4. Revelations about current News trends

…and how it fulfills Bible Prophecy

Tracking the News for trends which confirm the fulfilment of ancient Biblical prophecies – especially for these awesome times that we are living in right now.

Scroll through the links below which will lead you to informed and well written articles, gleaned from various news sources, which you may not normally find in the popular media of the world which deny and oppose the Purposes of God as defined in the Bible.

News reporting strategy of this Web Site:

We don’t have to publish daily news events here – the media do that in prolific abundance.  But, we will correlate current news events with Bible Prophecy, which was written 3000 years in advance.  For this reason, only certain selected news developments and commentaries will be published here.  These are selected to set and confirm Prophetic trends, as defined in the Site Map below.  Enlightened to these trends, you will then find the mass of available news in the media to fall in place, thus acting as indicators to our future.

This service is brought to you in a sincere endeavor to provide you with Peace of mind and understanding of the Biblical guidelines to life abundant here today, and hereafter in the Eternal Kingdom of the Creator God of Israel.


4.1. The Feast of Trumpets

World in Chaos! Storms, earth quakes, tsunamis, floods, tornados

Correlating several staggering signs with the Prophecies of the Bible for “the Time of the End of the World” – events destined to precede and forewarn about the awe-inspiring establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth, ruling from Jerusalem, Israel.

Financial Crash right ahead?

Threatening Financial Crash – 1929 style

A looming Crash which will bring the world down in unthinkable Chaos, has been postponed by big time financial manipulation since the year 2000.  The longer it is deferred, the greater it will be,  because of all this manipulation. Read what the Bible predicted millennia in advance.

4.2. Israel withdrawal from Gush Katif and other Holy Land  territories

The betrayal and persecution of religious Jews by its own government hints at being the revealing of the Antichrist in Israel.  Unless stopped jn its tracks, this could lead to the End of the existence of the Land of Israel under Jewish control.  Photos, commentaries and testimonies about the controversial expulsion of 1800 Jewish families from their homes and farms in one of the most productive settlement areas of Israel.  Can the Almighty be stopped in His Declared Purpose for the Land of Israel?

The Devastation brought about by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA

Divine Retribution?

Read about the forecast and warning from the Bible, by a Rabbi, before Katrina struck, and why there are so many corresponding similarities between the two great catastrophes of the forcible evacuation of 10 000 Jews from Gush Katif, Israel, according to the demands of Pres Bush, and the subsequent rendering homeless of 1 million citizens of New Orleans and vicinity.

4.3. Lebanon- Hezbullah – Israel War

Various UNCENSORED news items and commentaries that you will not find in the normal biased media!  News and Views on the Middle East Crisis to confirm the Bible’s Perspective and Prophetic Predictions for Jerusalem and Israel.

4.4. Watch Jerusalem! God’s Sign to the world!

Read our book FREE on line

“Jerusalem – Countdown to Armageddon” – … understand the staggering News events from the Middle East as the clock is ticking away to the Nuclear Holocaust of Armageddon!  This book tracks the amazing history of the Land of Israel and its nation, the Jews – God’s Sign to the world of His Purpose for mankind and how He will achieve it.   Revealing the fulfillment of the predictions of ancient Biblical Prophetic Scriptures which accurately forecasted the future of Israel 3000 years in advance!

4.5. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Will it spark W-War III?

News and pictures of the desecration of the Bible’s Most Holy Site, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, by Islam.

4.6. A Palestinian State

“Land for Peace”

The ‘magic formula’  which promotes a Palestinian terrorist State to be erected on the Land which, by Divine Decree, was mandated to Israel and the Jews as an eternal Inheritance.  This amounts to nothing less than a Revolt by the nations against the Divine Covenant – by denying the Jews sovereign rights over their ancient Land and Holy City.  Thus claims the Bible.

4.7. Tsunamis and Bible Prophecy

The recent devastating Asian Tsunamis brings clarity to ancient Bible prophecies about the Times of the End of the World.

Mega Tsunamis predicted by scientists with the potential to wipe out entire cities – and how this fits in with Bible predictions about the End Time preceding the establishment of the Kingdom of God in Jerusalem, Israel.

4.8. Declaring War on God

In the current “Battle for Jerusalem” by various opposing interests,  any claim on this ancient City which is not in line with the Creator God’s Purpose for this City, as defined in the Bible, will amount to no less than a Declaration of War on God, in a vein bid and in the hope that His Purpose can be blocked!

4.9. Anti-Christ

How to Identify the coming Anti-Christ!

4.10. 666 – Digital Money

Digital Money & the “Mark of the Beast”666

4.11. The Pope’s eye on Jerusalem

Is it coincidence that the Pope chose the Jewish Feast of Purim to visit the Holy Land, Israel, in his attempt to internationalize Jerusalem, the disputed capitol of the Jews and the Palestinians?

4.12. Columbia Space ship

Was there a Divine message in the tragedy of the Columbia Spacecraft crash?

4.13. The cost of Y2K

In the Aftermath of the “fake” Y2K scare… Is Y2K still ‘alive and well’

4.14. Task Force

U.S. Congress Report on Unconventional Warfare Threat posed by Iraq

4.15. Reports on Middle East

Trend setting news reports confirm the prophetically destined outcome of the current Middle East, Arab – Israel conflict.


From other Categories

6.2. Israeli Decline

The dismantling of Israel under international pressure holds Biblically predicted peril for the world!

6.3. Islam – know its true aims regarding Israel and the world

Islam shows its true colors and intent to an ‘unbelieving’ world. The truth about the sickening disease with it’s barbaric murderous intent which threatens the whole “non-Muslim” world .

6.4. The Final Resurrection of Israel

The History of Israel, since antiquity, revolved from Times of national Decline to Times of national Ecstasy. The current “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” facing this invincible nation, is now turning the Tide to what may become the Final Interlude before the establishment of the Kingdom  of the ‘God of Israel’  through this nation, fully restored to its original 12 Tribes, 10 of which are now in the process of being re-identified across the world where they have been exiled!

6.5. Possession of the Promised Land

Quotes from the Jewish Sages about the Divine Directives enshrined in the Word of God regarding possession of the Land of Israel.  Who are the rightful owners to the Land?