One Mission – two dispensations

YAHU’SHUAH told many parables about lost sheep and separating the sheep from the goats. ‘Sheep and YHVH’s Flock’ in Scripture is always speaking of the 12 Tribes of Israel!  It is important though, that the reader distinguishes between:

  • The Tribe of Judah (the Jews), who remained identified descendants of ancient Israel throughout time and who were Divinely mandated as “The Guardians of the Oracles (Word) of YHVH” (Rom. 3:2), and secondly,
  • The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel – exiled to Babylon in the 8th century BCE, where after they assimilated with the nations and disappeared as an identifiable remnant of ancient Israel.  Biblical Prophecy though,  foretold their re-identification and re-uniting with Judah into ONE nation (Ezek. 37:15) (Refer also to “The reidentification of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel” – a phenomenon which has been taking place over the last decade, at a notably fast increasing tempo).

Both these sections rate as ‘Israel’ in Scripture; both have been exiled and scattered across the world; both will be regathered and returned to the Land of Israel in God’s Salvation Plan – though in two distinctly separate modes and dispensations – and both by the One only True Shepherd of Israel.

It is this factor of two different dispensations which has been the cause of much confusion and misunderstanding regarding the Messianic Designation of Gathering the scattered exiles and Returning them to the Covenental Land. A time span of 2000 years and more would be involved in the two varying time dispensations. In order for one and the same Shepherd to perform this miraculous Regathering, it would require a Messiah with Power over Death – with Eternal Life!  Only the Almighty Creator God of Israel could do this job!

To make the riddle even more impossible, one section of the exiles (the Ten Lost Tribes) had to be re-identified and restored to the Original True Hebraic Faith after millennia-long total assimilation with the other nations, while the other section (Judah) had to remain as the identifiable Guardians of the Faith – as a foundational Pillar to which the stray ones could return!  This was the cause for great animosity between the two sections, which would have to be overcome to complete the Regathering into One.

One section would accept the Messiah at the outset of His Reconciliatory Mission  to reconcile and regather them (requiring their restored conformance with the terms of the Covenant), but in time,  they would totally change His True Identity in line with the pagan concepts which they have been degrading to during their exile amongst the nations, where they would worship “strange gods” (according to the Curse of the Covenant as reviewed above – Leviticus 26:14).  They desperately needed to be ‘saved’ from this mire of destitution and depravity!  (refer The Authentic Gospel of the Kingdom)

The other section (the Tribe of Judah – the Jews, and the Tribe of Benjamin) would have to be temporarily blinded to this Mission of their Messiah to the “Lost sheep of the House of Israel” (the Lost 10 Tribes of Northern Israel) awaiting their own Regathering and Return to the Covenant Land towards the End of the Dispensation.  Theirs would be the task, amongst others, after their Regathering, to start the rebuilding of the Land and the City of Jerusalem as identified ‘Israel’ (Jews), in preparation for the establishment of the earthly Kingdom of YHVH.

The argument might be raised at this stage, that “The Jews were not regathered by the Messiah, Whom they reject”.  The answer to this, simply holds further confirmation in the Grand Design of YHVH, namely that Messiah of the Ten Tribes is YHVH Himself! (This statement of course, conditional upon the rendering of the True Hebraic Messiah – not the ‘counterfeit image’ which apostate Ten Israel have come to believe in during their exile!).  Thus, whether YHVH Himself brings them in, or His Messianic Manifestation – it remains the same God!

Great guard should also be taken against trying to enforce these distinguished two Divine Operations into One, or to falsely laying claim to the Covenental Promises to Israel – a common practice amongst non-Jewish believers which is referred to as “Replacement Theology”.  According to this teaching and belief,  God has withdrawn His Promises and Covenant from the Jews, and awarded it to the “followers of Jesus”.

The contents of the above study should assist any serious searcher after Truth, to find the One True Messiah and Shepherd of Israel.