Further confirmation of ‘Shav et Shevoet’

Continuing our cross-reference comparisons in Scripture, we find that Acts 15 gives a direct quote of Amos 9:11.

The occasion is a leadership meeting of the Messianic believers in Jerusalem. the agenda is whether non-Jewish converts to the new Jewish Messianic congregation should be expected to circumcise and observe the ‘Law of Moses’ (Acts 15:8).

This is still a raging question amongst Messianic Christians, 2000 years later!  The fact that their was already misunderstanding, even amongst those first Apostolic leaders and Messianic Jews, including ‘powerful men’ like the apostle Shaul (Paul), is clear from the reference of the Scriptures regarding this meeting, to ‘The Law of Moses’ – as if this is distinct from the Torah and only applicable to non-Messianic Jews.  Let it be understood, clearly and loudly, that there is no such thing as Christians like to believe, a different Law of Moses to the Laws of YHVH.  Moses was simply a spokesman for YHVH.  He did not present his own laws to Israel of old, he presented the Torah to them, which has its full and only origin in YHVH the Almighty Creator. Moses’ job was to write, interpret and enforce the Laws, Statutes and Precepts of YHVH which formed the underlying foundation of the “Tabernacle of David”, which was founded on the Eternal Covenant of YHVH with the nation of Israel (and any other human being who wished to accept and observe it!).

Acts 15 is clear, that already within years of the Ascension of Messiah,  there was confusion amongst Messianics as to the true basis of the Renewed Covenant which YAHU’SHUAH the Messiah came to establish in order to “re-erect the fallen Tabernacle of David”.

It is at this meeting that the apostle Yah’acov (James) refers to the ‘Restoration’ and the Shav et Shevoet proclaimed by Amos by quoting directly from Amos.  Yah’acov understood that this Prophecy from the Scroll of Amos referred to the Restoration of the Original True Faith amongst the ‘captives’ who had lost the Law of YHVH. Bear in mind, that the problem did not lie with the Jewish Messianic adherents, who continued in the Jewish Faith as even Paul did (sacrificing animal offers long after the Crucifixion of the Perfect Sacrificial Lamb, YAHU’SHUAH – Acts 21:26 and 24:17 – READ!), but with the new believers who did not observe the ‘Laws of Moses’.

This Meeting of Messianic leaders then concludes, and sends out a written message to these believers:

Acts 15:28  “For it seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us, not to lay any heavier burden on you than the following requirements:

  1. That you abstain from what has been sacrificed to idols
  2. from blood
  3. from things strangled
  4. and from fornication.”

These are “good old Jewish Kosher laws – straight from Moses’ Law”!

How come modern Christians don’t adhere to this advice from that Messianic Council?  How come so many Christians eagerly testify to “The Blessings they receive (witnessed by shining automobiles and luxury homes) for paying Tithes?” – another of those ‘Mosaic Laws’!

It should be clear to the prudent seeker after ultimate Truth, that somewhere, things don’t tally in the teachings of the Torah rejecting Messianic fraternities.

No!  The Torah is still well and alive and applicable to every believer on earth.  Shav et Shevoet which is being fulfilled all around us amongst seeking believers, is clear proof that the Restoration which had been Divinely foretold, is coming to fruition in miraculous fashion.  No power on earth shall stop it – and you will do well to join that tide!