Should “re-Identified Israel’ convert to Judaism?

This matter of the re-discovery and uniting of the 2 Houses is certainly coming to the fore on many fronts in the world – with disturbing effects of disharmony amongst the 2 Houses and a spirit of escapism by some of those claiming the Benefits of the “Restored One House”.

Following are two contentious issues that have become prevalent within the ranks of awakening Israel believers.  These differences which cause such great division and disharmony, revolve around:

  • whether the re-unification of the 2 Houses of Israel would occur before or after Mashiach comes.  Those who believe that the 2 estranged Houses would re-unite only after His Coming, by His own doing, maintain that would-be settlers should not ‘endanger their lives’ by going to Israel now, with threatening War and great tribulation so imminent.  Those on the other side emphasise, that the Land and the Cause vitally need their active participation and support in the face of the world’s predominantly opposing attitude.
  • whether full conversion to Orthodox Judaism is required for compliance by would-be settlers who want to come to Israel.  Those against such conversion, feel that they would forfeit their individual tribal identity by “joining Judah”.

The first reasoning above, smacks of the same ‘escapism’ which underscores the ‘Rapture’ theory.

Why should Judah always suffer alone?  Anti-Semitic ‘believers’ maintain that “they deserve it”. On the other hand, there has of late been an increasing measure of a spirit of physical support for Judah’s Biblical Mandate to “settle the Land”, from amongst a section of awakening ‘Israel’.  As they are progressively discovering their ‘Hebrew Roots”,  there is an increasing awareness to share in Judah’s tribulations and to identify with Eretz (the Land of) Yisrael and its ‘Judah’ population in physically support – to be part of them in the approaching “Gog & Magog” final Tribulation.  Yes, this means a preparedness to physically die with Judah, if necessary, if that is the price required to establish the Land of Promise!

This, most likely, is the Divinely intended re-uniting Process.  Yes, Judah is proud and refuses spiritually motivated assistance from ‘strangers’.  Many centuries of persecution (even to death) of Jews by Christian forces, have left Judah highly suspicious of any support by strangers.  Add to this the culturally destructive affects off centuries of zealous Christian proselytizing, historically even under the  threat of death.  But, imagine when Judah is forced to face the Wall in the Coming Catastrophe, and then … in steps ‘brother Yoseph and Ephraim’ to support them with blood and their physical supporting presence?  Imagine a ‘Settlers Occupation Move’ by re-awakening Israel, to claim and settle the Land – which is the only option left for Judah in the current Battle for Jerusalem, in order to reclaim the Land.  They need settlers, settlers and more settlers – and those numbers simply do NOT exist within their own ranks!  Not evangelizing, ‘testifying settlers’ (zealously striving to ‘save’ Judah’s soul), but settlers who have subjected themselves to the otherwise highly unpopular ‘Levetical’ System, by physically joining Judah.

Zecharaiah 8:22,23 “And many people and great nations will come to seek YHVH Sabaoth and to entreat the favour of YHVH … in those days, ten men of nations of every language (10 Tribes?) will take a Jew by the sleeve and say, ‘We want to go with you, since we have learnt that God is with you.’

Surely if re-settling the Land is a Divine Prophetic pre-requisite for the Kingdom to be set-up,  then it is illogic that only Judah will have to spill their blood, sweat and tears to reclaim the Land from the Usurper?  Is this not perhaps why Lost Israel is to be awakened, in order to physically (‘spiritually’ is an inseparable part anyway) assist Judah?

Must Judah do all? – and Mashiach do all? – and ‘Gentile-Israel’ or Messianic Israel simply collect and gloat of Divine Blessings?

When Prophecy claims that the 2 Sticks will become ONE – we should ask:  “One what?” A non-Judah stick?  A Christian stick?  A Torah-by-selection-only stick?  A prejudiced stick?  An opposing-of-Judah stick?

In the New Kingdom era, which of the Mitzvot (Laws) that  ‘Hebraic Roots Israel’ (or Messianic Israel) today discard as ‘an unnecessary burden placed on believers’,  will be operating, and which will be discarded by the King in His Kingdom?

The answer should be logic, but logic does not count with most – for it is too obvious!

Our foundational Scripture portion quoted above,  confirms this re-unification of the 2 Houses.  It explicitly confirms that ‘lost Israel’ at the time of their re-identification, will be brought back into the Covenant.’  (Ezek. 37:15-28,  and specifically verse 24, read with the foregoing ch. 36:17 onwards).

We should ask ourselves here:

“Which Covenant will apply to the Lost Tribes of Israel? – if not the same Covenant as that which Judah is still under?”   “Who must change – Israel or Judah?  To what? – Israel’s or Judah’s position?”

If Judah is still under the Covenant and has to suffer for the re-establishment of the Kingdom in Jerusalem, should ‘Israel’ then be excluded from the Final Tribulation even after it has been brought back into the same Covenant?  WHAT gives Israel that exclusion benefit?

And all this points to the logical conclusion that Israel’s physical joining of Judah should in fact be that re-uniting process of the 2 Houses of Israel

Obviously, such a process will be greatly opposed by the evil one. Logically also, such re-uniting will be opposed both from within Judah and from within ‘Israel’.

That is what true believers should free themselves from – the inclination to resist the “Jewish System”, which is nothing short of resistance against the Torah – the Law of God.  This is ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom’ which we should be proclaiming – not to Judah, but to the world out there, who are not under the Covenant or who misinterpret the Terms and the Purpose of this Covenant. (Refer: 1.6. Gospel of the Kingdom)

Finally,  let us confirm,  straight from the N.T. itself,  this essence of the ‘Gospel’ which Messiah established, thereby bringing both 10-Israel (as well as the Gentiles) into physical Judah,

Eph 2:11 (Adapted here with Sacred Names restored by editor of BIBLE REVELATIONS, and editorial comments appearing in black print.  Read this portion attentively first in your own Bible before carefully considering this presentation here)

“Do not forget, that there was a time when you who were pagans physically, termed the Uncircumcised (that is non-Jews, but specifically the rejected House of the Northern 10 Tribes of Israel, exiled amongst the nations where they lost their Israel identity …. do not forget that you had no Messiah (before) and were excluded from membership of Israel (cut off from the Covenant by God and exiled amongst the pagan nations.  So, something had to be arranged to make you members of Israel again) aliens with no part in the Covenants with their Promises. You were immersed in this world without  Hope and without  God (no longer part of the Covenant.  So, you had to be reconciled, brought back into the Covenant – like Judah is – with YHVH). But now in YAHU’SHUAH Messiah, you that used to be so far apart from us (the authors of Eph.2 – i.e. Jews), have been brought very close by the Blood of Messiah (You have been bought at a very high Price).  For He is the Peace (Restoration)between us (Jews and rejected 10-Israel) and has made the two (Jews and reconciled 10-Tribers) into One (what?) and broken down the barrier(?) which used to keep them apart, actually destroying in His own Person the hostility (rebellion) caused by the rules and decrees of the (Jewish. Levitical) Law(This rebellion by 10-Israel and pagans against the Law was the barrier that kept them apart from Jews.  This scripture is twisted by Grace-only’s,  to imply that Messiah did away with the Law itself,  rather than that He removed the rebellion against the Law from the hearts of the receiving pagans, as confirmed in Jer. 31:31-33 and Ezek 11: 17-21, placing His Spirit in them, thereby instilling a love for obedience to the Law on their hearts and minds).  This was to create One Single New Man (“Adam” restored,  abiding to ‘Jewish’ Law) in Himself (Who meticulously kept the Law) out of the two of them (Judah and 10-Israel) and by restoring Peace, through the Cross,  to unite them both in a Single Body(Is this Body Christian or Jewish?  If a ‘Christian’ Body, then He failed miserably, because there are few, if any, Torh observant Jews in Christianity, just an unbridgeable void.  If this ‘Single Body’ refers to the Jewish Body, then it is confirmed by those Messianic believers, the Hebraic Restoration movement of late, who are discovering their Hebraic Roots and who go all the way to joining up fully with the Body of Jews into ONE Body) and reconcile them (both) with God. In His own person He killed the hostility (against the Law – not the Law itself or the Body!) Through Him, both of us (Jew and reconciled 10-Triber or converted pagan) have in the One Spirit our Way to come to the Father.  So, you (reconciled ones) are no longer aliens or foreigners(non-Jews); you are citizens like all the Tzadikim (righteous Jews) and part of God’s Household (12-Israel, as represented by custom and religion in Judaism) (3:5) This Mystery that has now been revealed … was unknown to any men in past generations.  It means that pagans (including degenerated and lost 10-Israel, now non-Jews) now share (together with Jews and as Jews) the same inheritance (- the inheritance was not taken away from Jews – it is now SHARED by pagans also!).  They are part of the SAME BODY (of Judaism /12- Israel) and the same Promise (as had been made unto 12-Israel of old) has been made to them (the pagans and lost Israelites) in Messiah, through the Good News! (that He, God in the manifested shape of man, will sacrifice His Life in order to reconcile them into Covenant relation with all its Divine Blessings) ”

NOTE: The Covenant Promise of Eternal Life in the Kingdom of YHVH, is based on the Condition that the candidate for citizenship upholds the Law of YHVH (which is the embodyment of His Divine Will – the Torah).

Is that not the basic requirement for emigration by any government in the world?  Is it unreasonable to expect from a citizen that he/she conforms to the Law of that country?

The Ten Northern Tribes of Israel lost its Identity for 2700 years for the very reason that they slid into paganism, having discarded the Torah and its Instructions for Life.  They rebelled against and rejected the Divinely mandated authority of Judah,  who continued to cling to the Torah,  being Divinely appointed to be the Carriers of the Divine Oracles (Genesis 49:10, Romans 3:2;  Psalms 60:7;  Matthew. 23:2 and 5:17-22).

Let us read the Scripture to see what these Oracles were:

Acts 7:38b “… it was he (Moses) who was entrusted with the living Oracles to pass on to us.”  This refers to the Laws, Statutes and Precepts that Moses received directly from YHVH on Mt. Sinai with the Divine Injunction to teach the nation of Israel accordingly.  From Israel’s observance of this ‘System’, the nations would then know what God’s Requirements are.

Paul,  to whom the conveying of the Gospel to the Gentiles (Christians) are credited, makes an amazing statement regarding the value inherent in the “carrying of these Oracles”.

Rom. 3:1,2  “What then, is a Jew better off?  Is there any advantage in being circumcised?  A great advantage in every way (for) first, the Jews are the people to whom God’s Oracles were entrusted.

Thus, because they were entrusted with the Oracles, they have an advantage / it is better to be a Jew for that reason.

Is it any wonder then, that man’s carnal inclination is opposed to the idea of subjection to the Law?  Is this not the same spirit of rejection that Adam and Eve reflected right at the start in Paradise?  Was that not the very same inclination that Satan,  through the figure of ‘the snake’ and being a Rebel against YHVH and His System himself,  addressed and steered them away from?

It is these Living Oracles which the spirit of rebellion in man, knowing that it is the foundational requirement underlying the eternal Blessings of the Divine Covenant, opposes to this day.

Restorers of the Hebraic Faith who have ‘rediscovered’ YHVH’s Law – the Sabbath, Feasts, health laws, etc.  should therefore seriously question that spirit of opposition against accepting the ‘full package’ of Judaism and the Oracles they carry!  Is it not still the same spirit of the Garden of Eden?  Is that not why there is such a resistance against Judaism and its ‘Rabbinic’ system?  Should this ‘Levetical legalism’ not rather be seen and accepted as the ‘Key rules to abundant Life, here and hereafter’, than as ‘a burden of restriction placed on believers’?  Are not all rules and regulations in the world, at some time or more often, seen as ‘restrictive’ on our freedom?

These Oracles (the Law), form the foundation of the New Covenant for YHVH states that “I shall make a New Covenant with them – I shall write My Laws no longer on the Tables of Stone but on their hearts – I shall put My Spirit in them, so that they will keep My Laws and respect My Observances and put them into practice – they shall no longer form two nations, I shall make them One nation – then they shall be My People and I shall be their God”  Jer 31:33;  Ezek 11:19 and 36:27.

Is there any reason left why awakening Israel should not physically and spiritually join Judah?

In closing, please click here and read THE SCRIPTURAL STATEMENT underlying the Miracle of Lost Israel’s re-identification once more.  It should make a lot more sense now.

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