Fulfilment Of The Eternal Covenant

Ezekiel 37:26 (last part),” … I shall settle My Sanctuary among them for ever.  I shall make My Home above them.  I will be their God; they shall be My People.  And the nations will learn that I am YHVH the Sanctifier of Israel …”

Ezekiel 20 ( READ! READ! READ! ) describes this ultimate victory of YHVH in the sight of all the Nations and Israel as well.  It also points out vividly, how that time after time, He would have wiped out the nation of Israel as a result of their disobedience to His Law and the Divine Covenant.  But, “respect for My own Name kept Me from allowing it to be profaned in the opinion of the nations in whose sight I had brought them out” (repeated several times in this chapter 20 of Ezekiel).  Faithful to His promise to Abraham, Isaac  and Jacob, YHVH time and time again, tolerated the situation and continued to lead them on, as He vows in verse 33, to eventually rule over them (after the Ingathering) and to have them serve Him as they should, in the Land of Promise.

Ezekiel 20:41 “… When I bring you out from among the nations; I mean to gather you together from the foreign countries in which you have been scattered.  Through you I intend to display My Holiness for all the nations to see.  And you will learn that I am YHVH, when I bring you back to the soil of Israel; to the Land I solemnly swore to give to your fathers.”

When one realises how important it is in the Plan of the Almighty, to return the descendants of Israel from all parts of the world to the actual soil of their forefathers,  one receives insight as to the crucial importance for YHVH to fulfil His Promise.  Unless YHVH literally fulfils His plans, He faces charges of: being a deceiver; contravening His own Divine Covenant; betrayal and desertion of His dependent subjects.  He will then also obviously lose respect from all the nations, including Israel. In such a case Satan would be the victor in his accusations against YHVH – and the human race hopelessly lost, and eternally doomed!

It should now be clear to the reader why certain forces so strongly resist the return of Israel to its original land; why evil individuals, like Hitler, wish to wipe out the Jews completely. Through the ages this battle has been raging: Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Herod, … and many of the nations among which the Jews had been living for 2000 years of their exile from their Land, suffering continual oppression.  Up until this day, we still have the Sadam Husseins, the Gaddafis, the Arafats, and Israel’s neighbouring Arab countries, who wish to deny them ownership of the Land and of Jerusalem.

Now one can also understand the popular accusation against the Jews of our time, that they are purportedly not the natural descendants of ancient Israel, and why it is so popularly claimed that the Jews are rejected and doomed forever by the Almighty Himself. The forces of confusion and lies, are working hard to present YHVH as unfaithful and untrue to His Promises !

In the same way and in the same spirit, the battle is raging to remove Jerusalem from under Jewish control.    So great will the attack against Israel in the War of Armageddon be,  that,  in order to protect Israel from total annihilation,  the Almighty Himself will have to intervene, fighting on the side of Israel, according to these clear-cut Prophecies in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 and Zechariah 12 and 14.  Note the references in these chapters, to the final Victory for YHVH, in the sight of all the nations, as the Saviour and King of Israel – true to all His Promises!

(This subject is extensively discussed in the publication “Jerusalem – Final Countdown to Armageddon”)

This scenario could easily have been fulfilled in the 1991 Iraq War, had Israel retaliated.  Twenty eight nations were in fact involved in this war, which raged close to the borders of Israel.   Many more nations would have joined,  had Israel entered into the war.  For the first time in modern history, Israel patiently tolerated more than 30 Scud missile attacks by Iraq without her normal retaliation.  Israel realised the danger of a major world war, should she enter the battle.

Do we realise how very close we stand to Armageddon?