Miracle of Miracles in the Making!

The Return of the Jews to the Land of Israel since the Second World War, has been one of the Miracles of the 20th century.  This miraculous Ingathering after 2000 years of Dispersion throughout the world, forms the main theme of the 160 page book, Jerusalem, Final Countdown to Armageddon, which is available on this Web Site for FREE in full format if you Click here.

Prophetic Scripture is clear, however, that an even greater Miracle will take place to Return 10-Israel to the land of their Hebraic forefathers.

Jeremiah 23:7 “See then, the days are coming – it is YHVH Who speaks – when people will no longer say: ‘As YHVH lives Who brought the sons of Israel out of the Land of Egypt!’  but, ‘As YHVH lives Who led back and brought home the descendants of the House of Israel out of the Land of the North and from all the countries to which He had dispersed them, to live on their own soil.’”

This Prophecy is often erroneously applied to the Ingathering of the Jews (tribe of Judah only), in that miraculous process in which modern Israel has been re-established as a Jewish State in 1948 by Jews Returning from the exile of Judah.  This process has been greatly boosted by the influx of the ‘battered and bruised’ remnants of Hitler’s Death Camps after World War 2. To these and all other Jews across the globe, the Exodus from Egypt still ranks as the most miraculous release from national bondage and suffering in history.

Our quoted Scripture defines this 2nd miraculous exodus from captivity, as applying to “the House of Israel”.  The history of Israel and the defined references in the Tanach to the 2 Sectors, confirm that “The House of Israel” refers to the northern 10 Tribes of Israel which became ‘lost’ in history. For a short and concise history of this split of ancient Israel into 2 sectors, the Northern Kingdom (10 Tribes) with capital at Shechem in Samaria (Shomron) and the Southern Kingdom (Judah) with their Capitol at Jerusalem.

After this split in the Kingdom, Judah was never again referred to in the Bible as “The House of Israel”.

Please read the above paragraph from Jeremiah 23:7 again, bearing in mind that:

  • ‘sons of Israel’ refers to the 12 Tribes, and
  • ‘House of Israel’ refers to 10-tribed Israel which were deported in the 8th century BCE after which they integrated with the nations of the world and became ‘lost’ to this day.

Prophecy does not conclude with the ‘turn of the captivity of the exiled Ten Tribes’ and their Return to the Land of Israel.  Several Prophecies refer to the  re-unification of the re-identified Ten Tribes with the identified remnant of ancient 12-Israel, the Jews, to re-establish the ‘Kingdom of David’ again.  The time setting clearly is “at the End Time”

We are now standing at the point in time, when we are therefore to expect the physical Return to the Land of these re-identifying 10-Israeltes.  This, no doubt, would require that promised Divine Miracle in order to overcome the current animosity of most of re-identified 10-Israel against what they term “Rabbinic Judaism”.  From Judah’s side again, there is the great measure of distrust against this new ‘non-Jewish’ front, due to the endless centuries of persecution they had to endure from the nations amongst whom they have been dispersed over the last 2000 years.

How do these opposing two sides become moulded into ‘One’, as Prophecy so clearly declares in Ezek. 37:15;   Jer. 3:14-18Isa. 11:10-15?

But by a Divine Miracle – as confirmed in Jeremiah 23:7,  quoted above – the “second and greater Exodus.”

We have now reached that exciting Time ordained in Prophecy! The re-identification of 10-Israel is progressing in leaps and bounds across the earth.  The result of this is a ‘Return’ of 10-Israel to the Covenant of YHVH with ancient Israel – as was the Divine Requirement for Shav Shevoet Am Yisraelto take place – The Return to the Land and the re-uniting with Judah into ONE by Divine Intervention.

This physical Return to the Land could act as an interlude to, or probably even be the actual fulfilment of the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth – an event which has been anticipated in Christian eschatology throughout the centuries, but, like many other Biblical subjects, greatly misinterpreted.  It would require the enlightened restoration of the Original Truth from the Scriptures, to shed revealing light on the true message which these Biblical Prophecies truly proclaimed.