How did Paul baptize?

The 19th chapter of the book of Acts, describes Paul’s mission to Ephesus where the people had been baptised in John the Baptist’s Baptism.  Paul “insisted that the people should believe in the One Who was to come after” (after John the Baptist) – in other words: YAHU’SHUAH.  When they heard this, they were baptised  ‘in the Name of YAHU’SHUAH'” (Acts 19 : 4).

Notice that Paul rebaptised these disciples in the Name of YAHU’SHUAH. He also explained to the congregation at Rome,  that “we are baptised into the Name of the One Who died for us“.

Romans 6:3 ‘
“Do you not know that all of us who have been baptised into YAHU’SHUAH were baptised into His Death?”

It was Paul who had also said that there is only One Master – One Faith – One Baptism (Eph. 4: 5).

Peter – Paul – Philip, all baptised in the Name of YAHU’SHUAH.. If they baptised wrongly, as some religious leaders would have us believe, then all the thousands of converts were baptised wrongly!  Surely, they would have been corrected by the other apostles?  Should any present-day preacher suddenly baptise people in the Name of YAHU’SHUAH and not in the titles of “the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,” as laid down by their constitutions,  he would soon have to give account for his actions, and, if not prepared to abandon this method, will soon find himself without a job ‘ Yet, in the days of the apostles, there was no such outcry!

These baptising apostles heard the Saviour personally,  they looked upon Him personally,  they touched Him personally and they were taught by Him personally -. Whom will you choose to believe? These apostles who knew Him and walked with Him – or those teachers who differ from Them, but who never saw or heard Him and who were never taught by Him personally?

The Bible tells us how to treat those who differ from the Divine Scriptural Instructions:

Galatians. 1:8
“… If anyone preaches a version of the Good News different from the one we have already preached to you,  whether it be … an angel from heaven, he is to be condemned!”