“Salvation is of the Jews”

YAHU’SHUAH,  the Messiah,  is Jewish.  He was born of Jewish parents, lived His entire life in a Jewish land and followed Jewish Law.  Every author of the Bible (maybe with one exception) was Jewish. The Scriptures are written from a Jewish perspective about Jewish life.  We are required to enter YHVH’s Kingdom as true children of Abraham (true Jews).

Messiah in discussion with a Samaritan woman about True Religion, confirmed in John 4:22  “You worship what you do not know;  we (the Jews) worship what we do know; for salvation comes from the Jews.”

The apostle Paul confirmed in Romans 1:16  “For I am not ashamed of the Good News:  it is the power of God,  saving all who have faith – Jews first, but Greeks as well – since this is what reveals the justice of God to us.”

Jew first, then Gentile

Romans 3:1-3  “Well then,  is a Jew any better off?  Is there any advantage in being circumcised?  A great advantage in every way.  First, the Jews are the people to whom YHVH’s Oracle (His Word) was entrusted.”

Romans 11:1-5  “Let me put a further question then: Is it possible that God  has rejected His people?  Of course not.  I am an Israelite, descended from Abraham through the tribe of Benjamin, and could never agree that God had rejected His people, the people He chose specially long ago.”

Romans 11:11  “Let me put another question then:  ‘Have the Jews fallen forever, or have they just stumbled?’  Obviously they have not fallen forever: their fall, though, has saved the Gentiles in a way the Jews may now well emulate.”

Romans 11:12  “Think of the extent to which the world,  the pagan world,  has benefited from their (the Jews’) fall and defection – then think how much more it will benefit from the conversion of them all?” Jewish salvation period is coming.