Jewish Secrets Hidden in the New Testament

The Complete Guide Book for ‘Establishing of God’s Kingdom’ – and how this all affects YOU !

And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, then the End will come” – Matthew 24:14

For the FIRST Time in history, an up-to-the-minute review RIGHT FROM THE HEART OF JERUSALEM with Reports on:

  • the amazing things taking place in Israel and around the world in confirmation of ancient Biblical Prophecies about the Restoration of the Kingdom of the God of Israel
  • correlating it with the writings of Sages of Israel throughout the centuries;
  • updates of unheard of trends taking place universally in the Bible World today;
  • Where this is all leading according to the Bible . . . ?
  • and informing YOU how you are part of it!

The book that EVERY Bible believer should read to understand how God is right now busy establishing His Kingdom!

Hidden Bible Secrets which have been known to Judaism all along – NOW proven also from Jewish Secrets hidden in the New Testament which are causing a Global spiritual Revival!

Not only is the New Testament’s Messiah an orthodox Jew as more and more Christians are discovering, but also the entire New Testament is founded on traditional Jewish principles.

The progressive discovery by New Testament readers of these Jewish secrets, hidden for the last 2000 years,  is currently sweeping the world, thereby fulfilling the Biblical Prophecy of  the Global Return not only of Jews, but eventually also of the re-identifying Ten Lost Tribes of Israel  to a  Promised Land with greatly extended borders.  Rabbi Avraham Feld will take you on an enlightening journey to recognize the Greatest Miracle of all Time, taking place all around us, most likely even in your own life – the re-erection of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel.

Find out how you may well be part of this Greatest Miracle of all Time – the establishment of the Kingdom of God, currently in progress right before our eyes, as He is preparing His People!

The revelations of this book is vital for the End Times which are finally upon us!

5-star reviews on

Finally!!!!!  Real Rabbinic input and revelation…..from those who actually ‘SIT’ in the Seat of Moses.
Read it and dance!!! Thank you Rabbi Feld and Ovadyah Abrahami.
B. Howard

This book is a “must-read-and-reread” for anyone who thinks they knew their bible, as I once did … There is a wealth of information in the book which helps to explain the historical divergence by Christianity from its Jewish roots. Even more exciting, we are starting to see the day when the prophesy of “Torah will go forth from Jerusalem” beginning to be fulfilled.

Rabbi Avraham Feld is one of the founding fathers in Orthodox Judaism that is resurrecting the identity of … “the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel” so that the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel will find their restoration pathway no less real than the Children of Israel walking on dry land through the Red Sea in route to the Promised Land.
Dr Robert Mock, USA

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