QA: Pagan Judaism? Carnal traditions v. the authority of Rabbinism

Q: “Are the Rabbinic traditions and their legalism necessarily binding on Messianics?  The number 613 for enumerating the Mosaic commandments, is a tradition, and it is a tradition set by men who do not proclaim YAHU’SHUAH to be Messiah of Israel.  What then is the source of their authority,  for YAHU’SHUAH stated that all authority had been given to Him?  Torah can therefore only be rightly interpreted through Him and they do not recognize Him”.


The “tradition” of the 613 Laws of Torah is as old as the Torah itself – for that is where these Laws are written down.  The 613 factor is simply the result of a Count of these Torah Laws, done by dedicated Hebraic scholars, Scribes, Pharisees, etc.  Does it really matter if there are 571 or 821?  They are all valid quotes of Torah.  Does it therefore matter that ‘Rabbinic tradition’ selected to enumerate them as 613 in number?  Does this enumeration do away with their validity/   If the Rabbis’ added to them, or deleted some, you may have had a point.  Even if they did add, then such additions would have been in the spirit of those Torah Laws anyway, for by the time one has made a life time study of these multiple Laws,  as a qualified Rabbi has done,  then one should surely have sufficient ‘feel’ for the Will of the Almighty, which is underlying those Laws.  Was that not after all YHVH’s injunction to Moses, to interpret and enforce these Laws? That hierarchy surely did not die with Moses?

And, that is exactly what the Levites, and later Rabbis did – they interpreted these Laws as they were commanded by YHVH – and yes, they did add where necessary, to control the nation.  These interpretations and additions are found in additional Rabbinic writings like the Talmud, Mishnah, Gemorrah, etc.  And this is where the critics really get going with their accusations of  ‘man-made, rabbinic, carnal, legalistic’ etc.  Can we imagine what would have happened had YHVH simply dumped the Law on Moses, never ever again to have it interpreted, expounded and enforced?  Is this any different from the Law development and enforcement in any country today?  Question is:  WHO was entitled and mandated to do it in YHVH’s country and nation of Israel?

The result of trying to usurp this authority from the Jewish Rabbis by especially Messianics,  today, is bewildering.  Resultantly, great confusion reigns amongst the various Messianic groups.  The Torah is interpreted by ‘spirit-inspired’ individuals with no ‘formal’ Hebrew or Jewish training.  The general tendency amongst these Messianic ‘Jewish’-claiming teachers and leaders, is to reject what they call ”Jewish man-made’ rules!  In its place, these individual self appointed teachers then declare what theythink is True Torah interpretation!  The result? – there are as many interpretations as there are denominations!  Each widely differing from each other and, of course, from true Rabbinic interpretation, and each knowing better than the other!  What would happen to a ship under such conditions.  It would be declared Mutiny!  A ship needs a captain with authority – as does any other organization in the world.  What’s different with YHVH’s Kingdom?

And what makes Messianic congregations different, that they should not fall under the same Laws and traditions that He was subjected to as a Jew – and of which He was the very Lawmaker Himself?

YAHU’SHUAH ‘grew up’ with Rabbinic or Temple leadership, most certainly, as a Jewish lad.  His family was well acquainted with these teachers and their interpretations.  It was part of His own (human) tradition.  Surely, it formed part of His BarMitzvah qualifying requirements?  In fact, His compliance with the Rabbinic authority (which He Himself, as YHVH the God of Israel, ordained on them via Moses and the Levitical Priesthood),  His subjecting Himself to it,  should be our Authorization to follow suit!

There will be many objections at this stage against the above statements:  “Messiah condemned them for breaking the Law, called them vipers, etc”  These objectors do not realize that He referred to and objected against their Law breaking by their traditions – an act that in itself did not do away with these Laws. The enemy branded these Laws as ‘traditions’,  which then gave them the opportunity to throw the whole lot out – the baby with the bath water!

Regarding the Rabbis not acknowledging YAHU’SHUAH and therefore not being authorized by Messiah Who had been given all authority – let the following revelationary Truth be known:  The Key to this Authority lies in the all encompassing Fact that YAHU’SHUAH is none other than YHVH the Eternal Himself!  (Refer to comprehensive Scriptural Studies in the On-Site Library on the subject of the Oneness of God).

  • Who gave Messiah ‘all authority’?  YHVH.
  • Who do the Rabbis recognize in authority?  YHVH.
  • Who is YHVH?  He IS YAHU’SHUAH!

Thus by recognizing YHVH, the Rabbis are in fact recognizing YAHU’SHUAH – Who is the Lawgiver Himself – the Word, the Torah Himself! (John 1:1).  So,  the Rabbis certainly have YAHU’SHUAH’s authority as the One Only True God! Before the Birth of YHVH’s Human Messianic Manifestation, for 2000 yrs. the Jewish leadership was authorized and good enough to guard over the Torah.  When did Messiah (YHVH Himself) alter this Mandate?  To the contrary, He confirmed it in Matt 23:2 Listen and DO what the Scribes and Pharisees tell you.  Follow them” – using almost identical phrasing as His original Command in Deut 17: 9-11

Some Messianic contenders will refer to 1 John, chapter 4, which they say claims that “every spirit that confesses that Messiah has come in the flesh is from God and every spirit that does not confess Him,  is not from God.”  To fit this part of the puzzle, you will have to read the study regarding ‘The Antichrist’.  This revealing study from Scripture will amply prove that this ‘confessing spirit’ will proclaim that YHVH came in the flesh. The Jewish Rabbis may not proclaim YAHU’SHUAH, but they certainly proclaim YHVH – Who is the self same, even if they deny Messiah!

If the Rabbinic authorities are not in authority today, who is?  Has God abandoned His Torah System?  Which of the multitude of Torah rejecting and contradicting-with-each-other teachers will we follow? – teachers who have never even seen the inside of a synagogue where their Messiah was intimately involved in?  Teachers who claim to be the true interpreters of the Hebrew Scriptures, but  who know very little or no Hebrew at all;  who have never ever been exposed to that Culture, of which Messiah Himself was intricately part of – the Jewish nation?