God started a Relationship with the Jewish People to last forever

The Bible, in the Book of Genesis,  relates the Divine appointment of Abraham as the first Patriarch and father of “many nations” to come.   Today,  the main claims to this Divine Promise, is made by the three major Religions of the world:

  • The Arabs, descendants of Ishmael, Abraham’s first-born son;

  • The Jews, descendants of Isaac,  the second-born son and the Divinely appointed heir of the Kingdom Promises;

  • The Christians who claim the Divine Promises made to Abraham and his descendants,  but refute the Divine Conditions of the Abrahamic Covenant as well as the literal ‘belonging to’ or adaptation of the Abrahamic Culture.

  • In addition there is the fast growing movement of Hebraic Roots Restorers – a recent phenomenon of seriously seeking New Testament students who are discovering the Jewish secrets Hidden in the New Testament. Ref. recently published book by orthodox Rabbi on this Topic, revealing these secrets from the NT  as well as the OT prophecies in this regard, the teaching of rabbis throughout thee ages who have understood this Return of the re-identified Lost tribes in the End Times and a full review of the Hebraic Roots Movement in the World.

It is becoming more and more evident by the day,  that it is this claim to the Divine Promises of a Kingdom to be established by God in Jerusalem, in Israel, which will be the fuse to ignite the nuclear holocaust of Armageddon,  This Web Site of BIBLE REVELATIONS presents several news articles and reviews of the currently culminating political crisis in the Middle East and the Countdown in the ‘Battle for Jerusalem’.  Biblical Prophecy destined this Battle to be the culminating event of this dispensation, prior to the establishment of the Kingdom of Peace on earth, by the God of Israel.

On the spiritual side, there is a multitude of contending religious groups all laying claim to being ‘the Israel of God’ – while most of them vehemently deny the Biblically declared Rights of the Jews to it.

The point that all of the abovementioned claimants to the Divine Promises overlook, is that:

All nations are Divinely invited to partake in this Covenant with Abraham.  Further, of all of them, almost without exception, it is only the Jews, as a group, who acknowledges that this Covenant, like all contracts, have conditions which fundamentally ensure the fulfilment or the annulment of the Agreement.