More Blessed Revelations from ‘Shav et Shevoet Am Yisrael!

Literally translated from the Original Hebrew Scriptures

Psalm 14:7  ‘Who will give from Zion the Salvation (Y’shuat) of Israel?
When YHVH turns the Captivity of His People (B’Shoev YHVH Shevoet Amo) Jacob shall rejoice and Israel be happy.” (The Jerusalem Bible: “When YHVH brings His people Home”)

Conclusion:  YAHU’SHUAH as the Salvation of (Y’Shuat) Israel, is the exact opposite of the Captivity of 10-Israel.  What does He therefore ‘save’ 10-Israel from?  From captivity in exile, from enslavement to ‘other gods whom they never knew’, from pagan observations – from all this, He will restore them, or Return them, to the pure, unadulterated worship according to the Eternal Covenant of YHVH. How shallow does that not make the popular cliché “He saved me from my sins”, when sins no longer are defined by non-observation of Torah, but by non relevant definitions of ‘sin’ according to the likes and dislikes of man. Shav et Shevoet! Turn from Captivity in Egypt!  This time the Exodus will be more miraculous even than the first!
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Psalm 53:6 repeats the above statement of Ps. 14 exactly.  It does so,  as a conclusion to its lamenting the godless state of mankind as “false, corrupt, vile”.  We are witnessing this today as the financial powerhouse of Western capitalism is crumbling – false, corrupt, vile – as proven in the Enron, and other recent emerging scandals in the USA and the financial world across the globe!  As these institutions bite the dust, dragging more and more with them, the scandals will be revealed, increasing in its extent of degradation, fired by man’s self-interest and bestiality.  Shav et Shevoet is mankind’s only solution:
Deut. 30:2 “…if you Return to YHVH your God, if you obey His Voice with all your heart and soul in everything I enjoin on you today (i.e. the Laws, Statutes, Precepts and Commandments of YHVH), then YHVH your God will bring back your captives (‘shav et Shevoet’ – restore you, set you free from bondage, reconcile you to His Covenant relationship)“.

Ps. 126:1 repeats our theme phrase. The award winning Israeli song “By the rivers of Babylon” is based on this very theme!  How great the Joy of those who are set free!
“When YHVH brought Zion’s captives home,
at first it seemed like a dream;
then our mouths filled with laughter,
and our lips with song …
how over joyed we were!”

Jer. 29:14 uses our theme phrase.  The context of this chapter leaves no doubt that it refers to the Return of Judah after their 70-year Babylonian exile in the 6th century BCE.  Verse 14 specifically though, seems to point to a wider universal Ingathering “from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you.” – as we have been witnessing since the end of World War 2 and the re-erection of the State of Israel in 1948.

Jer. 30:3 records our theme phrase once more, but this time applying it specifically to “Israel and Judah” and again in verse 4.  Israel and Judah will unite (Jer. 3:18) to serve YHVH their God (Jer. 30:9) and build the land together, no longer at enmity with each other (Jer. 31:28).  The question that arises here is: “According to which religion will these re-united 2 Houses serve YHVH?” – Halachic (“Rabbinical”) Judaism, or Messianic non-Halachic Judaism? (Christian Messianism certainly has no place in this re-union).

Jer. 33:20  “YHVH says this: ‘If you could break My Covenant with the day and My Covenant with the night, so that day and night not come at their due time, then My Covenant with David My servant might also be broken … Verse 23, 24  Have you not noticed what these people say: ‘The two families which YHVH chose, He has now rejected?’  So they despise My People, whom they no longer think of as a nation!  YHVH says this: ‘If I have not created day and night and have not laid down laws for the heavens and the earth, why then I reject the descendants of Jacob (12 Tribes) and of David My servant … for I mean to restore their fortunes (Shav et Shevoet and take pity on them.”

Had these many instances in Scripture been correctly translated as “bring back or Return the captive ones of My People”, then Israel may not today have been the target of Arab hatred and Palestinian attempts, supported by all the nations of the world, to deny the Returning Jews sovereignty over Jerusalem and the Land of Israel!   Refer All nations against Israel – UN Resolution


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