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1. Is God Jewish?
Pagan Practices in Judaism?
The Red Heifer
Ark of the Covenant & the Cherubim
Carnal traditions v. the authority of Rabbinism
Why do Jews celebrate New Year in the 7th Biblical month?
Deut. 6:4 Does it refer to a 'Unity' - or an 'Absolute 'One'
More than one YHVH at Sodom?
9. End of the World in sight?


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Q "Is God Jewish?
"Is God's System a Jewish System?"
"Where does it say in Scripture that God is Jewish?"


There are many believers today, claiming adherence to the "God of Israel" which the Bible proclaims.  They all plead  'the blood'  of the Jewish Messiah, and intend to enter His Jewish Kingdom to come, which will be centered in the Jewish City of Jerusalem,  in the Jewish Land of Israel.   Yet, they rebel against the very thought of anything Jewish in religion.  There are even those who claim the Jews of Israel and of the rest of the world,  to be the "Synagogue of Satan", as referred to in Rev. 3 : 9.  These 'believers' don't seem to realize that these Scriptures may be equally well applied to themselves,  who 'profess to be Jews' by accepting the Jewish Messiah!

Anyone reading the Bible today,  should bear in mind that it was written by Jews,  Old and New Testament,  who all followed and proclaimed the Jewish Faith as commanded and initiated by the God of Israel.   Jewish Prophets of the Bible predicted the Coming of the Messiah, Who, in time, was born from a Jewish woman, to the Jewish nation of which He became a 'citizen'.  He spent all of His human Life as a Jew amongst Jews in a Jewish Land.  He practiced the Jewish Faith and attended the Jewish Temple where He was barmitzvah'd.  He preached in the Temple in Jewish worship services and died in Jerusalem with a Jewish inscription on His Torture Stake, sardonically claiming Him to be the King of the Jews - which indeed He is, according to the Jewish Prophets of the original Hebrew Bible!

Amazingly - the majority of His Christian followers have missed this point totally!

Astonishingly - many of them become very upset when reminded of it!

The Bible relates the history of the Jews and the purpose of God for His Chosen nation of Jews (and all those who wish to join themselves to this Divinely mandated Jewish Faith), and through this nation, for the entire world - all nations.  Its main theme is the Good News of the Setting up of the (Jewish) Kingdom of the God of Israel, to rule over all the earth with His selected 'government', made up of Jews from the Tribe of Judah together with rejuvenated souls of qualifying non-Jews who accepted both the Sacrifice of the Jewish Messiah as well as His Jewish System which He came to restore!  Only Satan himself would accuse such a System to be 'the Synagogue of Satan',  in order to conceal his own subtle Jewish-imitation system!


Reader's Objection: "To claim that God has ethnicity is not according to the Shemah.  The Jews have no ownership of God.  Jews are men created in the image of God like all of mankind".

A very basic analysis of the Divinely mandated "System" which God entrusted to the Jews,  would leave no one in doubt that it is a "Jewish" System,  if it needs labeling.  Why Jewish?  Because it is the System which was ordained by God to be "carried" unto the nations by the Jews,  whom YHVH elected to be the "carriers of the Oracles (the Word) of God" (Rom. 3:2).  To no other nation was this entrusted - those that appointed themselves,  like the Christians,  in fact lost it - the Law and the Testimony (Isa. 8:20  "To the Law and to the Testimony ... if they speak not accordingly, it is because there is no light in them.") (The Law referring to all 613 Laws and the Testimony to the Oneness of YHVH / YAHU'SHUAH).

The Jews have the Law as well as the right God of the Bible ON the Throne - they simply fail to see the Messiahship of the One on the Throne - and this was Divinely decreed also (Rom. 8)  Who shall then dare to take up the whip against Jews?

The very fact that one may be prone to an inner rebelling feeling at the thought of having to adopt the "Jewish Faith",  is proof of the extent to which Satan has done his groundwork in disfiguring the "Original True Faith".  This rebellion is evident even amongst those who have become aware of their "Hebraic Roots" - a fast growing masse movement in these 'last' days, commonly known as the Hebraic Restoration Movement.  Followers of this movement find themselves at various stages of having accepted various tenets of the Original true Hebrew or Biblical Faith - the original roots of Christianity, it is claimed.   These  include restoration of the 7th Day Sabbath (Saturday), the Jewish Feasts, the Sacred Hebrew Names of God and of the Messiah,  Jewish Law (Torah),  kosher food and cooking, etc.   In this process,  all the fruits of this historic original Faith are claimed.  The apostle Paul referred to it as 'a Tree' of which the original Hebraic Faith was the root (Rom. 11:16-24).  Even the leaves and the branches are claimed - but the stem and the roots are discarded by the modern discoverers of their 'original Hebraic roots'. Most refuse to convert to Judaism, and become very anti-Semitic at the proposed idea - but for the exception of a small minority, from all nations.

Time is fast running out!  The Restoration of the "Fallen Tabernacle of David" will be completed at His Return.  His Kingdom will be a "Jewish" Kingdom (Sabbath, Feast Days, Law) NOT a Christian Kingdom (Sunday, Easter, Xmas).  God is not divided - He is ONE and His System is ONE.

It would be wise to analyze that rebelling feeling NOW before it may be too late!

So, in conclusion - it is not about the 'nationality' of God,  but rather about His System, which is undeniably equivalent to what the world today recognizes as "Judaism".


Reader's Objection:

"The issue in Scripture is that Israel (the Jews) failed The One True God. With all the Blessings bestowed on them, they did in fact crucify Him".

The New Testament itself, gives the correct answer, when properly translated (as in the 'catholic'(!) translation of the 'Jerusalem Bible' - Darton, Longman & Todd, London)

Eph 2:11 (Adapted here with Sacred Names restored by editor of BIBLE REVELATIONS, and editorial comments appearing in black print.  Read this portion attentively first in your own Bible before carefully considering this presentation here)

"Do not forget, that there was a time when you who were pagans physically,  termed the Uncircumcised (that is non-Jews, but specifically the rejected House of the Northern 10 Tribes of Israel, exiled amongst the nations where they lost their Israel identity ....do not forget that you had no Messiah (before) and were excluded from membership of Israel (cut off from the Covenant by God and exiled amongst the pagan nations.  So, something had to be arranged to make you members of Israel again) aliens with no part in the Covenants with their Promises. You were immersed in this world without  Hope and without  God (no longer part of the Covenant.  So, you had to be reconciled, brought back into the Covenant - like Judah is - with YHVH). But now in YAHU'SHUAH Messiah, you that used to be so far apart from us (the authors of Eph.2 - i.e. Jews), have been brought very close by the Blood of Messiah (You have been bought at a very high Price).  For He is the Peace (Restoration) between us (Jews and rejected 10-Israel) and has made the two (Jews and reconciled 10-Tribers) into One (what?) and broken down the barrier (?) which used to keep them apart, actually destroying in His own Person the hostility (rebellion) caused by the rules and decrees of the (Jewish. Levitical) Law (This rebellion by 10-Israel and pagans against the Law was the barrier that kept them apart from Jews.  This scripture is twisted by Grace-only's,  to imply that Messiah did away with the Law itself,  rather than that He removed the rebellion against the Law from the hearts of the receiving pagans, as confirmed in Jer. 31:31-33 and Ezek 11: 17-21, placing His Spirit in them, thereby instilling a love for obedience to the Law on their hearts and minds).  This was to create One Single New Man ("Adam" restored,  abiding to 'Jewish' Law) in Himself (Who meticulously kept the Law) out of the two of them (Judah and 10-Israel) and by restoring Peace, through the Cross,  to unite them both in a Single Body (Is this Body Christian or Jewish?  If a 'Christian' Body, then He failed miserably, because there are few, if any, Torh observant Jews in Christianity, just an unbridgeable void.  If this 'Single Body' refers to the Jewish Body, then it is confirmed by those Messianic believers, the Hebraic Restoration movement of late, who are discovering their Hebraic Roots and who go all the way to joining up fully with the Body of Jews into ONE Body) and reconcile them (both) with God. In His own person He killed the hostility (againstthe Law - not the Law itself or the Body!) Through Him, both of us (Jew and reconciled 10-Triber or converted pagan) have in the One Spirit our Way to come to the Father.  So, you (reconciled ones) are no longer aliens or foreigners (non-Jews); you are citizens like all the Tzadikim (righteous Jews) a nd part of God's Household (12-Israel, as represented by custom and religion in Judaism) (3:5) This Mystery that has now been revealed ... was unknown to any men in past generations.  It means that pagans (including degenerated and lost 10-Israel, now non-Jews) now share (together with Jews and as Jews) the same inheritance (- the inheritance was not taken away from Jews - it is now SHARED by pagans also!).  They are part of the SAME BODY (of Judaism /12- Israel) and the same Promise (as had been made unto 12-Israel of old) has been made to them (the pagans and lost Israelites) in Messiah, through the Good News! (that He, God in the manifested shape of man, will sacrifice His Life in order to reconcile them into Covenant relation with all its Divine Blessings)"

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Q: "Are these Jewish practices pagan?
- The Red Heifer
- Ark of the Covenant
- Cherubim
- the Torah
- 'Rabbinism'

Reader's Question
"What I have not been able to understand to this day is why the Israelites (who received the Torah directly from God) imported rites from pagan peoples like the one concerning the “Red Cow”.

The Red Heifer, even in Judaism, is regarded as a 'mystery'. You may recently have heard that such a Red Heifer was found in Israel for the first time in 2000 years. This was regarded as a sign to some religious Jews,  that the Third Temple was to be reconstructed shortly.  Such a Red heifer will be required for the Temple System.  For pictures of this 'Red Heifer' click here:

You must consider that ancient pagan practice was in some way related to,  or imitators of the ancient Hebraic Faith.  We have to concede that the Hebraic Faith was not always above such pagan infiltration and copying - e.g.. the golden Calf at Sinai, and the decorated trees that Jeremiah spoke of (ch. 10) and the cakes baked for Tammuz etc.  In fact, the Hebrew nation, and especially the Northern 10 tribes were severely punished for not purely abiding by God's requirements.

Our problem today, is to find and return to the "Original Faith" which had been entrusted to Moses of Israel - and that which YHVH really expects from us. This Process is referred to in the Scriptures as "The Restoration of the broken down Tabernacle of David" - a Work which Messiah initiated through His Offering of His own human Life.

It is for us today, a Work of sifting and selecting.  Many of the 'mysteries' will never be perfectly cleared.  Not only were false practices brought into Judaism, but worse still, Judaism was totally replaced by pagan inspired religions, like Christianity general.  Even the Scriptures,  both Old and new Testament,  have been contorted!

Now, are we to throw all away, or do we keep sifting?  The miracle (which proves the Power of the Spirit of God), is that He can lead us through this mountain of debris, to find the Jewels of Truth!

In our search, we have to be careful in our judgment, that we do not "throw the baby out with the bath water".  Exactly this result is unwittingly achieved by the Original Faith Restoration Movement (and I use a broad term here, referring to the Sacred Name Movement, the Law Restoration, the Hebrew Roots Movement, etc.), when they become extremistic in their zeal and make themselves guilty of:

  • turning or preaching against Judaism and "Rabbinism';

  • restricting the use of descriptive terms like 'God', 'Lord', 'holy' even 'Bible', replacing them with words that are unknown and have no meaning to the world out there, which should be converted to God, rather than being discriminated against.  The ultimate end is so restrictive that one is left without words to proclaim the Message of Reconciliation and Restoration.  Refer to http://www.revelations.org.za/Elohim.htm

  • Becoming judgmental, condemning and accrediting to 'Lucifer', matters which could well still be acceptable to God - as for instance, the names 'Jehovah' and 'Jesus'.

In saying this,  it should not for one moment be regarded as an insinuation to  condone such matters.  A golden rule would be to be less self-conceited and less self-righteous in our condemnation of matters about which only God knows the full truth.  For our own spiritual safety, we should steer clear of whatever seems infected with untruth - but careful in our condemnation and restrictiveness.

It is true, for instance, that there were pagan idols named 'Yahveh' by their idol worshippers.  Do we now throw this Sacred name out also?  The question is: did God take upon Himself a pagan name, or did the pagans copy Him?  And does the fact that pagans used the Sacred Name for their idols now make the Sacred Name pagan?

The same reasoning would go for the "Red Heifer".  One could find quotes from 'authorities' of all kinds - pro and con.  The danger normally,  especially when it entails Judaism or Messianic Judaism,  is that many, if not most, of such 'authorities' are anti-Semitic in spirit - or anti-religious - even such 'Jewish' authorities, believe it or not!

Hence, the great care that we should practice - never compromising though!

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 Q: "The Ark of the Covenant looks to me as something material, to which magical powers are attributed and unworthy to hold the invisible all-powerful omnipresent YHVH.  Even the Cherubim on top of the Ark were figures of Assyrian origin.  Does this act not disobey the second commandment?  God cannot be confined, around or over a man-made box with two horrible pagan figures on top of it".


Even God admitted to Solomon that the entire Temple was not apt to hold His Greatness.  But the purpose of the Temple, and the Ark, is to contain and carry the Scrolls of the Law of God, which is the most vital tenet of the Hebrew Faith.  The Temple depicts the body of the Congregation of God, or of the individual worshipper, with the Law of God contained in the heart of that body.  The Cherubim, evenly,  have great symbolical value, and we should in fact study to acquaint ourselves of this meaning.  Many years ago, I was astounded by the insight of a learned Jerusalem professor on the matter.   Unfortunately, I have not subsequently referred back or into the matter any further.  It will be greatly appreciated if some one would furnish us with a study in this respect.

The ancient Ark of the Covenant is believed by many to be rediscovered before the Third Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem, some time in the future.  There is much speculation as to where it may be hidden.  That it has 'magical powers' for Jews,  is not really a valid accusation.  That Judaism values the Torah very highly, even risking the accusation of worshipping it, may be a valid claim.  But one has to understand the great centrality of the Law, to Judaism, as in fact, it should be to any professing follower of the God of Israel. The Law of God is the central theme of the New Covenant.   Paradoxically,  Christianity which claims to be the 'New Covenant' version of God's requirements, have totally invalidated His Law, claiming that "it has been nailed to the Cross" and that they are under  "A new dispensation of Grace"  rather than the Law.  Refer to the following two studies on the BIBLE REVELATIONS Web Site:
"The Eternal Covenant"  http://www.revelations.org.za/Eternal_Life.htm
"The Way"   http://www.revelations.org.za/The_Way.htm

The Truth of the matter is,  that of all Faiths,  Judaism is the closest  to the Truth of YHVH.  After all,  YHVH Himself,  in His manifestation as the Messiah YAHU'SHUAH,  2000 years ago,  was part of the Jewish Faith which He practiced to perfection.  He attended and taught in the Temple in Jerusalem and, apart from accusations against His verbal claims, for which,  in fact, He received the Death sentence,  the learned Jewish leaders and teachers could not fault Him!  If it was good enough for Him, then surely it should be good enough for any professing believer!

Additional Reading Material:
The Oracle of YHVH- revealing the Divine Pattern and Importance of the Temple as confirmed by Messiah 50 days after His Crucifixion.

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Q: "Are the Rabbinic traditions and their legalism necessarily binding on Messianics?  The number 613 for enumerating the Mosaic commandments, is a tradition, and it is a tradition set by men who do not proclaim YAHU'SHUAH to be Messiah of Israel.  What then is the source of their authority,  for YAHU'SHUAH stated that all authority had been given to Him?  Torah can therefore only be rightly interpreted through Him and they do not recognize Him"


The "tradition" of the 613 Laws of Torah is as old as the Torah itself - for that is where these Laws are written down.  The 613 factor is simply the result of a Count of these Torah Laws, done by dedicated Hebraic scholars, Scribes, Pharisees, etc.  Does it really matter if there are 571 or 821?  They are all valid quotes of Torah.  Does it therefore matter that 'Rabbinic tradition' selected to enumerate them as 613 in number?  Does this enumeration do away with their validity/   If the Rabbis' added to them, or deleted some, you may have had a point.  Even if they did add, then such additions would have been in the spirit of those Torah Laws anyway, for by the time one has made a life time study of these multiple Laws,  as a qualified Rabbi has done,  then one should surely have sufficient 'feel' for the Will of the Almighty, which is underlying those Laws.  Was that not after all YHVH's injunction to Moses, to interpret and enforce these Laws? That hierarchy surely did not die with Moses?

And, that is exactly what the Levites, and later Rabbis did - they interpreted these Laws as they were commanded by YHVH - and yes, they did add where necessary, to control the nation.  These interpretations and additions are found in additional Rabbinic writings like the Talmud, Mishnah, Gemorrah, etc.  And this is where the critics really get going with their accusations of  'man-made, rabbinic, carnal, legalistic' etc.  Can we imagine what would have happened had YHVH simply dumped the Law on Moses, never ever again to have it interpreted, expounded and enforced?  Is this any different from the Law development and enforcement in any country today?  Question is:  WHO was entitled and mandated to do it in YHVH's country and nation of Israel?

The result of trying to usurp this authority from the Jewish Rabbis by especially Messianics,  today, is bewildering.  Resultantly, great confusion reigns amongst the various Messianic groups.  The Torah is interpreted by 'spirit-inspired' individuals with no 'formal' Hebrew or Jewish training.  The general tendency amongst these Messianic 'Jewish'-claiming teachers and leaders, is to reject what they call ''Jewish man-made' rules!  In its place, these individual self appointed teachers then declare what they think is True Torah interpretation!  The result? - there are as many interpretations as there are denominations!  Each widely differing from each other and, of course, from true Rabbinic interpretation, and each knowing better than the other!  What would happen to a ship under such conditions.  It would be declared Mutiny!  A ship needs a captain with authority - as does any other organization in the world.  What's different with YHVH's Kingdom?

And what makes Messianic congregations different, that they should not fall under the same Laws and traditions that He was subjected to as a Jew - and of which He was the very Lawmaker Himself?

YAHU'SHUAH 'grew up' with Rabbinic or Temple leadership, most certainly, as a Jewish lad.  His family was well acquainted with these teachers and their interpretations.  It was part of His own (human) tradition.  Surely, it formed part of His BarMitzvah qualifying requirements?  In fact, His compliance with the Rabbinic authority (which He Himself, as YHVH the God of Israel, ordained on them via Moses and the Levitical Priesthood),  His subjecting Himself to it,  should be our Authorization to follow suit!

There will be many objections at this stage against the above statements:  "Messiah condemned them for breaking the Law, called them vipers, etc"  These objectors do not realize that He referred to and objected against their Law breaking by their traditions - an act that in itself did not do away with these Laws. The enemy branded these Laws as 'traditions',  which then gave them the opportunity to throw the whole lot out - the baby with the bath water!

Regarding the Rabbis not acknowledging YAHU'SHUAH and therefore not being authorized by Messiah Who had been given all authority - let the following revelationary Truth be known:  The Key to this Authority lies in the all encompassing Fact that YAHU'SHUAH is none other than YHVH the Eternal Himself!  (Refer to comprehensive Scriptural Studies in the On-Site Library on the subject of the Oneness of God).
- Who gave Messiah 'all authority'?  YHVH.
- Who do the Rabbis recognize in authority?  YHVH.

Thus by recognizing YHVH, the Rabbis are in fact recognizing YAHU'SHUAH - Who is the Lawgiver Himself - the Word, the Torah Himself! (John 1:1).  So,  the Rabbis certainly have YAHU'SHUAH's authority as the One Only True God! Before the Birth of YHVH's Human Messianic Manifestation, for 2000 yrs. the Jewish leadership was authorized and good enough to guard over the Torah.  When did Messiah (YHVH Himself) alter this Mandate?  To the contrary, He confirmed it in Matt 23:2 "Listen and DO what the Scribes and Pharisees tell you.  Follow them" - using almost identical phrasing as His original Command in Deut 17: 9-11

Some Messianic contenders will refer to 1 John, chapter 4, which they say claims that "every spirit that confesses that Messiah has come in the flesh is from God and every spirit that does not confess Him,  is not from God."  To fit this part of the puzzle, you will have to read the study regarding 'The Antichrist'.  This revealing study from Scripture will amply prove that this 'confessing spirit' will proclaim that YHVH came in the flesh. The Jewish Rabbis may not proclaim YAHU'SHUAH, but they certainly proclaim YHVH - Who is the self same, even if they deny Messiah!

If the Rabbinic authorities are not in authority today, who is?  Has God abandoned His Torah System?  Which of the multitude of Torah rejecting and contradicting-with-each-other teachers will we follow? - teachers who have never even seen the inside of a synagogue where their Messiah was intimately involved in?  Teachers who claim to be the true interpreters of the Hebrew Scriptures, but  who know very little or no Hebrew at all;  who have never ever been exposed to that Culture, of which Messiah Himself was intricately part of - the Jewish nation?


Q: "According to Exod. 12, Passover is to be celebrated 'in the first month', yet nowadays Jews celebrate the New Year in Sept. at Rosh HaShanah, in the 7th Biblical month.  When did this celebration of the New Year switch from spring to fall? - and why was this done?"


Amongst most non-Jewish believers there is an ever-ready accusing spirit of opposing and rejecting of the "man-made traditions brought in by Rabbinic authority and Jewish legalism to supersede the Will of God".  The Jewish New Year in Sept/Oct, on the 1st day of the 7th Biblical month, is one such controversial 'change' that Judaism is accused of.

A thorough analysis will reveal great ignorance of the true facts amongst these accusers - as always.  It will also show that there is "more than meets the eye" behind this 'change', and that in the end,  it does hold some great spiritual Truth and significance in the overall Plan of the Supreme Ruler,   to regard this day as the 'New Year'.

In Judaism, this day marks the first Day of the 3rd and final  'season' of Sacred Feasts during which the Israelites were Divinely commanded to "Go up to Jerusalem".  These 3 periods are:
- Pesach (Passover) (March/April) during the Spring in Israel;
- Shavuot (Pentecost) May
- 'High Holy days' (Yom Kippur, Succot) during the Fall Sept/Oct.

This Day is also commonly known in Judaism as 'Rosh HaShanah' - 'head of the year' though there is no reference in Torah to this title.  The Torah refers to it as:
- Yom HaZikaron - 'day of Remembrance'
Yom Teruah - 'day of the Sounding of the Trumpet'.  Note that this day introduces the 3rd concluding Sacred Festive season of the year, depicting Judgment Day, Atonement with God,  just reward for evil and separation of the unjust, entry into the Kingdom for the just - all at the Time of His Coming "at the Sound of the Trump".

The Jewish Prayer books similarly refer to these days by their Biblical titles.  In Judaism, the main theme of the Feast of Rosh HaShanah is the acknowledgment of the Kingship of the God of Israel.

The context in the Jewish Festive Prayer books which are exclusively used in the formal religious ceremony on this Festive Day as well as the Torah and Prophetic Scripture readings on this and the other related days of this Season,. clearly depict repentance and reconciliation of the individual and the whole nation with God.  In all of the religious interpretation regarding this day, there is no mention of anything regarding the secular celebration of a 'new year'.

No Rabbi or even secular Jew will deny that Rosh HaShanah falls on the 1st day of the 7th month of the Jewish calendar. Tradition and time has certainly etched the resemblance of Rosh HaShanah with a 1st day of a new year on the minds of the Jewish masses - but the difference lies more in a secular versus a religious commemoration of the day.  In Jewish tradition as in Israel today, there certainly is none of this 'counting down of the final seconds to a new year', as in the rest of the world. Although it must exist amongst some secular Israelis, there certainly is no official celebration of the 'New Year' in Israel society - perhaps because traditionally also, this Day and the 3-week Festive Season which it introduces, have become known as 'Yamim Noraim' - the Days of Awe (literally 'terrible' days, referring to the awesome events which it depicts, i.e Final Judgment and Reward for Good and Evil).  There is no equivalent also in Hebrew for the general English term "The High Holy Days' (referring to this 3rd Season of Festivities in the Jewish year).

So, where does the term  'Rosh HaShanah' come from? 

It is the Mishnah that first mentioned the term 'Rosh HaShanah'.  The Mishnah is the written down version in the 2nd century, of the ancient traditional Oral Torah (carried forth throughout many centuries) of the Rabbinic interpretations of the inscriptions of the Written Torah.  It confirmed the Jewish concept of 4 different annual terminals or 'New Year" dates:
- Ist of First Biblical month, according to which the reign of Israel's kings were determined; also the year start for calculation of the Biblical Feasts;
- the 1st of Elul, New Year for tithing of animals;
- the 15th of Shevat, the New Year for calculation of trees' ages;
- 1st of Tishrei (being the 1st of the 7th Biblical month), for the counting of years; the Sabbatical and Jubilees - Rosh HaShanah.  The anniversary of the earth's Creation (and Adam's birthday), depicting God's sovereignty over the universe.  It marks to this day, the term for counting Jewish history.

Two points of importance here.
- Do Westerners find it strange that they have, next to the calendar year, also fiscal 'tax' years, school term years, university term years, business term years; personal birthday term years - which may differ from the annual calendar year date - depending on which country you are in?
- Will the Coming of Messiah to establish His Kingdom, not fall in this same period, therefore determining the start of the New Kingdom Age New year?
- Is it not logic, that this awesome time will be inaugurated at the start of a Jubilee or Sabbatical year - which in Judaism is calculated from this date?

It simply behooved the Creator to point out to Moses, some 1260,5 years after Creation, at the Time of the giving of the Law at Sinai, 50 days after the Exodus from Egyptian bondage,  that the Festive Calendar starts from the 1st of Aviv (Mch/Apr) - at the Time of Pesach, depicting the Release from bondage of sin - the first stage of reconciliation with God - i.e. Repentance, turning around (Hebrew: Teshuvah).

The Festive Cycle in its entirety depicts the Cycle of Salvation i.e. Release from Sin (bondage in Egypt - Pesach) to ultimate Atonement with God under His Kingship in His Kingdom (which will be established on earth at the time of Rosh HaShanah - the 'Jewish New Year').  Rather than being a contradiction of two New Years, this Cycle, spread over 6 months, provides a 'run-up' time from the 1st month Aviv New Year, to the 7th month, Tishrei, which will see the inauguration of the New Dispensation of the Rule of YHVH on earth - certainly a Great Event for commemoration in future.

Zech. 14:16 "All who survive of all the nations that have marched against Jerusalem, will go up year by year to worship the King YHVH and to keep the Feast of Succot." (referring to the Festive period of the 7th month). Surely, this will be the New Year of the New Dispensation?


It seems that Divine Providence, after all, has had an influence in this specification of time, for which Judaism is accused of 'human overruling of God's decrees'.


Refer also:

Rabbis declare start of "Time of Jacob's Trouble" - at New Moon of Aviv, 2001




Q: "Is it not true that Deut' 6:4 relates to a 'COMPOUND UNITY' and not to an absolute 'ONE' ?"


You differ in this statement with millions of Jews, throughout history. Jews, much to their own demise,  are certainly rated amongst the most intelligent humans, as a nation,  under the sun.  It therefore is a very audacious statement from you, to overthrow in one swoop of the pen,  the very foundational statement of the Jewish Faith which claims, according to the Bible,  that GOD IS ONE - NOT A UNITY!  You also differ with Messiah Who emphasized this foundational Truth very strongly, referring to it as "the GREATEST COMMAND".

It defies the mind how some non-Jewish people, like yourself, can accuse an entire nation of NOT understanding the elementary basics of their own language.  More so, when it comes to the BASICS of the figure/amount/concept of something as elementary as ONE.   Ask any Israeli child of even a few years old, what is the meaning of 'echad' (as used in Deut. 6:4) and they will tell you 'one' and probably stick one finger up in the air in explanation!   Yet YOU and many erudite Messianics and their teachers claim that the Jews do not understand!

The argument is also raised by some that the word 'echad' does not mean an absolute "one" but a compound "one."  Dr Fruchtenbaum, an exponent of this theory, makes the following claims on a 'Jews for Jesus'  Web Page:   "For instance, in Genesis 1:5, the combination of evening and morning comprise one (echad) day. In Genesis 2:24, a man and a woman come together in marriage and the two "shall become one (echad) flesh."  In Ezra 2:64, we are told that the whole assembly was as one (echad), though of course, it was composed of numerous people. Ezekiel 37:17 provides a rather striking example where two sticks are combined to become one (echad). The use of the word echad in Scripture shows it to be a compound and not an absolute unity."

This argument is based on confusion and deceit,  as is the doctrine of a Trinity.  In the examples he quotes, it is clear that 'echad' is still referring to an 'absolute one' day, one marriage couple (flesh), one assembly and one stick.  Can anyone picture in their mind two sticks, in his example?  It refers to an 'absolute' one stick (though made up of two).

You then, in an attempt to explain your view, set off on an exposition of the events at Sodom, when the Almighty appeared  as TWO human beings (you say):

Q:  "Is it not true that the Bible's report in Genesis 18 & 19,  on the happenings at Sodom, declares two YHVH's ? - "ONE" in "The Heavens", and "ONE" on "The Earth" ?


If you read carefully,  you'll find THREE YHVH's in this portion of Scripture - Genesis. ch 18 & 19.


Does that now mean that YHVH is 3?  That He is a Trinity?   Certainly not!  For His Scriptures claim that HE IS ONE!


Do Scriptures then contradict?  Only if you want to bend its Message to suit your own theory.


The Truth is, firstly, that YHVH is a Spirit Being (Jo. 4:24).  As such He is all over, throughout the earth and the universe - the term is 'omnipresence',  which means that He can be in all places, at the SAME time.  He does NOT have to become millions of different "unified" beings in order to do so - or in order to fill the hearts and minds of millions of His believers.


Now add to this, that in His omnipotent Power, He is able to 'manifest' Himself in any form or shape which He wishes to.  Your quoted portion at Sodom actually proves this - and there are many other such instances recorded in Scripture.  At Sodom He manifested Himself as THREE different humans in order to fulfill a specific task.  These three beings are simply different manifestations of the VERY SAME ONE TRUE GOD YHVH.  Now this interpretation proves Deut 6:4 correct, without people having to read things into it which does not exist, thereby  changing the most basic of basics of the Hebrew language.


Problem why many believers will not accept this Truth of explanation, is because they then have to exalt their Messiah to His True exalted position ON the Throne as YHVH God!  They do not like this!  They seem to prefer to keep Him off His  Throne,


For a full study on the "3-Angels"-manifestation, go to:

Bible Revelations Course - 4 short studies only

The heresy of  "A Greater and Lesser YHVH"

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Q:  "Do you think the world is going to end sometime soon?


Yes - if we may keep the word 'soon' somewhat flexible.  It could be really soon, like in months - or soon, like in years or a few decades.  Centuries or millennia? - No!  My personal expectations? - rather sooner than later.

The positive side of this question is that, should this world 'end',  then it means the BEGINNING of the New World under the Rulership of God Almighty directly from Jerusalem in Israel,  is at hand.

The time piece of God's Program, is Jerusalem.  Most of the prophecies in the Tanach (Old testament) are concerned with "That Day", when God will set up His Kingdom of Peace and restore Jerusalem to its destined Glory as a Testimony to the nations and according to His Promises.  The Promise is for Israel and ANY individual who wishes to abide by His Purpose and conditions.

Thus, the "end' of this current world system, should pose no fear to anyone who sincerely follows Him and looks forward to 'emigrating' to His Kingdom under His Rule.

THIS, in short, is the True 'Gospel of the Kingdom' - a Message which has been greatly misinterpreted by would-be followers of God.

Why do I believe the 'End' is close?  Because of what's happening in and around Jerusalem - God's Sign Piece for the world.  The current 'Battle for Jerusalem'  between Israel and the Palestinians (the pawn of the Arab nations and of Islam),  according to ancient Bible Prophecies,  will escalate to World War 111  which, if God does not personally intervene to save Israel from nuclear annihilation,  would mean the end of His 'Chosen Nation'.  This, He took an Oath would never happen to Israel (Read Ezek ch 20).  Never before in history was such a nuclear confrontation, as predicted by Biblical Prophecy, even remotely possible.  Today, it is a very real threat with Israel possessing nuclear capability, and its enemy neighbours, Iraq and Iran, well on its way to nuclear capability.  Muslim Pakistan, already has the 'bomb'!  The Arabs, through the Palestinians, are pushing for an unwarranted possession of Jerusalem - and the whole world backs them!  So, it really is a 'declaration of War on God'!

Then also, Prophecy predicts a "Time of Great Trouble like the world has never seen', just before the setting up of His Kingdom.  The world is currently heading for just such a catastrophe, threatened by a confluence of several unique events unparalleled in history - each one of these powerful enough to cause major World Chaos.

These currently raging or threatening events are comprehensively reviewed in the BIBLE REVELATIONS Web Site and can be found by clicking on the following Pages:

Warning Signs of impending World Chaos?  - Several world shaking events are threatening to  fulfill the ancient Biblical Prophecies of   "A Time of Great Distress"  to come over the world,  just before the establishment of The Kingdom of God from Jerusalem in Israel.

"JERUSALEM - Countdown to Armageddon" - FREE on-line copy of 160 page book reviewing the amazing fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy in the history of Israel to date - and how the current Middle East unrest  will lead to a Nuclear Holocaust,  necessitating the physical Return of Messiah to save Israel from total annihilation and set up His Kingdom to rule over the earth from Jerusalem.

Conclusion on Y2K

The New World Order of the Kingdom of YHVH which will be established by the returning Messiah,  over all nations,  from Jerusalem

"Declaring War on God" - Any non-Israeli power today, claiming rights over Jerusalem, or accusing Israel of having designs on world domination (Illuminati), simply do not conform with the Divine Mandate of God, and are direct challenges  against the Plan of God for Jerusalem and all Mankind.  This confrontation with God will culminate in the Final War of Gog and Magog (War of Armageddon), as foretold, 3000 years in advance, in the Bible.

The only true security that one has under the circumstances, is to ensure that one is spiritually prepared and that one conforms to God's requirements.  The reward for that, is Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God.

The Web Site of BIBLE REVELATIONS offers you a comprehensive Source of Spiritual Guidance which will not easily be found elsewhere on the Internet.

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