So what then is the Purpose of the Messiah proclaimed by Messianism?

The Jewish Sages foresaw TWO Messiah’s; Messiah ben Yosef and Messiah ben David. It is our firm conviction, that Y’SHUAH was Mashiach ben Yosef, Who will come the 2nd time as Mashiach ben David – the Ruler.

The following study concludes from Scripture (Tanach and NT) that Mashiach ben Yosef’s Mandate was to bring the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel, back INTO Covenant WITH Judah.

Refer Gospel of the Kingdom

While the following study shows how Paul acted contrary to his Divine Mandate by “going to the Jew first”: Proselytizing of Jews… a Divine Order, or Taboo?

Whereas the 10 Tribes were ‘divorced’ and rejected from the Covenant by God,  Judah has never been rejected and therefore does not need the Covenantal reconciliation without which 10-Israel would be doomed for eternity.

Although not approved of by Halacha (Jewish Rabbinic tradition), Jews who accepted YAHU’SHUAH for what He truly is – their Allie rather than their enemy -should remain within Judaism – as He did Himself.  The problem is, that when Jews accept Him, they are forced to turn to some or other form of (paginated) Christianity or Messianism, because they are dependant on Christian anti-Torah and/or anti-Rabbinic literature and devoid of any proper teaching by Jewish or Rabbinic sources, which do not accept Him.  This also applies to even the furthest advanced Messianic Group in the Return to their Roots – for unless they have returned to Judaism fully by conversion, they remain bound by some of the many pagan infected principles from which they are busy extricating themselves. Full extricating only comes with full acceptance of Halachic, Rabbinic Judaism.

Jews who have accept YAHU’SHUAH and remain in the synagogue, should also refrain from missionizing, for that is the single most important obstacle which prevents the 2 Houses from uniting, and thus the Shechina from Returning.

In short, Messiah ben Yosef (Jesus, YAHU’SHUAH) came to reconcile 10-Israel with the Covenant and to bring them back into the One True Faith, Judaism, and into the Land.  The NT confirms this with the Parable of the Prodigal son, returning to his heritage – Luke 13.

So there truly seems no reason whatsoever for Jews to relinquish their Jewish Faith.  They should in fact evangelize and teach the evangelizers of Jews!

Trusting that this will assist the Divine Cause of bringing Peace to Zion; Peace between the estranged 2 Houses of Israel.  It remains Jews’ obligation to make Teshuvah and to serve the One True God of Israel according to His Torah in preparation for His Coming Kingdom in which we all may rule with Him.

In conclusion:  The final cue, is that HaShem (YHVH) fulfills each and all positions, as:

  • The Eternal G-d of Israel and the Universe
  • Mashiach ben Yosef, Who Returns 10-Israel Home, and
  • Mashiach ben David, the Coming Ruling King of the Universe.

These are all simply different Manifestations of the One Only True G-d (Deut. 6:4 the Shemah).

This ONE True God is worshipped:

  • in His Eternal form as the G-d of Israel, by Judah (the Jews)
  • in His Manifestation as Mashiach ben Yosef by Messianics, and
  • when He comes as Mashiach ben David, by all mankind.
  • ALL the self-same God!

So, there is NO NEED to proselytize or evangelize Jews.  They worship the self-same God!

Refer  Bible Revelations about the Oneness of God