Obstacle in the Way of Reconciliation and Reunion

In order for these two estranged Houses to physically become ‘one’ as Prophecy so clearly outlines in several places in the sacred Scriptures, it would require for these re-identified 10-Tribers to “Return Home” to the Land of Israel.

Amazingly, there is an increasing desire amongst these reawakening non-Jewish Zionists, to want to live in the Holy Land of Israel.  Many have already succeeded – but, at this moment (2008), the Gates have been securely barred against the Return of these Lost Israelites by the Guardians of Judaism.

The reason? – The proselytizing activities of Messianics, to convert Jews to Christianity.

Proselytizing of Jews by Messianics is practiced over a wide range.  There is the ordinary Christian evangelicals who believe that they have a spiritual obligation to “save” Jews who are “lost”, because “they did not accept Jesus”..

From amongst the Zionist Christians, the practice changes.  Many are waking up to the fact that the Jews have been brought back by God to the Land of Israel, and that they thus have a right to be in the Plan of God.  They should be supported in their right to the Land.  Pastor John Hagee, a fiery Zionist Christian preacher with a vast following, has gone so far as to write that Jews are saved ‘differently’ and should not be proselytized. There was a great outcry from amongst his own followers who will persist in proselytizing.

Further down the line amongst these pro-Zionist Messianic Christians and Hebraic Restorers who have even left the Churches, the practice becomes more sinister. Most of them (even those living in Israel and who are prohibited by Israeli law from evangelizing Jews),  give their assurance that they “don’t proselytize” – but … and this is the by-pass, “… if they are asked, they have to witness.”  Of course, the main intent of this witnessing about their “superior” faith, is to “save” Jews.   One such leader has made a point of dressing “like an ancient Ephraimite” in order to draw attention and questions to “witness” to them.

Then there are those returning 10-Tribers who have evolved closer to the Jewish Faith (and who are in an ever closer mending spiral towards Halachic Judaism) who maintain that they are no longer Christians and that they are following the literal interpretation of Torah, therefore their proselytizing is not drawing Jews to Christianity. The fact remains,  however,   that they are not fully Jewish yet themselves; while they are constantly drawing closer to authentic Judaism.  They therefore indeed are drawing Jews away from pure Judaism to a Christian, pagan affected religion.  Fact is:  God is extricating His people from there and bringing them back to the original true Biblical Faith – Judaism.  Fact is also:  Jews who accept Messiah as proclaimed by Christians or Messianics, because they can not learn about Him in the synagogue, are forced to leave Judaism and join one of the multitude of non-Jewish congregations.  The Divine trend is the other way around.