2.1. Restoration of the Sacred Name

Why were the Sacred Names removed from the Scriptures? – 7000 times in the Old Testament and 1000 times in the New Testament? The Restoration  thereof is flooding the world – You can share in it also!


The use of the Sacred Name by Commentators, preachers and in special Sacred Name Bible publications, have been rapidly increasing over the last few decades. So intensive has this increase of knowledge been, that the use of the Hebrew or Jewish Names of The Most High and the Messiah, have become almost common domain in religious education and institutions and amongst dedicated worshippers.

According to Jewish Orthodox tradition, the Sacred Name is not to be uttered or written and accordingly, the form “G-d” is used in writing or printing rather than ‘God’.  In place of pronouncing the Sacred Name in prayer, worship and discussion, the forms  “HaShem” (The Name), “Aof te Sacred Nmei” (Lord) or “Elohim” (God) is pronounced every time that the actual Name appears in Scripture.

With due respect to the honorable intention of Judaism towards the supreme sanctity of the Sacred Name, we do however  on this Web Site  teach and print the Sacred Name for the following reasons, which we feel do override all other considerations:

  • To identify and accordingly exalt the bearer of this Name as the PERSONAL God of Israel and of the universe, as opposed to the general interpretation of a rather mystical, almost unidentifiable Being, as held by most religions.
  • To proclaim and make known this Name unto the masses of believers who claim to follow Him but know not His Name – so that they may sanctify and praise His name that His Name may be honoured among the nations (Malachi 1:11; Isaiah 12:4).
  • To conform with what may really be the more correctly interpreted  instruction of Exod. 20:7 concerning the use of His Name:  viz.  “Do not make His Name worthless”  “Lo tisah et Shem YHVH Eloheicha l’shav.”  By withholding the proclamation of His Name, we may well be guilty of “making His Name worthless.” For a more comprehensive overview of this interpretation and the topic in general, please refer to the study: Should we refrain from using the Sacred Name of God as Judaism insists?
  • The Torah and Tanach (‘Old’ Testament) clearly records how Hebraic Patriarchs and Prophets actually proclaimed and pronounced the Sacred Name as a Testimony to non-Jews and non-believers and how His followers will come to know His Name and call upon Him, using this Name!  Please refer to:  Should we refrain from using the Sacred Name of God?
  • The Bible in many places presents an explicit and clear Divine Mandate for stressing and publishing proper knowledge of His name.  Here are two such  instances:Isaiah 12:4  “Give thanks to YHVH – call His Name aloud.  Proclaim His deeds to the nations, declare His Name sublime Sing of YHVH, for He has done marvelous things – let it be known to the whole world!”.
  • Jeremiah 33:2  “YHVH Who made the earth, Who formed it and set it firm – YHVH is His Name – says this:  ‘Call to Me and I will answer you …'”

Yet, we do also subscribe to Judaism’s supreme respect for the Sacred Name and we do advise those who do utter and write the Name/s to do so with great caution.  We totally and utterly reject the general venomous attitude of non-Jewish Sacred Name promoters against this Jewish practice. The Name should never be uttered in Jewish presence and the displaying of the Sacred Name on T-shirts, clothing, jewelry, stickers, flags etc. is inacceptable. The problem comes when that article containing the Sacred Name needs to be discarded. Judaism takes great care of discarding books that have the Name printed. Imagine the Sacred Name being casted into a trash bin!