Resistance against “Rabbinic Judaism”

There generally is a very great resistance amongst Messianic Hebraic Roots Restorers and their leaders against what is labelled “Rabbinic Judaism”,  “Levitical Judaism”, “oral man-made laws” or “legalism”.  The traditional Rabbinical Torah interpretations (Halacha) are often regarded as “an unnecessary burden” placed on Messianic believers.  In this respect, the reasoning of these teachers are no different from the general Christian interpretation and resistance against the Law as contained in the Torah, much as they profess to be “Torah observant” and to distance themselves from this Christian interpretation.

The seeds for this concept of the Laws of God “being a special burden laid on Jews only”, are sown by the NT in Acts 15 in a conference decision of the early Messianic (Jewish) leadership when confronted by certain Messianic believers amongst the Pharisees who insisted that Messianic believers also keep the Laws of Moses (verse 5).  In their wisdom, and “as decided by the Holy Spirit and themselves”” (v. 29),  it was ruled by the Messianic convention that, in stead of “making things difficult for non-Jews who turn to God” (v. 19), and in order not to “saddle them with any burden beyond the essentials” (v.29),  they would only have to abide by some of the Mosaic Laws – and 4 categories of these were specified (v. 20,29), i.e.

  • abstaining from food sacrificed to idols
  • abstaining from blood
  • abstaining from the meat of strangled animals
  • abstaining from fornication

Now these 4 abstentions had their roots in what is termed by the Rabbis as the “Noachide laws which are applicable only for non-Jews who wish to observe Torah”.  Without going into depths of this topic here, suffice it to state that the publishers of BIBLE REVELATIONS find no foundation for this reasoning in the entire Torah or Tanach (OT) itself.  These Scriptures are very clear, all over, that the entire Law System of God, as enshrined in Torah, is intended for the Blessing and Success for all mankind, with Judah being Divinely appointed as guardians of Torah – as “a Light unto the nations”.  It should therefore also be clear (as stated repeatedly in this Web Site and on the BIBLE REVELATIONS Forum), that the Return of 10-Israel will be vindicated by a return to full Torah observance.  As such, the re-unification of the 2 Houses should be firmly based on the foundations of Torah observance.  It was the rejection of Torah and of Judah’s spiritual leadership, after all, which were the main reasons why 10-Israel of old were rejected and evicted off the Land by YHVH.

This spirit of rejection against ‘Rabbinism’ becomes more evident and intense when the Torah opposing Messianic teachers turn their vindictiveness towards the “Rabbinic writings” or “Oral Torah” in an endeavour to ‘expose’ the ‘errors’ and ‘anti-Gentile’ statements in ancient Jewish writings like the Talmud.  In this way, they try to dissuade their followers from following their new found spiritual inclination to convert and join Judaism.   In doing so, they actually side with and endorse the venomous accusations of anti-Semites through the ages.  Yet, they profess to ‘love’ Judah – the Jews, or their “brothers from the 2nd House of Israel”.

It would be presumptuous and vain to attempt to disprove the existence of such derogatory remarks or teachings in certain Jewish writings.  For purposes of conveying the Divinely approved spirit of forbearance that would be required from true believers and contenders for the Kingdom of God, let us therefore assume and accept that these derogatory statements do exist in the Talmud and other Jewish commentaries.

The first issue we have to settle if we work from this preposition,  is whether this changes anything in YHVH’s election of Judaism as part of, or totally, His ‘Election’ of them?  Did the Messiah Himself not condemn them for many issues anyway,  without ever intimating that He totally rejects the nation which He chose to be born into?  Are these ‘vile doctrines’ which Judaism, according to those writings, seem to display, any worse than those things which God disapproved of in them throughout the ages?

If YHVH has not rejected them, how dare we?

These accusers will attempt to justify themselves by claiming that they do not reject the Jews but ‘love’ them,  though their interpretations and accusations are in no degree any less anti-Jewish in spirit, than even the most vehement anti-Semitic writings.  It conveys the same spirit of rejection than do their anti-Semitic ‘revelations’.

Does that mean that YHVH wants us to overlook Judaism’s many glaring faults?   No!  The point is, that if He does not reject them or smear them, how dare we?  If He loves them and blesses them in spite of their faults – why not us?   In fact, He warns: Gen. 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you“.

As a footnote to those ever accusing Messianics,  who justify themselves by saying  that they do indeed love and bless Jews while they vehemently reject Judaism and ‘Rabbinism’ and much of what it entails  – please note:

– the original Hebrew text uses two different Hebrew words in the above text, both translated  as  ‘curse’ in most popular Bible versions.  The popular verbal version of this Divine Statement, which most of us use, almost exclusively renders  ‘curse’ in both instances

A review of the actual Hebrew original will show how this Divine admonition has been watered down, in that way becoming almost a ‘license’ to ‘bad mouth Jews – “as long as a curse is not pronounced”!  The word selection in the original Hebrew, holds a serious reprimand for many the first, meaning ‘curse’ indeed – as in persecute;  the second, ‘mekalal’  meaning: revile, speak lightly, despise’.  Thus, God will curse those who speak lightly of Judah, or who bad-mouth Jews.  The same root word kalal  is used in Gen 16:4 where it is translated ‘despise’, viz.  Hagar despised Sarah after she Hagar) conceived by Avraham, Sarah’s husband.  We are also reprimanded from not denouncing even Satan (Jude v. 9).

Ezek chapter 20 contains the proper guidance for us in this matter – if we wish to follow in His foot steps:  “I ,  YHVH,  resolved to discharge My anger on them, and exhaust My Fury against them, to destroy them … but respect for My Own Name kept Me from allowing it to be profaned in the opinion of the nations among whom they were living.”  This Divine statement is repeated some 5 times in the chapter, referring to various stages in Israel’s history, since Egypt, right to date and into the future.  It continues:

Go on, all of you (Israel), worship your idols, but I swear that you will hear Me in the end…. through you, I intend to display My Holiness for all the nations to see … then you will learn that I am YHVH, when I treat you as respect for My Own Name requires and not as your wicked behaviour and corrupt actions require!

Whether we wish to apply this Divine Statement to the one House (10 Tribes) or to both Houses of Israel,  it is pertinently important that we leave the Judgment to Him.  That we bless Judah irrespective of whether they deserve it or not.  That we stop delving into their rejectable words, writings and attitudes.  That we uphold them to the nations (how much more to the believers of Restored Truth!!) irrespective of their rejectable remarks, attitudes and behaviours. That we delve for the multitude of revelatory interpretations in their traditional writings.  Yes, that we love them irrespective of all!  Love sees no harm,  is patient and long-suffering, does not accredit evil to wrongdoers!  Love forgives even evil!  If that were not so, if YHVH was not the personification of this Love, then no one has any chance whatsoever to inherit a place in His Kingdom!

It is amazing that ‘Hebraic Roots Restorers’, the ‘2-House’ proclaimers, etc. who aspire to sharing the Blessing with Judah,  refuse to follow through with conversion to Judaism all the Way,  according to YHVH’s Intention of making ONE House of the two.  They persist in rather pursuing and fuelling the hatred amongst the 2 Houses since antiquity!