Satellite photos reveal confirmation written in mountain formations

Vendyl Jones, famous for his archaeological discoveries in Israel, published the following amazing satellite photo and confirmation of who the Land of Israel belongs to, on his Webpage:

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Although Vendyl Jones’s does not present his report in support of the “Return of the Lost 10-Tribes” theory,  or the restoration of the Two Houses of Israel in the End Time, it does serve to confirm our views and understanding of the Biblical Prophecies in this regard.  We therefore publish an extract of his report in confirmation of our understanding of this all important End Time Event.

Images from top to bottom:

‘Ki’ – Because
Luz – Bethel
YHVH – The Sacred Name of the God of Israel

In response to the question: “Who do you think this Land of Israel belongs to, the Jews or the Arabs?” Vendyl  Jones responds:

“This Land belongs neither to the Jews nor the Arabs. I have a title deed here that shows to whom it belongs.” I took out a photograph of the above satellite image and pointed out the perfect Hebrew words “Ki-Luz-HaShem-Efraiyim.”

The accountant was aghast. “How did you make that?” he inquired.

When I had to explain that these were just the shadows of the mountains and that the words were written there since the creation, he was dumbfounded. He took the picture and showed it to everyone in the garage.

These words can stand alone or have a combination of connotations. The point is that the shadows form Ki, meaning because or for the sake of. Luz can mean to turn, to coil, to bend or to twist. Luz is also the name of the top vertebrae of the spine, sometimes called the “resurrection bone” because it remains even after all the other bones of a body have decomposed. Luz was the name of the place where Jacob had his vision of the ladder reaching into heaven [Genesis 28:18-19]. Jacob called the same place Beth-El. The name Luz is formed in the shadows precisely over the location of present-day Beth-El.  (The play on “resurrection”, could well refer to the Prophetically destined ‘resurrection’ of Israel in the Prophecy of the dead bones – Ezek.36, just before the 2-House Restoration Prophecy of Ezek. 37:15 – Ed.)

Beside and just north of Jerusalem, is that majestic, holy, ineffable, unutterable Name of HaShem (God), YHVH. Coincidental is it not?

“Rather, only at THE PLACE that HaShem, your G-d, will choose from among all your tribes TO PLACE HIS NAME shall you seek out His presence and come there.” [Deuteronomy 12:5] This commandment was given to Moses 449 years before the Shechinah filled the Holy House of Solomon in Jerusalem.

Yet, etched forever in the hills and valleys just north of Jerusalem is the name of HaShem, YHVH, existing there since the day of creation. Although the name of HaShem was forever written there, no one has ever noticed His name inscribed there until our generation. Living in the space age, HaShem has granted us the privilege of looking down upon the earth from HIS perspective and seeing the spectacular marvels of HIS creation.

Were this, the holy name of YHVH, the only inscription seen on the ridges in the land of Israel, one might say that was sufficient. Dayenu! At that moment each day, in HaShem’s time, the quill of the sun dips silently into the inkwell of shadows between the hills and inscribes that unspeakable name YHVH on the face of the earth. “The rocks cry out! The hills clap their hands! They leap like lambs! They shout together!” Yet, all their sounds are inaudible and imperceptible to the deaf ears of mankind.

The final word seen by the satellite imagery is Efraiyim, or Ephraim. It appears at the lower left, below YHVH. Just as Luz is located exactly over present-day Beth-El, which was originally called Luz, the name of Ephraim begins precisely where the borders between Benjamin and Judah on the south and Ephraim on the North were located. Ephraim is the name designating the ten northern tribes that broke away under Rehoboam. The Holy Name of the G-d of Israel forever rests between the northern and southern kingdoms. They had forsaken Him, but He never forsook them.

Source:  Vendyl Jones Web Site