QA: More than one YHVH at Sodom?

Q: “Is it not true that the Bible’s report in Genesis 18 & 19,  on the happenings at Sodom, declares two YHVH’s ? – “ONE” in “The Heavens”, and “ONE” on “The Earth””.


If you read carefully,  you’ll find THREE YHVH’s in this portion of Scripture – Genesis. ch 18 & 19.

Does that now mean that YHVH is 3?  That He is a Trinity? Certainly not!  For His Scriptures claim that HE IS ONE!

Do Scriptures then contradict?  Only if you want to bend its Message to suit your own theory.

The Truth is, firstly, that YHVH is a Spirit Being (Jo. 4:24).  As such He is all over, throughout the earth and the universe – the term is ‘omnipresence’,  which means that He can be in all places, at the SAME time.  He does NOT have to become millions of different “unified” beings in order to do so – or in order to fill the hearts and minds of millions of His believers.

Now add to this, that in His omnipotent Power, He is able to ‘manifest’ Himself in any form or shape which He wishes to.  Your quoted portion at Sodom actually proves this – and there are many other such instances recorded in Scripture.  At Sodom He manifested Himself as THREE different humans in order to fulfill a specific task.  These three beings are simply different manifestations of the VERY SAME ONE TRUE GOD YHVH.  Now this interpretation proves Deut 6:4 correct, without people having to read things into it which does not exist, thereby  changing the most basic of basics of the Hebrew language.

Problem why many believers will not accept this Truth of explanation, is because they then have to exalt their Messiah to His True exalted position ON the Throne as YHVH God!  They do not like this!  They seem to prefer to keep Him off His  Throne.

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