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Bible Revelations about the Oneness of God

Undoubtedly, one of the unshakable Pillars of the Bible is that “God IS ONE!”

NO statement of any commentator who proclaims ANY FORM of Duality of God can challenge this foundational Pillar of Truth.

The Secret is founded in the Truth about the Matter that GOD IS ONE.  One + one + one (or ANY other formula of duality) CANNOT be ONE except for the ONE ONLY all-encompassing, OMNI-PRESENT God Who could manifest HIMSELF in a multitude of forms in order to achieve His Purpose of communication.

If all mankind could grasp this, most of them would still deny that “that other form” of the One Only God, is really YHVH God Himself!

While it is true that both the Tanach ('Old Testament') and the NT explicitly refer to a “Son” of God,  it involves one of the Greatest Truths and Mysteries:


It is a topic on which many bold and invalid statements are made by many well informed teachers – unfortunately, most of them wrong!

Like all Secrets – it is NOT easily found or digested.  It has kept mankind arguing and contemplating for millennia!  It requires a personal Divine Revelation in order to grasp it and be prepared to die for it!

It will remain an unachieved Truth for most until “they look upon Him, YHVH, Whom they have pierced!’ (Zech. 12:10) in the Time of the End, when Jerusalem faces destruction in the War of Gog Magog (Armageddon)..

No single article, statement, study, book, encyclopedia can hope to convince its readers.

Into this whirlpool of knowledge, allow us to cast the following set of comprehensive Bible Studies and explanations.




BIBLE REVELATIONS is a non-proselytizing Messianic Web Site which is NOT directed at Jews - but at Zionist Christians, to proclaim Judaism as the One Only True Faith under Rabbinic authority to them

The publishers of this Web Site recognize the extensive damage done to the Jewish people over the centuries by attempts to convert them to Christianity. We strongly condemn all such missionary activities and declare our  commitment to teach against the proselytizing or evangelizing of Jews,  or the influencing of Jews in any way whatsoever to abandon their historic and correct faith.



BIBLE REVELATIONS implore Messianic Jews to RETURN to their Faith by pointing out to them how they have been dragged back "into Egypt" by their proselytizers.



BIBLE REVELATIONS proclaim Y'SHUAH as the Messiah ben Yosef Who redeemed the Lost Tribes of Israel and reconciled them to the Covenant.  According to the great Jewish Sage, the Gaon of Vilna (1740)  the Divine Mandate of Messiah ben Yosef is the Ingathering of the exiles of Israel   Unlike the Lost Tribes of Israel,  Judah has remained in Covenant throughout and there is therefore no need for Jews to be redeemed by the Messiah ben Yosef



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"Sitting at the right hand of God." Revelations from the Scriptures on how Messiah can be "sitting at the Right Hand of God" and be God Himself
Is Messiah God Himself?

Share in the greatest Revelations from the Scriptures.

Click on the Name that you know Messiah by:

Jesus ; Y'Shua ; Yeshua ; Yahushua ; Yehshua ; Yeshuah ; Yahshuah ; Yahshua ; Jeshua ;Yehoshuah

Bible Revelations Course

Astounding Biblical Proof of the True Identity of the Creator God.  Can man see God and live?  Has the Creator God ever been seen and touched by man on earth?  Read the astounding evidence in plain language in MANY places in your own Bible.  Then, in lesson 4,  experience the mind shattering implication of this Divine attribute! 

For honest Truth seekers only! 

Did you know ...

... That  Messiah was NEVER called  'Jesus' during His lifetime on earth. 

... and that Messiah was THE ''ETERNAL MOST HIGH  (" 'God' - as He is generally known) i.e. There is NO ONE above Him.

A complete selection of Revelationary Scripture to unlock the greatest Mystery in the Bible!

God even manifested Himself as a White Dove at His Baptism as the  Messiah? Does the appearance of the Holy Spirit as a Dove at Messiah's Baptism prove a 'Trinity'? 

Identifying the True Messiah

The One True Identifying Sign which so many Christian and even Jewish Messianic Teachers have refused to acknowledge.
Here's your God? Messiah reveals His True Identity in Scriptural Code to John the Baptist and to His followers.
What's wrong with a Trinity? Staggering Proof of the Pagan origin of this Teaching, whereby the Eternal Most High is being blasphemed, dishonored and denied the Right to His Own Throne! 
How to Identify the real Anti-Christ. The correct interpretation of the very few direct references in the Bible to this mysterious Identity of "the Antichrist",  will expose the many popular misconceptions on this subject, which conceal the discovery of the vital Key to Eternal Life.  Only your True understanding and acknowledgment of the True Identity of Messiah will be your protection against 'anti-Christ'.
Know the Way The Oneness Truth is one of the Seven clear markers specified to clearly distinguish the True Way to Eternal Life from the parallel running counterfeit Way to eternal doom on which, according to the Bible,  the masses find themselves.  Deut. 30:19, "I set before you life or death, blessing or curse.  Choose Life then, that you may live."  The Choice is yours only!
Who does Messiah say He is: Man or God? How can Messiah be God if Scripture says He is the "Son of God"?" Check out 47 Scriptural Statements from Messiah Himself regarding His mysterious Identity which has been a highly controversial subject for 2000 years - and still hotly debated today!
What does the Oneness doctrine teach?

What is the difference between the pure Oneness teaching and any other non-oneness (or multiplicity) theology,  like "the Trinity" and the more recent "Compound Unity", "two Yahweh's" and "The Lesser & the Greater YHVH"  teachings? 

- Why did He refer to "His Father" as being "Greater than Himself?"

- Why does Scripture refer to Him as sitting "at the right-hand"  of God?

Fallacy of the two-YHVH's theory and 'Compound Unity' teaching. Does the Shemah teach that YHVH is a 'compound unity, or that there is "another 2nd YHVH"?
2 YHVH's? Bible Revelations refutes a popular Messianic view of the Godhead.
Problematic Questions against the Oneness Why did Messiah say "My Father is greater than I."  If He is God, how does He then sit "at the right Hand of God"?  Did Messiah then pray to Himself?  Proper understanding of the Oneness of God reveals the answers to these problematic questions
The Athanasian Creed Reviewing the fundamental doctrine of the trinity and it's origins.
The Oneness of the Deity How does the Oneness doctrine differ from others?
LINKS Other Oneness Sites


The One True God identifies Himself through the Bible, as the Creator and by His Name YHVH - the Eternal Most High.  As omnipresent Spirit, YHVH manifested Himself in a human Body,  born from an Israelite woman by miraculous Divine Insemination, to experience human life at first-hand  and to succeed in perfect human nature.  In this form, as  'Messiah ben Yosef',  God provided Himself as the 'Unblemished Sacrifice' and paid with His Human Life for the reconciliation of 'His lost sheep' to His Covenant.  When YHVH died on the Stake as a Man, most brutally murdered by His own Creation,  His Spirit never died (for it lives eternally) and in Spirit He was still Omni-presently present throughout the Universe!  Thus Messiah could say: "Break down this Temple, and in 3 days I  will resurrect it again!" - How would this be done? - through His omnipresent Eternal Spirit.  God is eternally ONE.

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