QA: How can God expect us to “be Holy as He is”, if He was never personally exposed to our temptations?

Q: “Nobody gave God a chance to sin.  How could He create mankind to have freedom of choice if He never had the opportunity to make a wrong choice?  He never had to achieve His level of holiness if He has always been Holy?”.


This is a very valid question which can be projected to the time of the Great Judgment – when those who are found ‘guilty’ would have all the right in the world to turn against the Judge, Who claims to be Holy and  Who expects His followers to be equally Holy:  “How dare He judge us – when He Himself was never exposed to the temptations that we had to endure,  and which were brought about by the circumstances of His Own Creation?”

This is where the Message, which this Web Site of “Bible Revelations” proclaims,  fits in, namely,  that YAHU’SHUAH the Messiah (Whom many in the world know by the pseudo name  ‘Jesus Christ’ ) was, for some 30 years,  the Personal Manifestation of the Almighty Creator God YHVH.  As such,  no one would have the right to accuse the Judge of all the earth, that He is judging from an unfair base because this Judge is not only the Law Maker Himself, the Creator of all – but He also became man Himself!  Those believers who insist that “God sent someone else to earth”  (like Trinitarianism, Compound Unity, Two YHVH’s) or those who claim that Messiah was not Deity at all – they have some explaining to do!

Because of this manifesting of the Creator God,  taking upon Himself a human body as the Messiah, living amongst His own Creation, God did experience human life, first hand, as a ‘son’ born to an Israelite woman, 2000 years ago. He grew up as a Jew in a Jewish land,  played with His mates in His Boyhood; worked as a carpenter in His Manhood;  taught as a Rabbi amongst the Temple congregants and the secular Israelites of His Time.

He was tempted at His worst human moments:

  • after a 40 days fast in the Wilderness, by Lucifer Himself – yet He did not use His Divine Creation Powers to ‘conjure’ food out of nothing;
  • at His brutal Crucifixion, after 40 flesh cleaving lashes, hanging by the metal bolts thrust through His flesh;  being fed vinegar to quench His feverish thirst – yet, He did not use His Divine Creation Powers to release Himself from the agony or to blow this earth into a puff of dust in the universe – which is what any of us would have done, given half the opportunity!

In fact, being Man-God and God-Man, to Him the temptation was immeasurably worse than for mankind.  When you and I are hungry in the desert, we just have to suffer.  However,  He had to not only be exposed to the same fleshly craving, but, having the Power to make food out of thin air, He had to also battle against the human temptation to use these Divine Powers to satisfy His fleshly needs – and to not hit back in retribution at His murderers and scoffers in His dying agony!

Contemplate for a moment on this phenomenon in regard to His human relationship with women, for instance, and all the other areas of His human life on earth.  The Bible tells us that He was blameless – who will dare to find hidden blame in a Man who’s recorded actions were blameless?

In all fairness though, there are instances where a questioning finger could be pointed at God.  How can He allow negative things to happen to people?  Where is He today, when innocent citizens are chased out of their homes in Kosovo,  sent into the unknown without food and shelter, and many being brutally massacred?

These are serious and sincere questions which have plagued many people since time immemorial.  In fact, the inability to find an answer has driven many a soul away from God  (Refer Why does God allow evil? )