The degrading treatment and bedeviling of the religious core of Jewish citizens in their own Land and by their own government and media, aptly summarises the absurd situation which has developed over the last few months in Israel.  Many of these people (but certainly not all), happen to be settlers of the disputed territories of Israel. These territories have been labeled by the Arabs and the world as ‘occupied territories’ – ‘occupied’ indeed by the Israelis in the Miracle Six Day War of June 1967, when Israel was attacked from every direction, on every border front,  by neighbouring Arab countries under their blood curdling Islamic threats of killing every Israeli Jew off to the last person.

No serious believer of the true context of the Bible (and this includes Christians and Muslims of whom there are many in these enlightening times), needs to be convinced that this disputed land is and always has been the Land promised in the Bible by God with a Divine Oath,  to Israel and the Jews (Yechzekel ch 20 etc etc etc).  The Jewish Israeli government has now turned on this religious sector, which believes in these Divine Promises and who are expecting and looking forward to the Coming of their Messiah.  Prime minister Sharon betrayed his electorate by joining forces with the Israeli left and the international political left.  The prospect of a reigning Messiah in a universal Kingdom centered in Jerusalem, must hold a great threat to his and their political power bases.  These leftists, universally,  generally deny the existence of a Living Creator God and His Divine Purpose for the Land of Israel and its people – a Promise which extends to all those Christian and Muslim ‘Zionists’,  who love the land of Israel and its Jewish population and who faithfully believe in the Divine Promises to Israel and the Jews.

Suddenly all the Prophecies regarding the anti-Messiah (Antichrist) is taking proper shape.  Whereas Christianity and Messianism (generally) expects ithis evil power to be a ‘Christian’ false Messiah who will persecute Christians, the Scriptures, like in all other aspects, firstly apply to, and relate to the Israelites and the Land of Israel (as represented today by the Jews). The anti-Messiah therefore, should  similarly be expected to have an Israel-origin, persecuting Jewish religious believers and opposing the coming, true ‘Jewish’ Messiah.

Thus Sharon and his government and the leftists fulfil the Prophecies regarding ‘Anti-Messiah’ by their planning to persecute, demoralize and expel Jews who claim the ‘Zionistic’ Promises of the Bible, from their homes, businesses and farms.  Sharon and the majority of the leftists in Israel,  vehemently denounce these ‘Messianics’ (Jews awaiting the Coming of their Messiah) as “fundamentalists who are dangerous to the Peace and future of the Land. “  In this way Sharon has set himself up as a virtual dictator over the ‘Chosen of God’, thereby vehemently opposing the settlement of the Land in preparation for the Coming of Messiah to rule over the world from Jerusalem.  Sharon has chosen to side with the leftist international world leaders, the majority of whom are openly anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian.