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Q: "What is the relevance of the number 666 in the Prophecies of the End of the World?"


Much have been written on this subject and we will not endeavour to review any here.  Trust that readers are acquainted with some of these many presentations.

The mystery 666 certainly has to do with the Prophecies regarding the End Time, when, under the events of the Seventh and Final Trumpet as proclaimed in the Book of Revelation,  the Kingdom of the world becomes the Kingdom of the Messiah, Who will thereafter reign for ever and ever (Rev. 11:14-19).

Rev. 13:16-18 associates this sign with a satanic force which blasphemes God, has power over all humanity and who "makes war against the saints of God" (Rev. 13:5-8). It would be worshipped by all humanity - specifically, those who have chosen against God and His Truth  (Read Rev. chapters 12 - 14 in context).

This sign has to do with the name of this evil but popular world power (Rev. 13:16-18) and it will serve as a 'mark branded on his followers',  without which "no one will be able to buy or sell".  This is a remarkable prophecy for the Bible to refer to, 2000 years in advance of our time, in which trade boycotts have become the order of the day whereby to manipulate or punish 'rebel' nations!

While many theories avail about what the true meaning and implication of this 'mark of the beast' is,  most commentators and searchers after Truth seem to overlook the solution offered in the very next Scripture in the Bible:

Rev. 14:1  "Next in my vision I saw Mount Zion and standing on it a Lamb Who had with Him 144 000 people, all with His Name and His Father's Name written on their foreheads."  These have been redeemed,  to be the 'first fruits' unto God (verse 4).

What then does it really benefit us to search for the meaning of 666, referring to the name of the satanic beast?  Why not rather ensure to find the Name of God and have that sealed upon oneself?  For details about the Scriptural teaching on how to be sealed with His Sacred Name on your forehead, be sure to read:

Careful consideration of this mysterious mark reveals that this matter concerns the Name of God versus the Name of the Beast - Eternal Life versus eternal damnation.

The following details are provided merely as a suggestion of what the 666 may well refer to:

The Greek alphabet have numerical values.  The 3 Greek letters used in Rev. 13:18 in referring to this 'mark',  were:

X     (=Chi) 600;
(shaped like a curled capital E) 60
(Sigma) 6
Thus XES (approx.).  In the original Greek it is written as:
666-as written in Greek

The 1st and 3rd letters, it is said,  represent the first and last letters of the title "Christos" and the middle letter represents the symbol of the serpent and is intimately connected with the ancient Egyptian Mysteries. (Source:  "Number in Scripture" - Dr E W  Bullinger pg 49).

This mysterious symbol or letter is also conspicuously featured as a medical symbol and it appears on the Hippocratic Oath (Hypocratic Oath) that medical practitioners have to sign after qualifying and before being accepted into the medical infrastructure.

"I swear by Apollo the Physician and Asclepius and Hygeia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses,  to keep according to my ability and my judgment  the following oath: ....etc"


The Hypocratic Oath to this day, has been  "the basis and symbol of the high ethical standard of Western Medicine".  It was formulated thousands of years ago, to define the role and duties of a physician and it is dedicated to the teachings of Hippocrates, a contemporary of Plato.  Hippocrates was the man who first separated medicine from religion and disease from supernatural explanations.

The Aesculapian Staff - the offiial Medicine Symbol

The Aesculapian staff

< - a conventionalized representation of a staff branched at the top with a single snake twined around it that is used as a symbol of medicine and as the official insignia of the American Medical Association.  Aesculapius was the god of medicine in Greek and Roman mythology. Snakes were the god's sacred emblems, and the god was believed to be  incarnate in them.  The Ancient Greek lettering on the side of the staff is a quote from Hippocrates
FastHealth Medical Dictionary Adr-Ald

Source for above Symbol:  http://www.pinewoodkarate.com/aesculapian.htm

The Caduceus Medical Symbol

Today's Symbol of Medicine, used to be known as the magic rod of Hermes, the Greek messenger of the gods. His caduceus was a rod entwined by two snakes, decorated with wings at the top.

So much for this mysterious middle letter. Bear in mind that we are still after the 'Name' of this opposing force against the True God YHVH, which, if this Scripture in Rev.13:16-18 has any reference to it, is linked with this mysterious symbol linked to paganism - the symbol of the serpent.

In Greek,  the first of these three letters,  X,  also takes the sound of a 'Z' - as in Xenephen or Xylophone.

The first and last Greek letters of this 666 formula, may therefore also be referring to the first and last letters of the name 'Zeus'.

Scripture itself bears testimony to this interpretation in Luke 4:27 in the KJV translation - where the name of the prophet Elisha (meaning 'My God is Saviour') has been retained in the paganized form 'Eliseus' (My god is Zeus).  In similar fashion,  the Name of the Hebrew Messiah YAHU'SHUAH (meaning 'YAHU is Saviour') has been paganized to read  'JeZeus', ('God is Zeus') which later became 'Jesus' in the English language (pronounced 'Jezus').

For further details on the Sacred Names, refer to:

How can this Prophecy possibly be fulfilled in our era, by the majority of mankind receiving the name of  'Jezus' as the Mark of the beast?  The majority of the people out there are not 'religious' anyway - why would they accept the 'brand-name of Jezus'?

Simple.  Several events in the world are threatening to halt current world systems,  as we know it,  in its tracks. (Refer "Trumpets" - forewarning of increasing World Chaos).  The only way out of such chaos, would be for a leading power to take control of the world and set up a new rule and financial system.  Biblical prophecy predicts the rule of an evil world power to precede the Return of God to earth.

In deciphering this mystical brand mark 666,  utilizing the clues at our disposal;  taking due cognizance of current world developments and considering Scriptural Prophetic pointers,  such a 'financial monster' is currently in the making - the European Common Market (EEU).

Remarkably so,  this power in the making,  follows the predictions outlined since decades ago, by Bible students,  based on their understanding of the Prophecies of the Bible and the historical record of the movement of nations and Biblical religion.

The EEU has the potential to overtake the USA and become the leading world economic power house.  Bible students have long predicted this "revival of the Roman Empire" - which obviously is founded on Roman Catholicism. The EEU countries are predominantly Roman Catholic by religion, which poses the backing of the Vatican, perhaps the richest establishment on earth. Given the potential of enormous powers flowing forth from taking control in a situation of world chaos,  following the financial collapse of the World and resultant anarchic conditions in most countries - the stage will be set for the enforcement of its religion on humanity,  and the fulfillment of the 666 mark - being the branding of the name of 'Jezus'  "on the hands and foreheads" of unsurmising worldlings, in order for them to "buy or sell", or face economic boycott!

Considering that Catholicism is very much an anti-Hebraic religion,  and that it
could then enforce its religion on humanity and install an economic boycott on all those who do not wish to be branded with the Name of 'Jezus' - it becomes clear that the greatest sufferers would be the Jews and the currently fast increasing multitudes of believers throughout the world,  who are discovering and restoring the Sacred Name of God (YHVH) and His Messiah (YAHU'SHUAH - not Jezus).  These Hebraic Roots Restorers reject the name of 'Jezus' and their progressive restoration of the Original True Bible Faith (as anciently mandated by the Creator God of Israel) is drawing them closer and closer to Judaism, with the ultimate end seeming to be full conversion to Judaism.  

It is obvious that the purpose of the Opposer of the True God is to try and prevent God from setting up, what will inevitably be,  His 'Jewish' Kingdom in Jerusalem, over the nations - according to Prophecy?

Admittedly, one can not be dogmatic about these ancient 'mysteries' but world trends are fast moving in this very direction.

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Q: "Was the Book of Revelation written to encourage the 1st century Christians or to warn the 20th century Christians of the End Time?

Q: "Is the New Testament Christian or Jewish?"


There is a common mis-understanding amongst Christians in that they believe that the New Testament (NT) was written 'to Christians'. This misconception withholds a GREAT amount of Light from those who hold to this traditional view.  Christians grow up to believe that the NT was only for Christians, written by Christians and teaching about the Christian Faith.

History totally refutes this - and when one starts realizing this, then the doors of one's mind start opening for the sublime Truth of the Original True Faith,  which Jude 3 commends Messianic believers to return to.  The Tanach ('Old' Testament) in its last paragraph in the Book of Malachi, also commends us:

Malachi 4:4  "Remember the Law of Moses, My Servant, to whom at Horeb I prescribed Laws and Customs for the whole House of Israel.  Know that I am going to send you Elijah the Prophet before My Day comes, that Great and Terrible Day.  He shall turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of children towards their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a curse."

The overwhelming majority of factual evidence though, prove, surprisingly, that the NT was a Jewish book,  written almost exclusively by Jews, who were the spiritual leaders of the first Messianic congregations. These congregations, initially,  were made up mostly of Jewish believers who came to accept the Jewish Messiah. At its inception, at the Jewish Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost), 50 days after His crucifixion, 3 000 Jewish believers accepted Him.  This was the birth, not as Christian believers like to believe, of the 'Christian Church',  but of the Jewish Orthodox Messianic Movement.  These original Messianics were in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem when they were "baptized in the Spirit".  They were all Jews - not Christians!  Refer to The Oracle of God - A study on Shavuot (Pentecost)

Setting the record straight then, firstly, Messiah Himself was a Jew, an Israelite, born to a Jewish mother.  He was circumcised at the age of 8 days (Luke 2:21) and was consecrated on the 42nd day according to Jewish Law (Luke 2:22).   He grew up in a Jewish Community and had a Bar Mitzvah in the Jewish Temple at the age (then) of 12,  according to Jewish tradition.  He astounded the learned Jewish teachers even at that young age, with His Knowledge of the Scriptures (Luke 3:47).

As an adult,  He was so conspicuously a Jew,  that strangers addressed Him as Rabbi'  (John 1:38, 49;  3:2;26;  6:25; 20:16).  He attended Synagogue Services on Sabbaths,  "as His custom was" (Luke 4:16).  He regularly taught in the Synagogues, "and everyone praised Him" (Luke 4:15).

He most certainly taught Judaism, as Matthew. ch. 5 testifies to.  He never claimed or foresaw a 'new' religion (Matt. ch 5) and clearly claimed in Matt 5:20:  "For I tell you, unless your virtue greatly surpass that of the Scribes and Pharicees, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven".

The Inscription on His Death Stake labeled Him "King of the Jews"!  Even at His Death,  He was buried according to Jewish custom in a Jewish Grave.  His opponents also, were Jews.

The Apostles who took this Message into the world, were Jews, teaching Judaism,  with now a Jewish Messiah included!  Thus, the first believers were not Christians, but Messianic Jews.  The non-Jews who accepted Him, had to be brought into the Jewish Faith.  The New Testament Scriptures speak of controversies, even amongst these Jewish Apostles and teachers,  regarding the necessity of circumcision and the extent of the Jewish Laws which had to be kept by converts who accepted the Jewish Messiah.

This is where confusion started crawling into original Messianic Judaism.  As more and more gentiles accepted the Faith, the Jewish Message became diluted.  Learned theologians became commentators on what they understood was the True Messianic Faith.  Non-Messianic Judaism which remained the mainstream of Judaism, fiercely persecuted Jewish Messianism.  Gentile anti-Semitism further opposed the 'new' Jewish Sect and invaded the fast progressing Gentile Messianic faith - and thus,  three centuries after Messiah, Christianity was officially born and constitutionalised in several Decrees and Councils, the most famous of which was the Council of Nicea, 325 AD.  Its head Office?  Rome with its State Religion of Roman Catholicism.  Protestantism only came more than 1000 years later!

History as well as the New Testament confirm that all  the first believers were Jews - either by birth or by conversion - who formed a Jewish Messianic Sect, known as Netzarim in Hebrew.

Acts 24:5  "The plain truth is that we find this man (Paul) a perfect pest.  He stirs up trouble among Jews the world over and is a ringleader of the Nazarene sect."

Paul admits in verse 14  "It is according to the Way that they describe as a sect, that I worship the God of my ancestors (the Hebrew patriarchs) retaining my belief in all points of the Torah (Law) and what is written in the Nevi'im (Prophets of the 'Old Testament')".

It is clear from this,  that this first Messianic congregation was a 'sect' of Judaism, practicing Jewish Law and custom.  (Refer to the comprehensive academic study with multiple cross ref's to historians, clergy and academic treaties - "Nazarene Jewish Christianity" Ray A Pritz - Magnes Press, Hebrew University, Jerusalem).

Christians like to refer to the following text to prove that the early Messianic congregation of the Messiah was 'Christian'.
Acts 11:26  "It was at Antioch that the disciples were called Christians."
Well after the establishment of the Jewish Messianic Congregation on Shavuot (Pentecost),  the establishment of this sect at Antioch probably was the first split away from the original Jewish Messianism to 'Christianity'.  It signified the split between Jewish Messianism and non-Jewish adherents of Messianism.

Some 300 years later, Christianity would be officially instituted and recognized under the auspices of the Zeus worshipping Roman Emperor,  Constantine.  He had purportedly been converted to Christianity, but the same year that he convened the Council of Nicea (which officially constituted the Trinity and Sunday-Sabbath), he gave private orders for the execution of Crispus, his eldest son and for the suffocation in a hot bath, of his wife of 20 years, Faista.

A literal translation of the Hebrew version of the above quoted text (Acts 11:26, according to a publication of the Trinitarian Bible Society),  clearly contradicts their English rendering and confirms the Jewishness of what they promote as the "early church"

Acts 11:26 - literal translation "..and they settled there for a complete year closely with the Qahal..." (not church or ekklesia) - refer "The True Congregation"
"... and taught Torah to many..."  (English translation renders:  "and they taught many  people")
"... It was at Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians." (Hebrew literal '"Meshichi'im" from the root Meschiach = Messiah). (Sterns Complete Jewish Bible renders this verse  "...were called Messianic."

How many Protestants today erroneously believe that the original Messianic Faith was their own brand of Christianity which they follow today?   Few doubt it,  especially amongst the average church goers.

Only someone who has been raised a Christian, can fail to recognise the Jewishness of this compilation of books known as the New Testament.  Prime example - How many Christians today realize that Messiah Himself was an exemplary Jew?  They simply assume and blindly accept that He was a Christian!   Jews again, puppet the Christian interpreters by accusing Messiah of "having done away with the Torah (Law)!"  Nothing can be further from the Truth than this!  Messiah is quoted in Matthew 5:17 as stating:  "Don't think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the prophets.  I have come not to abolish, but to complete.  Yes, indeed!  I tell you, that until Heaven and earth pass away, not so much as a yud (hyphen, comma) or a stroke will pass from the Torah - not until everything that must happen, has happened. So, whoever disobeys the least of these Mitzvot (commandments) and teaches others to do so, will be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven.  But whoever obeys them and so teaches,  will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven."  (Sterns Complete Jewish Bible)

It is only with this realization of the Jewishness of the NT, that one can truly understand the True Message thereof.

The astonishing and all over-riding fact is that Messiah was NOT a Christian! - and never ever instituted a new non-Jewish religion!

This does NOT mean that Christians are discriminated against, and left without hope of qualifying for entrance into His Kingdom.

Like any country has immigration requirements, God's Kingdom is no different. It will require a 'Jewish passport' though, to enter this 'Jewish' Kingdom - to put it very bluntly.

In conclusion, back to our original question: The Book of Revelation, like the rest of Scripture, was to encourage human beings "of every nation, race, tribe and language" (Rev. 7:9), to qualify for citizenship of His Eternal 'Jewish' Kingdom.

The various studies on this Web Site has as its purpose to restore this Original True Hebraic Faith as instituted and mandated by the Creator God of Israel and confirmed by Messiah, Who was Himself that Lawmaker and Creator!

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 Q: "What is the meaning of "between the two evenings" in Exodus 12:6 regarding the Pesach (Passover) Sacrifice?

 Q: "Is there a contradiction in the Time of Messiah's Death?

 Q: "Is there any Truth in the teaching that the Sabbath starts in the morning and not the evening?


Hebraic Restoration commentators are generally anti-Rabbinic.  One of their main reasons is, that "the Rabbis have made their own laws which they call the Oral Torah". 

Messianics generally discard and reject the Oral Torah with contempt. Yet, they fail to realize that in interpreting the Bible, they are making their own oral interpretation which differs from teacher to teacher.  In their formulation of this oral Torah (interpretation), which they claim to be strictly according to the Written Torah,  they do not hesitate to be so audacious as to make major changes to the interpretation of Bible topics.

One such instance, is the interpretation that the 7th Day Sabbath starts on Saturday morning and lasts until Sunday morning. Of course, they will present their "authoritative Written Torah evidence".

A recent question about the Torah stipulation in Ex. 12:6 about defining a Pesach time period "between the two evenings", prompted an investigation of the Hebrew text in this regard.  This is another issue which has caused some havoc in Hebraic Restoration circles regarding the Sacred Calendar.  The Hebrew version of the Torah and Jewish age-old custom did not only clarify this dispute, but also highlighted the ridiculous unfounded reasoning of the Shabbat morning till morning theory.

Let us first resolve the problem of "between the two evenings" - the rest will then be easy to comprehend:

Exod. 12:6  Pesach (Passover) is to be commemorated "on the 14th day between the two evenings" (bain ha'aravim), i.e. keep the sacrificial lamb until the 14th day and slaughtering it "between the two evenings."  YAHU'SHUAH of course fulfilled this Torah instruction to the Day (on the Jewish Calendar), when He was crucified on the 14th of the month Aviv in Jerusalem.

A problem does however arise, because Messiah died at the end of the 14th day, at the very time that the Jews of the time were slaughtering their Pesach lamb for the Pesach Seder that evening of the 15th.  Messiah had partaken of His Pesach Meal the previous evening, the start of the 14th day.  This may well be why the Torah even makes provision for the Sacrifice of YAHU'SHUAH towards the End of the 14th - while he suffered that entire Day "between the two evenings".  Hebraic Messianic interpretations stumble greatly over this issue.  What must be borne in mind, is that as a Human Being, the omni-present Spirit Being, YHVH, was limited to the physical impossibility of first being sacrificed and then afterwards partaking of the Pesach Meal.  It seems therefore, that this rule of "between the two evenings, was instituted for spreading His Sacrificial ordination "between the two evenings".

Hebraic commentators however, stumble over this stipulation of "the two evenings" and question what it really defines.  A lot of confusion has also been sown by uninformed English translators.:

The Creation account in Genesis defines "evening" (erev) repeatedly as the start of the new day, at even (sunset). :"And it was evening, and it was morning, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th day ..." etc.  Evening (Erev) thus starts or precedes the day.  Exod. 12:6 literally states "between the two Erev's - on the 14th day"  The English translations have changed it to: "on the 14th  ... in the evening." - which could be construed as "the start of the 14th." or "the end of the 14th."  Sabbath morning observers should take note that the evening defines the start of the Sabbath.  This fact is repeated seven times on  the very first pages of the Bible.

Lev. 23:32 defines this time stipulation even further: verse 27:  The 10th day of the 7th month is to be a Fast Day Sabbath - Yom Kippur. Verse 32 stipulates "on the evening of the 9th day, from this to the following evening."  Does this now refer to the 9th or the 10th day?

This is where knowledge of Jewish custom comes to play: viz. 

  • Sabbath is the 7th day of the week, from Friday sunset, to Saturday sunset.

  • Friday evening is known as "Erev Shabbat" (Shabbat evening)

But, Shabbat ba'Erev (Shabbat at even) means Saturday evening!  - or Motzei Shabbat (the outgoing of the Sabbath).

There is thus a big difference in an invitation for "Erev Shabbat" (Frid. evening) and for "Shabbat ba'Erev" (Sat. evening).

Christian commentators have made a big issue of "between the evenings" (bain ha'aravim) as referring to the end of the day, between afternoon and evening (dusk and darkness, etc.)

Lev. 23:32, which some commentators will regard as a contradiction, or tampering of Scripture, therefore actually defines it, when it says literally "On the 9th day at even (ba'erev), from evening to evening (mi erev ad erev)" - thus at the end of 9th day, from evening to evening, i.e. the 10th day.

Here, millennia in advance, God made very sure that no one would be able to question the start and end of the Sabbath - that is, if they would care to take note of Jewish  Torah interpretation and tradition. Note also how the Lev. 23 definition of a Festive Sabbath (Yom Kippur - the most solemn Sacred Day in the Bible Calendar) is being repeated in the Sabbath Blessing that Jews recite every week at their Sabbath Family Dinner table.  Lev. 23 defines the 10th day as being "on the 9th day ba-erev (at even), from this evening to the following evening" (Jerusalem Bible. confirming exactly the Hebrew). The Jewish 7th day Sabbath Kiddush (Blessing) starts as follows: "And it was evening and it was morning, the sixth day ..."  and then the 7th day Blessing follows. This confirms the completion of the Creation on the 6th day - then, at even on the 7th day, the Creator confirms the Sabbath by resting on it. 

If the Great Yom Kippur (Judgment Day) Sabbath on the 10th Day of the seventh month, is so clearly defined as starting at even on the 9th day, to evening the 10th day, how can any other 'evidence' ever change the definition of the Biblical Day to be "from morning to morning"?  If the Creator Himself 'rested' on the Sabbath Day, starting at even, the end ofthe 6th day, what more proof do we need of the time setting of the Sabbath?

All this also proves why Hebrew is the only language, and authentic Judaism is the only religion that one can really trustingly apply,  to interpret the Bible.

Recommended additional reading
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Q: "Is Amen' the name of a pagan idol?  Should we refrain from using this word in our prayers and in worship?"


Let us consider this word on the following levels:
-  Its pagan connotations
-  Its use and meaning in Hebrew
-  Its use in Christianity and Judaism
-  Should we use it or not?

' Amen' was one of the main deities in Egyptian mythology, the worship of which  spread to Greece, Syria and surroundings.

According to 'The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia',  Columbia University Press.  Copyright © 1991 by Columbia University Press:

Amon (â´men, ä´-) or Ammon (à´men) or Amen (ä´mèn), ancient Egyptian deity. Originally the chief god of Thebes, Amon grew increasingly important in Egypt, and eventually, as Amon Ra, he was identified with RA as the supreme deity. He was also identified with the Greek ZEUS (the Roman JUPITER). (Ed.: Jupiter or 'Zues-Pater' - 'Zeus our father').

The Official Internet Site of The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism
has the following Web Pages with information about Amen, the primeval idol:
Amen (Amon) and Amen-Ra, King of the  Gods, and the Triad of Thebes
Amen worship
Amen of Thebes
Forms of Amen-Ra

Here are some excerpts from these informative pages.
"Amen was the personification of the hidden and  unknown creative power which was associated with the primeval abyss, gods in the creation of  the world, and all that is in it. The word or root amen, certainly means "what is hidden," "what  is not seen," "what cannot be seen," and the like, and this fact is proved by scores of examples  which may be collected from texts of all periods. In hymns to Amen we often read that he is  "hidden to his children, "and "hidden to gods and men" ... Now, not only is the god himself said  to be "hidden," but his name also is "hidden," and his form, or similitude, is said to be  "unknown;" these statements show that "hidden," when applied to Amen, the great god, has  reference to something more than the "sun which has disappeared below the horizon," and that it indicates the god who cannot be seen with the mortal eyes, and who is invisible, as well as inscrutable, to gods as well as men."

Amen, his wife, Mut, and their son, Khonsu, represented the Theban Triad, the sacred family of Thebes. Amen was the "King of the gods" during the period of the New Kingdom in Egypt 1550-1070 B.C.E. when Thebes was the capitol of Egypt.  (refer http://www.wsu.edu/~dee/EGYPT/NEW.HTM

It is during this period that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt, building the fortifications and lavish statues and temples of Egypt.  During their 400 years of slavery, they lost their patriarchal Yahwistic religion as they fell into Egyptian paganism.  Their epic exodus required a 40 year 'cleansing' period in the Wilderness,  before they could enter the 'Promised Land of Israel'.

If during this exodus they could build a golden calf idol,  would it be far-fetched to surmise that they also carried the blemishes of Amen-worship with them into the future - a seed which may not have been uprooted to this day?

Which brings us to our 2nd point of consideration:  The word 'amen' is popularly used in Hebrew liturgy and Jewish worship.

True, the root-letters  a-m-n hold the following connotations in modern Hebrew:
educate, train, true, trustworthy, confirm, confidence, faithfulness, treaty.

Thirdly, its use in modern day Judaism and Christianity:

The meaning for the word 'amen' is given as "so be it", "trustworthy"

Knowing the pagan idol worship connotations of this word,  it does raise concern when one hears those phrases which are so popularly used in Christian prayer:
"We ask this in Thy Name, Amen".
"We praise Thy Name, Amen."
"We ask this in the Name which is above every Name, Amen".
"Praise the Lord" - with the communal response: "Amen".
These above applications surely can pass for directly addressing someone named  'Amen'!  It should surely be conspicuous to the alert worshipper of the One True God of Israel!

Similar usage is also common in Jewish worship liturgy.

Should we use it in prayer and worship?

The position assumed in all the Restorative Truths proclaimed by BIBLE REVELATIONS, is to avoid extremism.  This position is also maintained in our study on the use of  'God or Elohim'  and the use of the various forms of The Sacred Name.

Like with all other considerations in the process of the Restoration of the Original True Hebraic Faith though,  the question remains:  "What does the Almighty expect from us?"  Our intentions may be pure, but why persist in clinging to habits and traditions which have spurious origins or connotations?  Do we really need this word to express our convictions and praises?

It also is curious,  that this almost mystical word, anciently referred to the "hidden god" - and it would surely not be far-fetched to surmise that perhaps Satan has managed to hide himself as the object of worship, to unsuspecting believer to this day?

Could this realization and avoidance of such spurious terms lead us further from the Truth or closer to it?

Is this not after all the purpose of true and pure worship,  that we become aware of the traits and methods of the Deceiver and refine and purify our worship as far as is humanly possible?  What are we defending by hedging against doubtful practices?  There are, after all,  'pure' words like "HalleluYAH", or where necessary, the Sacred Name itself,  which can replace this questionable praise word 'Amen',

Ex. 23:13:"...and make no mention of the name  of other gods, neither let it be heard out of your mouth."

Hosea 2:17,19  "I (YHVH) will take the names of the Baals (lords) off her (His Bride's) lips".

Recommended additional reading
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