QA: Why did Messiah say “My Father is greater than I”

Q: “What then is the explanation of the ‘Mystery’ of the true Identity of Messiah in relation to YHVH?”
Q: “Why did He refer to ‘His Father’, as being ‘Greater than Himself’?”
Q: “Why does Scripture refer to Him as sitting ‘at the right-hand’  of God?”
Q: “How could YHVH forsake Himself on the Death Stake?”


Consider this:

  • YHVH is a Spirit Being (Gen. 1:2;  John 4:24;  2 Cor. 3:17),  omnipresent throughout the universe, that is, present all over at the same moment.
  • YHVH is the ONLY TRUE GOD (Exod. 20).
  • YHVH is ONE  (Deut. 6:4).

His omnipresence and omniscience allows Him to manifest Himself in various
forms and shapes – as treated in the Bible Course:  appearing to Abraham,
Moses, Manoah, etc. Refer to the Bible Course at:

In order to offer the Perfect Sacrificial Lamb for the reconciliation of man with God, YHVH manifested Himself as an Israelite, born from a Hebrew woman – the seed planted in her womb by miraculous Divine intervention (NOT sexually – as some opposers of the Oneness would keenly interject!!!).   He could have manifested Himself in a full grown angelic ‘man’, as He did with Jacob, Manoah and his wife, etc. To be beyond the condemnations and accusations of a “horror” Website on Internet, the author of which blames YHVH for “the murder of His own Son!”,  YHVH stunned the heavenly Angelic Host, by taking upon Himself perfect humanity (flesh, blood and soul) to manifest Himself as a man who could experience pain, hunger, satisfaction, rejection, human love, temptation etc etc.

In this way,  no one would ever be able to point a finger at Him when He judges humanity in the Coming Judgment:  “Lord, You do not know what it is to be human – how dare You judge me?”  He knows!  He has been there!  He experienced it – and He overcame like no human being before or since could do!!    Yet,  He could not pursue the fullness of life,  like ordinary man. He dared not marry, to experience one of the greatest blessings of creation – the perfect oneness of marriage and family life – for He would then have left behind Him Divine human descendancy!  Yes, there were things which He had to forfeit – the crowning blessings of life on earth, as devised by Himself for His own Creation!

But, if this were really true – if Messiah was the Human Manifestation of the Divine Creator God,  thus God in the flesh, why then all the misunderstanding?  Why the confusion which has been raging since the question was repeatedly thrown at  Messiah Himself:  “Who are You?”  “Who is the Father Whom you constantly refer to?”

Why the Mystery which 1 Tim 3:16 speaks of:
“And without controversy:  Great is the Mystery of Godliness.  God was manifest in the flesh,  justified in the Spirit,  seen of Angels,  praeched unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up in Glory.”

Scripture itself clarifies why His Identity had to be a Mystery.
1 Cor 2:8   “It is a wisdom that none of the masters of this age have ever known, or they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory.”  The consequences are obvious:  no salvation for millions in the world!

Resultantly, even Messiah kept it secret – yet revealing it in His own way to those who are tuned in for deeper Truth – Refer the various studies under Scetion 1 of the  On-Site Library  and also major sections of the Book of John.

The Key to understanding this “Mystery of Godliness” (1 Tim. 3:16) lies in His omnipresence.  The Spirit (which essentially is God) fills human beings in greater or lesser measure, while it also fills the Universe at the same time.  In Messiah’s case,  His human Body was “specially created”, through the normal birth process, in order to create a perfect human Body for the Sacrificial Offering.  This Body was indwelt,  fully and perfectly by the Eternal Spirit, while yet being omnipresent throughout the rest of the Universe.  As human Man, He was “A Son” to “His Father” (the omnipresent Spirit Being who in His Heavenly Manifestation is seated upon the Throne) while, at the same time, in his Human Manifestation, He was walking the earth,  amongst His nation.

As human Manifestation,  He prayed “to His Father”.  As Spirit Being, He answers prayer.

As human manifestation,  He died on the Torture Stake.  As Spirit Being, He raised His Human Body from the Grave.

Only God can have different designated manifestations at the same time  – and because this is a strange, unnatural and unknown concept to mankind, we do not understand or relate to it easily.  God is no doubt using this non-natural concept, to divide the “chaff from the wheat”.  And this whole division is based on LOVE and ADORATION for Him.  Those of His professing followers who truly love Him, will have no qualms or problems in exalting Him to the Uppermost throne.  The spirit of Satan is to dethrone Him!

1 John 4:1  “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of The Almighty,  because MANY FALSE PROPHETS are gone out into the world”

1 Cor. 12:3  “No one can say that YAHU’SHUAH is the Lord (YHVH) unless he is under the influence of the Holy Spirit”

Coll. 2:9  “In His (Messiah’s) Body lives the fullness of Divinity”  Alt. “In Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead, bodily!”

In reflecting further and deeper on the reality of this Divine Messianic Manifestation and His agony on the Torture Stake – there where the staggering implications of His omnipresence in this Divine Miracle of human Manifestation becomes evident,  let us consider the following:  He felt the Death pangs as any human being would.   But, more so, His rejection was not only the rejection of man towards man – His was the rejection also by His own Creation,  by His own Nation – wow!!!!!

Zech 13:6  “And if anyone asks Him: ‘What are these wounds between your hands?’,  He will reply:  ‘These I received in the house of My friends!'” (Refer also to the preceding powerful evidence in Zech. 12:10,  to confirm the context, viz. that it speaks of YHVH Who was pierced!)

But – as Creator on that Stake – He had the Power, by simply having to utter one Word,  in retaliation for what was being done unto Him by His own Creation  – “DESTROY!” – and this whole world would have disappeared in a puff of dust, never to be found again!   This Word would have been as powerful as His creative Words by which He spoke “and it was” – behold the creation of this wonderful earth!

This is “The Gospel” of Truth – not a Father “weeping for His Son” Whom He
has sent into these despicable circumstances (if this were true, then those “horror” Site accusations against YHVH “for murdering His own Son”, would have been well founded!!) – but rather the Creator of the Universe rejected and destroyed by His own created beings, in His Own House!!! (Jo. 1:10,11  Isa. 53;  Zech 13:6 ).

As omnipresent Spirit,  He was still present throughout the Universe in that hour.  But as human manifestation, He was subject to human suffering.   And when Death mercifully interjected,  His Humanity felt His Own Spirit departing from Him – utter Darkness set in into the heart and soul of the  “Light of the World” – “My God, My God!  Why have you forsaken Me?!!”  What a heart rendering, and soul crushing Truth!

Yet, in His dying agony, He withheld that one word of condemnation!  Why?  For the sake of the many Loved ones of His Herd!

This Divine feature of omnipresence, holds the answer to all these difficult questions:
“Why did He say that His Father is greater than Him?” – because ‘Father’ refers to the omnipresent Spirit Being that fills the universe – God in essence as opposed to the Manifested Human (therefore limited) Body of Messiah – simply a Manifestation of the One only ‘Invisible’ omnipresent God (Jo. 4:24).

“Why does Scripture refer to Him as sitting ‘at the right-hand’  of God?”  Because for the completion of His Messianic Mandate,  He still has to fill an Interceding Role with the Omniscient Spirit Being, but only until He will come as Judge and Ruler in His Own New Kingdom (Ps 110:1).  Refer and click here for a full revelationary study from Scripture: 3.1. “Sitting at the Right Hand of God”

“Does that mean that He prayed to Himself?”  The Human Manifestation of the One True God, in setting an example to us by living Life as a human being Himself,  prayed to the Omnipresent God as we should be doing.  In John ch. 11, when Messiah raised Lazarus from death after four days.  In His prayer He said (Jo.11:42) “Father, I thank you for hearing My prayer.  I knew indeed that you always hear Me, but I speak for the sake of all these who stand around Me, so that they believe that it was You Who sent Me.”  Then He cried out in a loud voice and raised Lazarus.  Clearly an admission that He need not have prayed ‘to His Father’, for He Himself, as the Only True God, has Power over life and death!  (Jo. 5:21.26).

Again, in Matt. 18:19  “I tell you solemnly, if two of you on earth agree to ask anything at all,  it will be granted by My Father in Heaven.  For where two or three meet in My Name,  I shall be there with them.” How?  As the omnipresent Spirit Being Who is God (the Father) Himself  (Jo. 4:24).

“Surely, God cannot die?” – but His human Manifestation, could! – while His Spirit lives forever, eternally – and we are told we may share in this!!

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