QA: Why are there so many contending religions?

Q: “Why are there so many religions with so many different views and interpretations of the Bible,  each claiming to be ‘the Only True Religion’?”.


The reason for the thousands of varying religions,  is simply this:

If God is true, then surely He has ONE System only – as with any decent living person who has a set and finely bordered lifestyle from which they try not to deviate.  Every and each of these thousands of religions though, claim to be that One True Religion, while they differ substantially from each other.

Unless one discards the reality that there is an opposing force, Satan, commonly known as Lucifer, who vehemently opposes the Creator God and tries to prove Him wrong, then it is obvious that this powerful spirit being, the Opposer of the True Ruler, will do everything in his power to misrepresent the One True religion and to contort it, thereby withholding souls from it.  Scripture confirms that Satan who was a leading figure of the Angelic court in heaven, rebelled against the Sovereignty of God, and that a third of the Angelic host of Heaven, sided with him.  No small force to contend with  therefore!  (Isa. 14:12-14 and check related ref’s).

Secondly, and probably even stronger than this opposing power, is the nature of mankind.  Man (which includes woman for this discussion) was created a free moral being with a free Will, to choose his/her own destiny.  The basic instinct of man, is self preservation and self interest.  Because man has to choose his own way,  he is not easily or willingly open for correction – for that would reflect negatively against him as error in his selection.  Man is generally strongly bound to the ways and beliefs which he has selected at his own discretion.  Man values his own discretion and strongly defends it until accepting correction – if ever.  Man is also very strongly bound to the principles instilled in him since childhood by his parents and by those traditions practiced, accepted and believed on in his surroundings (as in national and cultural traditions).  In short, man is very stubborn to correction and fearful of change, general.

So, man prefers to stick to the comfort zones of life – those things which he is accustomed to and which is commonly practiced around him.  He therefore sticks to the religion which he is accustomed to, that which he grew up in, or which is commonly practised around him.

Truth, in essence (and in all matters on earth, not just religion), is in short supply.  Only a minority find the secrets of Success in life.  Thus also, it is with Religion.  Truth therefore is controversial and against ‘traditional’ beliefs.  And man does not like to make controversial decisions. The Scriptures tell us in:
2 Tim. 4:3  “… Far from being content with sound doctrine, people will be avid for the latest novelty and collect themselves a whole series of teachers according to their own tastes, and then, in stead of listening to the Truth, they will turn to myths”.

Thirdly, the very nature of Truth, is like precious metals – not abounding – this, by Divine election obviously.  If Gold and diamonds were available around every corner, it would have no value at all.  If God’s One Only True Religion was without controversy and known to every one on earth, God’s intended future Kingdom would be filled with non-committed citizens, the majority seeking  ‘a free ride’!

Conversely, and ingeniously, the Creator God Who is busy creating a Kingdom of genuine Peace, has installed a citizen election system which will certainly guarantee citizens with the following hard found qualifications in the current world system:

  • subjected to His Will by free personal choice;
  • dedicated, patriotic to His Principles and Wishes, again by personal choice;
  • honest and of high moral standing;
  • pure and honorable ethics;
  • compassion towards all of His Creation – i.e. humans, animals and nature;
  • striving after and eagerly open to whatsoever is Pure and Sacred to God;
  • pursuing God’s interest first, and their fellow citizens’ interests before their own;
  • open to and willing for correction;
  • hardworking as ants, hardly resting – not for self enrichment, but for the Great Cause;

With citizens like these, who selected and dedicated themselves by totally Free Choice, it can but be Paradise Restored!

God has not left mankind without directives and directions to this idillic venue:

Firstly, His System and Requirements He has securely enshrined in His Torah, which He has revealed to Moses (Gen,; Exod.; Lev.; Numb.; Deut) and entrusted to the Jews to be the Carriers of, as a reference for all mankind.  (Romans 2:12 to end of Ch 3;  Acts 7:38;  1 Kings 6).  This System was before any other religion of man on earth, for it stems right from the Day of Creation of man in the Garden of Eden – and it claims to be from Eternity Before.

Secondly, He has provided the Example of a Perfect Life Style by manifesting Himself in the form of a Human Being, born by Divine Edict from a Jewish mother in Israel 2000 years ago.  This Human Form concurrently served to also bring non-Jewish people into the Covenant which He had concluded with the nation of Israel of old, by substituting the Torah required Sacrifice of a perfect lamb, with that of the Sacrifice of His Own Human Body, slaughtered by His Own Creation in pagan Roman execution style of brutal crucifixion on a wooden stake!

This leaves mankind without an alibi for not finding that One Only True Religion.  God has provided both the written specifications as well as the perfect human example (which simultaneously serves as the  ‘visa on their passports’  for non-Jews).

If Judaism were really the core of the One Great True Religion, then, for starters,  it would require great compassion, understanding and forgiveness on the part of non-Jewish contenders for this Faith, to apply these supreme principles to the disliked Jewish community of this world.   Loving and accepting them with all their grave noncompliance’s (which God has to contend with also), is representative of loving,  accepting and subjecting oneself to God’s Culture (which He has exemplified in the Jewish nation – after all, He chose to be born a Jew in order to become the Messiah) and to God’s ‘Family’.

If Judaism were really represented this Core of the True religion (as God intended by entrusting it to them),  then one sound question remains:  How could one identify with the One True Religion of God (Divinely mandated by God to be represented in Judaism), by remaining opposed to Judaism or by rebelling against the idea of full identification with it by Conversion to Judaism?

The Choice remains with the individual personally – a Free moral agent with a Free Choice!

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