Genesis 49:10 Divine Appointment of Judah

The Blessing declared by Gen. 49:10  upon the Tribe and the descendants of Judah, was part of the Blessings pronounced by Ya’acov (Jacob) under Divine Inspiration, on his death bed,  over his 12 sons (fathers of the 12 Tribes of the nation of Israel which would proceed from them).  It was defined as being  a  declaration of  ”what lies before them in time to come.”  (Genesis  49:1).

According to this Prophetic Blessing,  Judah (the Jews) would retain the ruling legal authority amongst the 12 Tribes of Israel “… UNTIL Shiloh comes,” to whom the ruling authority “over the nations” belongs.

There can be no doubt, that one of the main reasons why Jews (descendents of the Tribe of Judah) are disliked by other nations,  is because of their image of representing legalism, religious legalism,  which they portray. This dislike certainly protrudes from many Christians who regard themselves as ‘free from this legalism through the Grace of their Messiah.’  Even a major part, if not the majority, of Hebraic Roots Restorers  (a great awakening phenomenon of late), protests against what they regard as ‘the man made legal obligations of the Rabbis’.

Notwithstanding this resistance, these Restorers of Torah, as they like to portray themselves (and which indeed they are identified by) are gradually partaking more and more of these Hebraic legal responsibilities themselves – like the Sabbath, Feast days, Jewish customs, etc.  The majority of these returnees to Torah principles, claim to uphold only the literal injunctions of the Bible, while  vehemently rejecting the Rabbinic “man-made injunctions”.  Yet,  ironically, they are also adopting many of the salient Rabbinic Oral Torah directives for rituals and religious items for which the literal Word (the Bible) offers no directives at all. Examples of these are the Prayer phylacteries, Tefillin, the Talith, the Mezzuzah, etc. In their restorative drive,  however,  they select  only those laws which they believe they are obligated to, and even then, they choose to interpret and define these Laws according to their own understanding or, as many claim, “according to the leading of the Holy Spirit”- though they still vociferously differ with each other. This results in great discord and disunity in the Restoration Movement because of the great confusion amongst its adherents regarding interpretation of these ‘Jewish’  Laws and practises and their rejection of Rabbinic interpretation.

Above all this confusion, one striking effect is indisputable: viz. the Power of the Word of God:

  • That the Tribe of Judah (Jews) have indeed remained as the Guardians of Torah throughout the ages, since Moses received it from God and interpreted it for the people, notwithstanding all the persecutions and pogroms they had to endure for this Divine Mandate placed on them by God;
  • That the Tribe of Judah would remain to blaze the Trail and, by example, set the Pace and be the Light unto not only the nations, but also to those who, while opposing their interpretations of the Word of God, yet follow their guidance as they are no doubt led by the Spirit of God.

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