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Ovadyah Avrahami



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Like a skeleton raised from the dead, Israel, true to ancient Prophetic assignment, has been resurrected over the last half-a-century.  This supernatural occurrence has evoked heated international repercussions and is setting the stage for the culminating world events which will precede the establishment of the New World Order under Divine Rule - but not the New World Order envisaged by the politicians and billionaires of the world today!

Why this dispensation of Peace should come through international turmoil of frightening destructive proportions, stems from the opposition that this Divine Challenge evokes.

 "Prophecy over these bones. Say, 'Dry bones ... the Lord YHVH says this to these bones: "I am now going to make the breath enter you and you will live.  I shall put sinews on you.  I shall make flesh grow on you.  I shall cover you with skin"... and the bones joined together ... they came to life again"   (Ezek. 37:3)


A mere sixty years ago, Israel, certainly in the public eye, was of ancient historical value only. At that time, any fulfillment of Armageddon prophecies involving Israel were totally impossible, for not only did the Land of Israel no longer exist, but its population was strewn across the globe.  As late as 1948, Israel did not even appear on the world map, it痴 ancient territory being  indicated as 撤alestine - a derogation brought upon the Bible Land by the Romans after they had destroyed Jerusalem and its Jewish Temple in 70 CE.  Jerusalem was forgotten, but for its Biblical mentioning.  For many centuries the Jewish nation, had been treated as outcasts throughout almost the entire world, in every country to which they were dispersed.  For almost 2000 years they have been persecuted wherever they lived.  Israel was in disgrace - but no longer so today - for its ancient exiles have returned to the very soil of their forefathers. The Land of Israel has been reborn!

For these Armageddon prophecies to be fulfilled, it was vitally necessary that ancient Israel had to physically exist - even if it then had to be 途e-erected from its ruins - like a "skeleton come alive".  Furthermore,  it would have to precipitate great adverse international influence in order to draw international disfavour or condemnation which would culminate in a cataclysmic world war as foretold in the Bible by the ancient Prophets of Israel.  Over the last few years, the Jewish nation of reborn Israel has increasingly been receiving just such bad publicity and labeling from the international news media for her actions towards the Palestinians and her neighbouring Arabic countries. Time and time again over the last few decades,  UN voting sessions condemned Israel for her actions against her self-declared Arab enemies, with the majority of nations always voting against Israel.

It is interesting to note that, many years before 1948 (the year in which the Independent new State of Israel was declared), certain Christian Bible scholars, from their personal interpretation of the Biblical prophecies, predicted the return of the exiled Israelite nation and the re-establishment of a Jewish State.  These interpretations were obviously scoffed at and the scholars ridiculed, for at that time, the Jews were a downtrodden and rejected race throughout the world and the exiled Northern Ten Tribes of Israel, which assimilated with the nations to a point of total oblivion, having become a forgotten topic.  Only their faith in the Prophetic Script of the Bible could have inspired these mostly non-Jewish interpreters to make such way-out predictions of a 'reborn and resurrected' Jewish kingdom.

In Jewish synagogues throughout the world and throughout the exile, there were daily prayers for the Return to Israel.  Jewish Sages were well acquainted with the Prophecies and the wish on Jewish lips never died, "Next year in Jerusalem."

Amongst the prophecies which so forcibly convinced them, were the following words of the prophet Ezekiel,  典he hand of YHVH was laid on me and He carried me away by the spirit of YHVH and set me down in the middle of a valley full of bones ... There were vast quantities of these bones ... and they were quite dried up ... He said, 善rophecy over these bones. Say, 船ry bones ... the Lord YHVH says this to these bones: 的 am now going to make the breath enter you and you will live.  I shall put sinews on you.  I shall make flesh grow on you.  I shall cover you with skin... and the bones joined together ... they came to life again ... Then He said, ... These bones are the whole House of Israel ... and (I will) lead you back to the soil of Israel ... and I shall put My Spirit in you ... and resettle you on your own soil and you will know that I, YHVH, have said and done this.樗 (Ezekiel chapter 37:1-14).

Another of these many prophecies which convinced these scholars that Israel would return from their exile, is found in Ezekiel chapter 38, verse 8 onwards, where he prophecies about 敵og and his hordes final attack against Israel: 的n days to come, you will march against this country. Its inhabitants will have been living undisturbed ... since they escaped the sword (a prophetic term for their persecution in exile) and were gathered in from various nations, here in the long deserted mountains of Israel. And then the prophet describes the 鄭rmageddon attack against Israel in which Almighty God will fight against the attacking hordes Himself.

Today, the younger generations of the world are mostly unaware of the miraculous 喪ebirth of the Land of Israel as a 're-erected' country from its ancient roots. The few who are aware of the Biblical prophecies, stand in awe of this 'young' pioneering nation - while the majority condemn them for their "brutality against the suffering and suppressed Palestinian population".  So generally accepted is the existence of Israel today, that the mere mentioning of the words: 的srael, 笛erusalem or 笛ew, stir up some or other form of emotion, concept or idea, in probably every human being on earth who complies with even the broadest definition of being 田ivilized.  These feelings range from admiration to despisement, from extolment to degradation, from yearnings for solidarity with this intriguing nation to demoniac contemplations for their total extermination.

No other nation on earth evokes such universally felt emotions and attitudes.  Why?

Statistically, this nation numbers some 14 million worldwide.  This is merely 0,3% of the total  world  population of  some 6000 million people!  Its current land mass fills a space so insignificantly small, that it can be blotted out by the point of a small child痴 forefinger on a class room size globe of the world!  For it痴 size therefore, Israel should be totally insignificant.  Its influence, though, is felt throughout all spheres of life and the list of great names on the world honours rolls is staggering.  Jews feature predominantly amongst the most famous scientists, philosophers, physicians, musicians, composers, artists, actors, authors, industrialists, financiers, business leaders,  politicians, etc.

Christianity, one of the largest religions of the world, claims that none less than God incarnate Himself, Jesus Christ, was born from this nation - a Jew!  Today there is a worldwide growing realization and movement amongst Christians who are discovering and re-establishing the Jewish roots of their Faith.

Islam claims to have the same patriarchal forefather as the Jews - namely Abraham, a gentile, who was divinely selected by the Almighty as the forefather also of the Israelites - their 'cousins' or 'brothers'.

The father of Communism, another great world 奏heology, was Karl Marx, a Jew by birth (although not a practicing Jew).

There were 'the greats' - Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, to name but a few - all men who痴 ideas revolutionized the world. Critics may refute but find it hard to disprove the statement that Western civilization's moral, spiritual, legal, ethical and ideological foundations are rooted in Judaism!

What is it that makes this little nation so different, so influential ... so contradictory?  What is it that creates these feelings of admiration and animosity in people towards this nation that has given so much to the world?

Is it their separateness?  Is it their inseparable linkage to the history of Prophetic Script and its claims to labeling them the 舛hosen nation of God?

Is it their stubbornness and refusal to deviate from the ancient traditions of their forefathers?

Is it perhaps their ability to always find a way to the top, no matter the adversity of circumstances; their zest for survival; their great respect for the gift of life - or what is it?

What makes this matter even more intriguing, is the fact that this nation, for far more than half of the 4 000 years of its existence, have lived either under foreign rule in their country or as exiles outside of it!

All this, together with the above mentioned world affecting influence and events in which Israel is continually involved, proves beyond any doubt that the Land of Israel certainly has a universal effect or influence on mankind today.

Now, it is true that Israel is certainly not unique in this realm and that there are other countries and nations which, throughout history, have had a universal influence on mankind.  To mention but a few: Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Great Britain, Russia and currently the USA.  The current 的srael-influence is unique though, for three main reasons:

Firstly, the nation of Israel lived contemporarily with each and all of these world empires, though spread across different time dispensations - and they outlived most of them as a nation!  Israel was already there when most of these nations were born - and they are still here as a nation with major universal influence, while some of the others have disappeared!

Secondly,  modern Israel is merely some 50 years old,  reborn under abnormal circumstances and, in its infancy had to endure abnormal 'growing pains' under abnormal living circumstances.  It was born out of a generation that should never logically have survived after millennia of exile and demoniac persecution.

Thirdly, Prophetic Script has specifically and clearly foretold Israel痴 future universal influence multiple centuries in advance - even to the point of literally spelling out the name of that Land, its capital City and its mountains!

Zechariah 8:12, "I (YHVH) mean to spread peace everywhere ... I am going to bestow all these blessings on the remnant of these people.  Just as once you were a curse among the nations, you House of Judah and House of Israel, so I mean to save you to become a Blessing ... (verse 22).  And many people and mighty nations will come to seek YHVH Sabaoth in Jerusalem and entreat His favour ... In those days ten men of nations of every language will take a Jew by the sleeve and say: 'We want to go with you, since we have learnt that God is with you.'"

Isaiah 2, "The vision of Isaiah concerning Judah and Jerusalem: In the days to come, the Mountain of the Temple of YHVH shall tower above the mountains ... All the nations will stream to it, people without number ... since the Law will go out from Zion."

Prophetic Script predestined a main role for both the Land and the Nation of Israel in, what it terms, 鍍he End Time on earth.  According to these Scriptures, Israel was Divinely elected from amongst all the nations of the earth for its role in this Divine Purpose.  No other nation on earth can lay claim to this.


For Israel to have such influence, or put more correctly, for the Eternal to be able to achieve His Purpose of influencing the world through the medium of the nation and Land of Israel, there firstly had to be a Land of Israel and a nation.  This, in the 20th century, required the physical re-erection or rebirth of the Land and remnant nation of Israel.  Hence the Ingathering of the dispersed Israelites had first to take place, i.e. the 鉄ignal, as referred to by the Prophet Isaiah. 

It also meant that this nation, as scripturally foretold,  had to be preserved and sustained notwithstanding almost 3000 years of universal dispersion and persecution of its entire nation. The fulfillment of the main theme of Divine Purpose, namely the physical establishment of Divine Rule on earth with Jerusalem as its 践ead Quarters,  currently most probably lies right ahead for mankind.

Zechariah 14:4 - 6, 徹n that Day (... when the nations will be gathered to Jerusalem for war ... verse 2), His feet will rest on the Mount of Olives, which faces Jerusalem ... YHVH your God will come and all the holy ones with Him ... and YHVH will be King of the whole world - (v. 9).  擢or I am coming to dwell in the middle of you ...  Many nations will join Him on that Day, they will become His people ... He will again make Jerusalem His very own - Zech. 2:10 - 17.

Evenly unique in these ancient Prophetic writings, is the mentioning of other nations which, simultaneously with Israel, would be in the arena of nations  妬n the latter years.  Ethiopia is mentioned by name, as is Egypt and Lebanon amongst others.  But only one Land is predicted to fulfill the leading role in the Divine Plan, and that is Israel.

It is quite astonishing, that the ancient author correctly predicted the continued existence of a small country like Lebanon, for instance, while great empires like Rome are not mentioned amongst the surviving nations!  Imagine if it were - and it no longer existed today  -  or if Lebanon were no longer on the world map today!

So also, the names of cities such as Babylon, for instance, which was rated amongst the seven ancient Wonders of the World, no longer exists while Jerusalem does.  Prophecy and Divine Command claimed that Babylon would become uninhabited and would never be rebuilt.  Interestingly enough, Sadam Hussein was busy with a grandiose and extravagant project to rebuild ancient Babylon, with his name engraved systematically and repeatedly in the bricks of its walls, when he ran out of money and became involved in the Gulf War in 1990.

There is food for deep contemplation here:  If the continued existence of Israel was not divinely purposed, then only miraculous coincidence or some super evil conspiracy could so closely imitate the outcome of these age-old predictions which we witness today!  And that is precisely what many commentators would want to accuse Israel and the Jews of: that they purposely endeavour to make these Biblical Prophecies come true; that they (through their forefathers) in fact instigated superiority for Israel in their lust for universal ruling power, and so forth and forth.

Those who reason in this way, loose one thing out of sight, namely, that the Scriptures proclaim the Living God to be the 的nitiator and 撤erpetuator of Israel, not man.

Thus we read in the ancient Prophecy of Jeremiah, where he foretold of the universal regathering of the scattered nation of Israel  (Jeremiah. 31:8 -10),   "Listen, nations, to the Word of YHVH ... 'He Who scattered Israel gathers him.  He guards him as a Shepherd guards his flock.'"  God scattered Israel through the length and breadth of the World, God Himself undertook to gather them and bring them back to the Land which He promised their forefathers as an inheritance.

Through these ancient Scriptures, God reveals His Plans for the World and for all mankind.  It stands as a divine Challenge that 'the Skeleton' of Israel shall return to life and be instrumental in the fulfillment of the Creator's Grand Purpose for mankind.

The international repercussions and events which will result from this 'resurrection' of Israel, will set the stage for the culminating events preceding the establishment of the New World Order (*), promised by God through prophets of old.  Why this dispensation of Peace should come through international upheaval of frightening destructive proportions, stems from the opposition that this Divine Challenge evokes.
- NEW WORLD ORDER - Not to be confused with the new age teaching of a new world order in a super political religious dispensation, which will be an imitation by evil forces opposing the Biblically Prophesied Kingdom of YHVH.

The devastating results of the first and second World Wars of this century have already testified to the opposition against the divinely intended resurrection of the Land of Israel under the rulership of the Jews, to whom it was divinely bequeathed,    The Divine Promise nevertheless, has succeeded.  Israel has been revived, born out of the resolutions and international implications in the aftermath of these destructive Wars.  And the  battle of resistance has now moved to the central theme, in the centre of the arena:  Jerusalem in the Middle-East.

The immediate future will witness the intensifying of the struggle for Jerusalem in the battle for World Rulership.  Prophetic Script has clearly foretold the outcome, namely:  Divine Rule in a period of Peace - no more wars, no more death, no more tears!

Isaiah 65:18.  "Be glad and rejoice for ever and ever ... because I now create Jerusalem 'Joy' and  her people 'Gladness' ... no more will the sound of weeping be heard in her ... the wolf and the young lamb will feed together."

Isaiah ch 2.  "In the days to come, the mountain of the Temple of YHVH shall tower above the mountains ... All the nations will stream to it, peoples without numbers will come to it and they will say: 'Come, let us go up to the mountain of YHVH, to the Temple of the God of Jacob (Israel), that He may teach us His ways, since the Law will go out from Zion and the oracle of YHVH from Jerusalem ... Nation will not lift sword against nation, there will be no more training for war."

Isaiah 25:6.  "On this mountain (Zion) YHVH will remove the mourning veil covering all peoples and the shroud  enwrapping all nations.  He will destroy Death for ever ... wipe away the tears from every cheek."

Yet there are those forces today, viciously opposing the fulfillment of these wonderful Promises from which all mankind will benefit.  The world  today is standing at the brink of the Battle for the outcome of this contentious issue.

Only time will tell!   In the mean time it is your choice, which side you wish to be on.


The history of Israel and its continued existence in the face of impossible odds, is filled with paradox upon paradox.  Divine Wisdom in this strange way gives infallible proof that no one else but the Creator God of the Universe, did in fact fulfill His Promises of old for Israel, pertaining to the protection for their survival

There should therefore be no reason whatsoever, to doubt that He will fulfill the rest of His Promises for humanity at large, and for the future of the world, to the finest detail.

Paradoxically, a section of the most devout and religious Jews, some even citizens of Israel, do not recognize the modern State of Israel or its Government. Similarly, although Israel strongly depends on the donations of non-resident Jews, yet, many of the ordinary Jews outside of Israel, during the stages of its rebirth, were either completely ignorant of the implications, politically or otherwise, of a modern State of Israel in its process of erection and struggling for survival, or they regarded its existence in some or other negative way and would do very little, if anything at all, for its development.

It is also tragic, hut true, that in the land of Israel itself, less than 20% of the population regard themselves as 途eligious. One out of three Israelis do not at all believe in the existence of a Divine Being Who claims to be their Guardian. Many of those who do believe, are often bitter and twisted towards Him for having brought all the catastrophes of history upon them or their relatives.

Most extraordinary and somewhat paradoxical, is the tendency of the last few prime ministers of Israel to support a strategy against the furthering of Israeli interests in settling their ancient Land of Divine heritage.  Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, though regarded by the Arabs and the world as a tough 'rightist', a notion for which he was specifically elected by the nation, followed his predecessors in 'turning left' soon after his election. Those who followed after him, one after the other, turned on their own nation, disenfranchising thousands from their properties, in order to please a demanding world which overwhelmingly rejects Jewish claims to the Land of Israel.

It seems that there are forces at play in the world, which are powerful enough to drive these leaders to even a suicidal route for their nation, by becoming part of the universal opposition against the Divine Challenge of raising Israel and Jerusalem to becoming the Seat of the universal King of Kings.

But then, can one really expect the Jews to credit God for their Return, by which they as a nation, would be upheld to the world as an example of His Grace and Faithfulness to His Promises when,  at this Return, they face one after the other problem which seem to increase, rather than reduce, their subjection to persecution and hardship?

Could they be expected to still believe in a Divine Protector, after seemingly having been cut off from His Protection for centuries?

If there were to be a restitution or national resurrection after such a long period of national desolation, then one would reasonably expect that it would therefore occur with fanfare and national glory. Could they be expected to believe and thank Him if this promised Return would turn out to be everything but a glorious and victorious Return - if it proved to be a Return in disgrace as a nation which had been hounded, kicked and dishonoured and not even allowed the dignity of a passage out of the lands that did not want them?

And then, when they finally did arrive at the Holy Land in their derelict boats, those who did manage to weather the trip in those overloaded crafts, they were refused entry and simply returned to yet other concentration camps!  And then those who did manage to enter the Land, simply to discover that it was no longer the fertile Land of their forefathers, but a land desolated through centuries of decline and neglect?

Should they thank Him for the infested swamps, for the barren treeless mountains, for the deserts and ruined cities or for the fact that they were refused weapons to defend themselves against the local inhabitants who obviously begrudged their 迭eturn to the Land which they now claimed?

Could it be expected of the Arab and Turkish inhabitants to simply welcome 滴ome their ancient arch enemies?

Was this what Israel had suffered rejection an rebuke for?

Was this the Peace they had been promised by the prophets, when 兎ach would sit under his own vine?

Was there any sane reason why they had to still believe in God, what more, give thanks and glory to Him for His Faithfulness to an ancient Promise?

How could they, under such circumstances, be expected to understand that this was the dawn of their Glory as a nation?  That they would be the instrument by which the Glory of the Almighty would be established?  That they would be God痴 instrument for eventually tempering the hatred which their Return would evoke from the surrounding nations?

This whole concept of a 杜iraculous Return of Israel is today being challenged on all fronts. Not only from within Israel and the Jewish fraternity but from without as well; from within the ranks of Israel痴 friends as well as her enemies; from religious ranks within Judaism itself, by factions of Christianity and,  undoubtedly, by the whole of Islam.

If opposition to the idea of the existence of a modern resurrected Israel, coming from within the ranks of the religious schools of thought (Jewish and non-Jewish), does not already topple the scale of doubt and unbelief in Prophetic Script, then certainly and overwhelmingly would it do so when the accusing thunder of anti-Semitism is added.

These antagonistic feelings towards Israel and the Jews range between:

 - regarding the returning Jews as 斗and grabbers with no regard for the rights of the displaced 善alestinian inhabitants;

 - regarding them as pawns in the 閃aster Plan of the age old 壮ecret Conspiracy by the 薦lders of Zion to rule and enslave the world. Such allegations are expounded on under a whole range of accusative 奏heories which are actively being circulated and studied, even in church circles, such as: 的lluminati, 撤rotocols of the Elders of Zion, 溺aster Race, 展orld Revolution. These inflammatory theories not only greatly divided mankind and sowed great suspicion and hatred against Jews, but also, in its influence on and acceptance by influential rulers, were the direct cause for the death of millions of Jews in such devastating historic events as the French Revolution, the Spanish Inquisition and, in World War 2, the Holocaust, by which Hitler wanted to 喪id the world of this bastard nation.

 - regarding them as the 祖ursed of God, the 舛hrist Killers, 祖arnal Israel (as opposed to 壮piritual Israel - the much sought after religious status which is claimed by various religious groups throughout the world), yes, even the 選ncarnate of Satan being 組athered together by God in one place so that He can take vengeance on them and destroy them 粗n masse.

What then? Does the overwhelming thunder of international opposition against a tiny but very real modern-day Israel disprove the fulfillment of Prophecy?  Does modern-day Israel, made up of so many varying cultures which brushed off on them during their long dispersion, fail the test?  Should history wait for another era or perhaps another religion or nation to be revealed?  Did all the Divine Promises pass on to non-Jewish religious believers only?


At eye痴 level this would indeed seem to be the case - but it is the author痴 conviction that the prevalence of so many paradoxes in the history and nature of Israel indeed proves the contrary. It seems to be the Divine method for establishing Truth, yes indeed, the acid Test of Truth. Israel痴 very existence is saturated with paradox (*) upon paradox. Divine Wisdom, in this strange way, gives infallible proof to Israel and the rest of the world that He, the God of Israel, the Creator, and no one else, did in fact fulfill His Promises of old pertaining to His upholding of Israel, and that He will fulfill the rest of His Promises to the finest detail in future.

* Paradox - A matter that seems to be full of contradictions or contrary to received opinion or belief.

We should consider the possibility here, in all honesty - and there are those who positively accuse the Jews of this - that  the probability that their foreknowledge of Prophetic Script have influenced the nation of Israel to attempt to self-fulfill their ultimate destiny.  The high improbability of this though, will be contemplated later on in this book.

At this stage, it should be pointed out that problems in understanding and interpreting Prophecy arise when the theme of Prophecy is misapplied to non-related subjects - exactly like attempting to resolve a problem while misapplying the clues.  And this is one of the proposed answers why Israel could not have destined its own future - for, as a nation, they are almost totally unaware even of the basic content of these ancient Prophecies, not to speak of the interpretation thereof. Prophetic interpretation is not a  popular neither a favoured preoccupation in religious Judaism. Those Jews who may well be acquainted and aware of the Biblical Prophecies, are divided in their interpretation thereof.  The religious ultra orthodox view, for instance, does not recognize the present State of Israel, for they believe that the State cannot be proclaimed 澱efore Messiah comes.

Furthermore, the subject of Prophecy in Prophetic Script, generally, is hardly studied at all in Jewish religious education or otherwise.  There is a general religious consensus amongst Jews which regards such study as out of bounds. The contents of the pages of this book will therefore be as revealing to Jews as to anyone else.

It is the author痴 firm belief and understanding that this knowledge was meant for the times that we are now living in.  Previous attempts at interpreting Prophetic Script were lacking many factors which today is history to us - almost like attempting to put together a jigsaw puzzle without a guide picture.  We are only now, in historic time, at the point where the picture is taking sufficient shape to give us a clearer glimpse of the full image of that which will be.  Those previous attempts resulted in many misinterpretations and the theme of Prophetic Script was thereby distorted by teachers and leaders of various religious denominations.

Daniel, a prophet of ancient Israel and one of the main authors of Prophecy, was instructed to 徒eep these words secret and the Book sealed until the time of the End ... (when) knowledge will go on increasing. (Daniel 12:4).

The reader must bear in mind that 徒nowledge is still increasing.  The picture is not yet fully complete.  But the pillars of proof, as reviewed in the pages of this book which you are reading here, are founded on the immovable foundations of Prophecy as fulfilled by History throughout the ages, right up to our time.  We may not see the 釘uilding yet, but the foundation pillars have risen well above the surface of the stormy sea - and they are immovable!

Consider for a moment a few alternatives. If, contrary to the general consensus amongst Israelis and world Jewry today,  this returning nation would have claimed Divine Guidance in 'returning Home and given God all the Glory for their 僧iraculous Ingathering. It should be quite obvious to the reader, that any such claim would be extremely hollow to non-Jews anyway.. It would certainly have proved to be highly presumptuous on the part of Israel and it would certainly have provoked even greater opposition from other religions and nations. There certainly also would have been very little miraculous about such an 選ngathering which could then be labeled as 叢remeditated and deliberate.

The reader who gives nothing more than a shallow consideration to this intriguing riddle, would immediately at this stage grasp this very statement of the writer and say: 的 told you so! You see, it was schemed by the Jews...but now they profess not to admit to it!

The reader though, who wants to meditate on the matter and retract the reasoning thusfar on this captivating subject, will be overwhelmed by the indisputable way in which the matter proves itself to be nothing less than a fulfillment of pre-stated Divine Intention and not the result of any national or evil conspiracy.

Let it be emphasized here, that had Israel not been Divinely protected, it would not have survived to prove or disprove the matter. The mere existence of Israel as a nation in their own Land today, is a gigantic testimony to the miracle of their Divine Protection as was clearly prophesied in ancient times.

Claude Duvernoy, a Christian Minister living in Jerusalem, emphasized this fact in his book 典he Zionism of God (Jerusalem 1985), when he tells of Israel痴 殿wesome and unique election; to be a light unto the nations; a light whose source is in the very nature of the Creator. Only this explicit mission can explain the mystery of Israel痴 history and survival. If the God of Israel had given His people the Land of Canaan merely for love痴 sake, He would have been but one among the many deities of the period, a mere pretext for a classic imperialistic policy of conquest and national pride ... If one God of Sinai had merely been an invention and an asset of the Jewish priests and princes and as such the justification of Israel痴 powers and conquests, He would surely have been buried, along with His fellow deities, in the handbooks of ancient history and in museums; and the Jewish people would certainly have vanished in the haze of history as so many other much more powerful peoples. ... God needed ...a community, a people which cannot be wiped out by anything or anyone, but will never cease walking with God, literally hand in hand with Him, through revolts and debacles, even through apostasy. This is why this mysterious and to historians unfathomable - people has not vanished. For He cannot vanish who has extended His hand to this people (end quote).

Let us take our consideration of whether the world would have been more convinced of Israel's authenticity and Divine predestination, and the fulfillment of Divine prophecy as such under different circumstances, a step further:

 - Would they have been more convinced had this nation been carefully protected rather than being the target of all evil persecution for millennia on end?

 - Or had they returned eagerly and in mass at the first sign of the completion of their period of exile, at the closing of the 鍍ime of the Gentiles which had divinely been appointed for the 鍍rampling-on of Jerusalem, rather than having been left no other alternative, after having lost home and loved ones to the insane cravings of a demoniac, Hitler?

 - Had they abundantly been blessed on their return, rather than suffer further sorrows in their ancient Homeland?

 - Had they found their long deserted country in a highly developed condition rather than finding a desolate barren wilderness of rock, sand and swamps?

 - Had they entered the Land as conquerors with modern war equipment, rather than being refused entrance, arrested and, if succeeding in entering the Land, having to fight for survival with their bare hands against well equipped and armoured enemies?

In conclusion. Would the world and its religious leaders have given the Almighty credit for fulfilling His Promises of regathering the Jews to their ancient Homeland if they, after returning to the Holy Land, filled the synagogues and became models of religious behaviour, rather than just being a normal nation of which the major part is completely irreligious, daily labouring for their food, shelter and survival, and the majority of the religious Jews pursuing ancient traditions in almost complete unspirituaIness?  (One wonders of course, which of the multitude of religions they would have to practice to be acknowledged by their critics?)

What finer evidence could be found than in this great Paradox of the Protector being denied full recognition and subservience by those whom He had protected for centuries?  This denial, of course, would not count to their credit, just the same as it applies to the other nations and unbelievers. In Israel痴 case however, He uses their denial to prove His own faithfulness to His Promises to the world and, eventually, to bring Israel, His elect, to full repentance just like the other nations, throughout the ages, have had the opportunity to do (Ezek. 12).

What great opportunity for a Supreme Being to declare His Sovereignty, supreme Will and sole discretion by fulfilling His Promises against the mainstream of the world痴 thinking? - even against the reasoning of those who profess to be His followers whether Jew, Christian or Muslim. Not the wishes or plans of Israel; not the aims of Judaism, Zionism, Christianity or Islam - but the acts of a faithful God in a mammoth process of revealing to the world that HE IS SUPREME (Ezek. 20 - Do READ this entire chapter in the Bible).

The contents of this book will show that there is one main reason or purpose underlying the history and the future of the Land and nation of Israel - a Purpose which affects the whole world, all nations and the future: namely, that the Creator God will prove Himself invincible, unfailing, perfectly just, compassionate and true to His oaths to Israel, by using the nation of Israel and the city of Jerusalem as a 鉄ignal to the nations.

Great contentment await those of all nations who seek, find and follow the principles of the Institutor of this Great Purpose.

Unless one understands this Purpose, the real Message of Prophetic Script will remain hidden and the true meaning of LIFE will remain a questionable void.


The very existence of Israel today, after centuries of national calamities, one upon the other, decade after decade, is an incontestable Paradox which surpasses comprehension.  This proves beyond any doubt, the super intellect of the Creator God Who predestined this in writing, through His Prophets of old.  It also serves as surety of the total infallibility of His Promises for the future - Promises which affect all humanity.

The Almighty takes great care to enshrine the uniqueness of His predestined selection of Israel.  Israel would be the means by which He would prove His infallibility and faithfulness to His Promises of Blessing for all mankind.

God therefore goes one step further: Right from the birth of Israel as a nation and His selection of her as 践is Chosen; His 腺ride,  He not only proclaims Blessings on Israel and its descendants, but also scorns and scolds them and pronounces Curses over them should they not tow His line.  The fulfillment of these Curses stand written in the annals of history, almost in Blood, if it were possible:  Persecution upon persecution of Jews, by the nations who hosted them during their 2000 year exile; pogrom upon pogrom; inquisition upon inquisition;  mass murders and terrorism culminating (but not stopping) in the death camps of the human butcher, Hitler, in the 20th century.  The entry into the 21st century brought with it a new blood-curdling means of annihilation of Jews:  terrorist suicide bombers who not only select congested civilian areas, but load their body-strapped bombs with bolts and nails to ensure mutilation of the worst degree of those who are not murdered in their satanic death missions.

The Divine Indignation of  'unfaithful Judah' is aptly expressed through the mouth of the Prophet Jeremiah: Thus says YHVH Sabaoth; ... 選 will pursue them with sword, famine and plague and make them an object of horror to all the kingdoms of the earth, a curse, a thing of wonder, scorn, derision, for all the nations where I have dispersed them.樗 (Jer.29:17)

Now, it is acceptable to suspect that a nation could plot its own prosperity and domination of others - and even allow in the plot for some national misfortune, just to make it look real.  But to suggest that a nation would purposely plan for centuries of persecution bordering on almost total annihilation, is totally outrageous.

Agnostics and adversaries of the Jews,  would reply that the persecution was merely the natural result of the retribution that they received as punishment for their evil striving for dominance.  Consider however, that not only their universal influence but also their persecution stands pre-written in Prophetic Script (Deut 28 etc. etc. etc).  Thus, either they plotted both destinies themselves, (which is ludicrous to believe), or it was really predestined for them by the Almighty Ruler of the Universe (and that is what the Scriptures claim). Therefore,  it should be reasonable to expect that the rest that is predicted in the Scriptures concerning the future of Israel and the nations in general, will also take place exactly as foretold.

Notice once more how, in His Wisdom and to stand above any counter arguments, the Almighty uses the PARADOX to prove the infallibility of His Truth.  Accordingly, the very existence of Israel today is an incontestable Paradox: Israel and all its people, by all common logic or intellectual interpretation, should never have outlasted the unending persecution; the dispersal of the entire remnant nation from its homeland; the scattering of Jews throughout all nations to every corner of the earth throughout a period of  almost 2000 years; the impossible task facing the returning  descendants of its ancient inhabitants,  to rebuild the actual land of Israel in the 20th century from its derelict status of deserts, swamplands and cities of ruins.  By this time they were disease riddled after their suffering in Hitler痴 death camps. They were universally unwanted outcasts, who, at their return to the Land, had to face almost unsolvable and insurmountable military, social, economic and financial conditions.  Their survival and persistent continuation as a nation,  all is just nothing less than miraculous!

In fact, the implications of the national survival of Israel are so vast and impossible, that it stands beyond the comprehension of most people and, paradoxically, even escapes the attention of most intellectuals.  Yet, these same intellectuals would gladly brand it 渡ormal and 渡othing outstanding ...  One wonders what rating for the chances of survival they would give any other nation today, given the same factors as those mentioned above, were it known in advance for that nation?

Israel not only survived as a NATION throughout those many dark centuries, but her nationals retained their specific IDENTITY, their ancient culture and religion.  This all, notwithstanding that, wherever they were dispersed, Jews always integrated with their host nations to the extent that the nation of Israel today, regathered into their original Homeland, forms a Nation which consists of over 100 distinctly different cultures (adopted from their host nations), languages and even physical features!  Yet, they are molded into ONE Nation and founded on ONE common heritage!

And, as if not miraculous enough, this 創ewborn country, hardly 50 years old, seems to remain in the universal limelight all the time.  Hardly a daily news cast passes without the mentioning of Israel or happenings in and around it.

What a great Miracle!  What an unsolvable Mystery!  What an inexplicable Paradox!

Surely this is indisputable confirmation of the predestined Will of an Invincible God and Caretaker of Israel!

But the Miracle does not end here, the greatest part still lies ahead - the 83,4% which we have referred to before.

Jeremiah 23:7,  鉄ee then, the days are coming - it is YHVH Who speaks - when people will no longer say: 羨s YHVH lives Who brought the sons of Israel out of the Land of Egypt!  but, 羨s YHVH lives Who led back and brought home the descendants of the House of Israel out of the Land of the North and from all the countries to which He had dispersed them, to live on their own soil.樗

Jews form only 16,6% of the original nation of Israel which forms part of the Divine Challenge.  Returning the 'descendants of the House of Israel' entails all 100% of the nation of Israel.  If returning the 16,6% boggles the mind, how much more will the fulfillment of the Return of the 83,4%?

Read on!

May it loudly and clearly be emphasized here, that it is not the purpose of this book to in any way divinify Israel or to present it as the solution to the world痴 problems.  But, just as a lovely flower or even the scary appearance of a dragon-like crawling insect displays the super-intellect of the Creator God, so the continued existence of the Biblically declared invincible nation of Israel, stands tall as a superb declaration of the Greatness of the Creator and all that He represents and of the total infallibility of His Promises.

This matter of the continued existence of Israel today, glorifies the Creator and reveals and confirms His Purpose for the world at large.  This Purpose goes far beyond their physical settling in the Land.  It continues right into the future, namely the establishment of His Kingdom.


It is tragic but true, that only bad news succeeds in drawing the attention of the masses in the world.  The more outrageous the nature of events may be, the more newsworthy it becomes.  The films, videos, TV, books and stage shows of the world become best sellers when they glorify evil.

The culminating events of this dispensation, which will be brought about by the ingenuity of human intellect and the course which it has chosen to set for itself,  promise to eclipse the worst of any trauma ever experienced in history.  This will most certainly not fail to grip the attention of every earthling

There is little doubt that Israel is in possession of the nuclear bomb and that she has the capability to use it if necessary.  Towards the end of 2002, as the USA was preparing to attack Iraq with the aim to oust Saddam Hussein, who's regime, Pres. Bush said, presented a grave threat to world peace,  a most respected military adviser warned Mr. Bush that an attack on Iraq could lead to catastrophe and bring Armageddon to the Middle East.

A grave assessment was presented to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee by American intelligence, that it was expected if Iraq struck at Israel with non-conventional weapons, causing massive casualties among the civilian population, Israel would respond with a nuclear retaliation that would eradicate Iraq as a country.

Iraq has gone - but the nuclear factor has since become a crucial element in any conflict in the Middle East. Pakistan has nuclear capabilities and there are indications of a Pakistani agreement, with Chinese consent, to 田ontribute to the Muslim nuclear deterrence.  Reports confirm clearly that Iran is finalizing its own nuclear capabilities with the assistance of Russia and China.

Israel's Ma誕riv newspaper reported towards the end of 1996 already, that Iran is developing 2000 Km-range missiles with the assistance of Russian scientists that can reach any point within Israel. The missiles have the capability to carry nuclear warheads. The USA, well aware that Russia is assisting Iran in developing nuclear power, decided to no longer share their intelligence in this matter with Israel, for fear that Israel would act against Iran

The Middle East arsenal is of frightening proportions.

The center of this stage is overruled by Iran's Machmud Achmadinejad who regards himself as the long awaited Muslim Messiah.  He continually spews promises of eradicating the Jewish State from the face of the earth.  Iran is now only months away from completing its nuclear arsenal.

The political leftist majority in Israel today echoes Israeli Pres. Peres's views that the choice for the Jewish People is the same as it was moments before the Holocaust.  Israel has to continue the peace process and comply with the Palestinians' claims on sharing Jerusalem as their capital, come what may, because otherwise the United States won稚 address the Iranian nuclear threat. Meanwhile US Pres. Obama's who has been regarded by Israel as their ally, is increasingly making it clear that he will not oppose Iran.

Unfortunately the rising affluence of the 90's, has had adverse effects on the Israeli society, and its chief victim has been a widespread abandonment of traditional national pride and patriotism. The vibrant Zionist spirit of the returning pioneers and the generations that had to fight several Wars in the sixties and seventies for the nations survival, has gradually disappeared   The fact that the resurrected nation of Israel has grown to greater financial self dependency, also undermines the traditional Zionist financial support of Israel by Jews around the globe.  Zionism par se, is therefore declining world wide - and the Arabs are well aware of this.

The Palestinian demands are finding fertile soil in this atmosphere - and now their demands have reached out to ownership of Jerusalem as their capital City.  Although Israel and the West likes to think that these claims are for the Eastern part of Jerusalem only,  extreme Palestinian demands as also Egypt's new ruling Muslim Brotherhood (thanks to Obama's removal of Pres. Mubarak) makes no secret of their aim of making Jerusalem the Capital of an Islamic Middle East. 

In his address to the Department of War Studies at Kings College in London, October 1996, Prof. Louis Beres,  a professor of political science and international law at Purdue University remarked on Israel's Nuclear strategy and introduced the concept of Israel's "Samson Option", the final of seven nuclear options they have, and we quote:

"Although the use of nuclear weapons would be catastrophic for Israel,  Jerusalem is apt to prefer Samson to Masada, that is, to rather  "die with the Philistines"  than to die alone ... Israel could bring down its enemies together with itself".

The world now (2012) stands at the brim of that nuclear Holocaust predicted in the Bible 3000 years ago!

In summary, let us look at the recipe of the ingredients of the 'explosive brew' of the Middle-East confrontation:

 - the changing conditions for the maturing new Israeli Society, sixty years young; with the resultant decline of national patriotism (Zionism);
 - the unyielding demands of two irreconcilable societies and cultures, Arabs and Jews,  which have to share the same territory;
 - the opposing interests of the world's three major religions
 - the 'support' to the Arab claim, of the most extreme and mindless terrorism the world has ever seen, and which is conveniently 'used' by the Palestinians side as well as the Arabs, to enforce their wants;
  - the nuclear potential of both the Israelis and the Arabs,
 -  the absurd magnitude of the military arsenal of the Middle-East

- mix these ingredients together, and add liberal amounts of easy excitable Middle-Eastern hot-headedness, ... and it certainly does not bode well for a Peaceful future.

Whether these opposing interests can be forced to develop into a Peaceful co-existence is extremely unlikely - only time will tell.  If the exercise fails, the results could be too ghastly to contemplate. 

In the mean time the region continues to deteriorate towards the eruption of a Middle East War, this time of nuclear, bio-chemical and weapons of mass destruction proportions!

Will the current attempts at stalling an Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran  and the forced establishment of a Palestinian State, sharing the Biblical Promised Land with Israel,  really prevent an ultimate explosion?


If Jerusalem is purposed to be the intoxicating cup to the nations of the world, then the Temple Mount is that intoxicating brew which will daze its leaders into entangling themselves into a war-trap from which their will be no escape for none - for in their intoxicated stupor they are confronting the Divine Challenge.

We have seen from the previous chapter, that one of the explosive ingredients to the Middle East powder-keg, is the easily excitable Middle-Eastern hysteria.

Yasser Arafat, who in the span of a few years, has evolved from his role as terrorist leader to super political strategist,  was a master at exciting the fears, not only of the Palestinians, but of Arabs general and Muslim in particular, throughout the world.  

As the 釘attle for Jerusalem continued,  he has very successful in raising the perceived threat to world Islam, of the 妬mminent destruction of Muslim holy sites on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque,  by the Jews, in order to erect their Third Temple. 

In an endeavour by the Palestinians to stop the 笛udaization of Jerusalem by the Israelis, and to strengthen their own claims to the ancient Jewish City, the Palestinians have embarked on Mosque building projects on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which is Judaism痴 holiest site, where two successive Jewish Temples stood over a period of 1000 years during Biblical times.  Today it is the site of the golden domed Muslim Bayt al Maqdas,  known as the Dome of the Rock - the third holiest Shrine, for Muslims, after Mecca.  It also is the exact site, according to Prophetic Script, where the New Jerusalem, Center of God痴 Coming World Kingdom Rule, will be erected, after the kingdoms of the nations will have disintegrated in chaos at the time of the War of Armageddon ('Gog & Magog', according to Scriptural Prophecy).

Meanwhile a major incitement and agitation campaign has unfolded throughout the entire Muslim World. Muslims are being told throughout the Muslim World to intensify the call for an urgent need to embark on a Jihad to liberate al-Quds (Jerusalem) and to save the Holy Shrines. 

The official of Waqf (the Islamic religious Trust in Jerusalem) stressed that the entire area of the Haram al Sharif (the Holy Mount) of Jerusalem, as indeed all of Jerusalem, was an inalienable Waqf property and that the Israelis had no right being there. Muslims stand in danger to lose the First Kibla (the direction to which Muslims turn during prayer) and the Third Most Sacred Shrine of Islam - the Bayt al Maqdas, in Jerusalem 


Behind the scenes, quietly and very discreetly, this explosive flint is also sparked by the leader of the world痴 largest Church, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. From his seat in the Vatican in Rome, he is pushing for internationalizing of Jerusalem.

In a full page advert in Dec.1996, sponsored and signed by several large Church organizations, the rallying cry has been coined: 笛erusalem - Capital of two nations and three Faiths (Christianity, Islam and Judaism)   Jerusalem does not belong to one people or one religion, it is claimed,  笛erusalem belongs to every human being. For two thousand years, Jerusalem was a source of continuous wars, because it was always governed by one political authority corresponding to one religion, Christian, Muslim and today Jewish. If Jerusalem is to enjoy permanent stability, so that it will remain no more a source of war, it should have a special status which responds to the five essential components, two peoples and three religions. No one should remain outside Jerusalem. All five components, Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Christians and Muslims, should feel themselves in Jerusalem equally at home, equally sharing the same rights and duties. Because if Jerusalem continues to be governed by only one political authority corresponding to one religion,  this means that the one who remains outside will nourish in his soul and heart the desire to come back and to enter Jerusalem again by war and violence, as it happened until now through the long history of the Holy Land. (Rev. Labib Kobti, Jerusalem, April 1997. Source: Catholic Information Network, http://www.cin.org)

The Vatican has been following an intricate and delicate policy toward the Middle East.  There has been somewhat of a warming toward Israel, preceding the Pope's visit to the Holy Land, which resulted from his call for repentance by the Church for the harm done unto Jews during the Holocaust. However, friction remains over the Vatican痴 desire for international 登pen city status for Jerusalem.  The Vatican, wanting to see Jerusalem internationalized, free from the sole control of the Israeli Government,  has for this reason opened its 粗mbassy in Tel Aviv and not in Jerusalem, so as not to give any hint of approval to Israel's claims on Jerusalem as its capital.  When the Camp David Peace Talks on the Final Status of Jerusalem failed to reach any agreement in July 2000, the Pope renewed his call for internationalization of Jerusalem as the only sure way to Peace.

The Pope, in his disregard for Israeli authority over the Holy Land, and in showing the Church痴 support for the future Palestinian claims on Jerusalem and on the Land, entered into an Accord with Chairman Arafat on 15 Feb. 2000. This agreement  regulates the relationship between the Palestinian Authority and the Catholic church and confirms the Vatican's position regarding Jerusalem.  The Vatican has called Israel's annexation of east Jerusalem illegal and does not recognize Israeli sovereignty there.  Arafat has also indicated the Palestinian Authority痴 approval to internationalize Jerusalem if necessary.

There is a distinct similarity in the accusations that the Palestinians constantly make against Israel through the world痴 news media, in their opposition against Israel痴 claims on the Land, and that of the frantic appeals of Church leaders under the influence of the Vatican.  It therefore seems quite evident that the Church is using the Palestinian plight to further their own agenda on Jerusalem - in this way siding with what until very recently has been a Terrorist organisation, the PLO.  Their vile acts against civilians are generally blamed by the Church on Israeli 殿ggressive policies.

Although the plea from the Church and the forces opposing Israel is for 撤eace and a halt to violence by all parties concerned,  their readiness to accuse Israel on all counts at all times in mass public opposition and declarations, while failing to apply the same measure of mass condemnation on blood-curdling acts of terrorism, amount to nothing less than a silent approval and condonation of this barbarism.

The media was also not slack in picking up on the Palestinians ingenious fabrications for defending this terrorism, by labeling Israel痴 actions of building settlements on Har Homa in Jerusalem (on 25% Arab and 75% Jewish confiscated land), as 殿n act of terrorism against the Palestinians.  In this way, the world has essentially accepted the equation that Israeli building projects on disputed land is the same as terror,  and thus Israel and the PA are on equal footing!

In turn, this attitude certainly confirms Israeli official fears of the emptiness of these one-sided 撤eace appeals.

Unfortunately also,  Israel has a long historical experience at the receiving end, of being denied their own formal worship whenever they were dependent on Muslim authorities for their right to worship freely in their sacred abodes.  Let it not be forgotten, that at this very moment and over the last few decades, Jews were not permitted to enter or worship on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which to them is the most holy and only historic Site of their ancient Temples.   Islam does not allow non-Muslims to pray on their religious premises.  Yet, they all cry out for the 兎qual rights based on the brotherly roots of the Muslim, Christians and the Jews.  When Ariel Sharon, in September 2000, dared to visit the Temple Mount, Center of the Jewish Faith for many centuries, as a Jew, Arafat grabbed the opportunity to show his brand of 'religious freedom', by starting an Intifada against Israel which for more than 2 years,  costing hundreds of lives of Israelis and Palestinians.

The Arabs also hold a grim track record of the desecration of Jewish Holy Sites, much as they would deny it.  Before the 1967 Six Day War and during the time of Jordanian rule over East Jerusalem, Many Jewish synagogues in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem were destroyed and desecrated;  on the Mount of Olives, Jewish grave tombs were used for Jordanian military latrines;  a Jewish synagogue was turned into a public toilet; others were used as stables for goats.

Probably the single most motivating factor for the denial  by the Church of any rights of the 喪eturning Jews to their ancient Land, is the religious implications that such a recognition will have on their proclaimed theology.  For many centuries the Church dogma has condemned Jews for 塗aving crucified the Messiah,  thereby earning eternal damnation.  Official and general Christian theology also declares Judaism outmoded and replaced by Christianity.  Physical Israel has no place or purpose in the Divine Plan as interpreted by general Christian theology.  It stopped existence 2000 years ago, having been replaced by Christianity, and Jews according to this theology are without hope of salvation.

A de facto recognition by these Church organizations of Israel as a resurrected State according to Prophetic Promise, would in fact amount to an admission to erroneous theology.  What is at stake thus,  is not simply a claim to territory; it is the claim to 粗ternal truth which hangs in the balance

An Israel without Jerusalem did not really represent 殿 Return of the Jewish people to the Holy Land.  Thus, when Israel won the Six Day War in 1967 in miraculous fashion, military strategists were dumbfounded - but most Christian leaders were devastated.  How could their declared theology justify and explain the re-erection of the ancient Jewish state that even proclaimed its holiest city once more its capital?

Only one way remained for these Church leaders to deal with this unacceptable reality: .Jerusalem could simply not be recognized as the capital city of the Jews;  nor could the Jews be accepted as its sole masters.


Israel痴 determined claim for Jerusalem as the 兎ternal and undivided Capital of the Jews, evokes heated and united pleas from the Palestinians, Muslim, Arabs and Christians against the 笛udaization of Jerusalem.  They also vehemently oppose the idea of any one interest acquiring an 兎xclusive right over Jerusalem.

Whether the Jews will renounce their traditional (Biblical) claim to Jerusalem as their 兎ternal and undivided City, and be prepared to share Jerusalem with all and sundry, is a question which only time will tell.   It is far more probable that this could well be the factor which could lead to draw the antagonism of the nations - the flint that could spark the powder keg, when 殿ll nations are drawn to Jerusalem for battle, as the prophet foresaw.

When the Camp David Peace Talks on the Final Status of Jerusalem threatened to end in failure in July 2000, it is said,  that it was the delegates perception of the 羨byssmal Prospects of the reality entailed in such failure, which encouraged the irreconcilable claimants to this Eternal City to continue their seemingly fruitless discussions for another few days, in an attempt to find a workable solution and to prevent the dire consequences of failure from destroying all.

After another round of extensive Talks, Pres.Clinton announced on 25 July 2000, after 15 days of intensive deliberations, that the Peace Talks had failed and that no agreement had been reached by Israel and the Palestinians on the 詮inal Status of Jerusalem. In summarizing the prospects for a postponed agreement, Clinton remarked how that 鍍he alternative is unthinkable.



Projecting on the 禅ime of the End,  the Hebrew prophet proclaimed:  展hen that time comes, Jerusalem shall be called 奏he Throne of YHVH  All the nations will gather there in the Name of YHVH and will no longer follow the dictates of their stubborn hearts Jer. 3:17

"I saw the Glory of the God of Israel approaching ... The earth shone with His Glory ... I saw the Glory of YHVH fill the Temple ... This is the dais of My Throne ... I shall live here amongst the sons of Israel for ever  Ezek. 43:1-7

It should therefore be expected,  that opposing forces would direct their efforts at thwarting the re-establishment and rebuilding of Jerusalem in preparation for this Divine Purpose. If this process, which started with the regathering and resettlement of Israel in its ancient Homeland over the last 70 years,  could be stopped or reversed, as it is the intentions currently of the Palestinians, the Arabs, all member nations of the UN and the mighty USA,  then the Creator God will have failed in His Divine Promise for mankind.

In the following chapter we shall look at the Sovereign Right of the Creator as to what He wishes His Purpose to be for the nations of the world.  We shall see that He has the interest and blessing of all nations at heart - but Jerusalem with its inhabitants is His Claim.

How the nations and their leaders will accept His Sovereign Claim, remains to be seen.  In the current clamor for ownership in the Battle for the soul of Jerusalem,  those claimants who want to do it their own way,  would be well advised to take note of their aspirations and how it fits in with the Divine Purpose.

The moment of truth for Israel and the whole world, is rapidly arriving. While Arafat makes his bid for a sovereign state and a share (if not eventual total control) of Jerusalem, the Pope pleads for recognition of Palestinian rights, while making overtures for his Church痴 involvement in the future of the contested City.  All this is done amidst world wide pleas for creating Jerusalem a 鼎ITY OF PEACE AND LOVE between Jews, Christians and Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians - and everyone else in the world.

If Prophetic Script is correct - and we have overwhelming and irrefutable proof of this, much of which have already been presented in previous chapters, and if Jerusalem will be the centre of an international Holocaust as we have seen in the previous chapter,  then it is only a matter of time before the brew should explode, devastating all in its vicinity.

The odds are so great in favour of failure, that only desperation could attempt any form of workable solution.  Though commendable that man does not easily give up - neither for his own rights nor for those of 疎nother household - and in the end always stands to face the consequences of his aspirations and decisions - Jerusalem has been destined for the Greatest Test on mankind ever!

The remaining question is:  How will the Phoenix be reborn in the process and how will this allusion apply to Jerusalem and the Future?

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