Messiah identifies Himself by the True Biblical Concept of ‘Salvation’

Jeremiah 23:7  “See then, the days are coming – it is YHVH Who speaks – when people will no longer say: ‘As YHVH lives Who brought the sons of Israel out of the Land of Egypt!’  but, ‘As YHVH lives Who led back and brought home the descendants of the House of Israel out of the Land of the North and from all the countries to which He had dispersed them, to live on their own soil.’”

The Covenant which God concluded with the nation of Israel, was linked to a Divine Promise of Miracles and Wonders to befall Israel “as have never been in any land or in any nation.” (Exodus 34:10). This nation’s 4000 year history is filled with such Miracles.

(The following 2 links provide summarised details of some highlights only, of a long list of national Miracles for Israel – you should return to these after considering the contents of this present study. The links are: The Miracle of invincible Israel  and Covenant of Miracles)

In Jewish tradition, the Event of the Exodus from Egypt is regarded as the greatest Event in Jewish history. Our theme Scripture above, promises a future Event which will far supercede the miraculous Exodus.  It is this Event which is the topic of our study here.  It is in this way that the True Messiah will identify Himself as ‘the Shepherd of Israel’ and the Supreme Deity of all the nations of the world.

Probably the one most fundamental concept proclaimed by the Bible, is that of ‘Salvation’ or ‘Redemption’ – but it has also become a most destorted concept by now.  Some believers understand this as “being ‘saved’ from this ‘evil’ world into a ‘heavenly’ Kingdom to live eternally amongst heavenly angelic beings”.  By far the majority of Scriptures though, speak of an ‘earthly’ Kingdom, operating under the direct Rule of God over all the world, from Jerusalem in the Middle East – currently the hot spot of what seems to be an insolvable dispute between the Returning Jews, who are accused by the Palestinians (with the backing of all Arab lands and Islam) as “illegal occupiers of the Palestinian Homeland”.

Christianity proclaims the Messiah, Jesus, as the Saviour of repenting souls, into the heavenly Kingdom.  Scripture, again, present overwhelming confirmation which refer rather to “the Salvation (Rescue) or Regathering of the exiled 12 Tribes of Israel from the four corners of the earth, to the Land of their forefathers.”  The Bible is also clear that multitudes of  ‘others’ (from every nation, race or tribe) are included in this Plan of Salvation for Israel, merely on acceptance and compliance with the Divine Requirements (as for Israel itself).

It is according to the Biblical precepts for Salvation (‘rescue from the world out there’ or ‘Redemption and Return from Exile’) into God’s True Kingdom, more than any other,  that the True Messiah will be identified.  It is the purpose of this study, to review from the Tanach (‘Old’ Testament) as well as from the Brit HaChadasha (‘New’ Testament) and other Jewish literature, the True Identifying concepts of the True Messiah and His Kingdom.  We will also show how current trends of advance in Scriptural Knowledge amongst millions of serious Bible students across the world, is gradually unfolding this miraculous ‘Grand Finale‘ of fulfillment of Prophecy right, before our eyes!