Expulsion of Jews from the lands of their exile occurred often in history.

The current planned expulsion of 1800 Jewish families from Gush Katif, is unmatched in absurdity – this time, executed not by their Jew espising foreign nation hosts where they have been exiled, but by their own government in their own Land – all Jewish!.  In compliance with the USA suggested ‘Road Map’  Peace Plan, these people will be forcibly removed from their homes, farms, businesses, schools and social environments in Gush Katif, Israel, after which the area, complete with developed infrastructure, will be handed over to the Palestinian authority.  With D-day (15 August 2005) only 6 weeks away, no firm and acceptable counter option of conducting a similar life style is on the drawing boards.  

 Photo insert: Israeli family deported from their home in Israel

Source: Israel

Gush Katif is a strip of land bordering Gaza where 21 Jewish Settlements have turned the desert to bloom, as ancient Biblical Prophecy predicts. It boasts some of the highest developed Green House farming projects in Israel, and indeed, in the world.  It is close to Yamit, another area which was similarly evacuated and demolished by Israel in 1981.  The internationally promoted reason for Yamit’s handover, was “to prevent it from becoming the nucleus of a potentially hostile city on Israel’s border”.  Today, it is part of the Gaza center of a Palestinian terrorist hell-hole.

Israel’s government, has been leaning over backwards to appease the anti-Semite nations of the world who are pushing for erecting, according to the Road Map Peace Plan, a Palestinian State to share the Biblically “Promised Land” with the Israelites, by creating “ two viable, secure states living in peace side by side ”  This alternative Plan, created by the rulers of the world who have pushed the Bible with its God on the back burner, is in direct opposition to the Biblically recorded Divine Plan of the Creator God of Israel, Who has promised this contested land area in the Middle East (with Jerusalem as its Capitol), specifically  to the Israelites, descendents of Isaac and Jacob – and not to their brothers, Ishmael and Esau (the Arabs).

Accordingly, Israel’s so-called ‘rightist’  Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has made a complete about turn from the mandate which he was voted for,  and in dictatorial style, matching Hitler’s disenfranchisement of Jews in Germany,  he is passing on the Jewish Settlers’ hard earned farms and infrastructures to their Arab enemies.  Divine Providence ensures that it is no co-incidence that the Israeli government promulgated the Disengagement Law on the anniversary of the historic expulsion of the Jews from Spain by the Spanish Royalty (16 Feb. 2005).  The dire circumstances which faced thousands of Spanish Jews, were identical to what the 9000 residents of Gush Katif today face.  The Spanish Jews were forced to abandon their homes and the farms that they had developed.  Entire families, including women and children, had to leave behind the place they were born in and grew up.  Adults who had not lived anywhere else were forced to rebuild their lives in other places.  They could take with them only a few things, and the property that they were leaving behind was taken by the local powers.  Successful communities were spread all over and they did not continue as communities. Nothing was left of one of the most developed and productive Jewish centres except for memory and pain. Similarly, Gush Katif today, has raised farms from the desert which produce 70% of Israel’s green vegetables of export quality. Also nurseries which provide plants for all of Israel and other specialty agricultural products in vast hot-house tunnel farming which, after the Jews have been forcibly removed by their own government,  will go to the Palestinians who have been pelting Gush Katif with an average of 5000 Katusha rockets p.a.

The initial date selected by the Israeli government for the expulsion from Gush Katif also co-incided with the somber annual Jewish commemorative Day, the 9th of Av, and had therefore to be postponed to 15th August, the day after.  On this day, centuries apart in history, both the Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed – the last of these, in 30 CE, causing the death of a million Jewish lives!