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Warning signs of impending World Chaos!

Acquaint yourself with several staggering signs, serving as 
a Warning of what many suspect to be the Time of the ushering in of 
"The End of the World". 
To many others, this culmination of the Ages, bring the glad prospects of a New Era, 

to mark the Approach of the setting up of God's Kingdom of Peace on earth. 
And "The End of this current System of evil, crime and war" 
under the auspices of the rulers of Darkness.


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* Looming World  War III to coincide with Biblically prophesied War of Gog and Magog (Armageddon)?


* Ancient Biblical Prophecies destined Jerusalem as the center of a cataclysmic World War to which "ALL the nations of the world will be drawn up"
* Arab-Israel conflict threatens to unleash a 'Holy War' in the Middle-East
* Israel-PLO Peace Process stalemate poses a threat to World Peace


* Expected by both Judaism and Christianity (2nd time)
* To save Israel from total annihilation by nuclear Holocaust

* To set up a New World Order and rule over the world from Jerusalem

The News Items in this Web Site is not intended to provide a daily news cast but rather to highlight the general trends in the news, with views and commentaries which confirm the fulfillment of ancient Prophecies of the Hebrew prophets of the Bible,  which they received, 3000 years in advance, by Divine Order from the God of Israel, Creator of the Universe.  Consequently, these news items do not really date and are still as relevant to the situation as they were a year or more ago.  When items do become irrelevant, they will be removed.

The information contained

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and who may not endorse any or all the views as expressed in the Pages of this Web Site.



The News links below will confirm the urgency of the Times, as we seem to be approaching the end of the current world dispensation.  To some, this information will come as prophecies of doom - to many, however, it will be an inspiration as they behold the countdown to the inauguration of a New World Order under the direct Rule of The Creator God from Jerusalem in Israel.  This new Order will put an end to the current wave of insane terror, crime and fraud which is engulfing the world. It will also bring an end to the intellectual thwarting of the Basic Law of civil decency (the Law as contained in the Torah - first 5 Books of the Bible) as witnessed by the world's handling and performance of its financial icons and idols - a system which is corrupt and morally bankrupt - behold the Enrons, World.com's and the Andersons - flagships of modern craved-after 'wealth and success'!


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July 13, 2008

USA financial 'meltdown' expected!

Israel to be sacrificed for Oil by the USA

May 17 2008


Massive Famine for World feared

Feb. 9, 2008

US financing of Terror


July 16. 2006

Israel dragged into War by its Disengagement blunders



January 22, 2006

Israel may shoot own civilians in eviction from Hebron now



January 1, 2006

Great earth split along Ethiopian Rift - fulfilment of End Time Prophecy?



Sept. 1, 2005

Several eerie similarities between Hurricane Katrina and Gush Katif may hold a vital Message for Pres. Bush



June 2, 2005

Antichrist reveals himself in Israel


May 30, 2004
The Islamic Barbarians are at the Gates of Jerusalem


March 15, 2003

Blair and Bush push for a Palestinian State to prove their 'even-handedness' to Arabs



February 17, 2002
Arafat and the PLO's true Intent


February 16, 2002
Palestinian destruction of Merkava Tank shocks Israeli military


February 6, 2002
Growing Israeli concern over Iranian Threat


January 24, 2002
Al-Qaida moving into Gaza,
may join fight against Israel


20 December 2001
All nations in favour of Palestinian State and against Israel


28 November2001
Chinese Government totally supports the Palestinians


20 August 2001
Nations of the world are gathering for a final assault on the Jewish State


1 July 2001
US assesses that next M.E. War will include weapons of Mass Destruction


28 Aug 2000
The drama behind the closed doors of Camp David


26 Aug 2000
Muslim reaction to the idea of a synagogue on the Temple Mount


28 June 2000
Destruction of the Temple Mount


15 February 2000
Pope and Arafat sign bi-lateral Pact over Jerusalem


1 Dec 1999
All nations vote against Israel's
authority over Jerusalem






























Gaza War 2009 What next for Israel in face of world protests?  The hidden factor about where this war is being fought
Israel Betrayed! What the world does not know about the Spirit of Jerusalem

Feb. 11, 2007


Israel facing regional and Doomsday War - 2007


New! - See Video here

With its weakest government ever in its history, Israel now faces nuclear attack from Iran - read the Biblical perspective.

Aug 3, 2006

Can Israel win the War with Hezbullah?

Israel's Disengagement policy may be the reason that it cannot seem to conquer Hezbullah.

Israel is in mortal Danger through its weak and inexperienced, leftist, delusional leadership!

May 30, 2004
This is the Enemy
Barbarous acts of the Palestinians hardly condemned by the West while praised by the Arabs - and the USA finances the arch terrorist Arafat while France wants to arm the Arabs with nuclear for defense against Israel
May 25, 2003
Death Warrant for the Jewish State
The "Road Map" to Peace in the Middle East, is the only significant outcome of the Iraq War,  in line with Bible Prophecy - and it does not bode well for Israel, neither for the future of the World!
The reasons why Israel is endangered and why it will not bring Peace but Destruction.
February 2, 2003
The Torah Scroll on board the doomed Columbia Shuttle
"... that tiny Torah that survived a concentration camp was destroyed in the explosion of the space shuttle".  Is their a Message in this tragic event?
September 25, 2002
Why the Arabs hate Israel
A hatred which stems from an ancient family feud and a Bible Prophecy from Abrahams days.
September 18, 2002
Bodansky reveals ominous Facts about missing Suitcase Nukes from Russia's nuclear arsenal.
The shocking revelation that bin Laden already has several suitcase nuclear devices - and may already have one positioned in the U.S. 
August 11, 2002
Israel faced Arab Genocide right from the start
Long before the Israelis "occupied Palestinian land", the Arabs already planned for the total extinction of the Zionist presence in the 'Arab homeland'
June 9, 2002
African continent is splitting along the Ethiopian Rift creating a New Ocean!
Is this in preparation for the fulfillment of Prophecy at the Time of the End?
March 15, 2002
US & UN's New Year present to Israel
In an awesome and greatly significant week, the doors close on Israel as ALL the nations now demand her withdrawal from the Covenant Land
December 12, 2001
Opposing the re-erection of Biblical Israel
Attempts to conquer Israel by making the Palestinian population the majority. Biblical Prophecy seems to have a miraculous solution to this real problem facing the re-establishment of Israel on its Covenanted Land.
2 December 2001
The New World Order - after 11 Sept. 2001
The Islamic Terror Attack of 
11 Sept. 2001 induces a historically  unprecedented move to a universal Alliance of nations - with Israel  forced to share their Divine Inheritance of the Covenant Land with a terrorist regime as a consequence.
10 November 2001

Iranian President's views on Israel reflect Arab opinion

"We do not recognize Israel and we believe that the land of Palestine has been usurped. There is no solution to the problem other than the return of all Palestinian refugees to their land, and the creation of a Palestinian State with its capital in Jerusalem"
26 August 2001

Facts about Jewish and Palestinian Claims on Jerusalem

Fact or Deceit?
- The Arabs of Palestine had been a nation in the land since remote antiquity.
- The Jews displaced and dispossessed the Arabs.
- Jerusalem is a holy city of Islam, where Jews have no history, rights or claims
20 August 2001
Gathering of the Nations against Israel
Are we standing before the fulfillment of the fearful Prophecies of Ezek. 38 and Zech 12 & 14?
19 August 2001
The Final Resurrection of Israel
The current "Time of Jacob's Trouble" facing this invincible nation is now turning the Tide to what may become the Final Interlude before the establishment of the Glory of the God of Israel through this nation!
31 July 2000
The Aftermath of Camp David
- Arafat the only Winner in failed Camp David Talks.
- Time for Israel to take him serious - also about his determination to declare a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its Capital.
30 May 2000
Israel's Withdrawal from Lebanon
- Israel's historic humiliation
- Israel's flimsy and as yet unprepared new security arrangements
- The Arab response to their 'victory' over Israel in Lebanon
- commentary from a Torah Biblical perspective about Israel's embarrassing Decline and threatening Destruction
18 February 2000
Covenant between Pope and Arafat against the God and People of Israel and Jerusalem
Jerusalem to be internationalised.
Part of the long-term policy of the Vatican against the State of Israel .
The agreement  recognises a "Palestinian" state in the land of Israel.  Joining of forces against Israel's declaration of Jerusalem as the Biblical Eternal Capital of Israel.
10 October 1999
The Destruction of the State of Israel
Several in-depth reviews of the latest developments in this final saga which will lead to the cataclysmic War of Gog & Magog (Armageddon)
Probably the most significant event ever - confirmed directly after the Day of the Feast of Trumpets,  Sept 1999 - Surprise move by Barak in secret talks with Arafat to conclude 
The Final Status of Jerusalem by Sept 2000
19 July 1999
Mid-East Realities

- The military arms build-up by Israel's neighbours

- Israel's limited stalemate options while the Doomsday Clock is ticking away.


Suggested additional reading on this Web Site:

"JERUSALEM- Countdown to Armageddon" - FREE extract of 140 page book reviewing the amazing fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy in the history of Israel to date - and how the current Peace Process will lead to a Nuclear Holocaust,  necessitating the physical Return of Messiah to save Israel from total annihilation and the setting up of His World Rule from Jerusalem according to His Oath.

Warning Signs of impending World Chaos?  - Several world shaking events threaten to culminate round the time of the change into the year 2000.  Could this fulfill the ancient Biblical Prophecies of   "A Time of Great Distress"  to come over the world, just before the establishment of The Kingdom of God from Jerusalem in Israel?- Y2K, looming Stock Market melt down, asteroid activity, abnormal devastating storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity, approaching cyclical peak of abnormally high sun flare activities and most significant of all - the final stages of the Battle for Jerusalem to be completed before Sept. 2000.

The New World Order of the Kingdom of YHVH which will be established by the returning Messiah,  over all nations,  from Jerusalem

Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel  Jerusalem shall be restored to Jewish Rule and become the Center of God's Kingdom by Divine Oath. Jerusalem will be called  "the Throne of YHVH... Jer. 3:17.   "I shall live here amongst the sons of  Israel  for ever"- Ezek. 43:7

"Declaring War on God" - Any non-Israeli power today, claiming rights over Jerusalem, or accusing Israel of having designs on world domination (Illuminati), simply do not conform with the Divine Mandate of God, and are direct challenges  against the Plan of God for Jerusalem and all Mankind.  This confrontation with God will culminate in the Final War of Gog and Magog (War of Armageddon), as foretold, 3000 years in advance, in the Bible.

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