The Role of children in opposing the expulsion

Since protest demonstrations started one year ago and the colour orange was chosen for banners and ribbons to distinguish the protest, the prominent role played by children in attending the demonstration meetings all over Israel, waving orange flags and banners, was very noticeable.  As webmaster of this Web Site, I commented on this phenomenon and referred to the determination reflected in photos of these young, open faces, which decorated the front pages of the mostly scoffing newspapers.

The impressive gathering of 100 000 people who braved the rough summer and semi-desert conditions, trekking to Kfar Maimon (refer report elsewhere on this Page) where they were placed under siege in a barbed wire enclosed concentration camp, boasted as much as 60% being teenagers and young children!

Now while this may give reason for those who wave the blue ribbons (approvers of deportation) to condemn the opposition to the Disengagement, the news here in Israel abounds with the heroic actions and viewpoints of children. Many children as young as 12 and 14 are in jail for attending demonstrations, some in solitary confinement, being refused mattresses, clean clothes, water to wash, religious worship, being accused of “being a threat to the safety of the State of Israel”  because of their religious ideologies!  Subsequent reports tell of how these children got hardened criminals (amongst whom these children have been locked up) to turn to prayer with them.  Most of them refused to accept terms of refraining from protest in order to be released and chose to remain in jail.  “We are compelled not to give in”, one 14 yr old said.

These attitudes and conviction of children encourage their parents and other protestors – clearly a fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy in Malachi 4:6 (alt 3:24) of how the hearts of children and fathers will be turned to each other “before the Great and Terrible Day of God.”  Sharon in planning his cruel eviction of honourable citizens for the summer months, never realized that it would fall in the long summer holidays when these determined youngsters would join cumbersome but also exciting protest gatherings, rather than going to the beach, watching TV or gathering in shopping malls.