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The rebirth of the Phoenix, based on ancient liturgy, served as encouragement to nations, organisations and individuals throughout the ages, to persist and pursue the golden goal of overcoming adversity, so as to share in the pride, pleasure and peace which come with ultimate success.

The awe-inspiring Divine Purpose of the establishment of Divine Rule over the whole world, from a restored New Jerusalem, will fulfill such a reborn flight of the Phoenix.

It should therefore be obvious, that opposing forces will direct their opposition at the re-establishment and rebuilding of Jerusalem in preparation for this Divine Purpose.  If this process, which started with the regathering and resettlement of Israel in its ancient Homeland,  can be stopped or reversed, then the Creator God will have failed in His Divne Promise for mankind


The Divine Purpose of the perpetuation of Israel throughout thousands of years,  and the eventual establishment of a Holy universal Kingdom with Headquarters in Jerusalem, is the main theme of Prophetic Script.  Chapter 20 of the Book of Ezekiel superbly summarises the history of Israel and the contentious issue of God's relationship with this amazing nation.  It also reveals the main reason why the Almighty has endured the nation of Israel for all that they have done in failing Him so often,  and why He is busy resurrecting the actual Land of Israel and the City of Jerusalem in the sight of all nations.  Over and over in that chapter it is stated:  “Not for your sake (Israel) ... but for My own Name's sake, to prevent it from being profaned in the opinion of the Nations under who's eyes I brought Israel out  (of Egypt) and took an oath to bring them into the Land which I had chosen for them"  (Ezek. 20:6,9,14,22).

It is all about the permanent settling of this nation in a specific Land, Israel - but on His terms and conditions - and about the blot on His Name, should He fail to fulfill His Oath to physically settle them in that Land.

This is why He is regathering the Jews to their ancient Homeland and why He is busy resurrecting the actual Land of Israel, as confirmed in the staggering resolve in Ezek 20:41-43 - His ‘SIGNAL’ to the nations - in His own Words:  “I mean to gather you together from the foreign countries in which you have been scattered; through you I intend to display My Holiness for all the Nations to see ... when I bring you back to the soil of Israel, to the Land I solemnly swore to give to your fathers (verse 40).  For on My Holy Mountain, on the high Mountain of Israel is where the whole House of Israel, resettled  in the country, will worship Me."

Could the Divine Purpose with Israel be stated any clearer?  Does it need any further explanation?  Could anyone argue any further and refuse to accept the physical existence of Israel today, regathered and resettled in their ancient Homeland?  Those who fail to see the reality and importance of physical Israel today, fail to see the Glory and magnificent Purpose of God.

Many Christian believers and anti-Semites will however persist in their theory that the Jews are forever doomed "for their rejection and crucifixion of the Messiah".  God foresaw and addressed this problem in Jeremiah 33:23-26  "Have you not noticed what these people say, 'The two families (* Refer chapter 12) which YHVH chose, He has now rejected?'  So they despise My People whom they no longer think of as a nation.  YHVH says this:    'If I have not created day and night and have not laid down Laws for heaven and earth, why, then I reject the descendants of Jacob  ...  for I mean to restore their fortunes and take pity on them.'"

Jeremiah 31:35-37 "YHVH Who provides the sun for light by day, the moon and stars by night ... says this: 'Were this established Order ever to pass away from My Presence, only then would the race of Israel also cease to be a nation in My Presence for ever.  Were the heavens above ever to be measured,  only then would I reject the race of Israel for all that they have done."

If Israel is not resurrected or resettled in the territory which He had promised them;  if Jerusalem is not rebuilt in preparation for her awe-inspiring divine Purpose,  then the Almighty God stands to be made a Liar.  His Honour stands or falls thereby!

Small wonder that ownership of Jerusalem is increasingly becoming a threatening political issue.  Since the Oslo Peace Agreement was signed between Israel and Arafat in 1993, the PLO has made no secret  of their ultimate aim, namely,  control of Jerusalem as their capital city.  Powerful world forces continually also endeavour to prevent and oppose the continued existence and expansion of Israel today!  In fact, the entire world has expressed their dissapproval of Israel's claims to the Land in various UN voting sessions.

As Creator and sovereign Owner of the world, it is His right to decide on the future of the world and its inhabitants.  As such, He made a Covenental Promise to Abraham, the patriarch of both the Jews and the Arabs. This Promise was re-confirmed with the descendants of Abraham, through the final family line of Jacob, patriarch of the Israelites, which consisted of 12 Tribes, according to the sons of Jacob.  In this way, the physical representation of the Divine Covenant which holds promise for all nations,  became the Divine Mandate of the Israelites rather than the Arab descendants of Abraham.

This means, that the physical control of the currently disputed sovereignty of the Land of 'Palestine' (according to the Roman derogatory label on the Holy Land,  named Israel in the Bible) and of the City of Jerusalem ('God's City of Peace'), was Divinely promised to the descendants of Isaac and Jacob (the Israelites), and not to the descendants of Ishmael and Esau (the Arabs mainly).  The latter though, were not rejected from sharing these Promises in the ultimate Kingdom of YHVH, but simply from the physical control of the Land and of Jerusalem.

This control (which is so heavily disputed today), holds great importance in the Purpose of God.  As any country in the world has its own culture, language, nationality and customs, the Sovereign Creator (Whom the Bible calls by Name:  'YHVH, the God of Israel') in this way indisputably indicated and determined the culture, religion, customs, traditions and nationality of this disputed Land and City, to be Judaism!

- This is why the Jews are invincible!
- This is why God is regathering the Jews there, from across the world!
- This is why Israel's (the Jews') sovereignty is rejeceted and opposed by the Arabs and the other nations and religions!
- This is why God is busy extracting and drawing millions of people from other religions, in what is developing into a mass movement, to Judaism!
- this is why the Greatest Miracle will soon become realised, when God, according to His Divine Challenge (which is the topic of this book) will re-identify and regather the remaining 83,4% of Israel (in adition to the Jews) to their ancient Homeland - the physical Land of Israel, from which they were exiled 700 years BCE.

Read on!  The next chapter deals with this astonishing issue which is now already in the process of fulfillment!

Genesis 13:14-15  "YHVH said to Abraham ... 'Look all around from where you are toward the north and the south, toward the east and the west. All the land within sight I will give to you and your descendants forever.'"  Abraham was in the vicinity of the Dead Sea in Israel at the time, from where he went to Hebron, the much disputed city in Israel today.

Genesis 15:18  "That day YHVH made a Covenant with Abraham in these terms: 'To your descendants I give this Land, from the Wadi of Egypt to the Great River, the river Euphrates.'"

Genesis 17:5-8  Another Divne Promise to Abraham:
"... I make you father of a multitude of nations ... I will establish My Covenant between Myself and you,  and your descendants after you,  generation after generation;  a Covenant in perpetuity to be your God and the God of your descendants after you ... I will give to you and to your descendants after you the Land you are living in,  the whole land of Canaan,  to own in perpetuity,  and I will be your everlasting God."

The borders of this Land, as divinely promised to their forefathers, are clearly specified in the ancient Scriptures and, according to some non-Jewish Bible scholars, also include the countries of Syria, Jordan and Iraq, amongst others.

The horrendous political and international implications inherent in the validity of such a statement are certainly distressing!

Bringing the scattered Israelites into “... the Land I solemnly swore to give to your fathers”,  one would therefore construe to refer to that wider expansion of land which currently includes “foreign territory” or “enemy territory” for Israel, and which belongs to various Arab nations.  Should this not be so, then the Almighty stands an even chance of being made a Liar, for never yet has there ever been a time in which the Land of Israel, under the control and sovereignty of the Israelites,  stretched to these Biblically defined borders.

The extent of the physical dimensions given in the prophetic book of Revelation in the Christian New Testament for the future ‘New Jerusalem’, in which God would personally live and reign, is so vast that it has lead many Christian Bible scholars to believe that all Biblical references to a future Jerusalem were symbolic and should therefore be spiritualised.  How could a city of 2000 square Kilometres possibly fit into a land the size of Israel ('Palestine'), as we know it today and as it always has been?  These prophecies were therefore ‘spiritualised’ and this resulted in drawing away the attention of sincere Christian scholars and believers from the physical Land of Israel.

When one contemplates on the possibility of the future borders of Israel being extended to the original Divine specifications, a city of this size would easily fit therein.  The prophetic vision of Zechariah 14:4 - 10 also foresaw a great demographic change, accompanied by great earthquakes, taking place in Israel at the Appearance of YHVH at the time of the War of Armaggedon.  Could this be in order to accomodate a City of that vast size?

A startling vision of what Israel will look like in the year 2020 has already been presented by an Israeli government-sponsored planning team in 1995.  They predicted that the current rural and agricultural areas will have virtually disappeared, to make way for a large city-state.  If the Negev desert, which constitutes 60% of the country's territory, is left out of the equation, then Israel is already presently rated amongst the most densely populated cities in the world today.  At its current population growth rate of more than double that of the average for developed countries,  Israel will in 30 year's time be the most densely populated country in the world.  Because of its limited land size, it will represent a large city-state, according to this official 2020 Planning team.

The staggering implications of this population explosion in the Land of Israel, will take on even more staggering proportions when the implications of the chapter following hereafter is considered, namely, the identification and the divinely promised Ingathering of the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel" (the 83,4% of the original 12 Tribes) and its reunification with Judah (Ezek. 37:15).  Small wonder that Prophetic Script has also clearly predicted this land-space problem:

Zechariah 10:8,  "I am going to gather them in ... I shall lead them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon (* - Refer Note 3), and even that will not be large enough for them."  And, quoting a Divine Promise of regathering of the dispersed nation of Israel,  "... your (previously) devastated country will now be too small for all your inhabitants." (Isaiah 49:19).

This Divine selection of the Israelites, has throughout the ages been the cause of great hatred against the Jews.  Yet, the Divine Purpose in the election of Jerusalem is a universal Purpose, intended for the Blessing of all nations, as confirmed through the Prophet Isaiah:

Isaiah 2:1-4  "In the days to come,  the Mountain of the Temple of YHVH shall tower above the mountains and be lifted higher than the hills. All the nations will stream to it,  peoples without number will come to it;  and they will say: ' Come let us go up  to the mountain of  YHVH,  to the Temple of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us His ways,  so that we may walk in His paths;  since the Law will go out from Zion, and the Oracle of YHVH from Jerusalom.  He will wield authority over the nations and adjudicate between many peoples;  these will hammer their swords into ploughshares, their spears into sickles.  Nation will not lift up sword against nation.  There will be no more training for war."

What a contrast to the current world threat of terrorism, where, in the name of religion, terrorists are trained in the most diabolical means to massacre as many innocent civilians as possible.  The leaders of these murder squads parade as 'saints' and heroes - Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and so many 'sheiks', 'spiritual' leaders of Islam, to name but a few.  Some of the leaders of this 'Axis of Evil' even rank for receiving the 'Nobel prize' from the international community - the arch terrorist Arafat, the Palestinian 'president' who lays claim to the Covenental Land and City of God, Jerusalem!

Consider the Divine Challenge to this Axis of Evil - through the Prophet Zechariah in ch. 2:14 "Sing, rejoice Daughter of Zion (Israel) for I am coming to dwell in the middle of you - it is YHVH Who speaks - Many nations will join YHVH in that Day - they will become His People - but YHVH will hold Judah (the Jews) as His Portion in the Holy Land and again make Jerusalem His very Own.  Let all mankind be silent before YHVH."

Zechariah 8:3-8  "YHVH Sabaoth says this: I am coming back to Zion and shall dwell in the middle of Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be called Faithful City and the mountain of YHVH Sabaoth, the Holy Mountain ... Now I am going to save My people from the countries of the East and from the countries of the West.  I will bring them back to live inside Jerusalem. They shall be My people and I will be their God in faithfulness and integrity"

Zechariah 14:9,16  "And YHVH will be King of the whole world. When that day comes, YHVH will be unique and His Name unique.  All who survive of all the nations that have marched against Jerusalem will go up year by year to worship the King YHVH Sabaoth".

These predictions regarding the resettlement and growth (or absorption of Land) by Israel,  certainly does not bode well for mankind for the future, especially when seen in the current Arab-Israel conflict.  No country or nation will gladly or peacefully accept conditions of giving-up territory.


If there is a Creator God, then, according to the Bible (His Word), He is the God of Israel,  with whom He has a Divine Covenant - a Promise sealed by Divine Oath.  According to this Oath,  Jerusalem would be re-built by the returning Jews, after their universal dispersion, in preparation for the New World Kingdom to be established by God Almighty in Jerusalem. Any power claiming alternative rights over Jerusalem, is therefore challenging Almighty God and His Plan for Jerusalem - a Confrontation which will culminate in the Final World War of Gog and Magog (the War of Armageddon) as foretold, 3000 years in advance, in the Bible!

If God is the Sovereign Owner of the world as Creator thereof,  if it behoved Him to take the Land from the Canaanites and give it to the nation of Israel;  if He decided, 2000 years ago,  to banish the whole nation of Israel from the Land into universal exile;  if He took a Divine Oath to regather this dispersed nation from the four corners of the earth;  if He fulfills this promise in miraculous fashion and brings them back to rebuild Jerusalem and make the deserts bloom,  as the world has witnessed over the last 50 years and as He has foretold in writing through His Prophets 3000 years in advance;  if, on their return He returns territory to them in equally miraculous fashion in three Wars of self-defense (1956, 1967 and 1973);  who then would dare to question it?  Who will have the authority to reclaim the conquered territories of the Promised Land?  Who will have the authority to exhort Israel to return these Territories to anyone else than Israel itself?

Clearly, no one has the authority to return Divinely ordained Territory for a 'promise' of Peace by the enemies of Israel - not the USA, not the UN, neither the President or Prime Minister of Israel or any other political contender.

Clearly, Divinely ordained Territory cannot be negotiable!

Those who are conducting the battle against God's Plan's for Jerusalem and who side with those who wish to destroy Israel;  those who are pressurising Israel  to return territory in pursuit of a vague promise of 'Peace',  have not learned anything from the historical experience of the world.  They fail to recognise that all the major powers, even world empires of the past, which tried to destroy Israel and take the Land away from them,  all disappeared from the face of the earth (like Babylon and Rome) and suffered severe punishment!  In the same Divine Promise to Abraham regarding the inheritance of the Land,  God also repeatedly and simultaneously issued the Divine Warning that He will "bless those who bless Israel and Jerusalem and curse those who curse them."  (Gen. 12:3;  Zech 2:8 etc).

According to God's Decree, during all 19 centuries of Israel's banishment from the Land, not one of the multitude of nations that ruled the Land during this long period, managed to put down successful roots in this Land.  What they did manage, was to totally destroy the Land and make it desolate,  again, exactly in accordance with God's proclaimed Plan through the Biblical Prophecies - Scriptures which have been left intact to this day as a Testimony to His Sovereignty.  The Land waited, according to Divine Decree for the Return of its rightful heirs!  And within 50 years of this miraculous Return,  Israel has become a leader amongst nations in many advanced fields!  Do world leaders never learn?

Will mankind be so obstinate as to oppose God's Decree right unto an Armageddon confrontation with Him?

These Scriptural reprimands should however be considered and accepted, perhaps rather: heeded by world leaders, on the basis of the Source that it has originated from, namely Divine Prophetic Script and Divine Sovereign Decision, as confirmed by millennia of exactly fulfilled Prophetic forecast.

And that is the main and only purpose of this book, namely, to review the authenticity and steadfastness of these predictions, and to emphasise the good and pure Divine Intention for the ultimate benefit of all humanity.

It is to be expected, though rightfully understood, that these developments will be opposed by many people.  To suchlikes, the same pages of Prophetic Script also hold a word of warning:

Jeremiah 25:29 “YHVH Sabaoth says this (to all the Kingdoms that are on the face of the earth - verse 26): ‘Since I am now making a beginning of disaster with the City that bears My Name (Jerusalem), do you think you are likely to go unpunished?  You certainly shall not, for I shall next summon a sword against all the inhabitants of the earth ... verse 33: those slaughtered by YHVH that day will be scattered across the world from end to end ... no one will gather them or bury them; they will stay lying on the surface like dung.”

Zechariah 2:8.   "For YHVH says this: ... 'as regards the nations who despoiled you  (Israel and the nation), for whoever touches you, touches the apple of My eye."

The reader has a free choice which side he or she wants to be on.

Today! - choose!



The Miracle of the Return of ancient Israel to its   Homeland, is enhanced by it not only applying to Jews from all over the world, but also to the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel - "lost" since several centuries before the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 CE.

Ancient Prophecies predict their re-identification and reunion with the Tribe of Judah (the Jews).


We have seen how ridiculed those were who, during the death pangs of the Jewish nation under the demoniac scourge of Hitler, yet had the faith to believe that Israel would be resurrected and flourish again.  The contents of this chapter may well become as ridiculed.  In similar fashion though, it is the author’s unshakeable faith in Prophetic Script, supported by the undeniable fulfillment of the predictions regarding Israel to date, that the prophesied revealing and Return to the Land of the major part of the ancient Israelite nation, the so-called "Lost 10 tribes of Israel", forming by proportion, 83,4% of the original nation of Israel,  will no doubt take place, impossible as it may seem currently.

Where are these Lost Ten Tribes of Israel today?  Is it possible that they could still be in existence?  These are the questions which have intrigued scholars for centuries.  Many are the theories posed in an effort to give an answer:  The most popularly accepted theory today,  finding more adherents daily, is that these 'lost' Israelite tribes have migrated to other countries and today, form the backbone to many European and Western nations, who are not aware of their 'Jewish' identity!

To understand the tremendous magnitude of the predictions for the future Israel, which will be reviewed in this chapter, it is necessary for the reader to understand somewhat about the history of Israel relating to this matter.

In ancient times, Israel originated as 12 tribes, according to the 12 sons of the patriarch Jacob, who was the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham.  These 12 tribes settled in what became known as the land of Israel and built a Temple, dedicated to their God, YHVH, in Jerusalem.

After the reign of King Solomon (970 - 931 BCE) and in fulfillment of ancient prophecy, the nation split into two sectors:

       - JUDAH, which consisted mainly of the 2 tribes of Judah and Benjamin and became known as ‘the Jews’ (Judaens).  Their’s was the Temple at Jerusalem, their main city, and

     - ISRAEL, the 10 tribes who made Schechem, north of Jerusalem, their headquarters and built a Temple there.  They became known as the ‘Northern Kingdom’ of Samaria and, generally, retrogressed to paganism under the rule of idolatrous rulers, like King Jeroboam, and Ahab and his wife Jezebel.

The Scriptures abound with references to the animosity and wars that raged between these two sectors of the same nation, that is, between the Jews and the people of upper Samaria - the Samaritans.  The latter were almost despised by the Jews.

In the year 721 BCE, Samaria was conquered by the Assyrians, the 10 northern tribes deported and the land repopulated with foreigners.  This was the end of the Northern Kingdom, Israel, and they became known as “The Lost 10 tribes of Israel”.  Today, at this very time, modern Israel is still divided in ‘Judah and Shomron’ (Samaria) with the Shomron inhabited by the Palestinians and regarded as territory ‘occupied’ by Israel.

Historical references to the ‘Lost Tribes’ continue to be made for many centuries afterwards.  The historian, Josephus (34-100CE or AD),  identified them and referred to them as an innumerable number living across the Euphrates river during the time of Roman rule.  So do the Christian New Testament Scriptures in several places refer to them.  This proves that, although scattered, they were still identifiable in the first centuries of the Common Era.

In the mean time, the Kingdom of Judah continued its existence in Jerusalem and Southern Israel (Judea) until early in the year 587 BCE, Jerusalem was conquered and the Temple destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, King of the then world empire of Babylon.  Almost the entire nation of Judah was deported to Babylon for the prophetically declared 70-year exile (Jeremiah 25).  Now the entire country of Israel laid waste with both sections, the 10 and the 2 tribes deported.

At the time there certainly must have been much confusion regarding the future and possible continuation of Israel as a nation.  Was this their final hour?  Would they ever see their beloved Homeland again?  Would Jerusalem be rebuilt?

These same questions  would again plague them many centuries later because little did they know, that Jerusalem and the Temple would not only be rebuilt after their 70 year exile, but that all would be once more destroyed (in the year 70, some 600 years later) and that the entire nation would then once more be exiled, this time scattered all over the world.

And Israel - the 10 tribes?  By the time of the Babylonian exile of Judah, 587 BCE, they had already been scattered for two centuries, and had lost their ancient Hebrew identity in the process.  To them there was no longer any yearning for a return Home.  The bonds with their ancient traditions had already been severed while living in Northern Israel under idolatrous conditions.

Yet, the same divine promises of  “A Return and Restitution” that were made for Judah, applied to them also.  When one becomes aware of this split of ancient Israel into two sectors, then Prophetic Script becomes clear as it often applies the very same predictions to ‘Israel and Judah’.

It goes even one step further and specifies that Judah will first be gathered, thereafter Israel (the ‘Lost 10 tribes’) and then the two will be united into one nation, never to be at enmity with each other again.

Jeremiah 33:23 “The Word of YHVH  was addressed to Jeremiah. ‘Have you not noticed what these people say? ‘The two families which YHVH chose He has now rejected’.  So they despise My people whom they no longer think of as a nation. YHVH says this: “If I have not created day and night and have not laid down laws for the heavens and the earth, why, then I reject the descendants of Jacob (Israel) ... For I mean to restore their (both 'families’) fortunes and take pity on them.’”

Jeremiah 3:18  “In those days the House of Judah will unite with the House of Israel.  Together they will come from the Land of the North to the Land I gave your ancestors for a heritage".

And again, according to the Prophet Ezekiel in chapter 37:15  “The Word of YHVH was addressed to me as follows: ‘Son of man, take a stick and write on it ‘Judah’ ... Take another stick and write on it ... ‘All the House of Israel’.  Join one to the other to make a single stick.  And when the members of your nation say, ‘Tell us what you mean’, say, ‘The Lord YHVH says this: ... I shall make one stick out of the two ... I am going to take the sons of Israel from the nations where they have gone.  I shall gather them together from everywhere and bring them home to their own soil. I shall make them into one nation in My own land ... and they will no longer form two nations, nor be two separate Kingdoms ... I shall resettle and increase them.  I shall settle My Sanctuary among them for ever ... I will be their God and they shall be My People.  And the nations will learn that I am YHVH the Sanctifier of Israel.”

Could it be stated any clearer?  If so much of the ancient Prophecies have already been miraculously fulfilled, then the rest will certainly transpire in due time, impossible as it may seem!

The staggering reality though, is that if the tribe of Judah today measures some 4 to 5 million Jews inside Israel and some 15 million outside of Israel (a total of some 20 million which represent 2 of the original 12 Tribes only, or 16,6%), then how many millions of souls should the "Lost 10 tribes" (83,4%) equate to?  It should also be borne in mind that the number of Jews have been depleted by the constant persecution which they had to endure throughout the world for the last 1900 years, whereas the Lost 10 Tribes, having been unidentified to now, have not suffered such reduction in numbers!   Proportionately, there should therefore be tens of millions of these people existing in the world today, waiting to be identified and re-united to their brethren by the Most High.

In Prophetic Script in general, there seems to be a "mystery" regarding the origin and the make-up of the nations of the world, a mystery which is constantly being referred to in the Scriptures:

Deuteronomy. 32:8.  "When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when He divided the sons of men, He fixed their bounds according to the number of the sons of Israel."

Isaiah 25:6, speaking of the culminating Time of His Appearance to inaugurate a New World Order, the prophet predicted: "On this mountain (Zion, in Jerusalem), YHVH will remove ... the shroud enwrapping all nations."

Should multiple millions of Israelites from the Lost 10 Tribes be re-united to Jews in Israel, there really could be a serious problem of land space.  Prophetic Script even allows for this and acknowledges that:  "I (YHVH) have scattered them among the nations ... I mean to bring them back ... I shall lead them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon and even that will not be large enough for them." (Zechariah 10:9).

What a staggering statement - made some 2500 years ago!  And Lebanon still exists to this day while great empires have come and gone!

Isaiah 49:14.  "For Zion was saying:  'YHVH has abandoned me, the Lord has forgotten me.'  Does a women forget her baby at the breast or fail to cherish the son of her womb?  Yet, even if these forget, I will never forget you! ... Look round about you, look!  All are assembling, coming to you (Zion).  By My Life - it is YHVH Who speaks - ... your desolate places and your ruins and your devastated country will now be too small for all your inhabitants!."

Where are the ‘Lost Ten Tribes’ today?  (*NOTE 4)   There are several theories:

Orthodox Judaism regards the Ethiopian black Jews as part of them.  In the early eighties, thousands of these people have been rescued from Ethiopia in Operation Moses, a gigantic and daring rescue operation launched secretly by Israel, to evacuate them by air.  The majority of the rest of these Tribes, they maintain, no longer exist.

There is a school of thought, according to the “British/Israel theory”, which regards Britain and the USA as the descendants of these Tribes.

The above theory has been expanded by many interpreters to include most of the Western nations.

Yet others have expounded a political and racialist theory to apply it to all the white races of the West!

In a parliamentary discussion regarding stricter immigration controls for Israel, early 1995 in Jerusalem, staggering figures were presented of the number of people outside of Israel, who claim Israel identity:  by estimation some 5 million Indians in India and some 40 million people of other nations in the world!  This could cause a great problem for Israel because, according to Jewish Law, Jews from anywhere on earth, have a legal right to immigrate (return) to Israel.   In Israel therefore, there rages a great controversy as to "Who is a Jew".

The event of the daring mass evacuation by Israel of the Ethiopians who claimed to be one of the Lost Tribes, may have been a forerunner of this re-unification process which was prophesied.

Recently there was the discovery of descendants of the tribe of Menashe in North East India. This tribe, numbering around 5 million, has a very old tradition that they are the tribe of Menashe which was taken from Israel after the destruction of the Northern Kingdom by the Assyrians. They observe Shabbat, the festivals, and the Biblical, Jewish laws.  They direct their prayers towards the Temple Mount which they call Mount Zion.  The Government of Israel is investigating how to reunite them with the people of Israel.  The Chief Rabbinate of Israel has been checking the possibility of bringing the tribe back to Israel.  In 1999 the Israeli Ministry of the Interior gave citizenship to the first hundred members of the tribe. They are now in Israel. Rabbi Eliyahu Avichail was the first to discover the descendants of Menashe in India in 1979

Finally, over the last few decades, there has been an ever faster growing sector of Christianity, realising and accepting their historical "Hebrew Roots".  This Movement has no central or communal organisational structure and is made up of individuals and small groups who are all serious Bible searchers.  They are all on different levels of acceptance of the different tenets of what they regard as 'The Original True Faith which had Divinely been mandated to Abraham'. This, of course, means Judaism.  They are all at different levels of practising and researching deeper into these tenets of the Divinely ordained ancient Faith.  As such, they are drifting closer and closer to Judaism, much as most of them would deny it!  They seem to strive after the 'Original form of Christianity' rather than embracing Judaism, in their search for True Messianism

What in fact should be a logic evolutionary process - and it certainly is confirmed as such by history - is now being 're-discovered' by these serious Bible searchers, as a revelatory new Truth.  Most Christians though, vehemently oppose this 'Judaizing' trend in their general opposition to, and their dislike of "the crucifiers of their beloved Messiah".  True figures could be enormous, though such are not available.  One may draw an indication from the fact that one strongly pro-Israel interdenominational organisation in the USA claims 12 million Christian supporters - of course not all of them are Hebraic Roots Restorers.

Another indication is the number of Internet Sites that proclaim, for instance, the Sacred Names of God - a famous topic amongst Hebraic Restorers. Internet Search Engines produce multiple thousands of Web Sites in response to a search for any one of the many variations of the Sacred Names which this movement proclaims.

The strange part in all this is,  that this Judaizing trend is driven by Christians, Scriptuarally informed ones as such.  This, much to the dismay of Judaism pure!  Here we have one of those intriguing Paradoxes again!

This latest evolutionary development of a rejuvenated Jewish Messianic Faith, is claimed by its adherents as being the true restored version of the Messianic Faith which had originally been founded 2000 years ago by a great and controversial Jewish figure who claimed Messiahship.  Initially, He was accepted by only a few thousand Jews and rejected by the majority of the Jewish nation.  Those who did accept him, not only changed his teachings which were distinctly pro-Torah and pro-Jewish, away from its original Jewish concepts, but also changed his name from the Hebrew form 'Yehoshua' to a non-Hebrew name 'Jezus Christ', and allocated him the birthdate of the pagan sungod Zeus and Jupiter, 25 December!

The True Message could not be smothered though.  It infiltrated the neighboring nations, as it was being proclaimed and accepted 'universally' now, by the zealous followers of the Jewish Messiah.  The numbers of this originally Jewish Sect of the Netzarime (Nazarene Jews), were greatly increased by converts to this Messianic Judaism - which was anything but 'a church', as modern Christianity likes to believe.  With these converts from paganism,  also came a gradually infiltrating and ever strengthening diluting of the original pure Jewishness of the Messianic Movement until,  200 to 300 years after,  the Roman Emperor, Constantine, officialy declared the mainstream of this watered-down Judaism, to be 'Christianity'.  He convened a series of conferences where the new religion, Christianity, was officialy constitued.  This process was greatly influenced by the anti-Jewish religious leadership and most changes were deliberate substitution of alternates to Jewish observances. In this way the 'Jewish' Sabbath was changed to Sunday, Pesach to Easter, and the Law discarded.  Even the Jewish name of their Messiah was changed from 'Y'shua' to 'Jesus Christ', thereby obliterating his Jewish identity. History testifies to how Constantine, who had purportedly become converted to a religious lifestyle,  committed abominable atrocities after his so-called conversion.

The modern Hebraic Roots Restoration Messianics are in a constant process of reversing the trend of pagan customs infiltration, and in the process,  are becoming more and more 'Jewish' in their religious observance and lifestyles.

The question now posed, is whether these Hebraic Roots Restorers, whose numbers of adherants are growing like wild fire in the USA and accross the world,  may perhaps be part of the 'Lost Ten Tribes'?  In identifying with "the original Hebraic Faith", these people are practising more and more Jewish religious precepts (like the Sabbath, Jewish Feast Days, Kashrut and Torah observance) just as the initial Jewish Messianic Model had done 2000 years ago.  Can this be the re-identifying Process of the Ten Tribes of Israel?

The Paradox here, once more, is that this Movement itself generally shuns, and is still opposed to,  'Rabbinic Judaism' (while progressively they are practising it more and more themselves!) - and main stream Judaism rejects them.  Can this,  once again, be the paradoxical way by which God in fact proves the fulfillment of His Will, in defiance of the feeble opposition that man presents against the Prophetic Reunion of the two estranged 'families' or 'Houses' of Israel? - and so that the Guardian of Israel can perform this Miracle by His Own Power?

As the international political noose is tightening around Israel, and for the many reasons reviewed in this book,  Judah (the Jews) are now increasingly running the risk that, this time,  they will not be able to defend themselves against the mass onslaught from around and even from within (the Palestinians).

As Israel is more and more becoming isolated as a nation and deserted by most nations,  a realisation and a spirit of support is arising amongst this massive number of Hebraic Roots restorers and Zionistic pro-Israel Christians,  to support Judah physically.  Judah at this time still rejects such assistance outrightly, but towards the end of 2002 there was a definite realisation and acknowledgement developing amongst Jewish leaders and commentators,  who commented positively on this surprising support that millions of Zionistic Christians offered.  The Time may well arise that Jews will be dependant on and thankful for this arm of support.  Could this bring the Great Reconciliation of Judah with the Lost Ten Tribes as prophesied?

There are currently also grass roots support for the Declaration of Medinat Judeah (the State of Judah) in the 'occupied' Territories over which Arafat threatens to declare a Palestinian State.  This State will be governed according to Torah Law - and the greater Israel should become a more secular Jewish State.  This spiritually 'reborn' Judah, being a minority within the current nation, may then be forced to accomodate and make reconciliation with the greater 'Israel' out there, which is fast discovering and yearning after their Hebrew Roots and restitution with, and support of, their long estranged brother 'Judah'.  This all in fulfillment of Ezek. 37:15, to re-unite the two 'sticks' into one nation - a Torah observant, Covenant conforming nation of YHVH.

The wider implication of this Prophetic development, could accomodate millions of Muslims, Arabs and other nations who truly want to serve God according to His pre-ordained Purpose for mankind - to build Himself a nation out of all nations who truly wants to be part of His Kingdom of Peace, by their own free-will and choice.  Judah and 10-Israel would prove to merely have been God's 'vehicle' to build this Kingdom Nation.

Wherever the "lost 10 Tribes" are and whoever they are, one thing is for certain:  The God of Israel promised to reveal, restore and resettle them in their ancient Homeland.  His Honour, in like fashion to what has been clearly outlined in the preceding pages, stands or falls by the exact fulfillment of these Divine Promises.

The future will certainly testify to the validity thereof.

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A final cataclysmic international nuclear confrontation will present the means by which the Living God will be forced to physically intervene in the sight of all mankind.  This super-human act will force the nations of the world to acknowledge the Creator God.



The Key texts to this statement are embedded in the 20th chapter of the Book of Ezekiel.  In this chapter, the whole history of the full nation of Israel is reviewed from the time He chose Israel in the beginning (verse 5) right through to the time, after their universal dispersion, when they will be resettled in the Promised Land (verse 40).  Several stages in their history are reviewed here, and every time it is emphasised how the Almighty wanted to destroy them because of their unfaithfulness.  Every time however, He was refrained from doing so by “Respect for His own Name, lest it should be profaned in the opinion of the nations among whom the Israelites were living and because He had taken an oath that He would lead them out of Egypt (where they were slaves) and settle them in the Land of Israel, in the sight of those nations.”  (Bear in mind that this “settling of Israel”, in its more perfect connotation, refers to a time, after their regathering, when both houses of Israel will be re-united in one, as the core of the Kingdom of God).

He dare not fail in this Divine Oath.  He has to fulfill this Promise and in this way will “display His Holiness for all nations to see.” (verse 41).

The Time setting?  When He brings them back from the nations where they have been dispersed (verse 41); when He brings them back to the soil of Israel, “to the Land He solemnly swore to give to their forefathers” (verse 42).  This is His “Signal” to the nations!

The obstacle?  Forces will obviously resist and oppose the literal occupation and resettling of the Land of Israel by the Jews.  Pressure for the internationalisation or removal of Jewish control over Jerusalem will increase. This will escalate in intensity and eventually evolve in a mass attack against Israel and Jerusalem.

It is vital that we repeat the Prophecy of Zechariah here: “The Word of YHVH about Israel ... ‘Look, I am going to make Jerusalem an intoxicating cup to all surrounding peoples ... When that Day comes, I mean to make Jerusalem a stone to be lifted by all the peoples; all who try to lift it will hurt themselves severely. And all the nations of the earth will mass against her" ... (Zechariah 12:2,3).

This time Israel will really be in danger of being wiped out, but the Almighty God will side with Israel and will physically appear and step in to prevent the annihilation of Israel, thereby fulfilling His oath to resettle them and establish Jerusalem as the world centre of His sovereign Rule.

"YHVH will spread His Protection over the citizens of Jerusalem...When that Day comes, I mean to make the clans of Judah like a flaming torch in stubble and they will consume the peoples around them...and the House of David will be like God (like the Angel of YHVH) at their head ... I will set Myself to destroy all the nations who advance against Jerusalem" (Zechariah 12:8,6,9).  (And continuing in chapter 14:13) “... And this is the plague with which YHVH will strike all the nations who have fought against Jerusalem: their flesh will moulder while they are still standing on their feet; their eyes will rot in their sockets; their tongues will rot in their mouths.”  (An atomic holocaust scenario!)

The manner? ...in which this grand culminating event of this dispensation most probably will take place?  Modern man is bent on action, drama and grandiose displays of superhuman powers.  This ‘Super World War’ will most probably be seen live on colour television all over the world, in almost every household.  As previously motioned, we already had a grand preview of just such a happening with the 1991 Iraq War.  This time the previously rejected and impugned God of Israel will physically intervene in the cataclysmic War of Armageddon as had been prophesied centuries ago.  The whole world will see the God of Israel fighting like a nuclear-age hyper Superman on the side of His nation.

Far-fetched?  Ridiculous?  Presumptuous?  Audacious?

No!  Zechariah describes it exactly like this in chapter 14 verse 2 onwards: “YHVH will gather all the nations to Jerusalem for battle.  The city will be taken, the houses plundered, the women ravished.  Half the city will go into captivity ... Then YHVH will take the field; He will fight against those nations as He fights in the day of battle.  On that day His feet will rest on the Mount of Olives which faces Jerusalem from the East.  The Mount of Olives will be split in half, from East to West.  Half the Mount will recede northwards, the other half southwards.   YHVH your God will come and all the holy ones with Him ... it will be a Day of Wonder ... (chapter. 12:6) ... the clans of Judah (will be) like a brazier burning in a pile of wood, like a flaming torch in stubble, and they will consume the peoples around them ... (Joel 4:16) YHVH roars from Zion, makes His voice heard from Jerusalem; heaven and earth tremble. (Ezekiel 38:18) On the Day Gog attacks Israel - It is the Lord YHVH Who speaks - I shall grow angry ... I swear that on that Day there will be a fearful quaking in the Land of Israel.  At My Presence the fish in the sea and the birds of heaven, the wild beasts and all the reptiles ... and all men on earth will quake.  Mountains will fall, cliffs crumble and walls collapse and I will confront (Gog) with every sort of terror ... I will punish him with plague and bloodshed and send torrential rain, hailstones, fire and brimstone against him and his hordes and against the many nations with him.  I mean to display My Greatness and Holiness and to compel the many nations to acknowledge Me.  THIS IS HOW THEY WILL LEARN THAT I AM YHVH.”

Isaiah 40:3 confirms:  "A voice of one calling ... 'Prepare the way for YHVH'  ...  Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low;  the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain.  And the Glory of YHVH will be revealed and all mankind together will see it, for the mouth of YHVH has spoken."

The prophetic Book of Revelations, in the Christian New Testament, in chapter 1:7, refers to and expounds on these prophecies regarding the Appearance of the Most High during this super War,  saying that “every eye” shall see Him.  Until the age of live international TV, Christian theologians did not have a clear answer for this often quoted event and were divided in their interpretation thereof.  Scoffers even used this text to ‘prove’ its fallibility because, they claimed, the world was round and it would be impossible for every eye to see Him at the same time!

There are many other prophecies in the Scriptures which refer to this Great Day and cataclysmic War.  The reader should bear in mind though, that in the ancient times, when these words were actually recorded, the authors knew only of horse-drawn chariots and swords in warfare and nothing of aeroplanes, motorised vehicles, tanks, electronic equipment, atomic weapons, etc.  These are features of our age only.

The prophet Joel describes this War and the use of modern war equipment as follows:  “Like the dawn (sunrise) there spreads across the mountains a vast and mighty host, such as has never been before, such as will never be again to the remotest ages (An end-time episode therefore - Ed).  Before them the fire devours, in their rear a flame consumes.  The country is like a Garden of Eden ahead of them and a desert waste behind them.  Nothing escapes them.  They look like horses, like chargers they gallop on with a racket like the clatter of chariots.  They hurtle over the mountain tops with a crackling like a blazing fire ... at the sight of them the peoples are appalled and every face grows pale ... they press forward ... scale the walls, each marching straight ahead, not turning from his path.  They never jostle each other ... as they come on, the earth quakes, the skies tremble, sun and moon grow dark” (Joel 2:2).  These instruments of destruction were not known in those times and is a very apt description of modern tanks.

The purpose?  The prophet Ezekiel, in chapter 38, verse 16, quotes the Almighty YHVH:  “I Myself am going to bring you in days to come to attack My country, so that the nations may learn what I am when I have used you, Gog, to display My Holiness to them ... It was of you that I spoke through My servants, the prophets of Israel, who prophesied and foretold your invasion ... I mean to display My Greatness and Holiness and to compel the many nations to acknowledge Me.”

The honour of YHVH stands or falls by the physical restoration of Israel in the face of strong international opposition.   Ezekiel 36:3  “Since you have been ravaged and seized on by surrounding countries and taken over by the rest of the nations and made the subject of people’s talk and gossip, now, mountains of Israel, hear the Word of the Lord YHVH:  The Lord YHVH says this to mountains and hills, to ravines and valleys, to abandoned ruins and the empty plundered cities that have become the laughing stock of all the surrounding nations, ... I swear it by the fierceness of My jealousy; I am speaking to the rest of the nations ... who so exultantly and contemptuously took possession of My country and plundered it ... I raise My Hand and I swear that the nations round you shall have their own insults to bear.  Mountains of Israel, you will grow branches and bear fruit for My people Israel who will soon return ... you will be tilled and sown.  I shall multiply the men who live on you, the whole House of Israel, yes, all.  The cities will be lived in again and the ruins rebuilt ... I shall repopulate you as you were before.  I shall make you more prosperous then you were before and you will learn that I am YHVH.  Thanks to Me, men will tread you again, My people Israel; they will have you for their own domain and never again will you rob them of their children ... I shall never again let you bear the insults of the nations.  You will never again have to bear the taunts of the foreigners (verse 33) I will repopulate the cities and cause the ruins to be rebuilt.  Waste land, once desolate for every passer-by to see, will now be farmed again.  Everyone will say: This Land, so recently a waste, is now like a Garden of Eden and the ruined cities, once abandoned and levelled to the ground, are now strongholds with people living in them.  And the nations left around you will know that I, YHVH, have rebuilt what was destroyed and replanted what was ruined.  I, YHVH, have spoken and I will do it.”

Anyone who is even slightly conversant with the modern history of Israel since the return of Jews after the 2nd World War and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, will know how “the deserts of Israel are blooming”.  Forests have been replanted after there was hardly a tree to be found in most areas in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  Swamps which have been turned into fertile agricultural lands and farms in desert areas are yielding fruits and flowers which are being exported all over the world.

And yet there are those who deny YHVH His honour in this miraculous matter or who are completely unaware of the divine miracles taking place daily right in front of the world’s eyes.

Then there are those who vehemently oppose the restructuring of Israel under Jewish rule and who attempt to “chase Israel into the sea”.

It will take no less than a nuclear confrontation in which YHVH will physically appear as a fighting Warrior on the side of Israel, to wake the entire world up to the reality of the existence of a living God Who cannot lie and Who is true to His Promises.


In the finale however, YHVH would not have achieved His Purpose fully without the nation of Israel, having achieved that total spiritual resignation and dedication to His Will (as entailed in His Laws) as He requires.

Another prophecy describes just such a national dedication at the time of His physical appearance to rescue them:

Zechariah 12:9,  “When that Day comes, I shall set Myself to destroy all the nations who advance against Jerusalem.  But over the House of David and the citizens of Jerusalem I will pour out a spirit of kindness and prayer.  They will look on the One they have pierced.  They will mourn for Him as for an only son ... When that Day comes, there will be great mourning in Judah ... and the country will mourn clan by clan ... a Fountain will be opened for the House of David and the citizens of Jerusalem.”

In this way, His oath that Israel would eventually serve Him fully, will then also have been fulfilled (Ezek. 20:39).

Isaiah 45:21 “... Am I not YHVH. There is no other God besides Me ... there is none apart from Me.  Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth, for I am God unrivalled.  By My own Self I swear it: ... before Me every knee shall bend; by Me every tongue shall swear.”




The New Age - transcending the Unimaginable!



"Oh, that You would tear the Heavens open and come down - at Your Presence, the mountains would melt ...- to make known Your Name to Your enemies and make the nations tremble at Your Presence, working unexpected Miracles" (Isaiah 64:1 - 3, - The Jerusalem Bible). "For since the beginning of the world,  no-one has heard or  perceived,  neither has anyone  seen, O God, (except You, alt: Your Selflessness), what You have prepared for those who wait for You."  (Isaiah 64:4 - literally translated from the original Hebrew Text).

Micah 4:1  "In the days to come, the mountain of the Temple of YHVH will be put on top of the mountains and be lifted higher than the hills.  The peoples will stream to it; nations without number will come to it and they will say: ‘Come, let us go up to the mountain of YHVH, to the Temple of the God of Jacob so that He may teach us His ways and we may walk in His paths; since from Zion the Law will go out and the Oracle of YHVH from Jerusalem.’ He will wield authority over many nations and arbitrate for mighty nations ... Nation will not lift sword against nation; there will be no more training for war.”

Jeremiah 3:17  “When that time comes, Jerusalem will be called the Throne of YHVH...”

Ezekiel 43:7  “... I (YHVH) shall live here amongst the sons of Israel for ever.”

Amos 9:14  “I mean to restore the fortunes of My People Israel.  They will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them ... I will plant them in their own country, never to be rooted up again out of the Land I had given them, says YHVH your God.”

Zechariah 14:16  “All who survive of all the nations who have marched against Jerusalem will go up year by year to worship the King YHVH Sabaoth...”

Ezekiel 37:28  “And the nations will learn that I am YHVH the Sanctifier of Israel, when My Sanctuary is with them for ever.”

The Promises contained in Prophetic Script are not only for Israel, but also for the benefit of every living soul on earth, irrespective of nationality or race.  These Promises are of a New World Order which will be utopian and idyllic - beyond man's wildest imaginations - but under the direct Rule of the Creator God.  In world circles today, from influential world leaders in politics and in finance, there is much talk of a 'New World Order' also - but, this Order will be ruled by the elite and the powerful of the world.

"For now YHVH creates new heavens and a new earth, and the past will not be remembered and will come no more to men's minds ... I now create Jerusalem 'Joy' and and her people 'Gladness' ... no more shall the sound of weeping or the sound of cries be heard in her.  In her no more will be found the infant living a few days only, or the old man not living to the end of his days.  To die at the age of a hundred will be dying young ... they will not build for others to live in, or plant so that others can eat.  For my people shall live as long as trees, and My chosen ones wear out what their hands have made.  They will not toil in vain or beget children to their own ruin.  Long before they call I shall answer.   The wolf and the young lamb will feed together, the lion eat straw like the ox.  They will do no hurt, no harm on all My holy mountain, says YHVH."  (Isaiah 65: 17 - 25).

"On this mountain YHVH will remove the mourning veil covering all peoples and the shroud enwrapping all nations.  He will destroy Death forever ... He will wipe away the tears from every cheek." (Isaiah 25:7).

"Nation will not lift sword against nation.  There will be no more training for War." (Isaiah 2:4).  "Each man will sit under  his vine and his fig tree with no one to trouble him.  The mouth of YHVH has spoken it."  (Micah 4:3).

These benefits are there merely for the acceptance by those individuals who wish to abide by the rules and regulations of YHVH.  This, however, forms a subject all on its own. In the mean time, you may freely side with Him and His Cause - He Who leads and sustains Israel through all that which have merely been touched on in this review, in the pages hereabove, certainly has the Power to guide you also!



The Miracles interwoven into the astounding modern history of Israel's restoration to its ancient Homeland, is the remarkable way in which the Creator God has chosen to unequivocally prove His existence to a sceptical world.

This phenomenon is deepened by the unending string of Miracles each unveiling an inexplicable and intricate Paradox - Paradoxes which are unique to Israel only.  Divine Intelligence and  Supreme Wisdom in this flawless way, therefore offer a guarantee of the infallibility of the Divine Statements contained in Prophetic Script regarding His faithfulness to His Promises of a new World Order, under His direct reign from Jerusalem in Israel.


Jeremiah 23:7,  “See then, the days are coming - it is YHVH Who speaks - when people will no longer say: ‘As YHVH lives Who brought the sons of Israel out of the Land of Egypt!’  but, ‘As YHVH lives Who led back and brought home the descendants of the House of Israel out of the Land of the North and from all the countries to which He had dispersed them, to live on their own soil.’”

According to this prophecy, Jeremiah foresaw a time that the regathering and resettlement of both houses of Israel (as in the first Exodus) would be a great talking point - an even greater topic than the ancient Exodus.

The Exodus depicts the great historic event of the liberation of the whole nation of Israel, after four centuries of slavery in the Land of Egypt, in approximately the year 1250 BCE.  After successive approaches and pleadings “to let My people go”, accompanied by ‘Signs and Wonders’ (the Ten Plagues), the ruling Farao still refused.  God then intervened and led this nation out of Egypt by way of many natural disasters.  Under miraculous Divine Guidance more than a million people, with their cattle and their sheep, wandered in the barren Sinai desert for 40 years on their way to the Promised Land, Israel.  Their shoes and clothes never wore out and food, in the form of manna which “rained from Heaven”, was provided daily.

This great epic, to this day, is commemorated annually in the Jewish festival of Pesach, which to the Christians became Easter - the festival during which their Jewish-born Saviour was crucified as a sacrificial Paschal Lamb Offering, to release them from the bondage and slavery of sin.

However great and universally popular the Exodus may be, Jeremiah, in the above quoted prophecy, predicts that it would be transcended by the 'second Exodus' - this time from across the four corners of the earth, to reunite the identified remnant, Judah, with the rejected, exiled and unidentified estranged House of 10-Israel which will be re-identified and returned to the Land of their forefathers.

By comparison with the thousands of millions of people inhabiting planet earth today, those that acknowledge the profundity of the divine act of regathering Israel from its universal dispersion, are but few.  This certainly does not diminish the immensity of this achievement. Daily we are beholding the miraculous fulfillment,   so far, of the first part only of the second Exodus - that is, the Ingathering of Judah and their re-establishment of the physical re-erected Land of their forefathers. While this Return is miraculous in itself, as we have reviewed in this book thusfar, the remaining fulfillment, the revealing and re-identifying of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel and their reconciliation with Judah will supersede all expectations and immaginations!

It is the purpose of this book to testify to this modern-day miracle, so that many voices may be added to those who, in fulfillment of Jeremiah's Prophecy, call out in wonder and admiration to "YHVH Who lives and led back and brought home the descendants of the House of Israel from all the countries to which He had dispersed them, to live on their own soil,"  As the realisation spreads, worldwide exhilarating Joy is expanding, as more and more voices join the extolling Call:

- For the miracle of the rebirth of Israel as a modern State in 1948 after 2000 years of dispersion of the Israeli nation to every corner of the earth.

- For the miracle of a nation retaining its identity, traditions and religion notwithstanding the total loss of intercommunication during 20 centuries of being spread amongst the nations of the world, even to the extent of almost fully integrating with these, to them, alien nations.

- For the miracle of such a small nation, living on such a small piece of land, surrounded by so many enemy nations, building up from scratch one of the most efficient and most powerful military machines in the entire world, chalking up victory after victory against almost impossible odds. And all this was achieved within one to two decades of entering the land of their forefathers, flocking back as castaways of the world.

- For the miracle of creating a nation who’s survival has proven it to be ineffaceable  even in the face of mass persecutions, time after time, decade after decade, for almost 2000 years .... yet, within a few years after the ‘rebirth’ of Israel, to become the centre of controversy on the stage of modern world affairs.

- For the miracle of this tiny piece of wilderness land, without the proverbial “milk and honey”, and possessing no significant raw materials; with limited water resources and extremely harsh agricultural conditions, becoming the envy of many nations for reasons that would be quite baseless.  In the two millennia of Israel’s dispersion prior to 1948, the foreign nations that did rule this land, managed only in breaking it down in every aspect.

- For the miracle of a barren land of rocks, deserts and swamps being transformed by a returning remnant of the ancient Israelites, to a country with blooming mountain forests, endless citrus orchards, cultivated fields with agricultural exports all over the globe - much of this produce having been raised in the barren desert!

- For the miracle of a nation which in the ‘birth pangs’ of its ‘rebirth’ in 1948, had to absorb, in one year, more than a million immigrants, virtually refugees, with very few skills and in poor health (from the death camps of Germany), with no accommodation facilities for them. At other times it had to absorb masses of underdeveloped ‘brethren’ from African or Eastern countries, while their own economy was groaning.  After decades of Israel's calls to "Let My people go", Russia relented, and since 1993 hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews were being absorbed by Israel, each family requiring a government grant of thousands of dollars on their arrival.

- For the miracle of the indestructible national cohesion of a nation which is made up of 100 different ‘nations' and forged into one nation. It is as if there is a great melting pot of varying cultures and traditions, even varying in physical appearance, features, dress and skin colour - forging all into ONE cohesive nation!  And that while the other nations of the earth are divided and at enmity with each other because of differences of colour, race, culture or religion.

- For the miracle of the continued existence of this controversial little land in the face of grotesque problems that would probably spell doom to any other nation under similar conditions;  with a military budget which devours some 40% of the total national budget while the country had to be rebuilt from its foundations. It is a nation which promotes ultra democracy, freedom of thought and speech, thereby splitting itself into two extreme poles with a wide variety of political views in between, to the extent that its government can hardly find a majority or consensus on vital issues which confront the country and its continued existence.

- For the miracle of their ancient Biblical language, Hebrew, having been restored and used as the ‘common denominator’ in an attempt to, and as a solution to understanding each other among the many foreign languages spoken by the ‘ingathered ones’.

-  For the miracle inherent in the Divine Protection of Israel for its national survival, even though, as a nation, they seem to be prone to national suicidal inclinations, time and time again, throughout history.  This trait, which is remarkable for a nation which reflects possibly the highest values for Life, of all nations, has been evident before and during their German holocaust peresecution.  Their absolute faith in Life and human good, prevented them from fleeing while there was still time and opportunity.  They preferred to be "silently led to the slaughter house like sheep".  And once again, at this very time, their leaders, including Prime Minister Barak and  Sharon, both military commanders who boast the highest credentials in Israel's modern history,  seem to be forfeiting national security for the promise of peace by the Palestinians, who do not have a particularly good record for honouring treaties.  The majority of the Israeli population seems to be favouring the trading of their Divine Heritage of the 'Promised Land' for what may well prove to be an illusionary 'Peace' - and national suicide once more.  Yet, thousands of years could not yet provide the final fatal dose to wipe them out totally.

- And for the Miracle of the Paradox which makes this nation the target of  the hate and condemnation of the earth - a hatred which will culminate in the War of all Wars, when all the nations of the world will draw up to Jerusalem, there to discover the timeless reality of the Living Creator God, the 'God of Israel' - and to receive the flaming wrath of the Protector of Israel, which will scourge and purify the earth, before He sets up His Universal Rule from Jerusalem.  Then shall Peace and Justice be established throughout the world, when Divine Law will regulate the lives of the righteous from all nations, alongside the righteous in Israel - and all who dwell on earth will know God - and nations will be drawn together in friendship,  and the world will be perfected under the unchallenged Rule of the Creator, for ever and ever - thus the claims by Prophetic Script.

- And for the Miracle in the making, of millions of sincere Bible students across the earth, re-discovering their Hebraic Roots and turning, like the Prodigal Son, back to their Original True Biblical Hebraic Home and Faith, joined by people of all nations, even from Islam - Israel's greatest opponent - and subjecting themselves to the Covenant of YHVH, to become truly His nation, with Judah, His Chosen Scepter (Genesis 49:10).

- Above all, for the Miracle that this hitherto despised nation will, through the culminating world Apocalypse, prove to be the Divinely Chosen conduit of Divine Blessing unto all nations, when through  this nation and their capital, Jerusalem, the Creator God will establish the long sought after Peace and Joy for this strife torn world.

The list of miracles is endless - each of which unveils an inexplicable and intricate PARADOX - paradoxes which are unique to Israel only.

In this intricate and indisputable way of Paradox and Miracle, the Almighty God has procured unequivocal proof of His existence and of His infallible Promises to sustain the nation and country of Israel. It is His Divine Purpose, through this nation and this land, to display His Power, His Integrity, His Truthfulness and Compassion to and for all humanity, but also His righteous Judgment of the rebellious and unbelieving masses.

May the testimony of the contents of this book contribute to the fulfillment of Jeremiah's Prophecy.

Blessed are those who acknowledge the Miracles which are taking place right before our eyes, but which though, are yet unseen and unbeknown to the majority of today’s generally Godless, materialistic and unbelieving mankind.



Pondering on the Unanswerable ...


The subject of this book and the views posed by the author, will no doubt raise objections, counter views and difficulties for the reader.

This closing chapter is presented in a sincere effort to assist readers in finding some answers to questions which may have been raised in their minds, and resulting from our subject discussions.  These are often very perplexing questions - mostly unanswerable - certainly for those who have been directly affected, like when loosing a loved one under seemingly unfair circumstances.

One of the most common, though obscure and bewildering intricacies that the reader may encounter, is contained in the answer to the following question:


This is a serious and sincere question which has plagued many people since time immemorial.  In fact, the inability to find an answer has driven many a soul away from God.

During World War 2 a bomb fell on a church in England while people were praying on their knees - Could God not have prevented this?

On a Sunday evening in July 1993, armed terrorists opened fire on a church congregation in Cape Town, South Africa while they were singing a hymn.  These innocent worshippers were singing the praises of their Saviour, when 11 people were mowed down in their church pews and many congregants seriously injured.  Where was God during this attack?  Could He not have prevented it?

Where was He when His nation were led to the gas chambers - the aged together with small children, the infirm - by a demoniac?  Could He not have cut Hitler off in a wink?

There are many more questions like these that people raise - some have lost entire families and loved ones.  The answers are elusive and unprocurable for most.

But serious reflection on the considerations posed in this book, should reveal the intricate background to this stirring issue.

Two forms of reasoning that may be used in search of an answer to the seemingly unfair actions of God in certain instances, may be the following:

   - Would the Divine Purpose have gained by using alternative methods?  As posed in our discussions above regarding Israel (refer chapter 5), such action on His behalf, in this specific instance, would certainly not have been to the credit of His divine Cause.

   - Secondly, reflect for a moment on how perplexing it must be for an all powerful God to have to be restrained from using His limitless Powers to protect and save, and to be witness to disasters He very well has the power to prevent or stop.  This restriction is brought about because the full cycle of the Divine Plan has to be accomplished and in a fair and non-dictatorial way.

It is also clear from the Scriptures that the Divine rule of God is being challenged by Satan, the adversary of the God of Israel.  Satan is an apostate angel who challenges the Rulership of YHVH and who  has managed to win the support of a section of the angelic beings (Isaiah 14:12 - 15).  Satan will therefore closely scrutinise every action of God and look for all possible reasons to negate the integrity of the Most High.   In fact, the Book of Job offers a complete deliberation on this very subject (Refer to Job 1:6-12 and the complete book of Job).

In our modern world today, the idea of a living creature, Satan, who opposes the Divine Purpose and Plan of the Almighty, is not a popular or commonly accepted theme, even by religious believers of the world's largest Faiths.  This notwithstanding the fact that Satan is openly worshipped today in all its horrific inhumane forms.  Even if we allow for his "non-existence",  it is indisputable that, in order to put the Creator YHVH beyond any possible blame or accusation, the Truth regarding His total and perfect Integrity needs to be established once and for all time.  A legal precedent needs to be established and a time dispensation was required for this.  The practical outcome of this dispensation,  without active interference or intervention by the Creator Himself,  would yield the unchallengeable proof for good, that:
 - YHVH does not pressurise anyone to obey His lifegiving Laws simply because He is all powerful, and He does not rule only through might;
 - YHVH is not oppressive without giving others, even those opposing Him, an alternative choice - a free will;
 -  YHVH's Way is the only way for mankind, and the universe, for Peace and Happiness;
  -  YHVH is totally fair in all respects thinkable; He has not deserted mankind; He has no favouratism; He does not condemn without reason.

One should appreciate that, even for an omnipotent Being, in order to be perfectly fair and righteous, neither dictatorial nor partisan, the handling of such a matter as guiding an individual throughout life, or leading an entire nation or mankind as a whole, would be a formidable task.  Consideration should also not be given to specific matters in isolation, but to the complete Divine Purpose in its entirety.

The God of Israel;, YHVH, distinguishes Himself as the unique  Deity, totally unlike the idols and deities of  the other nations.  Had He only blessed His followers and not allowed disaster to also befall them, He would have been no different to all the other deities of history, who were generally envisaged as the 'protectors' of the worst undertakings of forceful rulers and of their evil accomplishments.

Scripture abounds with enchanting referrals to the Blessings and Joy that will befall those who are found to be on the side of the Almighty at the culmination of all, in His eternal Kingdom.

In short, the Almighty is no doubt infinitely more concerned and pained by the earthly conditions which He has to behold and endure without being able to use His caring and limitless powers.  Will He not then use these powers to make up to His followers in the New World Order?

The End

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Some readers may contend, once again, that this Scripture refers to the first Ingathering, from Babilon (refer Note 5 above).  Although this was written by the Prophet Zechariyah shortly before the Return from Babilon, the context of the chapters and paragraphs preceding this text clearly refer to a much broader time span, including events even future for us today, when God will live “amongst” His people and all nations will be directly under His Jurisdiction (8:3, 22).  Like most Prophecies of that time, it had a “dual” fulfillment - applicable to that time but with a more perfect ultimate fulfillment at the End of this dispensation and at the start of the New Dispensation - the Climax of the Ages.

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