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Bible Revelations about the Sacred Name


Why we use The Sacred Names - YHVH, YAHU'SHUAH


The use of the "SACRED NAME" by Commentators, preachers and in special Sacred Name Bible publications, have been rapidly increasing over the last few decades. So intensive has this increase of knowledge been, that the use of the Hebrew or Jewish Names of The Most High and the Messiah, have become almost common domain in religious education and institutions and amongst dedicated worshippers across the world.


There is a school of thought which maintains that the Sacred Names should NOT be used in writing or in speaking.  While we certainly agree with that position, it remains a vital requirement for serious students of the Scriptures to be conversant with His Name.  The concealing of His Name, even out of great respect, does result in covering many great Truths about the True Identity of the Creator God.  It is for the uncovering of these Truths which are so vital for compliance with His Requirements for His People, that we do publish the Sacred Names in these studies.  We also find our Divine Mandate for this strategy in many explicit Scriptures in the Bible, all of which stress the importance and the need for proper knowledge of His name.  Here are two such instances:


Jeremiah 33:2  "YHVH Who made the earth, Who formed it and set it firm - YHVH is His Name - says this:  'Call to Me and I will answer you ...'"


Isaiah 12:4  "Give thanks to YHVH - call His Name aloud.  Proclaim His deeds to the nations, declare His Name sublime Sing of YHVH, for He has done marvelous things - let it be known to the whole world!".





BIBLE REVELATIONS is a non-proselytizing Messianic Web Site which is NOT directed at Jews - but at Zionist Christians, to proclaim Judaism as the One Only True Faith under Rabbinic authority to them

The publishers of this Web Site recognize the extensive damage done to the Jewish people over the centuries by attempts to convert them to Christianity. We strongly condemn all such missionary activities and declare our  commitment to teach against the proselytizing or evangelizing of Jews,  or the influencing of Jews in any way whatsoever to abandon their historic and correct faith.



BIBLE REVELATIONS implore Messianic Jews to RETURN to their Faith by pointing out to them how they have been dragged back "into Egypt" by their proselytizers.



BIBLE REVELATIONS proclaim Y'SHUAH as the Messiah ben Yosef Who redeemed the Lost Tribes of Israel and reconciled them to the Covenant.  According to the great Jewish Sage, the Gaon of Vilna (1740)  the Divine Mandate of Messiah ben Yosef is the Ingathering of the exiles of Israel   Unlike the Lost Tribes of Israel,  Judah has remained in Covenant throughout and there is therefore no need for Jews to be redeemed by the Messiah ben Yosef



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