Should Baptism be performed at all?

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind as to the positive response to this question.  This is proven by the fact that all Christian denominations have some or other form of the Baptismal Ceremony.  Even in Judaism, ritual immersion in a Mikveh or Baptismal Pool is a common traditional ceremony, testified to by the numerous remnants of ritual pools that have been excavated, in small grottos, skirting the walls of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem.

The various Christian denominations differ greatly though as to whether this religious Rite should be performed by sprinkling or bodily immersion.  The New Testament leaves one in no doubt that the first New Covenant Baptisms were performed by bodily immersions in the Jordan River and in pools.  Even the Messiah was thus immersed in Baptism by John the Baptist.  This fact alone should be sufficient proof to the earnest seeker after Truth!