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1.  How does the Oneness doctrine differ from others? 
2.  Why did Messiah say "My Father is greater than I" 
3.  If Messiah is God, how does He sit "at the right Hand of God"? 
4.  Why did Messiah "pray to His Father?" 
5.  Difference between the Old and New Covenant? 
6.  Why did Messiah have to "shed His Blood"? 
7.  Meaning of the Sacred Festivals? 
8.  What is the link between the Salvation Plan & Sacred Feasts? 
9.  Has the Full Law been annulled or only partially? 
10  Are Jews who do not accept the Messiah, eternally lost? 
11  Should Jews be evangelized in order to 'save their souls' ? 
12  Is there another Salvation Plan for Jews? 

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Q"What is the difference between the pure Oneness teaching and any other non-Oneness theology, like the doctrine of the Trinity and the more recent "Compound Unity" and  "two *YHVHs"  teachings?  Those who teach these latter theories, all claim to be centered on 'ONE true YHVH'".
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They all have to proclaim "ONE" God,  in order to conform with Scripture - but then they twist it to 2, 3 or a multiplicity.

The  '2 YHVHs' teaching, in particular,  is a "horror" teaching, because the advocates thereof have advanced deep enough into Scripture,  to have to admit that Messiah, before His earthly existence, was indeed YHVH the Creator.  Yet, they have resultantly created the "2 YHVHs" theory in order to deprive Messiah of any real claim to outright Supremacy, which certainly belongs to YHVH, the Creator God of Israel!   They then degrade Him to an inferior position below an illusionary "other" YHVH!  Can you imagine, YHVH's Greatest Commandment and exclamation that He is ONE (Deut 6:4), is turned upside down? The most basic of mathematics, the figure ONE is contorted to become 2 and even 3 with others!!!  God Almighty is corrected on an elementary fact!

The KEY for anyone to find Truth in this matter, is according to the following Test:  "Where does a specific teaching place Messiah in relation to YHVH, the One True God of Israel?  Do they place Him ON His Throne as YHVH, or next to His own Throne?

The reason many believers in the Messiah would want to see Him rather next to the Throne than on the Throne,  is that these promoters and believers in the non-Oneness teachings,  lack that overflowing Love for Him,  in order to exalt Him to the utmost height of Heights.  They have this image of a "Holy Supreme God",  which position they reserve for some other Being above Messiah. This is the "unknown Father" figure in the Trinity;  and the "first YHVH" Who is placed above Messiah, Who is then claimed to be the "2nd YHVH"  in the 2-YHVH's teaching.    When shown on the Scriptural Oneness of YHVH, followers of any non-Oneness teaching,  will insist on delving deeper into Scripture in order to find 'proof' for their downgrading of Messiah.  It is amazing to see what extent they will go to,  in order to confirm their belief.

These people should realise that HaSatan (satan, the fallen arch angel, Lucifer) has as his mission,  the exaltation of himself above YHVH - to usurp YHVH's Throne.  Thus,  this "unknown superior being" which they proclaim, could well be HaSatan himself!    It must be stressed that most of these believers are doing so in ignorance.  They have been misled by the arch-liar.  Why they fall short in their love for Messiah,  is a mystery.  Those who have a burning urge to raise Him to the Uppermost, should be extremely thankful!

Any thorough student of Scripture should know undeniably, that YHVH Himself  appeared as a Malach (angelic Being) to Avraham,  to Manoah and his wife, to many others according to the Tanach,  and later as the Saviour, YAHU'SHUAH the Messiah..

Please refer to the Bible Course at http://www.revelations.org.za/BRCIntro.htm- consisting of four lessons only,  which comprehensively explain these Personal manifestations of YHVH from Scripture, and finally reveal the Oneness Truth.  However, many believers, even after admitting to these explicit Scriptures,  still fail to give Messiah the full honour as being the human manifestation of the Spirit God, YHVH.

It is true though, that no amount of explanation will ever reveal the sublime Truth of the Oneness,  unless God reveals it to to the searching believer.  He has promised to reveal Himself to anyone who is searching for Him in true and honest humility of spirit - those who are willing to exalt Him to that Glorious position of being the Most High YHVH Himself.  On the other hand, He will not impose on those who wish to degrade Him, to whatever small degree it may be.

Many believers will contend that YHVH is so superior and exalted, that it is beyond man's comprehension - it is an area who should not endeavor to treed into, they will say.  This is most probably rather a defensive barrier behind which they hide,  a barrier set up by those who are confronted by the Truth, and who are hesitant to admit to His full Greatness.

Q: "What then is the explanation of the 'Mystery' of the true Identity of Messiah in relation to YHVH?"

Q: "Why did He refer to 'His Father', as being 'Greater than Himself'?"

Q: "Why does Scripture refer to Him as sitting 'at the right-hand'  of God?"

Q: "How could YHVH forsake Himself on the Death Stake?"


Consider this:-
YHVH is a Spirit Being (Gen. 1:2;  John 4:24;  2 Cor. 3:17),  omnipresent throughout the universe, that is, present all over at the same moment.
YHVH is the ONLY TRUE GOD (Exod. 20).
YHVH is ONE  (Deut. 6:4).

His omnipresence and omniscience allows Him to manifest Himself in various
forms and shapes - as treated in the Bible Course:  appearing to Abraham,
Moses, Manoah, etc. Refer to the Bible Course at: http://www.revelations.org.za/BRCIntro.htm

In order to offer the Perfect Sacrificial Lamb for the reconciliation of man with God, YHVH manifested Himself as an Israelite, born from a Hebrew woman - the seed planted in her womb by miraculous Divine intervention (NOT sexually - as some opposers of the Oneness would keenly interject!!!).   He could have manifested Himself in a full grown angelic 'man', as He did with Jacob, Manoah and his wife, etc. To be beyond the condemnations and accusations of a "horror" Website on Internet, the author of which blames YHVH for "the murder of His own Son!",  YHVH stunned the heavenly Angelic Host, by taking upon Himself perfect humanity (flesh, blood and soul) to manifest Himself as a man who could experience pain, hunger, satisfaction, rejection, human love, temptation etc etc.

In this way,  no one would ever be able to point a finger at Him when He judges humanity in the Coming Judgment:  "Lord, You do not know what it is to be human - how dare You judge me?"  He knows!  He has been there!  He experienced it - and He overcame like no human being before or since could do!!    Yet,  He could not pursue the fullness of life,  like ordinary man. He dared not marry, to experience one of the greatest blessings of creation - the perfect oneness of marriage and family life - for He would then have left behind Him Divine human descendancy!  Yes, there were things which He had to forfeit - the crowning blessings of life on earth, as devised by Himself for His own Creation!

But, if this were really true - if Messiah was the Human Manifestation of the Divine Creator God,  thus God in the flesh, why then all the misunderstanding?  Why the confusion which has been raging since the question was repeatedly thrown at  Messiah Himself:  "Who are You?"  "Who is the Father Whom you constantly refer to?"

Why the Mystery which 1 Tim 3:16 speaks of:
"And without controversy:  Great is the Mystery of Godliness.  God was manifest in the flesh,  justified in the Spirit,  seen of Angels,  praeched unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up in Glory."

Scripture itself clarifies why His Identity had to be a Mystery.
1 Cor 2:8   "It is a wisdom that none of the masters of this age have ever known, or they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory."  The consequences are obvious:  no salvation for millions in the world!

Resultantly, even Messiah kept it secret - yet revealing it in His own way to those who are tuned in for deeper Truth - Refer the various studies under Scetion 1 of the  On-Site Library  and also major sections of the Book of John.

The Key to understanding this "Mystery of Godliness" (1 Tim. 3:16) lies in His omnipresence.  The Spirit (which essentially is God) fills human beings in greater or lesser measure, while it also fills the Universe at the same time.  In Messiah's case,  His human Body was "specially created", through the normal birth process, in order to create a perfect human Body for the Sacrificial Offering.  This Body was indwelt,  fully and perfectly by the Eternal Spirit, while yet being omnipresent throughout the rest of the Universe.  As human Man, He was "A Son" to "His Father" (the omnipresent Spirit Being who in His Heavenly Manifestation is seated upon the Throne) while, at the same time, in his Human Manifestation, He was walking the earth,  amongst His nation.

As human Manifestation,  He prayed "to His Father".  As Spirit Being, He answers prayer.

As human manifestation,  He died on the Torture Stake.  As Spirit Being, He raised His Human Body from the Grave.

Only God can have different designated manifestations at the same time  - and because this is a strange, unnatural and unknown concept to mankind, we do not understand or relate to it easily.  God is no doubt using this non-natural concept, to divide the "chaff from the wheat".  And this whole division is based on LOVE and ADORATION for Him.  Those of His professing followers who truly love Him, will have no qualms or problems in exalting Him to the Uppermost throne.  The spirit of Satan is to dethrone Him!

1 John 4:1  “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of The Almighty,  because MANY FALSE PROPHETS are gone out into the world"

1 Cor. 12:3  "No one can say that YAHU'SHUAH is the Lord (YHVH) unless he is under the influence of the Holy Spirit"

Coll. 2:9  "In His (Messiah's) Body lives the fullness of Divinity"  Alt. "In Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead, bodily!"

In reflecting further and deeper on the reality of this Divine Messianic Manifestation and His agony on the Torture Stake - there where the staggering implications of His omnipresence in this Divine Miracle of human Manifestation becomes evident,  let us consider the following:  He felt the Death pangs as any human being would.   But, more so, His rejection was not only the rejection of man towards man - His was the rejection also by His own Creation,  by His own Nation - wow!!!!!

Zech 13:6  "And if anyone asks Him: 'What are these wounds between your hands?',  He will reply:  'These I received in the house of My friends!'" (Refer also to the preceding powerful evidence in Zech. 12:10,  to confirm the context, viz. that it speaks of YHVH Who was pierced!)

But - as Creator on that Stake - He had the Power, by simply having to utter one Word,  in retaliation for what was being done unto Him by His own Creation  - "DESTROY!" - and this whole world would have disappeared in a puff of dust, never to be found again!   This Word would have been as powerful as His creative Words by which He spoke "and it was" - behold the creation of this wonderful earth!

This is "The Gospel" of Truth - not a Father "weeping for His Son" Whom He
has sent into these despicable circumstances (if this were true, then those "horror" Site accusations against YHVH "for murdering His own Son", would have been well founded!!) - but rather the Creator of the Universe rejected and destroyed by His own created beings, in His Own House!!! (Jo. 1:10,11  Isa. 53;  Zech 13:6 ).

As omnipresent Spirit,  He was still present throughout the Universe in that hour.  But as human manifestation, He was subject to human suffering.   And when Death mercifully interjected,  His Humanity felt His Own Spirit departing from Him - utter Darkness set in into the heart and soul of the  "Light of the World" - "My God, My God!  Why have you forsaken Me?!!"  What a heart rendering, and soul crushing Truth!

Yet, in His dying agony, He withheld that one word of condemnation!  Why?  For the sake of the many Loved ones of His Herd!

This Divine feature of omnipresence, holds the answer to all these difficult questions:
"Why did He say that His Father is greater than Him?" - because 'Father' refers to the omnipresent Spirit Being that fills the universe - God in essence as opposed to the Manifested Human (therefore limited) Body of Messiah - simply a Manifestation of the One only 'Invisible' omnipresent God (Jo. 4:24).

"Why does Scripture refer to Him as sitting 'at the right-hand'  of God?"  Because for the completion of His Messianic Mandate,  He still has to fill an Interceding Role with the Omniscient Spirit Being, but only until He will come as Judge and Ruler in His Own New Kingdom (Ps 110:1).  Refer and click here for a full revelationary study from Scripture:
"Sitting at the Right Hand of God" http://www.revelations.org.za/RHand.htm

"Does that mean that He prayed to Himself?"  The Human Manifestation of the One True God, in setting an example to us by living Life as a human being Himself,  prayed to the Omnipresent God as we should be doing.  In John ch. 11, when Messiah raised Lazarus from death after four days.  In His prayer He said (Jo.11:42) "Father, I thank you for hearing My prayer.  I knew indeed that you always hear Me, but I speak for the sake of all these who stand around Me, so that they believe that it was You Who sent Me."  Then He cried out in a loud voice and raised Lazarus.  Clearly an admission that He need not have prayed 'to His Father', for He Himself, as the Only True God, has Power over life and death!  (Jo. 5:21.26).

Again, in Matt. 18:19  "I tell you solemnly, if two of you on earth agree to ask anything at all,  it will be granted by My Father in Heaven.  For where two or three meet in My Name,  I shall be there with them." How?  As the omnipresent Spirit Being Who is God (the Father) Himself  (Jo. 4:24).

"Surely, God cannot die?" - but His human Manifestation, could! - while His Spirit lives forever, eternally - and we are told we may share in this!!

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Q: "What is the difference between the Old and the New Covenant?

Q: "What has the 'Blood of Messiah' to do with Salvation?"

Q: "Why was there a Crucifixion - What does it all mean?"

Q: "What is the purpose and the Link with the Sacred Festivals?"

Q: "Has the Full Law been annulled or only partially?"


As believers in the Messiah and His Sacrificial Accomplishment, many have 'grown up' with terms and ideas which they are often very hesitant to question.

They have been 'brainwashed' with terms like 'saved by His Blood which washes us clean', being 'under His Blood', etc.  Have they ever dared to question it?  Are they brave enough to question its true meaning and implications?

What was the purpose of His Sacrifice really?  Why did He 'shed His Blood' (offered His Life) for us?  For WHO did He give this Offering?  Why did He give it?

The answer to these questions, and to our very 'Salvation', is closely related to the Divine Purpose of the  COVENANT.  And when we talk about the Covenant, the immediate reaction is that there is an 'Old' and a 'New' Covenant.

What has changed from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant?
Has the Old Covenant been done away (in part or total) and replaced by a New (changed) Covenant?  Was this the purpose of the 'Blood of Messiah', to CHANGE the Divine Covenant in a 'New' dispensation?

The correct answers to these questions will also determine -
- whether the Law still exists in part or in total;
- whether believers should observe the full Law or not;
- which is the real True Faith;
- whether we should return to Judaism or to a 'rejuvenated' type of Christianity based on some form of true Judaism;

The correct answer will tell us WHY God 'shed His Blood' and for WHAT Purpose.

The Answer to these questions is contained in the diagramatic representation of the Feasts of YHVH, better known as the 'Jewish Feasts', which depict and lay out the overall Purpose and Plan of YHVH for humanity.  This diagram forms the BASIS of the 'Worship Plan' of the Almighty.  It reflects the route of 'The WAY' to Eternal Salvation - from bondage of sin and enstrangement with God, thru gradual release of bondage by the practising of His Will (as engraved in His Laws), building of spiritual wisdom and power in our lives, right thru unto eventual atonement with the Most High, ruling with Him in His Eternal Universal Kingdom.

This may sound a 'mouth full', but, it is really elementarily displayed in the Diagram (or Site map) of His Great Feasts.  This diagram clearly depicts:
- the individual believer's own personal 'route' to eventual Eternal Salvation and Atonement (much as some believers would want to 'prove' that "they are already saved");
- the route of the nation of Israel in the annals of history and where they are heading;
- the Future of humanity and the world.


This is an overwhelming subject which will merely be summarised here.  It entails the WHOLE Plan of YHVH. 

Scriptural quotes will be limited to the minimum,  because the source is so vastly encompassing.  Readers will however be referred to comprehensive additional Pages on this Website.


The Bible teaches THREE Feast times in the year. Israel is commanded to "go up to Jerusalem" for these festive times.

All are 'Sabbaths' - no work - Holy-days, with some intermittent days. These Feasts fall in the first Biblical month, the fourth and the seventh.  The 1st month and 7th month Feasts follow an almost similar pattern, with the Feasts determined for:
1st of the month
10th of the month, and
14 to 21st. of the month

There are minor discrepancies in determining of these dates (as with determining the new Moon also) which accounts for the reasons why these dates differ between Jewish sects, Christianity and Hebraic Roots Restorers.

Months are determined by the new Moons which indicate the 1st. day of the new month,  and the Feasts are counted accordingly from there.
The First month falls at the spring equinox (Apr);
The 7th month at the equinox in September.

According to the Traditional (current) Jewish Calendar, the Great Festivals are:

1/1 - New Year (Jewish tradition moved it to the 1st of the 7th Biblical month)
14/1 - Pesach - "The Season of our Freedom"
15/1 to 21/1 - Matzot (Unleavened Bread) (U/B) 1st and last days are Sabbaths.
16/1 Omer (Wave Sheaf Offer) (W/O) used as the 1st day of a 50-day countdown to Shavuot (Pentecost)

4th MONTH - Shavuot (Pentecost) "Season of Giving of our Law" falling on the 50th day of the Omer (W/O).

7th MONTH -
1/7  - Rosh HaShanah "Blowing of the Shofar" (Trumpets) - New Year
10/7 - Yom Kippur (Judgement Day)
15/7 to 22/7 - Succot 7 days (Tabernacles) "Season of our Gladness" 1st and last days are Sabbaths..
23/7 - Simchat Torah - Rejoicing with Torah - Normal Solemnity waived -
dancing with the Torah thru the synagogue and the streets in Israel - The
Eighth Day - Last Great Day

"Last Great Day" - (Hebr.: Shemini Atzeret) the final concluding Feast Day of the 7th Month - referred to by Messiah as "The GREATEST Day of the Feasts" (Jo 7:37).



Pesach = Exodus from Sin (land of Egypt) Sacrifice fulfilled by Messiah on 14/1
U/Bread = "remembrance" of constant fight against sin
Shavuot = Receiving of the Law at Sinai / sealing of the Covenant / Pentecost - sealing of the new Covenant with Holy Spirit Power and Love as means to comply.

7th month = Return of Messiah with Trumpets, Judgement Day, Atonement,
Celebration in the Kingdom! Eternally with YHVH!

Even a cursory reflection on the 'chain' of these events, should indicate a
progressive flow in the Salvation Plan: (read thru the above calendar of Feasts again, then refer to the next section):



The Cycle of the Sacred Festivals reflect the progressive cycle in God's Salvation plan for the individual believer.

This cycle proceeds forth from -
- the Start of the spiritual 'walk' , through -
- the release from sin
- practising of the Way
- Receiving of the Guidelines and 'rules of the Game' (The Covenant and Law) as well as the spiritual power thereto
- the return of the King to establish His Kingdom (with Trumpets)
- Judgement Day
- Atonement with God
- celebration in the New Kingdom with the ancient patriarchs, angels and Messiah!
- a new Day!

This is a progressive Salvation Plan, with the Sacred Feasts acting as memorials, commemorations, or reminders - as beacons to guide and inspire us along the Way.

Why do we say it is a "progressive" Salvation Plan?  Because though we are 'saved' by accepting Messiah's Sacrificial Offer as our reconciliation, which is simply the entry to God's Plan and Purposse - there still is a life-long road to walk and to grow in Faith.  It is noteworthy, that the establishing of the New Covenant by "writing His Laws on our hearts",  occurs midway in the process.  This is depicted in the Festive Cycle,  by the Festival of Shavuot (Pentecost), midway  between Pesach (the 'sealing' of the Covenant by His Blood) and His Return for Judgement on Rosh HaShana, to receive At-one-ment with Him and enter into His Kingdom if found complying with His Requirements.

Q:  "What is the role of 'Messiah's Blood' in this Salvation Program?"

It is a Divine Scriptural Precept, that "Blood is the carrier or the seat of Life" and that "Blood atones for Life".  Hence its leading place in Sacrificial Ritual  (Lev. 17:11).  According to Divine Law,  almost everything has to be purified by blood (Heb. 9:22;  Ex. 24:8).

In making restitution for wrongdoing, the highest price that one can pay, is with your own blood or life.  The Biblical Old Covenental Sacrificial System allowed for man to atone for breaking the Law, with the blood of animals, when death was not the highest penalty (as for murder - when the murderer has to pay with his/her own blood).

Mankind today, in its highly evolved 'civilized' status,  has an acquired aversion against this 'blood-thirstiness' of the 'Old Testament' - notwithstanding the fact that this 'higher evolvement' allows them to legalise the murder of unborn babies through abortion while protecting the lives of murderers through abolishing the death sentence!.  They are thus blinded to the astounding revelation prefigured by this sacrificial atonement,  namely that God Himself would reconcile man by the shedding of His Own Blood;  by paying the highest penalty Himself - by becoming the ultimate Sacrifice for the unrighteousness (lawlessness) of repentant sinners.

The Old Covenant was ratified or sealed (confirmed) with the blood of animals (Ex. 24:6-8;  Heb ch 9).  The New Covenant was sealed with the Blood Signature of God Almighty Himself - in order to bring those for whom He atoned with His Own Blood, to Law observance - not licentiousness as is being taught by most of the 'New Covenant' claimants under a theory of all-encompassing 'Grace'!

This is what the Crucifixion of Messiah entails - somewhat different to 'the Gospel' which is generally preached from Christian pulpits!

Why did the Old Covenant have to be 'sealed'?
- to ensure the Divine Promise of Blessings to those who uphold their part of the Covenant (Contract).

Why did the New Covenant have to be 'sealed'? (by the Blood of Messiah)
- to ensure the Divine Promise of eternal Life to those who uphold their part of the Covenant (Contract), namely subservience and obedience to His Law.

What does the Old Covenant entail or stipulate?

"If  you obey My Law (all 613 of them), then you shall be blessed above all nations, be My People and inherit the Promised Land"  (Summarised conclusion from multiple Scriptures - for a full comprehensive Scriptural analysis,  please refer to the full study on The Eternal Covenant)

What does the New Covenant entail or stipulate?


ONLY - now you have been "purchased"  by the Blood of God - and have the 'seal' of Confirmation to this Divine 'Contract' in His Blood!!!!

For what purpose?  To keep the same Laws in order to inherit the Eternal
Promised Kingdom of YHVH.

Matt 5:18  "Till Heaven and earth disappear, not one dot, not one little stroke shall disappear from the Law ..."  He then specifies which Law He is talking about, by quoting sections of this 'Law' (Matt 5:21-48). Closer analysis reveals in this portion of Scripture that He specifies 2 Laws from the Ten Commands, but FIVE from the "Law of Moses" which so many Christian believers claim have been "annulled with the Old Covenant".  YAHU'SHUAH saw and preached no such annulment!

The 176 verses of the lengthy Ps 119 all sing the praises of the Divine Law of YHVH.  The words Law, Commandments, Ordinances, Statutes, Judgements, Decrees, Precepts - are synonymously and intermittently used (and inconsistently in various translations) for the concept of the Laws of God.  Who is then to say that the "Ordinances" specifically have been annulled?

Obviously, the only Laws which "have been nailed to the Cross",  are the Laws pertaining to Sacrificial offerings for sin, having been annulled by the "perfect Sacrifice" of Messiah.

Even this, does not mean that there is "no more Sacrifice".  Messiah's Sacrifice has become our continual  Sacrifice! (Dan 9:27).

Incidentally, the influential apostle, Paul,  offered  'Jewish sacrifice' long after the Crucifixion! (Acts 21:26 & 24:17)


Eph 2:11,12  "...there was a time when you were pagans ... uncircumcised ... and were excluded from membership of Israel, aliens with no part in the Covenants with their Promise ... without Hope and without God.  But now, in YAHU'SHUAH Messiah, you ... have been brought very close by the Blood of Messiah."

Thus, He 'purchased' non-Jews, the uncircumcised, by offering His Blood in order to make them "members of Israel - part of the Covenant".

Q:  "What else has changed from the Old to the New Covenant?"

The 'means' of registry of the Law (613 including the 10), which is the foundation of the Contract / Covenant.

The Old Covenant Keys (Laws) were written first on tables of stone and kept in the Most Holy Section of the Temple in the Ark of the Covenant.  The New Covenant Keys (SAME Laws), under the New Covenant, would be written "on the Tables of our hearts" (Jer 31:33) "so that they will KEEP My Laws and respect My Observances AND PUT THEM INTO PRACTISE." (EZEK 11:19 - 21).  To enable us to do this, He would also "put His Spirit in us" (Ezek 11:19).

This explains why the Spirit of YHVH was "poured out" on believers on the Day of Pentecost (Shavuot), which is the memorial anniversary (to this very day) in Judaism for the event of the receiving of the Law at Sinai.

Thus, at Sinai He confirmed His Covenant by handing Israel His Law, and centuries later,  in Jerusalem, 50 days after the Sacrificial Offering of YAHU'SHUAH the Messiah, on the VERY same day destined for this purpose in the "Diagram" of His Festive Cycle,  He "wrote the SAME Laws" upon the hearts of the first Messianic Believers and confirmed it with the Power of His Spirit in tongues of Fire, on their hearts!  Refer the study on Shavuot (Pentecost) - the Oracle of YHVH

THIS Spirit should PRIMARILY therefore be an evidence of LAW ABIDANCE.  In stead, today, converts to the Messiah are often taught to disregard the "Jewish Laws" and rather strive for speaking in unintelligible languages as a "sign" of His Spirit.  Love, they are told, will guide you as to what is holy and what not. Grace, has released you from all Law abidance!

So, today, many Pentecostals abide by one of the 'Mosaic Laws' - the Law of  Tithing (and rightfully testify to the Blessings attained by doing so), yet condemn the Jewish Law as 'a curse' - the very Law that has blessed their Tithing!!!.  Other Law abiders, like Sabbath keepers, Tithe and observe the 'Mosaic' Health Laws, like abstaining from pork and shell fish.  These also testify to the health 'blessings' of these Laws, yet condemn the rest of the 613 Laws as being 'a curse' upon Judaism!

Let's simply be fair.  Let's be logic.  Let's stop rebelling against the Law!  The whole Law is eternal and will never  be done away with, until "Heaven and earth pass away!" - according to Messiah in Matt.5, where He reviews certain specific Commandments both from the Ten Commandments and from the 613 'Laws of Moses' - and confirms its validity.


Q: "Why did the New Covenant Laws have to be written 'on our hearts'?"


Historically and traditionally the Jews were the emblem of Law abidance - something which earned them the scorn of Christianity.  Sincere Christian believers were incited against Jews BECAUSE of their so called "carnal" observance of the Law. Messiah's condemnation of the insincere observance of the Law by the religious leaders of His time, were instilled in these Christian innocents as a condemnation of Judaism general.  Such dissapproval is easy to grow in the fertile soil of the hearts and minds of mankind's natural tendency to rebel against laws and regulations of ANY kind - from childhood on.

It is this rebellion which Scripture refers to in Eph. 2:11-23 as "the Barrier or middle wall of partition" between Jews and non-Jews, which Messiah's Sacrifice was to break down!  This very Scripture is used as 'confirmation' by some teachers that it was the Law itself which was done away with by Messiah's Sacrifice.  Many Translations of course favour this last interpretation. Click here for a correct interpretation of this important Scripture.

Law abidance by and in itself, cannot justify a sinner (Gal.2). How would these non-Jewish people ever have been reconciled to God's True Body,  Judaism, with such enmity between Jews and non-Jews and with such rebellion in non-Jews against the Law of YHVH?  Purely accepting the Law would not make them part of the Covenant with Abraham and his descendants.  Only through Messiah does one become "heir to the Promise",  'adopted' descendants of Abraham (Gal. 3:29).

This is why it is so important to clearly understand what the "Blood Offering" of Messiah was really all about!  And what the true meaning of the New versus the Old Covenant really is.

By accepting the Jewish Messiah and searching the Scriptures with an obedient spirit, the believer will, during his/her long trek thru the wilderness, in Exodus from 'the land of sin', on the Way to the 'Promised Land', gradually discover the Original Hebrew roots of the True Faith,  eventually realising and recognising the True Body and Congregation of YHVH. Refer to the full study on this subject:
Know The Way

This teaching will not be happily received by many believers who will unknowingly(?) continue in their rebellion against the Law and everything representing Judaism, or the "Traditions" of Judaism, or the 'authority of the Rabbis', etc etc.

Those who reason this way,  should heed Messiah's own comments to those with whom He was so unpopular:
Jo 7:17 "If anyone is prepared to do His Will, he will know whether My teaching is from God or whether My doctrine is My own.  When a man's doctrine is his own, he is hoping to get honour for himself ... did not Moses give you the Law?  And yet no one of you keeps the Law!"



Q: "Are Jews who do not accept the Messiah, eternally lost?"

In reviewing the above Salvation Plan of YHVH as depicted in the Sacred Festival Cycle, let the reader take note, that the Covenant which YHVH had made with Judah, has never yet been abrogated or annulled.  The Sacrificial Salvation Offering of Messiah was Divinely purposed to bring pagans and non-Jews into the 'Jewish Covenant', not to 'save' Jews from their  'restrictive Covenant'  with a  'new liberal - Grace supercedes all' religion, Christianity.  Here is the proof, right from the 'New Covenant'  Scriptures:

Eph 2:11,12  "...there was a time when you were pagans ... uncircumcised ... and were excluded from membership of Israel, aliens with no part in the Covenants with their Promise ... without Hope and without God.  But now, in YAHU'SHUAH Messiah, you ... have been brought very close by the Blood of Messiah."

This process of bringing the pagans into Judaism, is described as a 'Great Mystery',  which was unknown in previous generations (Eph. 3:5).
Eph. 3:6  "It means that pagans now share the same inheritance, that they are parts of the same Body and that the same Promise has been made to them in YAHU'SHUAH Messiah."

Rom. 11:11  "Their (the Jews') fall, has saved the pagans".

Clearly, the Sacrifice of Messiah was not to 'purchase' Judah, but to bring non-Jews  into Judah.  The Jews are still, and have always remained in the Eternal Covenant with YHVH - they needed no renewal of the Covenant - they simply have to abide by its Conditions (which is a different subject all on its own) - the Covenant being an uncancellable Contract,  securing Divine Blessings and conditional upon compliance with its terms and requirements - which is Torah (Law) observance - and instilling Divine Penalty for non-compliance, examples of which litter the history of Israel with their blood and tears!

Newcomers (through the Blood Sacrifice of Messiah) to this 'Jewish' Covenant, will thus fall under the same terms and conditions as Jews, with the same resultant Blessings and Curses.  (Not to be confused with the 'Curse' from which Messiah salvaged pagans, i.e. the fact that without His Reconciliation they were destined to eternal separation and domicilium outside of His Coming Kingdom!).  Once reconciled and partakers of  'the Covenant and its Promises',  logically,  these Promises would also include divine Penalty for non-compliance - just as for Jews!  It would be highly unfair to bring pagans into the 'Jewish Covenant' and exonerate them permanently from its restrictions and discipline. Christians erroneously believe and teach that the Crucifixion,  as a Divine Act of Grace,  has released them from Law observance and its negative connotations!  They proclaim the Blessings of the Covenant only!

The general conception therefore, as held by mainstream Christianity, that Jews are condemned for "having killed the Messiah",  holds no Scriptural foundation and is directly in contradiction of explicit Scriptures in the New Testament itself, which clearly states thr rxact opposite:

Rom. 11:1  "Is it possible that God has rejected His People? Of course not!"

Rom. 11:11  "Have the Jews fallen for ever or have they just stumbled?  Obviously, they have not  fallen for ever"

Rom.  11:25  "One section of Israel has become blind, but this will last only till the whole pagan world has entered, and then after  this, the rest of Israel will be saved as well."

Further Scriptural confirmation that Jews have not been rejected by God for their failure to recognise or accept the Messiah, is found in Hosea ch 2, where God's relationship with the twelve tribes of Israel is referred to as a dual Marriage between YHVH and Judah (the 2 Tribes of Judah and Benjamin on the one hand) and Israel (the Ten Northern Tribes) on the other hand.  This portion of Scripture in Hosea refers to these two sections into which Israel became split..

In ancient times, Israel originated as 12 tribes, according to the 12 sons of the patriarch Jacob, who was the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham.  These 12 tribes settled in what became known as the land of Israel and they built a Temple dedicated to their God, YHVH, in Jerusalem.

After the reign of King Solomon (970 - 931 BCE) and in fulfilment of ancient prophecy, the nation split into two sectors:

       - JUDAH, which consisted mainly of the 2 tribes of Judah and Benjamin and became known as ‘the Jews’ (Judeans).  Their’s was the Temple at Jerusalem, their main city, and

     - ISRAEL, the 10 tribes who made Schechem, north of Jerusalem, their headquarters,  and built a Temple there.  They became known as the ‘Northern Kingdom’ of Samaria and, generally, retrogressed to paganism under the rule of idolatrous leaders, like King Jeroboam, and Ahab and his wife Jezebel.

The Scriptures abound with references to the animosity and wars that raged between these two sectors of the same nation, that is, between the Jews and the people of upper Samaria - the Samaritans.  The latter were despised by the Jews.

In the year 721 BCE, Samaria was conquered by the Assyrians, the 10 northern tribes were deported and the land repopulated with foreigners.  This was the end of the Northern Kingdom, Israel, after which they became known as “The Lost 10 tribes of Israel”.  Today, at this very time, modern Israel is still divided in ‘Judah and Shomron’ (Samaria) with the Shomron inhabited by the Palestinians and regarded as territory ‘occupied’ by Israel.

Historical references to the ‘Lost Tribes’ continue to be made for many centuries afterwards.  The historian, Josephus, identified them and referred to them as an innumerable number living across the Euphrates river during the time of Roman rule.  So do the Christian New Testament Scriptures in several places refer to them.  This proves that, although scattered, they were still identifiable in the first centuries of the Common Era.

Today, these ten 'Lost' Tribes of Israel are regarded as having migrated to Northwest and Western Europe and their descendants are now in those areas or in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.  Britain has characteristics of Ephraim,  Reuben was important in France, Issachar in Switzerland,  Zebulon in Holland,  Dan in Denmark,  Naphtali in Norway,  Gad in Sweden,  the country of Finland was influenced by the Tribes of Simeon, Issachar, and Gad;  Simeon, Dan, and Ephraim were important in Ireland.

In the mean time, the Kingdom of Judah continued its existence in Jerusalem and Southern Israel (Judea) until,  early in the year 587 BCE,  Jerusalem was conquered and the Temple destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, King of the then world empire of Babylon.  Almost the entire nation of Judah was deported to Babylon for the prophetically declared 70-year exile (Jeremiah 25).  Now the entire country of Israel laid waste with both sections, the 10 and the 2 tribes, deported.

Hosea refers to these two sections of Israel as the "Two Brides" of YHVH and poses some spectacular information for purposes of our discussion, namely, whether the Jews (Judah) have been rejected by God or not.

Hosea chapters 2 & 3 confirm that YHVH resultantly, 'divorced'  Israel. (the Ten Tribes), which is referred to as 'the harlot',  because of her 'flirting' and 'adultery' with other religions and her unfaithfulness to YHVH.  Yet, He promises to take her back later, when she will choose to return to Him.  This reconciliation required the "Blood Sacrifice" (Death) of the Bridegroom,  in order to remarry her without breaking His Own Law of Divorce

Judah (the Jews), on the other hand,  had NEVER yet been  'divorced',  so  'she' needs no repurchasing or reconciliation!

This brings us to another question:

Q:  "Should Jews be evangelised in order to  'save  their  souls'?"


Scripture is clear that 'Salvation' and recognition of the Messiah, for Jews, is yet future - and this has been ordained by Divine Decree:

Rom. 11:8  "The rest were not allowed to see the Truth, as Scripture says (in Deut. 29:3;  Isa. 29:10) 'God has given them (the Jews) a sluggish spirit, unseeing eyes and unattentive ears."

The evangelistic efforts of Christians and Messianics,  to bring Jews to accept the Messiah  "without which Jews are doomed",  is therefore nothing more than an arrogant attempt (though unwittingly), to negate the Decree of the Most High.

Paul claims that there is a 'hidden reason' underlying their rejection of Messiah:
Rom.  11:25  "One section of Israel has become blind, but this will last only till the whole pagan world has entered, and then after  this, the rest of Israel will be saved as well.  As Scripture says (in Isa. 59:20-21)  The Liberator will come from Zion.  He will banish Godlessness from Jacob (the Jews) ... when He takes their sins away."

Clearly therefore,  Jews will be saved, in a future event:
- only after  all the pagan world has had their opportunity;
- By God Himself (the 'Liberator coming from Zion' - who will be Messiah Himself at His 2nd Coming);
- only at His Coming.

This event is clearly described in Prophecy, in Zech ch.12, as follows:

Zech. 12:2
"Look,  I am going to make Jerusalem an intoxicating cup to all the surrounding nations.  When that Day comes, I will make Jerusalem a Stone to be lifted by all the peoples.  All who try to lift it, will hurt themselves severely.  And all the nations of the earth will mass against her."

Zech. 12:9  "When that Day comes, I shall set Myself to destroy all the nations who advance against Jerusalem.  But over the House of David and over the citizens of Jerusalem I will pour out a Spirit of kindness and prayer (The first outpouring over the "remnant" who were allowed to recognize Messiah, i.e. the apostles and the 3000 Jews who were gathered in the Upper Room of the Temple - as referred to in Rom. 11:4 - occurred on the Feast Day of Shavuot (Pentecost) 50 days after His Crucifixion) and they will look on Me (YHVH speaking!) Whom they have pierced!  They will mourn for Him as for an Only Son ... When that Day comes, there will be great mourning in Judah."

The Prophecy continues with a description of how the clans will then come for repentance, and
Zech. 12:9 "When that Day comes, a Fountain will be opened for the House of David and the citizens of Jerusalem, for sin and impurity"

This recognition of Messiah by the Jews will not happen before that Day, when (reading Prophecy in context), Messiah will appear in order to save Israel from total annihilation in the War of Gog and Magog (Armageddon), at a time when all the nations of the earth will draw up against Jerusalem for Battle!

This Day is now (July, 2000) fast in the making.  The 'Final Status' discussion in the Battle for Jerusalem, which was left for last on the agenda of the Oslo Peace Accord, because of the explosive nature thereof, has now been put on the table between Israel and the Palestinians,  and is structured to be finalised before Sept. 2000 - the festive period of Succot (The Feast of Trumpets!).  Several times over the last few decades,  voting in the United Nations has proven that all the nations are against Israel and its presence in the Holy Land.  The most recent of these votes were passed as recently as 1 Dec. 1999, when all but one nation (being Israel itself) voted that Israel's imposition of its own laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem is illegal, null and void. (Resolution 54/42)

Let anyone who has eyes to see,  observe - listen and take heed! We are approaching the Time of the Culmination of this Era - the next, God's Kingdom of Peace and Eternal Rule from Jerusalem,  is soon to be established.

BIBLE REVELATIONS has extensive information, guidance and news pointers for those who wish to prepare themselves for entry into this Kingdom:

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Eph 2:11 (Adapted here with Sacred Names restored by editor of BIBLE REVELATIONS, and editorial comments appearing in black print.  Read this portion attentively first in your own Bible before carefully considering this presentation here)

"Do not forget, that there was a time when you who were pagans physically,  termed the Uncircumcised (that is non-Jews, but specifically the rejected House of the Northern 10 Tribes of Israel, exiled amongst the nations where they lost their Israel identity .... do not forget that you had no Messiah (before) and were excluded from membership of Israel (cut off from the Covenant by God and exiled amongst the pagan nations.  So, something had to be arranged to make you members of Israel again) aliens with no part in the Covenants with their Promises. You were immersed in this world without  Hope and without  God (no longer part of the Covenant.  So, you had to be reconciled, brought back into the Covenant - like Judah is - with YHVH). But now in YAHU'SHUAH Messiah, you that used to be so far apart from us (the authors of Eph.2 - i.e. Jews), have been brought very close by the Blood of Messiah (You have been bought at a very high Price).  For He is the Peace (Restoration) between us (Jews and rejected 10-Israel) and has made the two (Jews and reconciled 10-Tribers) into One (what?) and broken down the barrier(?) which used to keep them apart, actually destroying in His own Person the hostility (rebellion) caused by the rules and decrees of the (Jewish. Levitical) Law (This rebellion by 10-Israel and pagans against the Law was the barrier that kept them apart from Jews.  This scripture is twisted by Grace-only's,  to imply that Messiah did away with the Law itself,  rather than that He removed the rebellion against the Law from the hearts of the receiving pagans, as confirmed in Jer. 31:31-33 and Ezek 11: 17-21, placing His Spirit in them, thereby instilling a love for obedience to the Law on their hearts and minds).  This was to create One Single New Man ("Adam" restored,  abiding to 'Jewish' Law) in Himself (Who meticulously kept the Law) out of the two of them (Judah and 10-Israel) and by restoring Peace, through the Cross,  to unite them both in a Single Body (Is this Body Christian or Jewish?  If a 'Christian' Body, then He failed miserably, because there are few, if any, Torh observant Jews in Christianity, just an unbridgeable void.  If this 'Single Body' refers to the Jewish Body, then it is confirmed by those Messianic believers, the Hebraic Restoration movement of late, who are discovering their Hebraic Roots and who go all the way to joining up fully with the Body of Jews into ONE Body) and reconcile them (both) with God. In His own person He killed the hostility (against the Law - not the Law itself or the Body!) Through Him, both of us (Jew and reconciled 10-Triber or converted pagan) have in the One Spirit our Way to come to the Father.  So, you (reconciled ones) are no longer aliens or foreigners (non-Jews); you are citizens like all the Tzadikim (righteous Jews) and part of God's Household (12-Israel, as represented by custom and religion in Judaism) (3:5) This Mystery that has now been revealed ... was unknown to any men in past generations.  It means that pagans (including degenerated and lost 10-Israel, now non-Jews) now share (together with Jews and as Jews) the same inheritance (- the inheritance was not taken away from Jews - it is now SHARED by pagans also!).  They are part of the SAME BODY (of Judaism /12- Israel) and the same Promise (as had been made unto 12-Israel of old) has been made to them (the pagans and lost Israelites) in Messiah, through the Good News! (that He, God in the manifested shape of man, will sacrifice His Life in order to reconcile them into Covenant relation with all its Divine Blessings)"

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