4.6. Palestinian State

“Land for Peace”
The ‘magic formula’ believed by the nations
to be the solution for the Middle East Conflict
amounts to nothing less than a Revolt by the nations
against the Divine Decree & Covenant of Inheritance
of the Land of Israel by His Covenant People

News and Views

While the “Road Map” is the world’s latest attempt to force Israel to share the Biblical Covenant Land with a Terrorist State. The Push on Israel has started long ago. The news articles on this page, some from as far back as 1998, is today as relevant as they were then.  In fact, they serve to give a broader and deeper understanding of the whole issue.

“BIBLE REVELATIONS’ commentaries give it a proper Biblical perspective


November 14,  2004

Arafat’s death seen as opportunity to push Israel into sharing its Promised Land with a Terror State

While Arafat’s remains were being buried amidst Palestinian chaos,  Bush and Blair were already in meeting from across the wide ocean which separates their countries.  They spared not a  moment to use the opportunity created by Arafat’s ‘peaceful’ exit from co-directorship of the international show of barbaric Muslim terrorism.  Their aim is to satisfy the world’s craving for subjecting the invincible and re-born Jewish State to ‘peaceful’ co-existence with a hitherto never existing Palestinian State.  Such ‘caring’ universal management would have been highly noble, had it not been conflictingly juxtaposed to the Divine Intent with this exasperating ‘Chosen’ nation of Jews, as clearly stated in the Bible which both these two world rulers claim to be devoted to.  By their insistence to create a Palestinian State “to peacefully co-exist with Israel” in the Promised Land, sharing Jerusalem between its destined heirs (Israel) and their arch enemies (the Palestinians) whose leaders vow to drive Israel from every inch of the Land,  the promoters of this audacious idea and claim,  propose to bring about the diversion of God’s Promises from the Israelites to the Arabs!

Bush’s challenging impetuousness was revealed by his concluding statement after his meeting with Blair:  “I think it is fair to say that I believe we’ve got a great chance to establish a Palestinian state, and I intend to use the next four years to spend the capital of the United States on such a state.”

Before his departure to meet with Bush, in commenting on Arafat’s death, Blair called the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the world’s “single most pressing political challenge.”

Watch therefore, for a new surge of activity in the aftermath of Arafat’s death and Bush’s re- election, to push for an agreement with Israel and the Palestinians

Will Israel be on the chopping block? Watch, wait and pray.

BIBLE REVELATIONS Commentary – This news item simply confirms the views expressed in this Web Site, which are firmly based on the Prophetic Scriptures of the Bible, that the stage is set for a nuclear and/or bio-chemical holocaust to take place in the Middle East, of which Israel and Jerusalem will be the target of attack.  Never before in history was this possible – but today it wont take much to ignite such a holocaust.  It needs no speculation or intensive research, to contrive from the above news developments a scenario in which Israel,  pushed beyond its limits of  acceptance, retaliates with nuclear defense, thereby drawing the retribution of the other nations of the world upon itself – as specified in Bible Prophecy that “all” the nations of the world will draw up against Jerusalem  Zechariah 14:1,2 Ezekiel 38

August 2, 2004

Israel’s Intifada Victory
By Charles Krauthammer

washingtonpost.com   Friday, June 18, 2004; Page A29

While no one was looking, something historic happened in the Middle East. The Palestinian intifada is over, and the Palestinians have lost.

For Israel, the victory is bitter. The past four years of terrorism have killed almost 1,000 Israelis and maimed thousands of others. But Israel has won strategically. The intent of the intifada was to demoralize Israel, destroy its economy, bring it to its knees, and thus force it to withdraw and surrender to Palestinian demands, just as Israel withdrew in defeat from southern Lebanon in May 2000.

That did not happen. Israel’s economy was certainly wounded, but it is growing again. Tourism had dwindled to almost nothing at the height of the intifada, but tourists are returning. And the Israelis were never demoralized. They kept living their lives, the young people in particular returning to cafes and discos and buses just hours after a horrific bombing. Israelis turned out to be a lot tougher and braver than the Palestinians had imagined.

The end of the intifada does not mean the end of terrorism. There was terrorism before the intifada and there will be terrorism to come. What has happened, however, is an end to systematic, regular, debilitating, unstoppable terror — terror as a reliable weapon. At the height of the intifada, there were nine suicide attacks in Israel killing 85 Israelis in just one month (March 2002). In the past three months there have been none.

The overall level of violence has been reduced by more than 70 percent. How did Israel do it? By ignoring its critics and launching a two-pronged campaign of self-defense.

First, Israel targeted terrorist leaders — attacks so hypocritically denounced by Westerners who, at the same time, cheer the hunt for, and demand the head of, Osama bin Laden. The top echelon of Hamas and other terrorist groups has been either arrested, killed or driven underground. The others are now so afraid of Israeli precision and intelligence — the last Hamas operative to be killed by missile was riding a motorcycle — that they are forced to devote much of their time and energy to self-protection and concealment.

Second, the fence. Only about a quarter of the separation fence has been built, but its effect is unmistakable. The northern part is already complete, and attacks in northern Israel have dwindled to almost nothing.

This success does not just save innocent lives; it changes the strategic equation of the whole conflict.

Yasser Arafat started the intifada in September 2000, just weeks after he had rejected, at Camp David, Israel’s offer of withdrawal, settlement evacuation, sharing of Jerusalem and establishment of a Palestinian state. Arafat wanted all that, of course, but without having to make peace and recognize a Jewish state. Hence the terror campaign — to force Israel to give it all up unilaterally.

Arafat failed, spectacularly. The violence did not bring Israel to its knees. Instead, it created chaos, lawlessness and economic disaster in the Palestinian areas. The Palestinians know the ruin that Arafat has brought, and they are beginning to protest it. He promised them blood and victory; he delivered on the blood.

Even more important, they have lost their place at the table. Israel is now defining a new equilibrium that will reign for years to come — the separation fence is unilaterally drawing the line that separates Israelis and Palestinians. The Palestinians were offered the chance to negotiate that frontier at Camp David and chose war instead. Now they are paying the price.

It stands to reason. It is the height of absurdity to launch a terrorist war against Israel, then demand the right to determine the nature and route of the barrier built to prevent that very terrorism.

These new strategic realities are not just creating a new equilibrium, they are creating the first hope for peace since Arafat officially tore up the Oslo accords four years ago. Once Israel has withdrawn from Gaza and has completed the fence, terrorism as a strategic option will be effectively dead. The only way for the Palestinians to achieve statehood and dignity, and to determine the contours of their own state, will be to negotiate a final peace based on genuine coexistence with a Jewish state.

It could be a year, five years or a generation until the Palestinians come to that realization. The pity is that so many, Arab and Israeli, will have had to die before then.


© 2004 The Washington Post Company


BIBLE REVELATIONS Commentary – For Palestinians to accept “final peace based on genuine coexistence with a Jewish state”, they will first have to officially undo the seeds of hatred that have been caused to flourish in the minds and hearts of Palestinians by decades of school curriculum and media propagation.  The result of this is evident in the daily TV News casts showing  hooded gun toting marches in the streets of Palestine,  calling for the blood of Jews,  and the self-sacrifice of Palestinian mothers who are prepared, not only to offer their children as human bombs (‘martyrs’), but even to desert their children and become live human bombs themselves!. It simply is wishful thinking to expect centuries of Jew hatred, mixed with resurging Islamic fundamentalist  ethnic religious cleansing, to disappear at the beck and call of Western nations.

May 25, 2003

Israel signs its own Death Warrant – The true Aftermath of the Iraq War

In a vote of 12 to 7, on Sunday 25 May 2003,  the Israeli cabinet approved the US-backed ‘Road Map Peace Plan ‘.  As pointed out by several commentaries on this,  Israel’s government has willingly agreed to what may well turn out to be the Jewish State’s Death Warrant – and most likely also the Death Warrant for the world.

The possibility of the latter scenario, as depicted by Bible Prophecy in what is commonly referred to  as ‘Armageddon’,  is now taking shape: i.e. the nations of the world is hell bent on creating a terrorist state on Divinely Covenanted land, next to what God intends to be the Resurrected Jewish State, in preparation of the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.  As the commentaries on this page point out, the likelihood is great, of this ‘bi-national statehood’ (according to the wishes of the world’,  back-firing on Israel to the extent that they will use their ‘Samson Option’.  This is a concept introduced by Prof. Louis Beres,  a professor of political science and international law at Purdue University, as the final of seven nuclear options, and we quote:  “Although the use of nuclear weapons would be catastrophic for Israel,  Jerusalem is apt to prefer Samson to Masada, that is, to rather  ‘die with the Philistines’  than to die alone … Israel could bring down its enemies together with itself”.  ‘Armageddon’ is referred to in Bible Prophecy as the Final War in which ‘all the nations of the world’ will draw up against Jerusalem (Zech. 14:2).

The most troubling words spoken today by Israel’s PM Ariel Sharon were these: “The time has come to say yes to the Americans, the time has come to divide this land between us and the Palestinians,”  Sharon is taking the gamble by voicing support for the Road Map, hoping that the Palestinians will do as they have always done before – ruin any opportunity they have in front of them   The risk he runs is to trust the mere promises that the Israeli reservations will be attended to afterwards.  (Read commentaries below).

Dr. Guy Bechor,  guest-hosting a Voice of Israel talk show this morning, said, “It should be clear that if the plan passes, it will go down in history that on May 25, 2003, Israel’s most right-wing government ever approved the most moonstruck leftist program in history: a Palestinian state in all of Judea and Samaria aside the bi-national State of Israel; the uprooting of all the settlements; the division of Jerusalem; the pushing off of the discussion of the ‘Palestinian refugees right of return’ to a later date; and withdrawal from the Golan Heights in accordance with the Saudi initiative that is included in the Road Map.”

Israel will now be instructed to begin implementing this initiative 1) by allowing Palestinians free movement within her borders, 2) to issue work permits for Palestinian workers to work in Israel and 3) Israel must stop building in Judea and Samaria. At the same time the Palestinians are politely asked to control their murderous terror machine which has claimed hundreds of Israeli lives. Have they? No!  Abu Mazen stated that the terror network will not cease until Israel allows Palestinians freedom of movement through Israel. This is TOTALLY absurd.

While the ‘Road Map’ expects the Palestinians to ‘try’ and curb homicidal suicide terrorist bombings of Israelis,  the world seems to believe that the Palestinians are sincere in doing so.  The truth is that these bombings are not regarded as terrorism by the Arabs or the sympathisers of the Palestinians, but as their right to ‘free their occupied land.’  Thus, they have nothing to curb!  The Saudi Minister of internal affairs expressed his country’s support of the Palestinians’ and the Arabs’ interpretation of terrorism.  He said “we refuse to consider the Palestinian resistance as terrorism” and added that occupation of the territories by the Israelis is the real terrorism.

What does the God of Israel think about the decisions taken on this Dark Day for Israel?  Read:

Final Resurrection of Israel – the Invincible nation – to the Glory of the God of Israel
Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel  God will live among the children of Israel forever  –  Jer 3:17; Ezek. 43:7

The “Road Map” in perspective

The “Road Map” to Peace in the Middle East, is the only significant outcome of the Iraq War,  in line with Bible Prophecy – and it does not bode well for Israel, neither for the future of the World!

The ‘Road Map’ is a phased plan for an Israeli-Palestinian settlement that was drafted by the Quartet (the U.S., European Union, United Nations and Russia). In the first stage, it calls for the Palestinian Authority to implement administrative reforms and fight terror (note well, not ‘stop’ terror), and for Israel to dismantle settlement outposts, freeze construction in all the settlements and withdraw its troops to the pre-intifada lines. In it’s final stages it calls for Israel’s total withdrawal from Settlement areas and the official establishment of a Palestinian State to share the currently disputed Land with Israel.  It is not clear how this Map  proposes to overcome the two main hurdles in the road to such enforced ‘peaceful co-existence’, namely, the disputed ownership of Jerusalem and the repatriation of 4 to 5 million Palestinian refugees to the disputed territory.

President Bush has received plenty of warnings, even by major Christian and Jewish leaders,  but he appears to be at a point of no return with enormous repercussions.

Initially, in response to pressure from Israel and its supporters in America against the Road Map, the US administration had been inclined to postpone the issue of  formal approval by Israel and simply to begin implementing it. On 17 May 2003, however, when Israeli PM Sharon and the newly elected Palestinian PM, Abu Mazen (a.k.a Mahmoud Abbas),  held their first meeting,  this approach was revealed to be problematic: Sharon offered to withdraw the Israel Defense Forces from any part of the West Bank and Gaza in which the Palestinians would agree to assume responsibility for security, but Abu Mazen replied that he was not willing to do anything until Israel formally accepted the Road Map.  As a result, the U.S. decided to press Israel to approve the Road Map quickly while promising to see to securing Israel’s reservations afterwards.  Sharon’s office believes that once the U.S. announces its acceptance of Israel’s reservations,  it will be possible to muster a cabinet majority for the Road Map – which many people, both inside and outside Israel, both Jewish and non-Jewish, see as a betrayal of Israel,  laying the final trap for the total dismantling of the Jewish State. This trap has been engineered by the nations of the world and has now been endorsed in a risky challenge by Ariel Sharon, who has been entrusted by his nation with the future of the Jewish State.

Israel submitted numerous reservations to the plan, most of which related to implementation. It wanted to stiffen the security demands the plan makes of the Palestinians, to delay the settlement freeze until the Palestinians start fighting terror, and to ensure that implementation would be monitored just by the U.S. rather than by all the members of the Quartet.

Washington acceded to most of Israel’s requests, but rejected two: that the Palestinians immediately waive their demand for a “right of return” to Israel by the refugees, and that the Saudi Arabia initiative, which calls for peace with Israel in exchange for a full withdrawal to the 1967 borders, be removed from the list of the plan’s sources of authority. U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell was particularly adamant on inclusion of the latter, as he deems it crucial for the broader Arab world to be involved in the process.

On Friday 23 May, in what some commentators termed a ‘black day’ for Israel,  the US expressed what amounts to almost a demand for Israel’s approval and unconditional acceptance and move-forward to initiate the Road Map and confirmed that the US would address Israel’s concerns and demands fully and seriously in the implementation of the Road Map

This issue will be now put to the vote in the Israeli Knesset on Sunday 25 May, 2003 – merely 14 days after the 55th Birthday of the State of Israel (14 May, 1948).  This vote will confirm or oppose the final Sell-out of the re-born State of Israel after its 2000 years of exile – or the sacrifice of the “First-born Son of God”, as Israel is called in Shemoth/Exodus 4:22 – a sacrifice on the altar of World Interest and World Opposition against the Kingdom of God.

BIBLE REVELATIONS Commentary – These rulers and instigators of this Road Map to the destruction of the Jewish State, are motivated by their desire to please the Will of the nations.  Pres, Bush in an attempt to appease the Arabs and to prove his ‘even-handedness’, and Ariel Sharon in an attempt to “appease the nations” and for Israel to “be like the other nations” – a notion which the Torah specifically denounces.

The purpose of the Road Map is to establish Peace in the Middle East – even if by enforcing it, as the trend now takes shape.  Arab rulers are asking: ‘Why will the USA not use military force on Israel to ‘liberate’ the Palestinians – as they have done for the Iraqis’

The nucleus of the entire issue is the establishment of settlements by the Israelis and the ownership of Jerusalem – specifically the Holy Mount.  Though seldom claimed as such by Israelis, most of whom are rather oblivious or downright rejective of it, the settlement of this disputed Land stems from a Divine Ordination as enshrined in a Divine Covenant with the nation of Israel.  It is this Divine Decree that is opposed and confronted by these rulers.

The Road Map which intends to enforce the Creation of a Terrorist State on Sacred Covenantal Territory which has been Divinely oathed to the Israelites, is juxtaposed to Divine Will and Purpose.  It can therefore be regarded as nothing less than a Declaration of War on the Creator God of Israel.


Because the cardinal blame for the Middle East conflict is blamed on Israel. Why?

Because the other nations in the region despise Israel and wish it ill.  Because the rest of the world condemns Israel if Israel so much as attempts to defend itself. And yet Israel chases after international praise rather than protecting its own citizenry by any means necessary.

Because Israel strives to be admitted to the “family of nations.” Israeli leaders have  failed to realize that there is no family of nations;  and that the countries of the world who almost without exception, oppose Israel and its Zionistic mission,  have independent interests and values, and that they share no common vision.

Because the Road Map creates indefensible borders for Israel. The 1967 Pentagon Report, issued immediately following the Six-Day War, explains that Israeli security requires control over virtually all territory from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, including the Golan Heights, Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria, and even parts of the Sinai Desert.  U.N. Resolution 242 now provides the basis for the Palestinian Trojan Horse campaign to destroy Israel.

Because the USA’s new-found favoured ‘peace partner’ amongst the terrorist ridden Palestinian Authority,  is the same Abu Mazen who authored a book denying the Holocaust, and who reportedly financed the Fatah operation that led to the murder of eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics?  How well protected a fact by the world media!  And, he has been Yasser Arafat´s senior deputy since the 1960s and was instrumental in forming the Fatah group who claims responsibility for one after the other homicide bombing attack on Israeli citizens, including women and children.  If you are inclined to justify this according to the Palestinians’ claim that Israel is really the terrorists for killing Palestinian women and children, then spare a thought for the indelible fact that such ‘killings’ by Israel only occur because Palestinian terrorists deliberately hide amongst civilians.  When Israeli forces close in to eliminate these terrorists (as all other nations are allowed to do except Israel!), then innocents are bound to die.  Israel has never thrown a bomb in a crowded Palestinian supermarket, hotel, restaurant or bus, as happens almost daily to Israelis.  The rest have been killed in a war that the Palestinians have been waging on Israel for more than 2 years now, by Israel defending themselves – why do the Palestinians wage a war and then define their casualties as victims of Israeli terrorism?  Simply because the nations like to hear this!

Because the Palestinians are never ever blamed for not holding to one of the commitments contained in any peace deal they have ever signed – while the Israelis are constantly expected to comply, even in advance (as now with the Road Map also). The Palestinian front is brilliantly equipped to accuse Israel of breaking their side of the treaties – and the world laps it up greedily!  All the Arabs have to do is promise to ´reform´ themselves and ‘to fight’ terror – while the world have pardoned them in advance for “not really possibly being able to stop it altogether”  How can such a one-sided ‘Road Map’ ever distinguish the true road to Peace, which is:

  • Abandoning centuries old hatred
  • Stop sowing hate in schools, mosques, media, videos, films, songs, etc
  • Admit to Israel’s Biblical right to the Holy Land, or at least, allow them living space in the Land of their forefathers

Because the quartet of Nations (the U.S., European Union incl. France and Germany,  the United Nations and Russia) is not a body of men that can be trusted when it comes to Israel.  This group isn’t a body of anything other than self-serving entities. The UN is the same group of men who gave Libya the leadership of the committee on Human Rights, and also let Iraq head the Global Disarmament Committee!  The US has reneged on several of its promises to Israel in the past.  France, Germany and Russia are blatantly anti-Israel and pro-Arab.  What an openly opposing group for Israel to puts its trust in, to risk the lives of their citizens for!

Because the Peace pundits of the Road Map offer as fact, their speculation that Terrorists who pledge peace will actually keep the peace or that they even believe in the concept of peace with those whom they call infidels,  especially Jews and Christians.  The Media throw verbal abuse at anyone who dares to remind them that such earnest pledges by terror groups and nations who harbour and finance them, have been repeatedly ignored and used to delay retribution.

Because the ‘battle’ against Jews is not a new phenomenon, and the strife between Arabs and Jews is as old as their respective nationhoods.  In fact, the Bible tells us that they were fighting in their mother’s womb! (Gen. 25:23).  Why on earth would the latest treaty, enforced by the US, bring Peace when it is the same strife, based on the age-old hatred between these two ‘cousins’ (the definitive term ‘brothers’ will overturn the tables!).  More so, when this latest treaty cannot start without binding both Israel’s hands behind its back, expecting them to rely on Palestinian and Arab promises which had no importance in the past to those who so easily make these promises without any intent to keep it?  O, so this time it will be different; it is presumptuous and immature to deny reformation without giving it a chance?  These Peace pundits fail to realise that Biblical Prophecy define this same strife as culminating in the War of all wars – Armageddon, over Jerusalem!  If this strife can not be solved, at least, one does not want to be found siding with the wrong party!

Because the Road Map promoters and the left liberal media have unwittingly become an organic part of Terrorism. They lull the general public into the belief that Terrorists who claim being victims of poverty and suppression,  have a legitimate grudge against ‘their guilty oppressors’.  By excusing and justifying Terror, they actually encourage it!  And Israel will be the loser.

Because the Road Map promoters have never understood the real motivation of the Muslim Arabs. It is not just the so-called settlements whose presence sends them into rage,  but the very existence of the entire Jewish nation in the Land of ‘Palestine’ (as the world claims – in contradiction of the Bible which historically and for the far-flung future calls it ‘Israel’). The mere existence of the Jewish State is a reminder that, despite six aggressive Arab wars against the Jews, the Muslim Arabs carrying the flag of Islam failed – and failed miserably. They promised each other that, for the glory of Islam, they would “dance in the blood of Jews”.  While there is an ‘Israel’ ruled by Jews,  Islam is humiliated.  In fact, the same applies to the Christian interpretation of Jews being rejected by God  ‘for having killed Messiah’.  A living vibrant Jewish Israel proves their Biblical interpretation wrong!

Because a new Islamic Palestinian State will not change their culture or religion.  The product of Islamic states is repression, suppression, war, terror and a repressive religion of Islam which they insist that all the world must adopt. World domination by Islam is their stated goal.  They fail to realise that in this way, they  have proven themselves inferior.   If they could conquer the Jews and expel them form ‘Palestine’;  or wage a Terrorist war against the West, using homicide bombers and Weapons of Mass Destruction – which the West actually gifted to them, then that would compensate for their correct feelings of inferiority.  To humiliate the Jews and exile them from ‘Palestine’,  would be Arafat’s or any Arab leaders greatest achievement.  There simply is no room for co-existence with Jews (or Christians) in Islamic theology or practice.

Because giving the Palestinians a State as compensation for their Intifada during which they have brutally slain more than 700 Israelis and injured more than 5000, many of whom are maimed for life, is tantamount to rewarding and approving of terrorism.  The message to the terrorists therefore is, that what they could not achieve in any other way, they have now achieved with the most horrid of murder means:  homicidal suicide bombings!  While the USA has much talk of routing out terrorism, they actually reward Palestinian terrorism against Jews.

Because under the “improved” Road Map, Israel immediately forfeits its right to defend itself either physically by military operations or in the world court of public opinion.  The Government of Israel would be muzzled – unable to publish or distribute information that puts the Palestinian Authority in an unfavorable light.

Because creating a Palestinian State at the demand of Arab nations, is rewarding the most audacious and unfounded claims by a non-ethnic group of people in all history.  It is granting Statehood to a group who has had no genuine ethnic identity before.  If this claim sounds arrogant and audacious, please convince yourself of the true facts and determine the following about that so-called ‘country and nationhood of Palestine’:

  • when was it founded and by whom?
  • Where were its borders?
  • What was its capital?
  • When was Jerusalem under its control?
  • What were its major cities?
  • What is recorded about it in history?
  • Can you name at least one Palestinian leader before Arafat (who is of Egyptian origin himself)?
  • Was Palestine ever recognized by another country?
  • What was the language of the country of Palestine?
  • What was the prevalent religion of the country of Palestine?
  • What was the name of its currency?
  • And, finally, since there is no such country today, what caused its demise and when did it occur?

If there are no answers in history to establish the Palestinian’s ‘first right ‘ over the Land and over Jerusalem, what gives the nations the right to usurp the Jews’ Biblical rights over this City and this Land?  The Jews have a rich and well recorded history to confirm their right to this Land and its Cities!  Archeology abundantly testifies to these rights.

March 15, 2003

Tony Blair and Bush push for a Palestinian State to prove their ‘even-handedness’ to Arabs

As the countdown to the Iraq War proceeded, Bush and Blair repeatedly aired their reassurances to the Arab nations about their intentions to create a Palestinian State to share the disputed Land with Israel.  Asked at a last minute press conference why the Palestinian/Israel conflict issue was raised so close to the intended War with Iraq,  Blair commented that they were continually blamed by Arab nations that they were not even handed in their treatment of Saddam Hussein and the Palestinian suppression by the Israelis.  Now was indeed the time to raise the issue and to confirm their intentions of ‘even-handedness’ in assuring that Palestine would become a State next to Israel in the disputed territory.  He referred to the pending appointment of a new Palestinian Prime minister at this time as the trigger to the issue. This, he was sure, would provide the necessary democratic structure to re-open the Middle East Peace negotiations which this time, would be guided by Mr Bush’s “Road Map” for Middle East Peace.

BIBLE REVELATIONS COMMENTARY – This Web Site posted several articles 1 to 2 years ago,  referring to an ‘agreement’ Mr Bush had reached  with the Arabs for allowing him to settle with Saddam Hussein.  Though forgotten and hidden,  these articles are now more relevant than ever!

March 1, 2003    Updated Nov. 8, 2003

FORBES.COM rates Yasir Arafat 6th on list of richest “Kings, Queens And Despots”

Source:  http://www.forbes.com/work/compensation/2003/02/24/0224kings.html

“Of the richest heads of state, only four would make our billionaires list based on their personal fortunes.

Name Country Estimated Net Worth
King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud Saudi Arabia $20 billion
Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Brunei $11 billion
Hans Adams II Liechtenstein $2 billion
Saddam Hussein Iraq $2 billion
Queen Elizabeth II United Kingdom $525 million
Yasir Arafat Palestinian Authority $300 million
Queen Beatrix Wilhelmina Netherlands $250 million
Fidel Castro Cuba $110 million

Forbes wrote that Arafat has “feasted on all sorts of funds flowing into the PA, including aid money, Israeli tax transfers, and revenue from a casino in Jericho.” Israel is constantly blamed for being the cause of the Palestinian’s plight of poverty while Arafat hordes the millions of dollars that are being funneled to the Palestinians monthly from across the world – including even from Israel!

Editor – Note how Arafat rates next to the Monarch of Britain, who follows next on the list to those who make the 400 Richest Americans List!

Update Nov. 8, 2003

Yasser Arafat has private bank accounts worth more than $800 million built up with funds designated as aid to the Palestinian Authority, according to a CBS News report Nov 8, 2003.  From the appropriated money, he transfers $100,000 a month to his wife Suha, who lives in Paris .

A recent International Monetary Fund audit revealed Arafat diverted $900 million from the PA budget into bank accounts under his control.

An Israeli intelligence report calculated his assets to be $1.3 billion.

Refer also on this Web Site, to: Discovering Islam  – “By his fruits, a man shall be known”

4 March 2003

Bush personally committed to a Palestinian State

Michael Freund, The Jerusalem Post

In between statements last week putting Iraq on notice that they are about to get walloped, U.S. President George W. Bush chose to put Israel on notice, too. In what were perhaps his most clear-cut, and frightening, remarks to date, the leader of the free world made plain last Wednesday that once Saddam is gone, his top priority will be to establish a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

Speaking at the annual dinner of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, Bush insisted that “Success in Iraq could also begin a new stage for Middle-Eastern peace and set in motion progress toward a truly democratic Palestinian state.”

The president went on to describe his objective as being “two states, Israel and ‘Palestine’, living side by side in peace and security. It is the commitment of our government and my personal commitment to implement the Road Map and to reach that goal.”

Now, whatever one may think of Bush, there is no questioning the fact that he is a man of his word. Unlike many politicians, when he says something, he usually means it.

And that is what makes this latest speech so downright terrifying. For Bush went beyond the usual diplomatic jargon, using the phrase “personal commitment” to indicate that he is absolutely serious about bringing about the creation of ‘Palestine’.

In so doing, he transformed the issue from the lowly realm of the political to the highly charged one of the personal. That spells trouble, big trouble, for Israel.

It means that George Bush has now positioned himself, and his presidency, on a clear trajectory. He aims to knock Saddam out of the box in the next few weeks, after which his goal will be to fulfill Yasir Arafat’s lifelong dream of establishing an independent ‘Palestine’.

The victory in Iraq will likely usher in a period of unprecedented American dominance in world affairs, akin only to the Pax Romana inaugurated by Augustus Caesar, Rome’s first emperor, in the year 27 BCE.  For nearly two centuries, Rome was the unrivaled global superpower, throwing around its weight at will, expanding its empire and enjoying a period of peace and prosperity.

America looks set to do the same once Saddam and his evil regime are removed from power. The Arabs will be livid with rage, the Europeans will again feel slighted, and Russia will no doubt be irritated. The easiest way for Bush to patch up America’s relations with the world, and bring down the price of oil, will be to impose a peace settlement on Israel and the Palestinians, bringing about an end to the century-old Middle East conflict.

And that is precisely what he aims to do: Pax Americana, or keeping the empire quiet. Sounds unrealistic? Just remember those two little words Bush used last week: “personal commitment.” They say it all.

“The new government of Israel,” said the president, “will be expected to support the creation of a viable Palestinian state.” That sounds more like marching orders than advice from a friendly ally. Sharon should therefore start by reaching out to Israelis, warning them of the dangers that lie ahead. He must unite the public behind him, filling us in on as much as he can without compromising his relationship with President Bush.

He needs to explain to the country that removal of the military threat from Iraq will pave the way for an unparalleled diplomatic assault on Israel, led by none other than the US State Department. It will seek to bring about the fulfillment of the failed Oslo Accords through the establishment of Palestine.

Simultaneously, Sharon should reach out to American Jewry, as well as to the masses of American Christians who are among the Jewish state’s most fervent supporters. Groups such as Esther Levens National Unity Coalition for Israel, and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein’s Stand For Israel have the ability to bring together millions of American Christians on Israel’s behalf.  These people form the backbone of Bush’s support in the Republican party, and they must be mobilized at once to work against the creation of an independent Palestinian state.

Sharon should therefore address American Christian supporters of Israel directly, tapping into their political savvy and Biblical commitment to help save the Jewish state from the fate that awaits it after the war in Iraq is complete.

It may just be a matter of weeks or months before the Pax Americana arrives, seeking to force Israel to make dangerous concessions.

[The writer served as Deputy Director of Communications & Policy Planning in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office from 1996 to 1999.]

It is doubtful that God will allow Bush to succeed in his attempts to destroy Israel by forcing the establishment of an evil Palestinian Terrorist State on its doorstep.  Hebraic Roots Restorers should take particular note of the surprising development and interesting awareness on the side of Israel to lobby the support of the Christian Zionists.  How much more should Israel consider to make it easier for those Hebraic Messianics and Christian Zionists who want to convert to Judaism and Return to Israel in support of the Jewish nation and Biblical Ideal?  God works in marvelous and wonderful ways!

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March 15, 2002

US promises a Palestinian State to Arabs in Iraq War plot

Extracted from an article written by Bill Koenig

It has been a watershed week in the Middle East positions of the United States and Israel. (Ed. – It is significant that this week marked the start of the Biblical Jewish Year, the 1st of Aviv (‘abib’) or Nisan).

United States President George W. Bush wants his Arab “allies” in the Middle East to join him in a global coalition against terrorism and especially against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. These same Arab nations may, and even might, agree to join the ranks of the anti-terrorist forces,  but only with one condition:  the U.S. would be expected to exert pressure on Israel, especially in the area of the “land for peace” provisions.

With little or no advance warning to the media or even other members of the Security Council, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations stunned the world on Tuesday night by introducing a resolution to the U.N. Security Council which endorsed a Palestinian state to exist alongside Israel. The resolution passed unanimously, with one abstention (Syria).

The United Nations General Secretary, Kofi Annan, immediately jumped into the ring with his first-ever public criticism of Israel, accusing the nation of “daily humiliation” of Palestinian peoples and calling for an end to “the illegal occupation” of the territories.

All At Once!

The timing of this resolution turned heads, raised eyebrows.  Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, currently the Foreign Minister welcomed the resolution and spoke out in favor of Israel adopting UN Resolutions 242 and 338. No man in Israel has done more harm to the Biblical destiny of Israel than Peres. His comments have given other world leaders the fuel for their anti-Israel positions.

A conjunction which went unnoticed by the major media and most people was that the U.N. resolution was introduced and passed during Israel’s nationwide Day of Fasting and Prayer, called by the Chief Rabbi, in response to the escalating violence and the impending territorial threat to the nation.

The resolution was flagrantly introduced and passed in the face of a multitude of editorials, commentaries, and even a powerful speech by U.S. Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-OK), all of which explained, defended, and supported the premise that God’s covenant land should not be traded away for peace. It IS about God’s Land

And therein lies the problem, because it is all about the Land. It seems that the entire world community, with the exception of Bible-believing Christians and observant Jews, now expects Israel to give up her Covenant Land.

However, the bottom line is that any nation which forces Israel to participate in the “land for peace” scheme will pay the price in the form of God’s judgment. The repercussions will be costly and enormous no matter whether or not the intentions are good or innocent.

The United States continues to be the number one culprit in bringing Israel to the brink these days. While this country keeps announcing that she will protect Israel, the U.S. always seems to be the political force which leads Israel down the primrose path into a very vulnerable position with her enemies.

President Bush and his staff are making enormous decisions without referring to the Bible. He and his staff are making decisions in the natural, and they are not acknowledging, whatsoever, what the Word of God says. The current U.S. policy is an affront against the God of Israel, and the Lord will respond.

Isn’t it an interesting irony that the President’s top staff are all from the replacement theology churches, which proclaim that Israel has been replaced by the church, rather than grafted in, according to the Bible in Romans. Chapter 11. Yes, these same churches (Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and Episcopalian) have all called for Israel to leave the “occupied” land and have blamed Israel for the conditions in Israel.

The President has two choices: go with the God of Israel and fully protect her, or stand with the enemy of Israel and face very harsh consequences. The Lord’s fury continues to build daily and time is running out.

Author:  Bill Koenig of  www.watch.org

BIBLE REVELATIONS Commentary: Another few ‘firsts’ can be added to the list, occurring in this awesome week which, significantly,  also marked the start of the Biblical Jewish Year, the 1st of Aviv (‘abib’) or Nisan:
– Bush for the first time hinted to his willingness to use nuclear power against the ‘big seven axis of evil’;
– The USA also decided in this week to block a substantial supplemental aid package of hundreds of millions of dollars to Israel.

That pretty much makes Israel stand alone, all by herself.  But that makes the opportunity for the God of Israel so much greater, to fulfill the Biblical Prophecies which have predicted this culminating Crisis over Jerusalem and the Covenant Land.  When Israel will no longer be able to depend on the USA and when all doors seem to have closed on them, the time may come that the nation – the Covenant People of God – will turn to their Guardian, the One True God of Israel.  Scripture confirms His willingness to turn to them in the hour of their turning to Him!

It is clear from these 3000 yr old Prophecies, that the Battle for Jerusalem will culminate in a cataclysmic War of Wars, in which God will Personally intervene, fighting on the side of Israel, shedding His wrath on those nations which had opposed His Purpose of establishing Jerusalem as the Seat of His Kingdom, and opposed his Covenant nation, the Jews, from settling the Land which is Divinely ordained unto them and those people who would accept His Covenant and comply with its Divine requirements.

Never before in History has there been a time when Jewish ownership of Jerusalem and the Covenant Land was disputed by ALL nations!  Never before has mankind possessed weapons with the destructive power to fulfill the awesome predictions of the Final War of Gog & Magog (Armageddon).

Surely we are standing before awesome times!

December 12, 2001

Opposing the re-erection of Biblical Israel

From an article byPaul Martin, “Population new Arab weapon”

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LONDON  Amid American mediation efforts, a new battleground has opened up between Israel and its Arab antagonists. The issue: Whether Israel can be conquered by making Palestinians the majority of the population.

After failing to extinguish Israel in three conventional wars and a war of attrition since its foundation in 1948, many Arab strategists are convinced that this is now the key to destroying the Jewish state without needing an all-out military conquest.

The underlying thinking behind this concept is not entirely novel. In the past some planners considered that Israel could be “killed with kindness.” Their belief was that, after Egypt signed a peace treaty in 1979,  Israel could be made so dependent on Arab trade and on water supplies piped across the Sinai from the Nile, an offer made by the late President Anwar Sadat,  that it would eventually be unable to withstand Arab demands for a bi-national rather than a Jewish state, and then become progressively “Arabized.”

Another popular Arab theory was that if Israel no longer felt it faced an imminent danger of destruction from the outside, its unity in the face of the enemy would evaporate, and supposed internal tensions between Ashkenazi “masters” and Sephardic “minions” would lead to the state imploding.

Now, as the intifada sputters on, leading Arab strategists say they are fine-tuning plans to destroy Israel by using the “population bomb.”

The prime proponent of this conquest by demography is Wahid Abdel Maguid, chief editor of the Arab Strategic Report, an annual publication of the Al Ahram Institute, Egypt’s premier think tank. It’s part of the group that publishes Al-Ahram, the semi-official newspaper.

“We are capable of increasing the demographic threat against Israel if we demonstrate the necessary determination,” Mr. Maguid said in a recent interview with the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat.

Currently, there are around 1.2 million Arab Israelis and some 5 million Israeli Jews, but the Arab birthrate is far higher than that of the Jews, and Mr. Maguid estimates that simply by natural increase the Arab population will equal the Jewish population in 34 years.

However, Mr. Maguid outlines a five-point strategy for making sure this “population bomb” can be accelerated, hence defeating Israel without an all-out war:

  • Limit and even reverse immigration of Jews from the former Soviet Union countries.
  • Bring Arabs living inside the pre-1967 borders into close alignment with their fellow Palestinians, encourage them to spurn their identities as Israeli citizens and give them decision-making roles in the anti-Israel campaign.
  • Maintain an ongoing “intifada” to discourage Jewish immigration and encourage Israeli emigration.
  • Continually build worldwide condemnation of Israel as a racist state to prevent Israeli pressure against Arabs to leave Israel or to reduce their birthrates.
  • Promote an influx of Arabs into pre-1967 Israel through infiltration and marriage.

BIBLE REVELATIONS Comment – Now you will understand the news events in and around Israel and recognize the silent message that the world’s media so often convey in support of the destruction of Israel.

The population battle has been joined already. Not only has the intifada damaged Israel’s economic output, living conditions and tourism, it has led to far fewer immigrants coming into the Jewish state.

Apparently in response, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon last month announced his government’s “plan to bring 1 million Jews to Israel by 2020.”  He identified as potential immigrants “hundreds of thousands [more Jews] in the former Soviet Union, about 230,000 Jews in Argentina “in dire material straits,” as well as more than 100,000 in Brazil, 150,000 in Mexico, 600,000 in France, 80,000 in South Africa and thousands in Ethiopia.  Mr. Sharon added: “Israel is the only place in the world where Jews can continue to live as Jews and withstand the danger of assimilation. … By 2020 we should gather most of the Jewish nation in the State of Israel.”

Already the Palestinian Authority has recognized the dangers of any new wave of Jewish immigration. Its spokesman has condemned Mr. Sharon’s proposal as a “powder keg” likely to set off a new explosion. His statement expressed fear the new immigrants could be settled in the West Bank and Gaza.

Mr. Maguid’s fear would be that these new immigrants settle within Israel’s pre-1967 borders, as the vast majority of immigrants have, and make Israel more Jewish. Mr. Maguid said success for the Arabs can only come about if their leaders “heal themselves from the disease of suspecting and fearing” the Palestinians living within Israel’s pre-1967 borders.

He proposes that the future conduct of anti-Israel actions be spearheaded by its Arab citizens, though coordination with Arab states and Palestinians living outside Israel. Mr. Maguid recommends that infiltrators into Israel should make it a policy to marry Israeli Arabs, making it virtually impossible for Israel to expel the illegal immigrants. Any such expulsions would be denounced by Arab propagandists as racism, said the Al Ahram strategist.

As the Arab population increases, he expects Israel will introduce repressive steps to “deny some of the social rights of the 1948 Palestinians” – a term widely used to avoid stating that they are Israeli Arabs – and again open Israeli authorities to accusations of racial discrimination.

At present, Israel contends that its Arab citizens, though restricted on where they can buy land, otherwise have the same civil rights as Israeli Jews.

The Arab infiltration is apparently already under way – though not yet, perhaps, in the focused and organized way Mr. Maguid advocates. According to Israeli estimates, more than 50,000 thousand non-Israeli Arabs have crossed unobserved into Israel since the signing of the Oslo accords in 1993. They are mainly Palestinians, Jordanians and Egyptians who have taken up residence in Arab communities in Israel.

Even when infiltrators are caught, it’s not easy to return them.   Jordan generally refuses to accept Palestinians, even if they have Jordanian papers. Israel then deports them to the West Bank, but the Israelis admit it’s impossible to stop people from simply crossing over the “Green Line” back into pre-1967 Israel.

Transferring the infiltrators into the already overcrowded Gaza Strip is more secure, in that there are well-guarded fences surrounding the whole area. Mr. Maguid sees these infiltrators as merely a harbinger of a more organized influx that would work whether or not there is a neighboring Palestinian state.

A wave of immigration to Israel from the Soviet Union in the 1980s and early ’90s bolstered the Jewish population, though many of the immigrants turned out to have dubious Jewish roots.

Mr. Maguid says a key plank of the new Arab strategy should be to undermine Israeli efforts to persuade Jews to move to Israel. He urges wide-scale Arab activity to meet with candidates for immigration to Israel, especially in the ex-Soviet states, and tell them that living in Israel will present more daily hardships and security hazards than in their present countries of residence.

Continuation of the intifada, he argues, will “foil the Zionist efforts to increase immigration and may even encourage emigration.”

In the new Arab-dominated state that Mr. Maguid envisions, those Jews who wish to stay could live “strong and respected under the umbrella of our Arab culture.”

BIBLE REVELATIONS Commentary – The Palestinian attempt to exterminate Israel is not new in history.  Throughout Israel’s 4000 yr history, there was nevr a century, hardly a decade, that some force in the world was not involved with the same grand attempt.  What these perpetrators never seem to learn, is that Israel has proven invincible, time and time again – even through the most outrageous attempts of Hitler in the Holocaust.  In fact, it was this most extreme onslaught on Israel, in which millions of Jews were systematically slaughtered in Hitler’s Death Camps, which resulted in Israel’s miraculous Return to the Land of their forefathers after a 2000 yr Exile.  These returning Jews are mostly unwittingly and often unwillingly fulfilling the ancient Biblical Prophecies of re-erecting the Land and ancient Jerusalem in preparation for God’s physical World Kingdom to be set up.  They are now the target of the Final Attempt to prevent this Kingdom establishment.  Prophecy predicts the most awesome events to accompany this Final Episode at the closing of this Dispensation and the Start of the New Kingdom Period. WATCH JERUSALEM!

There is one ‘arm’ of Prophecy now gradually revealing itself, and which neither side of the current parties to this scenario are aware of:  The re-identification of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.  The last decade has seen an explosive growth amongst serious Bible students (mainly Christians, but even Muslims) to discover their ‘Hebrew Roots’.  These then return to the tenets of the Jewish Faith and identify with physical Israel.  There are millions of these believers who would gladly immigrate to Israel to re-establish the Land in association with Judah, but find it currently impossible because of Jewish restrictions.  Refer to: The Restoration of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel

December 20, 2001

Almost ‘all’ nations against Israel and in favour of a Palestinian State

New York December 20th Wafa (Official Palestine News Agency),
The UN General assembly has adopted a new resolution that guarantees the Palestinian people’s rights of self determination including establishing their own Palestinian State “with Jerusalem as its capitol”, as Arafat repeatedly insists.

161 countries voted in favour of the resolution and three countries voted against it, in addition to the USA, Israel and Marshal Islands, voted against while Micronesia abstained.

The resolution urged all countries, related agencies, and the UN Institutions to go on supporting and aiding the Palestinian people, until achieving their national goals.

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BIBLE REVELATIONS Commentary – Bible Prophecy predicts that ALL the nations will be gathered to Jerusalem for the Final Battle of Armageddon at the Close of this Dispensation. The last few decades have witnessed such ganging up of ‘all’ the nations against Israel in several resolutions which challenge the Biblically ordained rights of the Jews to the Land of Israel and the City of Jerusalem.  Never before in history was there a time when “all the nations” unanimously opposed the Jews’ rights to Jerusalem to such an extent.  Never before has Jerusalem been such an international bone of contention.  In siding with the Palestinians’ claim on Jerusalem, time and time again in the UN, the nations unwittingly show their contempt of Divine Prophecy and Intent.  As never before, the stage is therefore set for fulfillment of what the Bible claims to be the final events of the “End Time”, before God sets up His universal Kingdom in Jerusalem. 

December 1, 2001

The military implications of a Palestinian State for Israel

Caroline B. Glick – Makor Rishon Newspaper

The American adoption of the Palestinian – Pan-Arab position, together with
President Bush’s embrace of the call for the establishment of an independent state of Palestine raises a number of questions for Israeli military strategists.  What is the strategic significance of the establishment of a state abutting Israel that overtly engages in terrorism and other forms of violence against the Jewish State?  How will an independent Palestinian state differ from the Palestinian Authority from a military perspective?  How will an independent Palestinian state impact the regional military balance between Israel and its Arab neighbors?  How will international backing of Palestinian terrorism impact Israel’s ability to ensure its survival?  Finally, how must the answers to these questions impact the government’s policies regarding Israel’s positions in negotiations that will take place under fire and under increasing American pressure to establish an independent State of Palestine as quickly as possible?

According to retired IDF Major General Meir Dagan, former terrorism advisor to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and military affairs advisor to Ariel Sharon during his tenure as Opposition Leader, “After a year and two months during which the Palestinian Authority has actively waged a terrorist war against Israel, there can be no room for doubt in anyone’s mind that the Palestinian entity that will be established will be hostile to Israel and as a result,  Israel will have to relate to this state as an enemy state.”

Although it is now clear that the new State of Palestine will be hostile, what will be the practical significance of this hostility?  Last week, the Ariel Center for Policy Research published an analysis entitled, “The Palestinian Security Forces: Capabilities and Effects on the Arab-Israeli Military Balance.”  The author, IDF Lt. Col. (res.) Gal Luft, who is now completing his doctorate at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, served as a battalion commander in the Gaza Strip and West Bank throughout most of the 1990’s and in that capacity worked closely with the Palestinian forces.  Luft judges that Arafat has amassed a regular military force of 46,000 troops.  In addition he estimates approximately 40,000 additional personnel are members of the PLO’s Tanzim militia, augmented by several thousand additional forces in the Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorist organizations. Because many members of the regular security forces also serve in the Tanzim militia, it is difficult to arrive at the precise number of Palestinian forces.

Luft contends that the term “Police Force” that was attached to the Palestinian forces is a misleading distortion of reality. “There is no Palestinian police force here,” he says.  “There is a Palestinian army.  It is organized as an army, trained as an army and carries out the fighting functions and operations of an army.”

Luft continues that in the aftermath of what the Palestinians considered an unvarnished success, they embarked on a vast build-up of their force levels and worked intensively to improve the quality of their forces and their battle-readiness.  Palestinian commanders were sent to Pakistan, Egypt, and other countries to receive advanced training.  These commanders then returned to the Palestinian Authority to train the troops in the field.

While Luft is concerned with what he views as the IDF’s underrating of the already existing Palestinian forces, he does not believe that the Palestinian Army will be able to mount a serious threat to Israel in a conventional war between the two countries.  The greater danger that he foresees is the role that the Palestinian army will play as part of a coalition of Arab states in a regional war against Israel. “The most problematic scenario for Israel is the highly likely possibility that the Palestinians will participate in an Arab coalition against us.  They have an interest in such a war and they will have the capacity to sabotage our mobilization of our reserve forces and are liable to damage the IDF’s ability to move forces and tanks to the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights.”

Luft agrees with Major General Dagan that no doubt exists that signing a peace treaty will in no way reduce the Palestinians’ hostility toward Israel or lower their level of motivation to fight Israel.  He explains, “We have to understand that the key to a state’s military strength is its perception of the threat arrayed against it.  Without a doubt the Palestinians feel threatened by Israel. In addition to the threat perception you must add the huge mobilization potential of the Palestinian army because 75 percent of Palestinians are under the age of 35.  We also mustn’t forget the fact that Palestinian society is highly militaristic.” In summary, Luft concludes that granting sovereignty to a Palestinian state will increase the maneuvering room of an already existing enemy army, while at the same time reducing Israel’s ability to enforce its positions and ensure its security.

General Dagan agrees with General Samia’s assessment and in his view, it is not the Palestinian forces at their current levels that constitute the paramount threat to Israel from the Palestinians, but rather the integration of terrorists and terrorist doctrine into the Palestinian regular forces that manifest the greatest danger – a danger he views as a threat to Israel’s very survival.  “The Palestinian state will constitute a strategic threat to the survival of Israel because of the absorption of terrorist doctrine into its fighting forces.  The sense the Palestinians have now, that they can operate from bases in close proximity to Israeli population centers without fear of Israeli military reaction will only be amplified after they receive independence.  From their territory the Palestinians can destroy the whole fabric of life in Israel, to an extent that will make life here completely unbearable over time.  They will be able to repeatedly and continuously sabotage our electrical grids, our telecommunications lines and infrastructures, and they will be able to deplete our water supply and pollute our environment – lowering our air quality, polluting our soil and our streams.  They will be able to terrorize our citizenry with mortar and Katyusha rocket attacks on our urban centers.  In short, by creating a reality of a war of attrition, they will embitter our lives to an extent far greater than what they have accomplished until now, and over the course of time, bring about the disintegration of the State of Israel.  Plainly, from their actions and behavior up to now, one can conclude without any reasonable doubt that not only will they have the ability to do this, they also have the desire to do this.”

Generals Samia and Dagan also agree that in addition to the Palestinian terrorist threat, from a military perspective, the Palestinian state must not have the ability to raise a true conventional army.  To prevent this, both insist that Israel must ensure it retains complete and sole control over the international borders of the Palestinian state.

It can be reasonably assumed that the international community, led by the Bush Administration, which now openly differentiates between the right of other sovereign states to self-defense and the right of the State of Israel to act to ensure its survival, will reject the views expressed by Generals Samia and Dagan, and Lt. Colonel Luft’s assessments regarding the military threats to Israel emanating from a Palestinian state. Given the current international climate, insistence by Israeli negotiators that Israel retain control of all international borders even after the establishment of the Palestinian state is liable to cause a major crisis in Israel’s relationship with the United States.  However, as the experts explain, Israel has no choice.  In the words of General Dagan, “The establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state, in the full sense of the word will be catastrophic for the State of Israel.”

Source and Translation from Hebrew:
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November 21, 2001

Colin Powell’s Message in Biblical Perspective

Bill Koenig

United States Secretary of State Colin Powell’s message on Monday in Louisville, Kentucky, was reported to represent the Bush Administration’s Middle East position.

Following are “highlights” (or perhaps more appropriately “low lights”) from that speech:

  • The Bush Administration is in favor of the United Nations Security Council “land for peace” concept as spelled out in Resolutions 242 and 338 (reducing Israel back to the pre-1967 borders).
  • Israel must end its occupation according to those resolutions.
  • Israel must accept a viable Palestinian state.
  • The entire international community is in favor of the Mitchell Plan.
  • Israeli settlement construction has severely undermined the peace process.
  • The U.S. opposes all Israeli settlement activity; all settlement construction must stop.
  • The Israeli settlement activity of the last few years is responsible for part of the terror problems.
  • Palestinians must stop doubting Israel’s legitimacy, must fully account for Israel’s security needs, must end anger over “occupation,” and must stop incitement.
  • “Occupation” hurts the Palestinians and affects the Israelis.
  • The Arab media must stop incitement.

Putting all of this into perspective, neither President George H. W. Bush (“the elder”) nor President Bill Clinton ever made a public position on the Middle East while in office.

Playing the Middle East card virtually completes a scenario wherein the nations have come against Israel (Zechariah 12:2-3), and the probability of a treaty (covenant) ensuring peace and security “with many” (Daniel 9:27) is very feasible. It is extremely interesting that the EU, along with certain nations of the Arab world, is currently pushing for a “a two-basket deal” calling for establishment of the Palestinian state along with a collective Arab guarantee for the security of Israel. (Which could lead to the formulation of the Prophesied Peace deal which will mark the Final Events leading to the ‘End of this Age’).

Source:   Koenig’s International News <bill@watch.org>

BIBLE REVELATIONS COMMENT – Scripturally, there is no such concept as “Land for Peace.”  Covenant Land, Divinely ordained, is not tradable.  Neither can it be shared with strange forces – and certainly not with terrorist forces!  This is tantamount to a “Declaration of War on God”  (Click here for full article).

Jerusalem has always been, and more so today,  is God’s Sign to the world of impending catastrophe.  The Prophet Isaiah, 2750 years ago foresaw and predicted an astonishing and unbelievable future event of a ‘return’ of the nation of Israel to its Homeland.  He wrote in Isaiah 11:12: “God will certainly raise up a Signal for the nations and gather the dispersed ones of Israel, and the scattered ones of Judah He will collect together from the four extremities of the earth.”  For more on this Signal, refer to the 140 pg Book, free on this Web Site “Jerusalem – Final Countdown to Armageddon” (Click on title).

6 December 1999

All nations vote against Israel’s authority over Jerusalem

On 1 December 1999, the General Assembly of the UN accepted a resolution by 139 votes in favour, to 1 against, (the vote of Israel itself), with 3 abstentions (Swaziland, United States and Uzbekistan),  that Israel’s imposition of its own laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem is illegal, null and void.  The text of resolution 54/37, containing those provisions, also deplores the transfer by some countries of their diplomatic missions to Jerusalem.

This amounts to an unanimous international vote against the Purpose of God as expressed in the Bible.  It also endorses and validates the possibility, as expressed in the Prophecy of Zech. 14:2,  that all nations will draw up against Jerusalem for the Great Battle of Gog and Magog (Armageddon) in the culminating event at the Closing of this Dispensation,  when the Creator God will establish His Kingdom of Peace and universal Rule over all the nations, from Jerusalem in Israel.

Here are some other claims embraced by these Resolutions: (click to see full Resolution Report)

  • Resolution 54/38, by which it declared that Israel’s imposition of its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the occupied Syrian Golan is null and void.
  • It demanded once more that Israel withdraw from all the occupied Syrian Golan to the line of 4 June 1967.
  • Statement by Indonesia:  “Lasting peace could only be established with the full and unfettered exercise of the inalienable rights of the Palestinians and the complete withdrawal of Israel from all occupied Arab lands”.



BIBLE REVELATIONS present selected news reviews from the international press which most exactly fit the Biblical Prophetic interpretations as proclaimed in this Web Site.

New York Daily News,  Abe Rosenthal,  July 28, 2000

Ehud Barak walked away from Camp David with kind words from President Clinton. Yasser Arafat left with new Israeli gifts that would give him about 90% of the land he is demanding for the moment, plus frontiers that endanger his major neighbors, Israel and Jordan, and one day will be able to link the Iraq-Palestine axis physically.

Other gifts include the destruction of the security value of remaining West Bank Israeli settlements and, oh yes – the beginning of the dismantling of a united Jerusalem, which Barak and every other Israeli leader had sworn would never, never be divided.

In an acidic demonstration of contempt for Israeli diplomacy, Arafat turned down the latest cornucopia of gifts Barak came carrying to pay for peace;  it was not enough. So the meeting was over, leaving the President and Barak looking terribly hurt and startled.

Barak carries the responsibility; Clinton is not his nanny. The Israeli prime minister and his team fell into a trap any embassy second secretary would have avoided: spreading out your final-settlement offerings before the opponent has given an idea of what he might pay for them.  That means that Barak made his concessions free, which turned them into gifts. Of course, he says the Arafat refusal to accept wording of the Jerusalem concessions makes the whole package null and void.

But … at the new talks the Palestinians and Israelis are already planning, Arafat will make the new Israeli offers the floor, not the ceiling, of Palestinian demands.

There was no great mystery about Palestinian strategy at Camp David. That is the way Palestinian and other national movements operate – building on one retreat by the enemy to create another. What is something of a mystery is that after more than a half-century of struggle with the Palestinians, so many Israelis – and so many of their foreign friends – simply refuse to look at Israeli-Palestinian reality.

It is that for most of the years of that struggle, the governments and religious and elite leadership of the Arab states would not even talk of peace with Israel. They preferred war.  The creation of Israel in 1948 could have peacefully created an independent Palestine, which never had existed. The Jews accepted the UN partition plan;  the Arabs chose to reject it and opt for unending war.

From then on, the only way the Israeli nation and people could satisfy Arab rulers and religious chiefs was to die, quickly. But military war against the Jews by the combined Arab forces failed. In 1967, an attack by combined Arab forces cost their nations the West Bank and the Jordan-occupied parts of Jerusalem, neither of which had been the property of the nonexistent Palestine.

Decades of world economic boycott also failed, not because the world suddenly loved Israelis, but because they did not work as Arabs did, enchained by medieval monarchies and economies. The Arabs used the weapon of mind poison. Around the world they spread, and still do, the most concerted anti-Jewish campaign since the Nazis. And to all Muslims they spread the message about Palestinians with which King Hussein of Jordan had blessed Saddam Hussein’s forces – they are fighting for all Islam.

Real peace will not come until enough democratic governments replace the regimes of the Arab despots and mind poisoners. The U.S. should say so and act so. That will take a long time, but not as long as trying to achieve a sound peace by giving away land, security and principle.

Daily News Online Edition,  Sidney Zion,   July 27, 2000

Yasser Arafat has never veered from his pledge that there can be no peace without East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state.

They didn’t believe him. Not the Israelis, not the Clinton administration. In Camp David they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He told them to drink from the Dead Sea.

It turns out that the only guy who had it right was Prof. Henry Higgins: “The Hebrews learn it backwards, which is absolutely frightening.” First you arm the enemy, next you give him your land – and then you talk Jerusalem. Which you say is non-negotiable, even as you put it on the table.

The trouble is that Arafat and the Arab world also say Jerusalem is non-negotiable.

Why leave it for last, when it’s first for everybody concerned? The answer is that the Israeli government lied to its people, while Arafat told the truth.

It caught up to Barak at Camp David. Everything he promised in his campaign for prime minister, he violated. He would never divide Jerusalem. He would never give up the Jordan Valley. He would never permit Palestinian refugees to return. At Camp David, he offered 95% of the West Bank to Arafat; he agreed to the return of at least 100,000 Palestinian refugees to Israel, and he was willing to grant the new Palestinian state everything but the word “sovereignty” over East Jerusalem.

When Arafat said “no” unless East Jerusalem was delivered to him without qualification, Barak and Clinton were shocked.

But all Arafat was saying was all he and the Arab world had said before. Anwar Sadat would not make the deal with Menachem Begin until Begin gave him every inch of the Sinai. And Syria’s Hafez Assad turned down the Golan Heights.

The Arabs mean what they say. But the Israelis and the Americans refuse to believe them.