Paul’s own testimony about his Calling

Paul repeatedly admitted to his Divine Mandate to preach to the ‘the pagans’ rather than to the Jews.  Yet he persisted in proselytizing “the Jews first” wherever he traveled.  In his defense before a Jewish crowd who had seized him and beaten him in the Temple complex in Jerusalem,  Paul testified:

Acts 22:17  “Once, when I was praying in the Temple, I fell into a trance and then I saw Him (Messiah).  “Hurry”, He said, “Leave Jerusalem at once.  They will not accept the Testimony you are giving about Me” … Then He said to me, “Go! I am sending you to the pagans far away.”  (Refer also verse 10 & 15).

A very clear Instruction which could leave no doubts:  He was sent to the non-Jewish nations, far away from Jerusalem, “because the Jews would not accept his testimony” – this by the decision and insight of YAHU’SHUAH Himself.

Paul understood this Mandate, as he declares in:

Romans 1:5 “Through Him (Messiah) we received Grace and our apostolic Mission to preach the obedience of Faith to all pagan nations in honour of His Name.”

This clearly defines the recipients at whom the Apostolic Mission should be directed, i.e. “all pagan nations”.  As we will show shortly here below, Paul was also well informed that this Mandate of the Apostolic Mission, to proclaim YAHU’SHUAH to the non-Jewish nations only, was firmly based on a Divine Instruction proclaimed by the Tanach (O.T.)

Galatians 1:2  he refers to himself as  “… an apostle … appointed by God.  v.15  Then God, Who had especially chosen me while I was still in my mother’s womb, called me and chose me … so that I might preach the Good News about Him to the pagans.”  (Also in verse 7 & 9).