Father-Baker-Scowcroft and all of Dad’s boys refused to honor the commitment made in the name of the United States of America. Recall that it was Bush/Baker who refused Yitzhak Shamir a similar loan guarantee to rescue Jews from an anti-Semitic Soviet Union. Their objective was to undercut Yitzhak Shamir and replace him with Yitzhak Rabin.

The next step was to threaten withdrawal of any assistance if Sharon moved to put down Arafat’s war of attrition/armed insurrection. Spare parts are already being squeezed down to a trickle to further pressure and weaken the Jewish State. Bush, Jr. may not hate the Jewish State with the visceral intensity of his father and Baker but, since he is following their instructions, he might as well. We understand the transfer of vital intelligence is also being cut back – just as was done under Reagan-Bush’s Sec. of Defense, Caspar Weinberger.

There is little doubt that Israel’s established enemies will and are playing their familiar role. That includes Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Egypt is prepared to field a powerful modern army with every piece of equipment paid for by U.S. taxpayers. Congress just voted $2 Billion military aid to Egypt, as the U.S. has been every since 1979. That should be approximately $44 Billion, plus extras like the turn-key tank factory former Sec. of Defense Caspar Weinberger gifted Egypt with to build the American M1A1 Abrams main battle tank. This long-standing bribe was for them to keep the peace but, Egypt has already stated plainly they will attack Israel if she tries to defend herself against Arafat’s war of attrition that has killed 637 Israelis, including 19 Americans, since the signing of Oslo on the White House lawn September 13, 1993. Thousands have been wounded, some maimed for life, with hundreds of children newly orphaned.

Syria is well-equipped with long-range missiles armed with chemical warheads. Despite the efforts of the Syria propaganda machine to claim they are a poorly equipped army, they are a formidable adversary with a great deal of new Russian equipment, including tanks, artillery, missiles, etc. And – don’t forget the 100+ Russian aircraft that left Iraq, went to Iran and were re-shipped to Syria – courtesy of the great arrangers, George Bush, Sr. and James Baker. That was the safe air corridor provided by Bush-Baker-Powell during the Gulf War, Desert Storm.

The Nations, under their different banners and each for their own reasons, are gathering in a modern day Crusade against the Holy Land. How appropriate for the Pope and Arafat to be kissing as a demonstration of these commitments to each other as was shown on CNN. Two faiths opposed to each other, but momentarily joined to eliminate the Jews. In a way, this is the continuation of Hitler’s Final Solution to the Jewish Question and the Holocaust he spawned – which never stopped.

Having watched the Pope representing world Catholicism and Rome, kiss Arafat during his visit to request Papal assistance for his part of the coming Crusade one gets a sense of ‘Deja Vu’. As recognized in Biblical lore, Rome is Edom while Arafat and the Islamic countries are the Amalekites. Both hated the Jews and tried to destroy them in every century.

The Media, sometimes called the Fourth Estate, must be mentioned and identified as functional members in good standing among the nations, who are against the Jewish State. They carry the tales put out by Arafat or merely the canards about the Jews which they invent or embellish. Make no mistake, they have taken to the battlefield as warriors against the Jews. Photos of the world Media in Israel show them (now in their protective helmets and flak jackets) clustered around the rock and fire-bomb throwing Palestinian kids. They are the cheering section and some of them have gotten hurt from Palestinian fire or Israeli defensive fire. They have decided to risk their lives in an effort to see the Jewish State annihilated. (It will make good copy and maybe a Pulitzer Prize.) Surely, they should be allowed to share the warriors’ heaven of Muslims so honored for killing a Jew.

The nations have gathered, possibly to fulfill the forecast so clearly described in Biblical text for the end times. Allow me to quote this passage from Ezekiel 38:14-16, speaking of the war of Gog and Magog:

“Therefore, son of man, prophesy:…”Thus said the Lord HaShem/Elohim: Behold I am against you, Gog, the prince, leader of Meshech and Tubal. I will lead you astray and I will seduce you… and bring you out with your entire army, horses and riders…a vast assembly… Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all of them with shield and helmet; Gomer..Togarmah in the uttermost parts of the north…many peoples will be with you….You will be repaid for [your sins] of ancient times; …gathered from many nations, upon the mountains of Israel… [to a people] who had been brought out from the nations, all of them dwelling in security. You will attack……

“Thus said the Lord HaShem/Elohim: Surely, on that day, when my people Israel dwells security, you will come to know, when you come from your place in the uttermost parts of the north; you and many peoples with you…a vast horde, a might army… It will be at the End of Days that I will bring you upon My land, in order that the nations may know me… My raging anger will flare up;

“I will strike your bow from your left hand and cast down your arrows from your right hand. You will fall upon the mountains of Israel, you and all your cohorts and the peoples who are with you; I will give you to the bird of prey, to every winged bird, and to the beast of the field as food…. I will dispatch a fire against Magog…. I will make My holy Name known among My people Israel… then the nations will know I am HaShem, the Holy One in Israel.

“Now you, Son of Man, thus said the Lord HaShem/Elohim: Say to every winged bird and to every beast of the field, ‘Assemble and come, gather together from all around for My feast that I slaughter for you, a great feast upon the mountains of Israel; eat flesh and drink blood! Eat the flesh of warriors and drink the blood of the earth’s princes – all of them like rams, lambs…and drink blood to intoxication from My feast that I have slaughtered for you; sate yourselves at My table with horse and rider, warrior and every man of war.

“….Now I will bring back the captivity of Jacob and show mercy to the entire house of Israel and be zealous for My holy Name….. They will dwell security upon their soil and none will make them afraid, when I return them from the peoples and gather them in from the land of their enemies and I become sanctified through them in the eyes of the many nations.” Ezekiel 38 & 39. (1)

After this prophecy of catastrophe at a time when Jerusalem was in ruins and the Jewish people were in their first Babylonian exile, Ezekiel immediately proclaimed a very detailed plan for the construction of the future Temple.

The prophet Zechariah 12:2-9: spoke of the same war: “Behold I am making Jerusalem a cup of poison for all the peoples all around…. I will make Jerusalem for all the peoples a burdensome stone…. and all the nations of the world will gather against it. On that day – the word of HaShem – I will strike every horse with confusion and its rider with madness. But I will open My eyes to the House of Judah….I will make the captains of Judah like a stove, fire (burning) wood, and like a fiery torch (burning) sheaf, and they will consume on the right and on the left all the peoples all around; and Jerusalem will again settle in its place, in Jerusalem. …HaShem will protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem. HaShem will save the tents of Judah….[and] the inhabitant of Jerusalem… It shall be on that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come upon Jerusalem.” Zechariah 12:2-9 (2)

But, the Nations of the world believe they need not worry. For each has his own god. For them, the Jews have stood in the way of two major religions who each wish to claim to be the sole heir to G-d’s Eternal Covenant with the Jewish people. To do that they must first make the Jews go away. But, before they meet in such conspiracy they really ought to read the last line of Zechariah’s prophecy above. One does not have to be a believer to observe the nations arming, gathering with Israel as their victim. I wonder who, in the end, shall be the victim?


1 July 2001


Source:  /menewsline.com

BIBLE REVELATIONS COMMENTARY –  (Update 5/2006)  It is now 5 years later, and the potential of this War is now right ahead of us!

WASHINGTON [MENL] — The United States has assessed that the next Middle East war will include the use of ballistic missiles with nonconventional warheads.

U.S. officials said this scenario has been drafted by experts in several defense agencies. They said such countries as Iraq, Iran and Syria might launch chemical and biological weapons attacks in any confrontation with Israel.

The assessment has been presented to President George Bush. The White House was told that the Middle East was sliding into a state of war in which all measures could be employed.

“One reason — among many — that we cannot walk away from the Middle East conflict is that another war there could involve weapons of mass destruction,” Sen. Joseph Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told a conference at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on June 19.

Officials said the scenarios of a future Middle East war have been discussed with both Egypt and Israel. They said both countries agree on likelihood that Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) could be used.

Meanwhile,  reports in “Iraq News” covered the talk which Khidhir Hamza, a leading scientist in Iraq’s nuclear program, gave at the American Enterprise Institute Jun 20, 2001.  Hamza cautioned that Iraq may already have a nuclear bomb, if it has managed to obtain fissile material from another country.  “Iraq News” would like to underscore this point, as it is the dominant opinion among the experts, but there seems to be a general state of denial regarding the immediacy of the problem.


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