QA: Will God punish those in the ‘wrong’ religion?

Q: “Is God going to punish those who aren’t part of the “right” religion? Since we are not all-knowing, we can not possibly know. What if we are all wrong?”.


Check the following for yourself:

“If you were going to start a business, community or a group – can you afford to have someone in that group who strongly opposes you and works against you?

If God has a ‘Jewish System’ (as Scripture confirms – refer “Is God ‘Jewish‘?”) – what will He benefit by having people in His Kingdom one day, who rebel against the ‘Jewish Laws’;  against His Sabbaths, etc?  Remember also that God’s ‘Jewish’ Kingdom is open to all  who wish to enter and abide by His ‘Jewish’ Rule.

There are not multiple ways – just One True Way …
Eph. 4:4  “There is One body, One Spirit, … One Hope … There is One Lord, One faith, One Baptism and ONE God Who is Father of all, over all, through all and within all.”

Erroneous understanding is fatal:
Jo 8:24  “If you believe not that I AM HE, you will die in your sins.”

As far as finding the Truth is concerned.  God promises in the Bible to lead us
into all Truth by His Spirit and Guidance.   Many believers have experienced this throughout the ages.

Acts 10:34  “The Truth is … that God has no favourites, but anybody of any nationality who fears God and does what is right, is acceptable to Him.”

The supreme answer lies in His willing Sacrifice of His human Manifestation, the crucified Messiah,  for the sole purpose of making it possible for human beings to enter His Eternal Kingdom.  Rev. 5:9-b  “… because You were sacrificed, and with Your Blood You bought men for God, of every race, language, people and nation and made them a line of kings and priests to serve our God and to rule the world.”

Try it for yourself!  Ask God to lead you unto all Truth.  If you are sincere,  you are guaranteed that He will do just that.  The only thing that can keep you from finding the Full Truth is “rebelling against His Spirit and Guidance” – wanting YOUR way and not His.