Divine attribute of Omni-Presence to the rescue

For those readers who will regard the above claims as outrageous,  far fetched and twisted (while they discard a boatload of evidence to the fact, contained in Scripture), here is the Final Proof:

We have seen above how that God’s rejection and divorcing of 10-Israel meant eternal DEATH to them. This also meant that the entire Nation of God would eternally be destroyed, for the House of Judah without the House of 10-Israel would be like a car without wheels, an aircraft without wings!

God enacted a Redemptive Solution which shattered the Heavenly Host! YHVH, the  Creator God, would provide the Ultimate Sacrifice Himself to redeem 10-Israel which was  beyond redemption!  He would become the redemptive Sacrifice Himself, in the process suffering Personally at the hands of His own Creation, in the form of His Manifestation as  the Messiah YAHU’SHUAH, Redeemer of the ‘Lost sheep of the House of Israel’.

In this way He would also clear the legal hurdle which prevented Him from taking back His rejected Bride (as discussed above)!  According to His own Torah, He was not allowed to take back His Bride (10-Israel) whom He divorced and who became married to ‘another man’. If He, as original ‘bridegroom’ of this Divorcee (who was now cut off from the Eternal Covenant with Him), would die, His ‘brother’, as the Kinsman Redeemer, could marry her (if she was free to marry (in this case with her husband, Yosef, ‘presumed dead’ in the snake pit!

Now God, as Eternal Living Spirit Being,  can NOT die, but in His Omniscience, being an Omni-present Being  (able to be present in different places as various manifested Beings,  all at the same time), In another simultaneous Manifestation – this time as a Human Being born from a human mother, He also could DIE! – thereby becoming His own Bother, the Kinsman Redeemer!  (Refer also to Sitting at the Right Hand of God for a similar example of His Omnipresence).

Referring to this Miracle, the Prophet Isaiah shouts out:

Isaiah 54:4,5 “Shout for Joy, you barren woman who bore no children (for God had ‘divorced’ her, i.e. Northern ten-tribed Israel) Break into cries of Joy and Pleasure, you who were never in labour. For the sons of the forsaken one (10-Israel) are more in number than the sons of the wedded one (Judah, whom God never ‘divorced’, though He complained bitterly about her lack of spirituality and dedication to Him), says YHVH … for you will burst out to right and to left.  Your race will take possession of the nations (according to the Blessing to the first-born son which evolved onto Yosef – who is the metaphor for 10-Israel).  (verse 4) Do not be afraid … for you will forget the shame of your youth and no longer remember the Curse of your widowhood (having been cut off from the Covenant). For now your Creator will be your Husband.  His Name, YHVH Sabaoth – your Redeemer will be the Holy One of Israel.  He is called the God of the whole earth.”

This is what Messiah’s Death and Suffering truly signifies!  By dying as Man, YAHU’SHUAH would be able to re-marry the Bride whom He had divorced – the disloyal and unfaithful Bride, 10-Israel.  As Eternal living Spirit Being. As Kinsman-Redeemer He would then redeem her, in this way re-entering her into the Covenant. At His Return, the Marriage will be celebrated over the 7-day Festival of Succot, as the New Testament so often refers to – the ‘Marriage of the Lamb’!

Speak of ‘Grace’ – what measure of love motivated Grace that the Creator of mankind permeates, after having been scoffingly rejected by His ‘own’ people (1 Kings 12:16), by receiving back His Bride who left Him to fornicate with pagan husbands!