1.1. End-Time Joining together of the Two Houses of Israel

Behold! – the miraculous fulfillment of Prophecy before our eyes.
After 2700 years of lost Identity amongst the nations of the world, the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, the ‘Skeleton’ of Ezekiel’s Prophecy – is coming ALIVE!
Proof that we are standing at the dawn of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth!

This page will bring you the relevant Scriptural details and updated News and Reviews in this amazing Drama of the fulfillment of Prophecy which is taking shape right before our eyes!  If the Return of Judah (the Jews) to their ancient Homeland was a Divine Miracle  (which is so violently being opposed in the Middle East today),  then the fulfillment of this second and final leg of Prophecy, the awakening of what was assumed until now to be “Gentile Israel”,  will be even more amazing!   Once again, in typical Divine style, this Miracle is revealing itself in totally paradoxical style:

  • not according to the will or even the wants of man, but according to God’s Will;
  • not according to the way that Judah or awakening “Gentile Israel’ would have it;
  • and certainly not according to the opposing wishes and urges of the Gentile, non-Jewish or anti-Jewish spectators!

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