God’s Purpose for mankind

It is God’s intention to set up a Kingdom on earth in which Peace, and Happiness will reign.  This can only be achieved when mankind willingly and enthusiastically accepts and adheres to His directives which are contrary to man’s inherent self-interest and greed.  It therefore requires a change of mind and attitude in man, to accept and live by these Rules which are so contrary to human nature.

God preferred to give man a free will and selection while exposing them to the full extent of life – both good and bad,  self-satisfactory versus outreaching to others.  He devised a selection process based on mankind’s free choice, by trial and error,  of the Divine System which He has laid down in His Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible) which form the foundational Conditions of His Covenant  (Contract) to set those who eventually conform, up in this Eternal Kingdom of Peace.

To guard and protect His Torah, and in order to give mankind a practical example of how His System should operate,  He selected a nation and a country, Israel and the Jews, as Guardians of His Oracles (Romans 3:2) and had their history recorded in the Bible – including a forecast in advance of their future, even to this day.  This nation also had to perform an exemplary role of the required lifestyle of His System – a role which they mostly failed though they remained a living witness to His Faithfulness.

Then, 2000 years ago, entered a Man from this nation on the stage of history to divide Time and change the Destiny of mankind forever.  The claims vested in this Man were regarded as audacious by His own countrymen, the Jews.  The majority in Israel rejected Him, but a minority accepted Him – and it is to these citizens of Israel, who accepted Him as YAHU’SHUAH, the Messiah of Israel, that our opening Scripture above had been addressed at the time of writing, 2000 years ago.

One section of Israel has become blind.  But this will last only until the Fullness of the Gentiles has come in”.  Accordingly, the full redemption of this nation can not occur until “the Fullness of the Gentiles has come in, i.e. the full number of people of the nations has entered.

What does this mean?  And how does it affect non-Israelites or non-Jews today?