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The Time of Jacob's Trouble

Warning signs of impending world chaos!

Acquaint yourself with several staggering signs, serving as 
a Warning of what many suspect to be the Time of the ushering in of 
"The End of the World". 
To many others, this culmination of the Ages, bring the glad prospects of a New Era, 

to mark the Approach of the setting up of God's Kingdom of Peace on earth. 
And "The End of this current System of evil, crime and war" 
under the auspices of the rulers of Darkness.


Editor's Note:  The news from across the world regarding weather havoc and financial melt down have been so prominent lately, that  any attempt by this Web Page to present news summaries would be superfluous.  We therefore merely establish News trends - and these, seldom if ever need realignment.  The daily news casts in the media simply serve to confirm these trends as reviewed in the BIBREV Web Site.  From time to time though, strong confirmation or new trends that do call for publishing here,  do turn up.  In this respect, the news items below, even if aged, are as relevant as the daily news.


 "For those of true discernment, these frightful  events - events which are ever escalating in awesomeness - hold the true fulfilment of Biblical Prophecy for 'The End Time' - more correctly phrased as 'the dawning of the erection of the Kingdom of God on earth!" - 11 Sept. 2001

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Is there a Sign in all the catastrophes befalling the world?


The New century has started with an upheaval of natural catastrophes - and these seem to be ever increasing in intensity and quantity.  After all the doom predictions of Y2K, when nothing really happened, the world was off on a wild spree, only to become confronted with one major catastrophe after the other. The Twin Towers 9/11, Katrina New Orleans, the Asian Tsunami, melting of the Ice caps, now a world food crisis and run away fuel prices across the globe, raging Islamic unrest and Nuclear War threatening Israel and the Middle-East - all these tower above the constant rumbling of earth quakes and volcanic eruptions and the twisting tornadoes and Cyclones sowing death and destruction in the USA and Asia.


Is there a Sign in all this for mankind?  Of course, pessimists will seek such a link and the eternal optimists will discard any such.


This Web Site of BIBLE REVELATIONS, in proclaiming such a Link, summarized its Vision and Belief in the following paragraph, after the Twin Towers fiasco on 11 Sept. 2001: "For those of true discernment, these frightful  events - events which are ever escalating in awesomeness - hold the true fulfilment of Biblical prophecy for 'The End Time' - more correctly phrased as 'the dawning of the erection of the Kingdom of God on earth!"


Far be it from the purpose of this Message, to scare people, or to hit a low blow at them, enforcing a 'cheapened' or sanctimonious solution.  Our true Purpose is to bring awareness and understanding of what Life is all about - where this world is heading and what your real options are.  The Choice remains your own - to heed or to discard. The Signs of confirmation are compelling and only a fool would reject it without consideration.


The world shaking disasters of late, fit perfectly into the scenario which forms the main and basic core of the Message of BIBLE REVELATIONS - which, as its name depicts, simply reveals the core Message of the Bible.  There are many predictions in the Bible about the terrible events to precede the 'End Time' - after which the 'Kingdom of Heaven'  will be established on earth.  We will reflect on but a few of these ancient predictions by the Prophets of the Bible as is relevant at this moment.


Isaiah 24: 1-7  "See how YHVH lays the earth waste ... buckles its surface (as was the cause of the Asian 2004 Tsunami disaster) ... The earth is defiled under its inhabitants' feet, for they have transgressed the Law (Torah) ... broken the everlasting Covenant (YHVH's conditions for sharing in His ultimate Blessings for mankind who complies) ... So a Curse consumes the earth and its inhabitants suffer the penalty.  That is why the inhabitants of the earth are burnt up and few men left" (refer the Prophecies re. Armageddon nuclear holocaust).


This grim prediction, however, does not go without Divine Comfort and Inspiration for those who care to find the Keys to Life.  Following the condemnation described in the first 13 verses of this gloomy chapter in Isaiah,  it concludes:


Is. 24:14  "They lift up their voices, singing for Joy; they acclaim the Majesty of YHVH from the sea.  Therefore, in the islands they give Glory to YHVH, in the islands of the sea, to the Name of YHVH, the God of Israel.  From remotest earth we hear songs: 'Honor to the Upright One!"


The Christian New Testament records the following signs, given by Messiah for His Return to Rule in His Kingdom:


Luke 21:25-28  "There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars; on earth nations in agony, bewildered by the clamor of the ocean and its waves; men dying for fear as they await what menaces the world - for the powers of Heaven will be shaken."  Again, comfort is given to the righteous of YHVH - verse 28  "When these things begin to take place, stand erect, hold your heads high because your Liberation is near at hand. (verse 27)  And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with Power and Great Glory." 


Can this 'clamor of the ocean and its waves', which was so evident in the Tsunami and so unexpected in its threatening scope, even to scientists, refer to the after effects of the earthquakes which are predicted for the End Time?  One such 'earth buckling' quake  is currently confirmed by scientists to be in the making in the top of Africa (just towards the West of where the Dec. 2004 Indian Tsunami quake was!).  This quake is defined in great detail in Scripture and will affect Jerusalem - Refer lower down - keep reading, or  click here). 


Another tsunami-causing prediction by scientists is the certain future dumping of a multi-trillion ton mountain tear-off from a volcanic island,  into the Atlantic ocean.  They predict a resultant Mega Tsunami higher than the tallest skyscrapers, to flood New York and the entire East Coast of the USA.  Refer Mega Tsunami.  "The drowning of an entire nation" in the End Time catastrophes preceding the Messianic Age, has been interpreted from Psalm 93 by the visionary Lubavitch Rebbe in 1944 - Click here.


Luke 21:9 referring to events preceding the Coming of Messiah,  "Nation will fight against nation and kingdom against kingdom.  There will be great earthquakes and plagues and famines here and there; there will be fearful sights and great signs from Heaven." (Which is the very topic of this Web Page - Read on!).  The Asian Tsunami on 26 December 2004 has shown us what an earthquake in the sea could cause!


In another recent amazing event, a 6-year old Jewish boy recorded his visions about the End Time now facing mankind.  His writings are all the more significant because of its strange source:  being a mere 6 yr old;  Judaism very rarely dabbles with the Prophetic future because Rabbinical teaching discourages it;  and its confirmation from the writings of ancient Rabbinical sources.  You are strongly advised to read this report, even if only for an insight into Jewish commentary on these End Time Prophecies of the Bible.


As with all the other News Trend watches on this Web Site, editing very seldom requires deletion of either old news items or of our comments, as these are merely trend confirmations.  The trend can not change - it has been firmly set as precasted in the Bible.  All we have to do, is to be aware of and to understand the greater picture of the Divine Purpose on earth.


What remains then, is simply our decision how to fit into this Picture or the Divine Plan.



World Chaos predicted by Rabbis as

"The Time of Jacob's Trouble"


In March 2001, in Israel,  27 leading Rabbis and Torah Sages had made an historic declaration of the dawning of the Prophetic "Time of Jacob's Trouble" - a Biblical Prophetic term for a period of Chaos (probably 7 years) to befall Israel and the world in what these Scriptures call 'The End Time'.  Of course, the exact starting date of this period is not easily determined.


Following, is how this Web Site of BIBLE REVELATIONS reported on this Prophetic Event:

"Jerusalem, 27 Adar 5761 (22 March 2001) - Shofar blasts at the Western Wall  and in yeshivot (Bible Colleges), synagogues and religious schools throughout Israel, announced and celebrated the declaration by the Gedolei Yisrael (Great Ones of Israel) to formally recognize the beginning of the "Time of Jacob's trouble."  The singing of Psalms mingled with the wails of repentance, with tears and cries of the worshippers.

"This commemoration coincided with the time of the new moon, or start of the new Biblical month Aviv, usually designated as a "Yom Kippur Katan" (a 'minor' Yom Kippur or 'Judgment Day'). 

"It is significant that though these Rabbis officially and traditionally regard the 7th Biblical month (Sept/Oct - during which the 'great' Yom Kippur or Judgment Day commemoration falls), as the 'New Year' for the counting of Jewish history, this Declaration of  "Jacob's Trouble" was really done at the dawning of the true Biblical New Year, on the new moon declared by Judaism for 25 March 2001.  The Bible determines this month as the "first of months", Aviv.  Many Bible Scholars claimed that this was really also the true dawning of the New Millennium - after all the false starts of the secular world - to this much feared change over into the new millennium.  The dates previously set and afterwards abandoned, were:

  • 31 Dec 1999 amongst Y2K fears

  • then 31 Dec 2000 by others

  • then Sept/Oct 2001, the Sacred Season, starting 18 Oct 2001 (which is 'officially' regarded by Judaism as the New Year for counting history since Creation).  Many Bible scholars believed this latter date to be the true start of the New Millennium - in fact, the start of the 7th or Sabbatical millennium since Creation

Click here for an explanation why Judaism regards the 7th Biblical month as the 'New Year'.


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Financial Collapse of World's Stock Market and financial system

The final decade of the 20th century saw the greatest accumulation and concentration of wealth that the world has ever known. This financial frenzy in a world of plenty, juxtaposed to increasing famine and disease in many parts of the world, reached its peak at the turn into the 21st century. The world's stock markets ended the year 1999, contrary to the fears of a Y2K doomsday, on a historic all-time high, as if challenging and wiping out any doubts or fears about Y2K. The year 2000 saw a continuance of the relentless undying drive of the Bull.  The charts below clearly reflect the 'golden' chapter in the Stock Market,  the greatest 'explosion of wealth' since the 1929 Great Depression, and indeed, of all time!

This chart reflects the 'Golden era' growth of Shares in the decade of the 90's - with the 1930 Depression as a mere blip!. 2000 - 2012 is much of a side-ways progression (see next chart).

Now see how Gold and Silver has outstripped the Stock Market since 2000!


The S&P 500ģ has been widely regarded as the best single gauge of the large cap U.S. equities market since the index was first published in 1957.

In Fact, the reality is far stronger for Gold the longer the term. Compared right back from the 1931 Depression, Gold exceeds the Dow Jones Stock Market Index relatively like a rocket launched towards the moon, compared to a Boeing take-off!  Yahoo Finance have removed these statistics from their Charts, clearly, to hide the Truth.  They have delinked the 'linear' version of the long term graphs (1929 to current date) which reflects the real 'rocket' take-off of gold compared to shares) and reflect the log version only, which then shows a moderate comparison.  The 'log' version shrinks incremental growth on the higher values in the graph, by allocating the same graphic space for growth from 10 000 to 15 000 than it does for 2 - 4000 at the lower values of the same graph. Total deceit!  You should do your own research on Google - but be wary - there are charts that create the impression that the Stock Market beats Gold - a total and infamous misrepresentation.

Of course, to 'prove' their point, the manipulators have crashed the Gold Price by 30% over the lat few weeks to bring gold growth more in par with the stock market. This manipulation was clear from the fact (to those who care to observe) that it was the flushing of the market with 'paper' Gold (derivatives, options, etc) while there was in fact NO physical Gold available for sale on the markets.  Those with Gold in their possession did not sell, while the demand for Gold increased drastically, fuelled by a shortage in physical Gold.  Yet, itys price went down.  A child should see this manipulation!

The real implication is, that while the general investing public gets robbed of their capital, the manipulators of the system make fortunes - whether the markets rise or fall!  This 'redistribution of wealth' is achieved by a new generation of mind-boggling financial tools like "futures, derivatives, options, puts, warrants, hedging," and a host of ever new tools ('exploding puts, knock-in calls,' etc) which aid financial manipulation.

The USA trade deficit is also breaking all time peaks, now passing 17 trillion $'s (an amount impossible to conceive!)  If any business would reflect such a far reaching  bankrupt stage, it would have long been forced to close down and its directors most likely jailed.

 July 1, 2013

Billionaire warns:- the World's Financial System To Collapse!

Source: http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/

30 June, 2013 - Billionaire Eric Sprott warned King World News that the global financial system is now in danger of a catastrophic and complete collapse.

Here are some extracts from his talk - refer to the above link on King World News for the full article and other reports in equally superlative titles. Note Sprott's references to the manipulation and dangerous financial tools that the manipulators are playing with:

"When you have a notional (one) quadrillion dollars of derivatives (that is one bilion billion) and they change by 1% on one quadrillion, thatís 10 trillion dollars right there. Itís just incredible. It would wipe out the (entire) banking system.

"Itís a zero sum game, except the guy whoís losing canít pay. Then of course they whole system comes crashing down because everyone worries about counterparties...."

Meanwhile King reports that Italy has now lost about 30% of its entire position in derivatives. That equates about $300 trillion (of derivatives losses). Obviously thatís a staggering number. Itís unimaginable."

'Bible Revelations' Commentary

The frightening fact is, that should a 1929 type melt-down hit the world today, the results could be "too terrible to contemplate".  Consider a world already rampant with crime, murder, rebellion, terrorism, political upheavals and poverty - a world without respect for law and order, with the means for ordinary people who are already armed, to manufacture bombs and weapons.  Frightening!

Bible predicts; "Financial World will crash in One Hour!"

The Bible renders an amazing forecast of the scenario which has been sketched above and which is a fact of life today:

It is significant that the final pages of the New Testament Bible Book of Revelations, in a forecast of the final world events at the 'Time of the End',  refers to "the fall of Babylon", the 'prostitute',  occurring  "in one hour" (Rev. ch 18 - note v. 10 & 19).

Rev. 18:19  "They will throw dust on their heads and with tears and groans: 'Mourn for this great city (Babylon) whose lavish living has made a fortune ... ruined within a single hour.'"

More amazing, is the fact that this "Babylon, the harlot',  who has "intoxicated all the nations with the wine of her prostitution", is defined in this chapter as a 'force' which perfectly fits the profile of the world's capitalistic 'free' financial system which is in peril at this time.

Note, in the following Scriptures which define this 'Babylon' which will come crashing down in 'one hour',  how the accent is on business and trade as the 'deceiving god',  the "opium of the masses".

Rev. 18:9 -  'the kings of the earth lived with her in luxury'
verse 3 -  'every merchant has grown rich through her debauchery'
verse 11 - 'the traders of the earth wept in distress over her fall'
verse 12 -  'there is no one left to buy her goods'
verse 14 -  'the life of magnificence and ease has gone'
verse 15 -  'the traders had made a fortune out of her'
verse 17 -  'her riches were destroyed in a single hour'
verse 18 -  'all those making a living out of the sea and sea transport, lamented over her fall'
verse 19 -  'her lavish living had made a fortune for shipowners' (oil?)
verse 23 -  'her traders were the princes of the earth and all the nations were under her spell'

It is significant that 'financial misbehaviour' is also given as the Cause for the destruction of the world in the Prophecy which we quoted in our Introductory section on the Tsunami Wave of Death above:

Isaiah 24:1,2  "See how YHVH lays the earth waste ...

Seller and Buyer,  Lender and borrower, creditor and debtor -

ravaged, ravaged the earth; despoiled, despoiled."  Read verse 1-14 in context and refer to our comments above

When the financial systems of the world collapse, mankind will find that their money, savings and pensions are worthless!

Babylon's Final Verdict?  She will fall in one hour! - and never be revived again! (Rev. 18:22,23).

Then God will set up His righteous Kingdom - described in the directly following and final 4 chapters of the Bible - Rev. 19 - 22

This entire Web Page was created in 1999, pre Y2K,  with the emphasis on The Feast of Trumpets depicting the Final Collapse of this Dispensational System, to inaugurate the establishment of the Kingdom of the God of Israel in the Land of Israel. Every year, staggering events occur at the Time of this Biblical Festive Season - but the End is not yet.  We will continue to look forward with great expectations every year at the time of Succot (Feast of Trumpets & Tabernacles).

More on "Financial Collapse"

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How to qualify for Invitation to Citizenship of His Eternal Kingdom?


Jerusalem - Divine  "Signal to the nations"

The foremost,  yet most ignored Divine Signal of fulfilment of Biblical Prophecy, is enshrouded in the 'Final Status of Jerusalem' conditions,  to be determined in Peace Talks between the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority who both claim sole rights to Jerusalem and its Holy Places.  These Talks now seem to have been abandoned on the rocks without any solution, while a protracted war situation between the Palestinians and the Israelis is raging.  Before the New York Islamic Terror Attack, there were expectations of a major regional war in the Middle East. In the aftermath of these barbaric attacks, Jerusalem is once more dragged onto the scene.  The US support of Israel in its 'occupation of Palestinian territory' has been given as one of the main causes which inspired Osama Bin Laden to wipe out some 2300 innocent civilians, classed by Bin Laden's understanding of Islamic principles, as worthless and despicable 'infidels'.

The US now intends to use the Palestinian issue to 'befriend' and appease the Arabs, in an effort to broaden their support base amongst Arabs in their declared War against Terror.  To achieve this, the US is prepared to force Israel into bartering the Holy City of Jerusalem and the Promised Land, in exchange for the 'peace' undertakings of the Palestinians who the US will then reward with a Palestinian State - and all that, while the US is fighting Arafat's colleague, Osama Bin Laden!

The September 11 event happened at the moment that the Bush Administration was putting the final touches on a Middle East initiative, which included recognition of a Palestinian State, endorsement of the Mitchell Plan, and position statements about Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem.  This initiative was to be shared with the Saudi Ambassador to the United Nations on Sept. 13, with a formal presentation to the U.N. General Assembly by Secretary of State Colin Powell on September 23.  This meeting never occurred as the UN did not convene for weeks after the Attack, for security reasons.  This did not stop Bush and Powell who now took the matter into the open.

Koenig's International News <bill@watch.org> in a revealing article, notes that the three largest insurance claims in United States history all have direct connection to American involvement in the Middle East Peace talks when Israel was pressured to give up God's Covenant Land in exchange for peace.  Click here for an extract  of this article

In his first public statement after the US war on Afghanistan had started, Bin Laden, for the first time, publicly associated himself with the Palestinian claim to Jerusalem and the Holy Land.  "There will be no peace and security for Americans", he promised, "until the Palestinians have peace and security."  This statement was welcomed by Palestinians and Arabs generally..

Bin Laden was sure to find a unifying communal Arab Cause in taking on himself the Palestinian Cause. The official Iraqi News Agency had earlier in the year reported that more than 7 million men and women - nearly a third of the 22 million Iraqi population - volunteered to liberate "all of Palestine".

Though the New York Terror attack seems to be drawing away the spotlight from the Israel Arab conflict with Jerusalem as its Prime Object,  the truth is that the core cause of the now universal build-up of the Islamic conflict - the unifying Islamic objective,  remains to be Jerusalem and the destruction of the Jewish State.  Unwittingly the rest of the world shares in this objective by its opposition of Judaism and the Jewish Cause.  This Cause is defined in the Bible as the guarding of the Principles and the ultimate establishment of the Kingdom of God.  The motives underlying the constant persecution that the Jews had to endure throughout history, remains to be targeted at the prevention of the evolution of this Kingdom. The USA and the rest of the non-Islamic world has elected to assist in this prevention.

Is it mere co-incidence that the future of Jerusalem has reached its critical watershed now,  at the historical beacon of the entry into the 7th millennium?

For decades now, the Arab-Israel conflict was a potential fuse to the igniting of an international military confrontation - dreadedly of nuclear magnitude.  The Year 1997 will go down in history as the year in which "The Battle for Jerusalem" revealed itself to the entire world, in a matter of weeks, as the culminating flashpoint in the Middle East.   The Final Countdown to Armageddon has begun!

The ultimate outcome of this Battle for Jerusalem could be the Trigger to thrust the world into the Biblically prophesied fiery Abyss of Armageddon - the Final cataclysmic War of Wars, referred to by the Prophets as the War of Gog &  Magog!

Gradually it is becoming clear, that not Arab interests, not Palestinian oppression, not Jewish occupation, not territory, nor Peace, is really the issue - but, control of Jerusalem, now emerges as the flashpoint to, what Ancient Biblical Prophecies, as long as 3000 years ago, predicted would be the Cause for a Final World War of catastrophic magnitude - marking "The End of the World".

Suddenly the Jewish 3000-year old claim to it's ancient capitol - the central theme of Jewish prayer throughout its 2000-year exile from the Land - is vehemently opposed by the Palestinians who have never yet had a capital city, and who's official religion, Islam, regards Jerusalem as only the third most important in the world.  The Israeli government initially vowed that Jerusalem will remain the "eternal undivided Jewish Capitol" - but under pressure from the USA and Europe, Israel, under Sharon have since buckled in and will now comply.  And behind the scenes, the Pope is making urgent overtures for internationalisation of Jerusalem under his control as Peacemaker.  In concert, the whole world has turned against Israel, denying the Jewish right to their ancient Biblical capitol - even the Jewish government itself is turning against its own people in opposing and denying its Divine Biblical heritage.

The Bible is brimful of Divine Oaths that Jerusalem would be restored by the remnant of its ancient Jewish nation,  in preparation for the establishment of the physical Kingdom of God on earth.  The last few decades have witnessed this unprecedented return of the exiled Jews from the four corners of the earth, after 2000 years' living amongst other nations - and the rebuilding of ancient Jerusalem into a modern City.  This Regathering onto soil which in the interim had become a land of dispute between many nations, now became the cause of great friction between Jews and Arabs.  The 'new' Jewish State, declared in May 1948, was the cause of several wars with the potential every time, to ignite an international confrontation.  Nuclear warfare is now an open option, with Arab countries like Iraq and Iran frantically scrambling to create these weapons of mass destruction - while it is 'an open secret', that Israel has nuclear capabilities which it would not hesitate to use as its "Samson option" - namely, pushed far enough, to bring the whole building down rather than surrender its ownership.

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Havoc from the Heavens

We are told in the Bible to expect great heavenly signs which will bring terror,  in the period preceding the Coming of God to Judge the earth and inaugurate His Kingdom which will rule over the earth from Jerusalem.

Luke 21:25  "There will be signs in the sun, in the moon and in the stars. On the earth,  nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men dying of fear,  apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken."  (Events predicted to immediately precede the Coming of Messiah).

Is. 13:13  "Therefore I will make the heavens tremble and the earth will shake from its place at the wrath of  YHVH Almighty, in the day of his burning anger."

According to the Prophecies outlined in the Book of Revelations,  the fearsome events of Seven Final  'Trumpets' bring the final woes over the earth to inaugurate the Kingdom Rule of God over the earth.  The first four of these Trumpets,  bring events which are related to the activities of 'heavenly bodies'.

Rev. 8:7  "The first angel blew his Trumpet, and with that, hail and fire mixed with blood were dropped on the earth.  (meteor showers, comet debris, electric storms causing death?) a third of the earth was burnt up and a third of all trees and every blade of grass was burnt.  The second angel blew his Trumpet, and it was as though a great mountain, all on fire,  had been dropped into the sea (parts of the comet, asteroids?). A third of all the living things in the sea were killed, and a third of all ships were destroyed.  The third angel blew his Trumpet and a huge star fell from the sky, burning like a ball of fire, and it fell on a third of all rivers and springs.  This was the star called Wormwood. ... The fourth angel blew his trumpet, and a third of the sun and a third of the moon and a third of the stars were blasted ..."  (also Amos 8:9 verse 13 "Trouble, trouble trouble for all the people on earth at the sound of the other three trumpets".  

Solar conspiracy

Space storms are created when the Sun erupts, sending charged particles racing outward, an expanding bubble of hot gas called plasma.  Refer Solar Cycle / Solar Storms / Coronal Mass Ejections

In 1859, the planet's defenses were overwhelmed.

Society back then did not notice the storm the way it would today. The telegraph was 15 years old. There were no satellite TV feeds, no automated teller machines relying on orbiting relay stations, and no power grids.

Tsurutani says there will eventually be another one like 1859.  "It could very well be even more intense than what transpired in 1859," he says. "As for when, we simply do not know."

"In 1859, the technology was quite low in comparison to today's technology," Tsurutani said. "However the technology that we rely on today is much more vulnerable."

A strong storm does its damage in part by inducing currents on power and communication lines, leading to potential overloads. Obviously, there are a lot more wires on Earth today, "so one might expect much worse problems if it occurred today."

Solar storms continue far after what NASA describes as a 'solar minimum' related to cycle 23. Why? Because cycle 23 is related only to an 11 year oscillation cycle which ebbs and flows resulting in a 22 year cycle in which the Sun's magnetic pole shifts. However, what we are experiencing today goes far beyond an 11 or 22 year rhythm. called a 'Mega Cycle'. It simply means a cycle which supersedes a cycle, or a cycle outside of a cycle. No one is quite sure how long this one will be. There are known extended cycles measuring 200, 1,200 and even 100,000 years. The latter is related to our known history of ice ages, and warming trends.


African continent is splitting along the Ethiopian Rift creating a New Ocean!

- is this in preparation for the fulfilment of Prophecy at the Time of the End?

The following report has been featured on this page since 2003.  The most recent report (Dec. 2005) confirms a rear earth crack, 60 Km long by 8m wide which had developed in merely a few weeks since Sept. 2005 - A continental rifting process that normally takes millions of years to form

A plume of hot volcanic mantle rock is rising beneath Africa, trying to split the continent apart.  According to international researchers, it could eventually create a new ocean.

The crack in the Earth's surface runs for 2,000 kilometres from Malawi in the South, through Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia, to link-up with the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.  The top of the Red Sea lines up with the valley of the Dead Sea, lowest spot on earth, into which the Jordan river flows, some 30 Km East of Jerusalem,  down from the Sea of Galilea,

It is significant that this is happening while the stage is being prepared (in fact, it is already set) for the culminating events of this dispensation in Jerusalem, as prescribed in the Prophecy of Zechariah (ZacharYah) and Ezekiel.  These Prophecies describe the awesome events which will precede and lead to the Appearance of YHVH in the final Great World War, to fight on the side of Israel for their survival.

Zechariah 14:2 - 11 "YHVH will gather all the nations to Jerusalem for battle.  The city will be taken, the houses plundered, the women ravished.  Half the city will go into captivity, but the remnant of the people will not be cut off from the city.  Then YHVH will take the field.  He will fight against these nations as He fights in the day of battle.  On that day His feet will rest on the Mt. of Olives which faces Jerusalem from the East. The Mt. of Olives will be split in two from East to West, forming a very huge gorge.  half the Mount will receed northwards, the other half southwards ... YHVH your God will come and the holy ones with Him ... it will be a Day of Wonder ... When that Day comes, living waters will issue from Jerusalem, half of them to the Eastern ('original') sea, half to the Western sea (Mediterranean, 55 Km West, Tel Aviv, Jaffa).  They will flow summer and winter. And YHVH will be King of the whole world ... the entire country will be transformed ... and Jerusalem will be raised higher, though still in the same place ... Jerusalem will be safe to live in."

Ezekiel ch 38 describes this same awesome event. Verse 20 - 23 "At My Presence, all the fish in the sea, and the birds of heaven, the wild beasts and all men on earth will quake.  Mountains will fall, cliffs crumble, walls collapse ... torrential rain, hail stones, fire and brimstone.  I mean to display My Greatness and Holiness and compel the many nations (who have drawn up against Jerusalem) to acknowledge Me."

There are other references in the Bible to this great earthquake that will accompany His Return at the time of the War of Gog & Magog (Armegeddon) - the final world cataclysm preceding the setting up of His Kingdom with Jerusalem as head quarters.

Refer our 160 pg. book "Jerusalem - Final Countdown to Armageddon"

 - FREE on site

Looking at the geography of the area mentioned in the Prophecies above, and its  relation to the rift mentioned in our news article, stretching across Africa right up to and through the Jordan valley, 30 Km East of Jerusalem, to the Sea of Galilee.  It is meaningful that the great gorge mentioned in Zechariah 14:4, which will be formed by the splitting of the Mount of Olives, will run to the Mediterranean Sea (West) and to the Dead Sea,  East of Jerusalem (Jordan Valley rift)  carrying waters from Jerusalem.  The current main road from Jerusalem to Jericho, descends below the sea level point, some 20 Km East of Jerusalem.  The famous mineral rich Dead Sea is in a land locked basin, well below sea level - thus, in a ready formed ocean bed.

Is it co-incidence that this Prophecy speaks of the water running into the Eastern (original) 'sea'?  Will His Return set off the earthquake which will open the Ethiopian Rift to create a new Ocean which will push up through the Red Sea into the Jordanian valley?

EAGLE (The Ethiopian-Afar Geophysical Lithospheric Experiment) is a major British initiative by 20 scientists between October 2001 and January 2003,  to investigate how the African continent is splitting along the Ethiopian Rift.  This project is sponsored by the Universities of Leicester and Leeds in collaboration with the University of Addis Abeba and Ethiopian government groups.

Ref. http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_1823000/1823019.stm

Latest Update Dec. 2006

Ethiopia witnesses rare earth split


ADDIS ABABA: A continental rifting process that normally takes millions of years to form has developed over a span of seven weeks in the Afar region of Ethiopia.

It was a close study, using radar interferometry, of an earth rupture developing into a rare axial rift zone -- a possible future ocean basin.

Scientists from Ethiopia and Britain made four expeditions to the Da'ure locality in the Afar Depression between mid-September and early October 2005, to collect geophysical and geological data.

It started with a series of quakes that were first recorded Sep 14, 2005 in Da'ure, an area in the lowlands of western Ethiopia that stretches from the central part of the country to the Dahlak Islands of Eritrea in the Red Sea.  The volcanic activity recorded,  spewed ash for three continuous days and eventually numerous cracks appeared on the ground, spreading fear among the pastoral inhabitants.  Unsettled by the phenomena of rumbling tremors, they approached the regional authorities to ask the federal government in Addis Ababa to look into it.  The government asked experts in the field at the AAU to investigate the phenomena, and if need be ask for assistance from universities abroad. An image of the locality taken by a NASA satellite orbiting the earth showed that an area of 60 km had developed an eight-metre opening.

"This was a fast opening rate within a span of about two months, from Sep 14 to early November 2005, an exciting event in scientific terms," said Atalay, of the Geophysical Observatory of the Addis Ababa University "Compare this to the very slow movement of the plate tectonic affecting the crust of the earth in the Afar region, which is about 17 mm per year," he explained.

For scientists researching the phenomena, the Afar region is a natural laboratory where the transition between oceanic rift and continental rift is visible on land.

"What we saw was a microcosm of a process of an earth split that takes millions of years to evolve into an ocean basin," Atalay declared.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/


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Check the following Web Site for constant updates of Storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, natural disasters - many of which are record-breaking 'firsts' these days: Dan's Earth Changes   A MUST-READ!

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TSUNAMI Killer Waves run amok in Ocean Paradise


This added yet another Shock Wave to the List ofnd-Time signifying events which this Web Page (and this Web Site) has been carrying since 1999 - before the dawning of Y2K.


The arena this time? - a Paradise Playground, where some of the poorest nations in the world were hosting tourists from across the globe in the peak of the world's annual holiday season.  Paradoxically, as international tourists were caught up in the disaster,  Switzerland experienced its worst 'national death toll' in a natural disaster in its history - thousands of kilometers away from base! No nation was left untouched by this horrific and scary tragedy.  The 3 to 4 storey high waves in one place caused the world's biggest train crash ever.  One of the mere 100 survivors out of over 1000 aboard, escaped through the waters at house roof top level!  At stages the sea withdrew  'as if emptying', causing great whirlpools. "In the enclosed harbour, hulking ships converged in a tight circle as the water swirled and the masses of steel collided like drunken sailors" - according to one report.


And this all beyond the expectations of the world's scientists and warning systems. The Los Angeles Times presented an amazing report in an overview of this inability by scientists to cope during those vital first 2 hours when the Death Wave was heading for 11 surrounding countries at 800 Km an hour!


This Killer Tsunami was followed in 2011 by another destructive Tsunami in Japan.  Our dedicated Tsunami Web Page covers this extensively with photos and videos, as well as the the Bible's predictions about Mega tsunamis to wipe out entire nations, reports about the Super Storm Sandy on the East Coast of the USA and the threat of rising oceans to coastal cities across the world.


Refer http://www.revelations.org.za/Tsunami.htm



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Y2K Computer Bug

Y2K fears have proven to be the biggest Financial Hoax of all time.  The pivotal danger rollover dates have all come and gone, seemingly with hardly any problems.  But there may be a venomous sting in its tail!

As the countdown to Y2K drew to a close towards the end of 1999,  a spirit of optimism dominated throughout the world.  The uneventful Rollover into 1.1.2000  served to make fools,  not only of Doom Prophets, but more so,  of the most brilliant minds in the world,  which indulged in a preventive spending spree of billions around the world, in order to update their computer systems against the risks of the Y2K date change.

Government printing presses around the world worked around the clock to print new bank notes.  This new money was sent to Banks in the event they would experience a Bank run by the public.  Easy loans were the order of the day.  Most of this money found its way via investors into the Stock Markets in a speculative spree which was unique in history.  The technological age brought the Stock Markets into the homes and offices of investors who could share in history's greatest ever Boom Period with the push of a button on their computers!

An instant 'New Economy' was born,  which defied every rule of the text books and made nonsense of traditional investment sobriety and acumen.  Millions were poured into new born 'dot.com' companies in the technological 'miracle age' which had defied and conquered Y2K.  Some of these companies were not much more than the brain child of a lone yuppy, run on a high powered computer in a basic office set-up, and backed by the confidence of the local Bank!

By the end of 2001, this 'new economy' has proven to be just a massive 'bubble economy', the puncturing of which could be even more disastrous than what the Y2K threat has ever posed to be!  The Nasdaq Index, indicator of the Technology sector of the US Stock Market, dropped from its peak of 5048 in March 2000, to 1359 by the start of July 2002 - a drop of 73%.  Yet, the world likes to believe that there is  'no problem'!

The technological revolution of the 90's and the successful computer date Rollover into the new millennium, has boosted man's ego to limitless heights.  The invincibility of mankind's ingenuity seems to have been proven beyond any doubts.  for once and all,  and has managed to eradicate man's need for a Creator God almost entirely.

This superiority complex and the letdown experienced by those who did take 'unnecessary' precautions, may well now serve to tranquilize mankind against the Biblically prophesied  "Time of Great Distress" for which they should really have prepared!

Y2K could have a delayed sting in its tail which could yet bring down the entire world economy. The prospects of the effects of a financial meltdown in this turbulent and trigger-happy world,  are too fearful to contemplate!

Refer Financial Collapse facing the world

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This Web Site presents more information on this vibrant topic in:


How to qualify for Invitation to citizenship of God's Kingdom?



There has never yet in history been a time when the practical fulfilment of so  many fearsome prophecies were physically possible.  We have now reached a  stage where the glittering creations of mankind stand the real chance of crumbling in the dust!

What remains for us, is to decide how to cope with such eventualities.

The foundation for the outcries of this Web Site is based on ancient Prophetic  Scriptures as contained in the Bible.  The warranty underlying the probability of a  near future fulfilment of these Prophecies,  is based on the factual outcome of so  many of these Prophecies - especially over the last few decades and seemingly  culminating at this very time of the closing of the millennium - the 6th since  Creation, according to the Bible.  The 7th Day - or Millennial Sabbath - is dawning,  and as foretold in Prophecies written 4000 years ago, would be  preceded by increasing world turmoil, and a time of distress "as never before in  history"  (Refer Daniel  12, Matt. 24:21,29,  Rev. 7:14).

That these "Times of Distress" are with us already, should be clear from the fact  that there are so many Doom Prophets around at this time?  Why is this Page  simply one of thousands proclaiming the same Message of looming distress and  World Chaos?  And, it is noteworthy that these outcries of warning come not only  from 'religious freaks', but also from informed scientists, educators, medical  specialists, economists, investment fundies and the likes.

And why should there be Times of Distress?

So that mankind should find the solution, which forms the basis of the Divine  Intent behind the Creation of this wonderful Planet Earth in the limitless Universe.

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