QA: Pagan Judaism? Ark of the Covenant

Q: “The Ark of the Covenant looks to me as something material, to which magical powers are attributed and unworthy to hold the invisible all-powerful omnipresent YHVH.  Even the Cherubim on top of the Ark were figures of Assyrian origin.  Does this act not disobey the second commandment?  God cannot be confined, around or over a man-made box with two horrible pagan figures on top of it”.


Even God admitted to Solomon that the entire Temple was not apt to hold His Greatness.  But the purpose of the Temple, and the Ark, is to contain and carry the Scrolls of the Law of God, which is the most vital tenet of the Hebrew Faith.  The Temple depicts the body of the Congregation of God, or of the individual worshipper, with the Law of God contained in the heart of that body.  The Cherubim, evenly,  have great symbolical value, and we should in fact study to acquaint ourselves of this meaning.  Many years ago, I was astounded by the insight of a learned Jerusalem professor on the matter.   Unfortunately, I have not subsequently referred back or into the matter any further.  It will be greatly appreciated if some one would furnish us with a study in this respect.

The ancient Ark of the Covenant is believed by many to be rediscovered before the Third Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem, some time in the future.  There is much speculation as to where it may be hidden.  That it has ‘magical powers’ for Jews,  is not really a valid accusation.  That Judaism values the Torah very highly, even risking the accusation of worshipping it, may be a valid claim.  But one has to understand the great centrality of the Law, to Judaism, as in fact, it should be to any professing follower of the God of Israel. The Law of God is the central theme of the New Covenant.   Paradoxically,  Christianity which claims to be the ‘New Covenant’ version of God’s requirements, have totally invalidated His Law, claiming that “it has been nailed to the Cross” and that they are under  “A new dispensation of Grace”  rather than the Law.  Refer to the following two studies on the BIBLE REVELATIONS Web Site:

The Truth of the matter is,  that of all Faiths,  Judaism is the closest  to the Truth of YHVH.  After all,  YHVH Himself,  in His manifestation as the Messiah YAHU’SHUAH,  2000 years ago,  was part of the Jewish Faith which He practiced to perfection.  He attended and taught in the Temple in Jerusalem and, apart from accusations against His verbal claims, for which,  in fact, He received the Death sentence,  the learned Jewish leaders and teachers could not fault Him!  If it was good enough for Him, then surely it should be good enough for any professing believer!