QA: To what extent should Ephraim Return to Judah?

Q: To what extent, how far, should Ephraim and Josef (10 Tribes) return to Judah and Judaism?  What are their real obligations?


What should the obligations be for Joseph or Ephraim as they are being drawn back to their true Hebraic roots and re-discovering their Israel Identity as foretold by Prophecy?

Readers who are not fully acquainted with this miraculous phenomenon should acquaint themselves first with the contents of The Re-identification of the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel – also known as ‘The Josephites’ or ‘The Ephraimites’.

Trying to understand the Obligations of Joseph and Ephraim

Should not the answer be quite simple?

After all, which obligations of Joseph are we speaking about – his current obligations in exile, or his original obligations while he was part of the undivided House of the 12 Tribes of Israel?

First of all, we must define what his original obligations were – surely none different from those which had been defined by God for all 12 Tribes?

What should his obligations be while in exile?  Any different? – but, for the fact that he had lost track of those obligations.  In fact, he was exiled because he rejected those obligations way back in those first times as part of 12-Israel.  God resultantly rejected him because he rebelled against those obligations and against Judah who was Divinely mandated with securing those obligations for posterity (Gen. 49:10, Ps.60:7) – and Judah maintained those obligations to this very day!  The Ten Tribes, on the other hand,  made their own System in Northern Israel, eventually ending up in total paganism!

This rejection and exile though, would last for a time only – for God intended to Return them, to re-unite them with Judah and to make one nation again, bound by the same Laws, in the same Covenant! (Ezek.37:15)

Should not Yoseph therefore now have to return to those same obligations which Judah (the Jews) have been maintaining throughout the centuries?  In fact, is that not, after all, the Divine Purpose with getting the Ten Tribes to re-identify and Return to their original heritage – including a Return to the Land?  Could Yoseph, Ephraim or the 10 Tribes return without committing themselves to these obligations?  Can they live in the Land without observing these obligations?  Is that not why they wereexiled by God in the first place?  Living in the Land and observing the Obligations are indivisible?

How can there be differentiation of obligations between Judah and Yoseph/Ephraim/10-Israel?   “Jacob and Israel” represent in Scripture the two bodies of Judah and the Ten Lost Tribes. Division is a curse. The two halves of Israel (headed by Judah and Joseph/Ephraim) need to be united.”

The Rabbis apply a different application of Law abidance for gentiles under a category which they call the “Noachite Laws” –  a limited number of laws as referred to in Acts 15, when the apostles convened a conference in Jerusalem to define what the Torah obligations of Messianics were.  We should be alert not to qualify the Lost Ten Tribes as ‘gentiles’ or ‘Noahides’, in order to define their obligations according to the Noachite interpretation.  The Torah is emphatic, that God’s entire Torah (613 laws according to Jewish interpretation) is for every person “who lives amongst the Israelites”,  and who wishes to serve the God of Israel (fully quoted texts 4 paragraphs further down).  This is certainly true for anyone who wishes to comply with His ‘System’ and conform to His Covenant.  And what makes these returning souls different from any other individual who ever wanted to identify with the House of Judah by conversion and who are obligated to comply with the entire Law?

These re-identifying masses in the world today, are Israelites – from the original 12 Tribes.  They are’exiles’ amongst the nations and as such may have integrated with those nations – but they are not gentiles – for how could they then be re-identified in the End Times if they were no longer regarded by HaShem as ‘Israelites’?  How can the Creator have two sets of Rules for humanity?

Re-discovering one’s original roots would be worthless without a return to those customs and obligations as maintained closely throughout the ages by Judah and Judaism.

In exile, these 10-Israelites have been taught against the Torah by Christian teachers in the same ancient spirit of rebellion which divided the House of 12-Israel.  Yet, they are today retuning to their Torah roots in droves across the world.

There should be no confusion as to how far to go – all the way!

Zech 8:23 “In those days ten men of nations (10-Israelites?) of every language will take a Jew by the sleeve and say, ‘We want to go with you, since we have learnt that G-d is with you.”

Isa 56:6,7 “Foreigners who have attached themselves to HaShem, to serve Him and to love His name and be His servants – all who observe the Sabbath … and cling to My Covenant – these I will bring to My Holy Mountain.  I will make them joyful in My House of Prayer … for My House shall be called a house of Prayer for all people”

Ezek. 37:21-24  “HaShem says this, ‘I am going to take the sons of Israel from the nations where they have gone. I shall gather them together from everywhere and bring them home to their own soil.  I shall make them (Yoseph and Judah – v. 19) one nation on My Own Land … they will no longer form two nations … My Servant David will reign over them … they will follow My Observances, respect My Laws and practise them.” – no reference to a separated set of Laws for the two sections.

Numbers 15:16 “There is to be one Law only (Torah achat) and one Statute for you and for the stranger who lives among you.”  (Also Exod. 12:49).