Ancient Order restored

There could be no objection to the restoration in full measure to Judaism, that religion which has been maintained to this day by the remnant of the original 12-Tribed nation, when one realises that this Restoration is simply the reverse process of the split-up of the ancient 12-tribed nation into two sectors in the 8th century BCE.

Let us analyse the situation as it was, before and after the split.  This should then clearly identify the pattern which the Restoration should once again Return to:

Religious identity of the 10 Tribes Section of the nation of Israel before the split of the kingdom



  • All 12 Tribes of Israel worshipped God by the principles established and maintained by the Temple Order
  • All 12 Tribes were subjected to the Rule of the Temple Priesthood from Jerusalem
  • After the split-off of the 10 Tribes section of Israel into the Northern kingdom,  they retrogressed to paganism and was cut-off by God from the Divine Promises
  • Resultantly they were deported from Northern Israel and integrated amongst the nations of the world with the Divine Promise of ultimate Reconciliation
  • This Priesthood continued amongst the Jews, after the split of the nation into 2 sections
  • The ancient Temple System and religion was maintained, even after the destruction of both Temples in Jerusalem
  • This System has been carefully maintained in Judaism throughout even 2000 years of universal exile of the 2-Tribes section, i.e. Judaism
  • This is in fulfilment of the Divine Proclamation in Genesis 49:10  “The sceptre shall not pass from Judah nor the Ruler’s staff from between his feet, until He comes to Whom obedience belongs.”

It is clear from the above, that the ‘System’ of God,  by Divine Decree (Gen. 49:10),  has never yet gone lost.  If He went to the extent of  ‘disinheriting’ part of His nation for their rejection of His System,  how much more would He require their renewed subjection to this System when He reconciles them once more?