QA: What is True Messianic Judaism?

Q: “It seems to me that I should select ‘Messianic Judaism’ rather than Judaism itself which does not recognize the Messiah.”


Judaism is the One only True Faith proclaimed in the Bible.  This Web Site is very emphatic that the Messiah proclaimed by Christianity is really a contortion of the True Hebrew Messiah Who was an orthodox Jew, addressed as Rabbi by His contemporaries.  This Halachic Oral Torah confirming Jewish Messiah has been high-jacked by Christianity which presented Him as a Torah rejecting Christian. Christianity only started more than 2 centuries later as a vehemently anti-Jewish religion which persecuted the Jewish Messianic believers in the dungeons of Rome.

Please also be aware, that 90% of “Messianic Judaism” is not Judaism at all, but Messianic Christianity claiming to be Judaism.

The following list will define the differences?

Please understand also,  that there is a lot of ‘cross-breeding’ in the various groups and that few groups will be found to comply exclusively with all the qualities of either side.  The following list could assist in evaluating a particular group, by how far it is tending in either direction.  It is also recommended that the left side of this list be used as an ultimate target, which, if reached, should qualify one as a True restorer and follower of the One True Original Hebraic Bible Faith.

True authentic Messianic Judaism Messianic Christianity claiming to be Messianic Judaism
1. Acknowledges the 613 Laws of Torah 1. selects only those Laws that it approves of
2. Accepts Messiah as a practising Jew 2. Claims Messiah started a new religion
3. Believes that Messiah re-established the Hebraic Covenant with backslidden 10-Israel 3. Claims that Messiah discarded the Hebraic Covenant & instituted a New Covenant, no longer based on Law but on Grace and Love
4. Subjects itself to Rabbinic authority 4. Rejects Rabbinic authority and strives to establish own authority about various issues
5. Subjects itself to Divinely mandated Rabbinic ‘Oral’ interpretation of Torah’s summarised and abbreviated Injunctions 5. Rejects Rabbinic Oral Interpretation and insists on its own Oral interpretations
6. Identifies with Judaic religion and culture 6. insists to retain separate non-Jewish identity adjacent to Judaism
7. Strives to restore Jewish identity & culture 7. Clings to and justifies anti-Jewish identity & culture
8. Believes in One True God i.e. that YAHU’SHUAH is YHVH 8. Believes in a dualistic, pluralistic or compound unity God
9. Rejects Christian theology & traditions 9. Defends and clings to remnant tenets of Christian theology & traditions
10. Strives to defend rather than accuse Jews, Judaism and the Rabbinic Order 10. Eager to accuse Jews, Judaism and the Rabbinic Order for their ‘falsehood, error and man-made laws’
11. Do not evangelise Jews 11. Insists on evangelising Jews


It may be apt at this point to note the comment in Rev. 2:9  “I know … the slanderous accusations that have been made (against who?) by the people who profess to be Jews but are really members of the synagogue of Satan.

One does not have to search deep into the writings and claims of those who qualify according to the 2nd column above, to note the audacious accusations against those who are truly recognized as Jews.  These accusations claim Jews to have been rejected by God; that Jews have changed the Laws of God;that they serve God in vain, because they do not recognize the Messiah (these accusers refuse to accept  the fact that God blinded Jews to Messiah – Rom.11:25) etc etc etc  Are these not slanderous accusations against the nation whom God has never yet. neither ever will reject?  They then claim to be true Israel – true Jews themselves (which is simply another version of Christian Replacement theology).  Do they truly qualify according to the above tabular requirements?

And regarding identifying with the ‘synagogue of Satan’,  is it not Satan who is the main accuser of God’s people, of Judaism, and of the Torah?

Gen. 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you (Avraham’s descendants, in context, Israel, Judah – broadly all mankind), and curse those who curse you“.

As a footnote to those ever zealous accusers of Jews and rejecters of Rabbis and Rabbinic authority,  who justify themselves by saying  that they do indeed love and bless Jews while they vehemently reject Judaism and ‘Rabbinism’ and what it entails – please note:

– the original Hebrew text uses two different Hebrew words in the above text, both translated as  ‘curse’ in most popular Bible versions.  The popular verbal version of this Divine Statement, which most of us use, almost exclusively, renders  ‘curse’ in both instances also.

A review of the actual Hebrew original will show how this Divine admonition has been watered down, in that way becoming almost a ‘license’ to ‘bad mouth Jews – “as long as a curse is not pronounced”!  The word selection in the original Hebrew, holds a serious reprimand for these accusers: the first usage is the word ‘curse’ indeed – as in persecute;  the second usage, though translated “curse” also is totally another word, ‘mekalal’  meaning: ‘revile, speak lightly, despise’.  Thus, God will curse those who speak lightly of Judah, or who bad-mouth Jews.  The same root word kalal  is used in Gen 16:4 where it is translated ‘despise’, viz.  Hagar despised Sarah after she (Hagar) conceived by Avraham, Sarah’s husband.  After all, we are also reprimanded from not denouncing even Satan (Jude v. 9).

Finally – BIBLE REVELATIONS teach that the true Hebrew Messiah came specifically to reconcile His followers with the Covenant which God has been holding with Judah (the Jews) for more than 3000 years unbrokenly to this day – since Moses!  This Covenant requires observance of the Torah as a foundational requirement – similar to a Marriage contract between spouses.


This is a fearful contemplation and an exercise which should be carefully undertaken by every Messianic believer to establish which side they really are choosing!

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